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Chapter 3: Accompanying His Meal

“Attendants, prepare a change of clothes.” Unknowingly, he lowered his voice slightly.

The maids entrusted with Bei Gongyan’s clothes carefully came in, all cautiously serving him in changing his clothes.

Alright, if Mi Xiaoqi were to wake up now, she would definitely shout out loud from shock. Aima, being seen naked by so many females, won’t Wangye feel any embarrassment uh.

Such a pity, that the cat is still asleep.


Mi Xiaoqi vocalized purposefully, sniffing the air. Just what is that delicious smell… Using a decent amount of effort, she finally opened her cat eyes.

Her gaze quickly flew over to the delicious looking spread of food on the table nearby.

“Miaowr!” Brightening quickly, her eyes immediately sparkled as she rose and rushed to the table with a few steps.

Alright, it was only when she reached the table top that she noticed that the guy sitting there was none other than Bei Gongyan.

The serving maids standing behind him all held reverential and frightened expressions while looking at Mi Xiaoqi and praying for the cat’s well-being.

“Hungry?” Bei Gongyan questioned with a hint of humor.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi sat on the table, nodding her head.

“Anything you want to eat?” Bei Gongyan asked.

Mi Xiaoqi did not pretend, simply walking around the dishes to point her paw at the soup that she wants to drink, the food that she wants to eat.

The maids at the back were all startled, unable to say anything in their shock.

“Is everyone blind?” Bei Gongyan’s scary voice came out icily.

The maids hurriedly came forward to serve Mi Xiaoqi all the dishes she selected, carefully serving and bringing the bowls of food to her in an extremely respectful manner.

“Miaowr. Miaowr.” Ladle, ladle. Mi Xiaoqi mimed a handshake motion with her paw.

“You want me to feed you?” Bei Gongyan misinterpreted.

Mi Xiaoqi placed her paws on her forehead. Aima, why is this Wang ye so stupid?

“Come here.” Bei Gongyan suddenly spoke.

Mi Xiaoqi looked at him, contemplating the point that she’s now living under his roof. If she’s obedient, she’ll get food to eat and a place to sleep, eh…

Getting up on all fours slightly awkwardly, she pattered over little plum blossoms beneath her feet to reach him.

The maids immediately brought the dishes Mi Xiaoqi’s selected and carefully carried it over to Bei Gongyan.

Bei Gongyan took a small ladle, scooped up some soup and placed it near Mi Xiaoqi’s mouth.


Mi Xiaoqi opened her little mouth, gently blowing on the soup before peeking out her tongue to drink a mouthful. Un. It’s delicious. The chefs of ancient eras weren’t bad at all.

She blissfully closed her eyes.

Bei Gongyan felt a light tremor deep inside his heart. This little fellow is really simplistic indeed.

“Everyone is dismissed.”

“Yes, Wangye.” The maids all returned to the back and left the room in a single file.

Bei Gongyan continued to feed Mi Xiaoqi her food and she ate happily until she was full.


I’m full, thanks. You can eat too.

In order to allow Bei Gongyan to understand her, Mi Xiaoqi waved her little paws, patting her belly to signify that she’s full, followed by pointing to the remaining dishes on the table for him to eat.

“You’re being concerned about me.” Bei Gongyan’s eyes were smiling.

Mi Xiaoqi nodded her head. If I don’t show care to you, my lack of care would result in you throttling me. Geh, being choked to death is a really painful and scary thing to experience don’t you know…

After getting an affirmative answer, Bei Gongyan’s mood became really good and he started digging in.

Mi Xiaoqi wanted to jump to a stool, but was suddenly caught by a large hand. “Sit here and accompany me for my meal.”

Oh, okay.

Mi Xiaoqi sat on the table, her crystal clear eyes staring at Bei Gongyan. Well, if she continuously stared at him, will he start coughing all of a sudden?

While she was curious…

Bei Gongyan ate rather quickly, finishing his meal in less time than it would take for an incense stick to burn(~15 minutes).

As he stood, Mi Xiaoqi did as well.

A large hand scooped her up, hugging her in his bosom. “Miaowr.” Just where do you think you’re putting your hand you rogue!

Mi Xiaoqi instinctively wanted to protect her front. Geh, ok little hands, wait no, it’s little paws now. She moved her limbs slightly before she suddenly realised that she no longer had the same figure as the one she had once been so proud of. Right now, she’s as flat as a board.

“Is there something wrong?” Bei Gongyan’s flicked his gaze to her.

Mi Xiaoqi quickly shook her head rather vehemently, even going as far as to slyly put on a flattering smile to show that there really wasn’t anything wrong.

Bei Gongyan laughed lightly, he liked obedient things.

Carrying Mi Xiaoqi into the workroom, the maids that previously left were all waiting outside, naturally swiftly went in to clear up the leftovers.

Bei Gongyan placed Mi Xiaoqi on his leg after he sat down. Right now, he wore a black robe that amplified his good looking features and exuded an even more mesmerizing aura.

Mi Xiaoqi narrowed her eyes. Just how in the world did the heavens create such a handsome beauty that could also have such a cross temperament?

Bei Gongyan casually flipped open some account books, while Mi Xiaoqi quietly looked at him. Alright, other than this, Mi Xiaoqi did not know what else she was able to do.

There should be a way out of here.

She couldn’t possibly spend her entire lifetime being this guy’s pet right?

This guy was really very cold ah, even the woman who was being so intimate and passionate with him can be confined in a blink of an eye. Ah, the ancient era guys are all very emotionless, all the women are merely tools within their eyes.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi sighed in her heart. Luckily she’s a cat right now, if not, wouldn’t her fate be even more tragic otherwise?

But just how did she become a cat?

With the sound of Bei Gongyan flipping pages to accompany her thoughts, Mi Xiaoqi slowly recalled her memories of before she’d come here.

Alas, she clearly was at a student reunion gathering, so just how did she become a cat?

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