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Chapter 1: Transmigration To Become A Cat?

Mi Xiaoqi blearily opened her eyes.


Aima[1]! Where is this? What’s happening? What sound is that?

Mi Xiaoqi swept her large orb eyes over her surroundings.

“Ah…” A lady’s flirtatious voice suddenly peaked.

Soon, Mi Xiaoqi finally found the origin of the voice.

The lady’s unblemished skin had the appearance of pure white snow, smooth silky strands of hair as black as seaweed draped over her back. Her heavenly appearance was blinding, giving people the impression of being drunk from her appearance, words were overflowing from her lips.

Ah, there is still a man nearby!

From Mi Xiaoqi’s angle, only his good looking back could be seen. Cough cough. Alright, at this point in time it’s really hard for her to swallow her saliva and think of a better description for this person’s beautiful rear figure.

His rear figure definitely attained the inverted triangle golden proportion, from the width of the shoulders, down to his back and his well-proportioned butt didn’t it?

Unluckily for her, both of them seem to have forgotten her presence, performing intensely against each other.

Mi Xiaoqi could barely keep calm. Alright, this scene is getting a bit too lively for her tastes. Isn’t this basically a live drama broadcast?

L-live broadcast! Mi Xiaoqi could no longer hold onto her nerves. For her to be in this kind of place, this can’t be possible!

Worst case scenario, she was kidnapped and placed here while she was unconscious in preparation of going upstage during the performance. This is bad…

Wracking her brains, Mi Xiaoqi momentarily forgot what happened before she came here, lost in panic. Way too much panic.

Quickly surveying her surroundings to find no one else apart from the lead couple getting frisky on the bed, she made her decision. This is the best time to escape without getting caught.

Mi Xiaoqi sneakily rose and got ready to leave.

“Miao!” Her body almost immediately tumbled directly downwards!

She instinctively called out.

“Ah…!” Her call was almost immediately followed by the lady’s shrill voice.

Wai, wai is it with ….”Miao” of all things?

Mi Xiaoqi called once again. But what came out was not “Ah!” as was expected.


She instinctively tumbled a few times in mid-air.

Her two arms comfortably landed on the floor, catching the rest of her body from the fall.

“Miao!!!” She shrilly cried out in shock. Where did her intricate and slender white jade ring go?! These, these small little meat claws in front of her are no bigger than a mineral water bottle! Just what is happening?

“Miao! Miao! Miao!” Mi Xiaoqi exerted all her strength, but all that came out was still the same crystal clear meowing. ‘No!’ Mi Xiaoqi’s heart was wailing in anguish.

“Ah! Wangye[2], quickly beat this vermin to death!” The lady – no, woman on the bed glared evilly at Mi Xiaoqi lying on the floor.

“Your sis ah! Your entire family are the ones who’s a vermin.” Mi Xiaoqi brandished her claws, meowing out her thoughts in the meantime. Who cares, it’s not like they understand cat language anyway.

Despite that, everyone in the room could clearly feel Mi Xiaoqi’s hot temper.

The man quickly pushed aside the lady clinging to him and stood.

“Aima.” Mi Xiaoqi quickly covered her eyes tightly with her hands… paws? This guy seriously has a devilishly handsome figure.

The man quirked his lips with a rare hint of amusement, casually tying a silk tie around his waist, approaching Mi Xiaoqi step by step.

Mi Xiaoqi carefully put down her paws and peeked open an eye, cautiously looking up. Aima, what is this guy doing? Out of everything possible he chose this acting career.

This kind of figure is simply even more handsome than gym instructors, with a good pair of shapely legs. Mi Xiaoqi unconsciously retracted her claws and gazed upwards. Aima, this is really wicked, even though his waist is now belted by the silk tie, from Mi Xiaoqi’s angle, it did not manage to prevent her from also admiring that part of him…

“Li Ming.” The man called out icily.

Rushing footsteps resounded outside the door.

Wangye.” The man called Li Ming responded, bowing his head as he entered the room without taking a single glance at the woman on the bed.

The woman seems to not bother about sheltering her modesty at all, dressed simply in a thin muslin garment showing off her exquisite curves.

Wangye, don’t let that vermin ruin your mood, just let Li Ming drag it out for slaughter.” The woman spoke, evil hidden within her sharp gaze.

“Your sis, ah!” Mi Xiaoqi brandished her claws, pawing in the direction of the woman.

“You think you have the right to give orders in my household?” The man coldly answered.

Legs softening, the woman quickly kneeled prostrate on the floor, trembling visibly. “Wangye, Chenqie[3] knows my wrongs…”

Mi Xiaoqi was bewildered. Just what is happening? Can any kind brother or sister tell her what is going on?

“Bring her away. Confinement for a month.” The man spoke.

Mi Xiaoqi’s thoughts suddenly struck an idea. Thinking back, it-it couldn’t be that she transmigrated across bodies right! Aima, she not just transmigrated. She became a cat…

To top it off, being a cat that fell off a stranger’s bed canopy.

There isn’t a cat more tragic than she was.

The woman cried out shrilly. Mi Xiaoqi subconsciously furrowed her eyebrows. Aiya, this woman can make so much noise on the bed, once she’s off the bed she still manages to make such a loud noise.

Two pairs of eyes met, and the woman viciously glared at Mi Xiaoqi while simultaneously making tragic wailing sounds as was dragged out.

Mi Xiaoqi rolled her pretty cat eyes, this woman really has the skills eh. Performing dual roles at the same time.

Soon, the wailing noises became more and more distant.

Mi Xiaoqi breathed a long sigh of relief, without that loud harpy around things are indeed more comfortable.

She was completely unaware of the eagle-eyed gaze of the man, watching her every action and measuring her.

A pure white cat lay on the floor with obsidian black eyes darting around the surroundings, a luxurious snowy paw propped up against its chin. Its pupils were gleaming as it watched the guard drag the woman away, seemingly considering something, almost as if it were… a human.


[1]艾玛 – Aima, internet slang for哎呦妈呀 to show surprise or exclamation.

[2]王爷 – Wangye (prince rank), which historical novel readers should know heh. Or google.

[3]臣妾 – Chenqie, concubine/wife addressing ownself humbly to her royal husband

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