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Chapter 3

Anton added another finger, inserting it deep inside, and started moving. The boy moaned out loud.

Anton added in one more, and moved with both hands, torturing both the front and back of the boy.

“Ah…” He hit the boy’s prostate, which made him scream.

“Ah… Don’t, slower, otherwise I am gonna cûm like this!” The boy cried in short gasps, and flinched. But Anton locked him tightly, and even more violently rubbing, pistoning and squeezing with the hand in front.

The boy couldn’t resist anymore and shot it all out. He collapsed on the floor of the hallway, looking a bit frustratedly at his lower part. It took a while for him to find his breath. When he raised his eyes he saw Anton standing in front of him, fully dressed and looking down at him. Not even the hair on his forehand was rumpled a single bit. Looking back at himself, he was completely naked, ass high in the air. He’d already cûmmed once and he looked a mess. The boy hurriedly disengaged his hands out of the tie. A flash of sadness crossed his eyes, “Sorry, you don’t want to fúck me…” He grabbed his clothes in a haste.

Anton moved his lips and signaled at his p*nis. “Blow me.”

Without the blówjob, Anton’s tent was pitched up already.

The boy hesitated for a second, glance up at him and submissively kneeled over. He licked his lips, then unzipped Anton while panting.

“Ah…” The boy groaned, “So big…” He couldn’t help looking up at Anton, with a hint of shock and fear in his eyes.

“Yes,” Anton grinned down at him, “it will fúck your brains out in a bit.” In every team he had served in, there were always one or two guys that were addicted to his huge cóck. Of course he was proud.

The boy couldn’t wait to lower his head and filled his mouth with Anton’s thick cóck. He closed his eyes, and moved his head up and down, moaning. His own p*nis instinctively rose a bit. He stealthily reached down with a spare hand. The way his lips wrapped around his cock and pumped made Anton lose control. He suddenly held the boy’s head, shoving the thick thing deep into his throat, and kept fúcking his mouth until he was choking on tears. He pulled it out, “Did you bring condoms?”

The boy nodded eagerly, quickly founding the condoms from the pants on the floor, bit it open and put it on Anton.

Anton grabbed the boy, dragged him to the bed several strides away. He shoved him on the bed and immediately thrust in.

“Ah!” The boy burst out screaming! He wanted to retreat, but Anton hauled him back, and penetrated deeply again. After some struggles, finally both of them stopped moving. The boy’s plump ass was lifted up high, which was tempting, but that was still too tight for Anton. Both of them could feel the boy’s body was stuffed so full. Anton slightly moved a bit and the boy couldn’t hold his voice. Anton stopped, and asked softly, “Do you like it?” The boy knelt against his body and nodded, “Yes… It feels so good.” As soon as he said yes, Anton grasped his body and rushed in. “Ah!” The boy yelled. Sweats ran down from his forehead. Anton thrust in and out forcefully. “Don’t, gently, please.” The boy cried out.

Anton ignored him. He mercilessly fúcked him and casually caressed the boy’s front. The boy lost control. Screaming, he came again.

“Stay still.” Anton was still fúcking. His hard thick dick buried deep inside the boy’s body. The boy was groaning and begging, “I can’t take it anymore, please, don’t!” He pleaded in tears, but his legs were already limp, and he could only let Anton rage.

Anton kept going harshly. Anton noticed that the boy’s body was tougher than it looked. His muscle was flexible and strong. Even his sturdy teammates would be unable to take anymore by this time. “No doubt he’s a professional.” He grinned thinking about this, and shoved in again. Until the boy almost passed out, Anton finally cûm in satisfaction. Actually, he could seldom get so fully satisfied.

Anton rested for a while, and took a shower. The boy finally recovered a bit. Anton put on his clothes, and looked down at the boy leaning on the mattress and panting. “What’s your name?”

The boy gave him an exhausted smile, “Jimmy.”

Anton reached to his wallet.

“You can pay together next time.” He said.

Anton paused, and looked at Jimmy, who was smiling expectantly at him.

“Hmm.” Anton collected his face into a sterner expression, pulled out several bills and put them on the boy’s chest.

“Heh heh.” The boy looked at the money on his chest and grinned. Another flash of ridicule flashed in his eyes.

“Wednesday.” Said Anton.


“How about nine, I will come here.”

The boy nodded weakly, “Sure.” Then watched him out of the door.

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