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Chapter 4

Under the orange lights, steam pervaded the bathroom. Anton was showering. When he recalled the big fight with the boy in bed, he grinned.

Two hours ago, Anton arrived in that old building in advance. There was no one at the top floor, so he came down and hid in a shadow.

In less than a cigarette’s time, Jimmy showed up and smiled at him. He was wearing a white cotton shirt, with a denim jacket. They walked up in tandem.

“Miss me?” Anton smirked and pushed Jimmy on the door once they came in.

“Yes…” The boy panted softly, involuntarily reaching his hands to his nether regions.

Anton grinned, and twisted his hand behind his back again. “Did I ask you to move?”

“Don’t…” Jimmy’s voice was already trembling.

Anton grasped Jimmy’s collar with one hand, and clenched his arms with the other. He shoved him on the bed and pulled down his pants despite resistance. After a brief lubricating he forcefully thrust in.

“Ah!” Jimmy screamed in pleasure underneath him.

When Anton finished showered, Jimmy just rolled around and lay on his back, trying to catch his breath.

Anton changed to his uniform that he brought with him. “You can stay here. I need to go to work extra-time.”

Jimmy watched as Anton put on the gun case, asked blankly, “You are a cop?”

Seeing Jimmy looking so frail, Anton involuntarily stroke on his forehead, and say seriously, “If you encounter any trouble, no matter it’s legal or illegal, just call me.”

Jimmy looked up at him, deeply moved. A tired smile appeared on his face, and he nodded.

Anton closed the door for him. This time he was not completely satisfied. In the afternoon, he received a notice at work that he needed to report to the Special Investigation Unit tomorrow afternoon, which was three days earlier than the original plan. Thus, he needed to work overtime to clear up the unfinished cases before dawn, so as to get them ready for handing over. “Which dumbass office master decided that.” – he curled his lip and cursed at the damn notice, but managed to control himself to not waste this night after some consideration.

Anton started the car, and drove into the endless night of New York. Recalling Jimmy’s sexy face and the way he wiggled on the bed, couldn’t help but feel another wave of heat between his legs.

To be fair, Jimmy might only be several years younger than him. As a Captain, Anton had been a policeman for over a decade. He had seen enough and experienced enough to cling to anything. But there were some people that you always wanted to refer to as boys.

In fact, for a long long time, Anton wasn’t able to forget those two hot nights of indulgence.

This time, they gave each other their numbers. He asked Jimmy to meet again next weekend. According to his estimation, he would be very busy for the next ten days.

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