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Chapter 2

In a shabby old building nearby, they entered the tattered stairwell on the top floor. The boy looked up and down Anton’s buff body while fumbling for the keys. “What should I call you?” He joyfully asked.

“Anton,” Anton whispered in the other’s ear as he grabbed him. One of Anton’s hands wrapped around and caressed his waist casually. The other hand was digging with a strong finger through pants at the other’s hole.“

“Ah…” The boy collapsed on him. His face was flushing. Trembling, he opened the door.

Anton shoved the boy through the door. The boy was panting, his eyes misty, and he already had a tent was pitched in his pants.

Anton pulled off his pants, and the boy’s p*nis proudly exposed itself in the air. The tip of it was already dripping. Anton took it in his hand. “Ahh…Ohh…” The boy moaned, reaching his hand towards the area.

“Did I say you could use your hands??” Anton ordered in a low voice in the boy’s ear. “Ahh…” Before the boy could react, Anton had seized his hands and twisted them behind his back. He split the boy’s legs with knees, and pinned the boy on wall with his body. With one hand he unbuttoned the boy’s shirt.

Anton’s fingers rubbed the boy’s nipples roughly, forcing him to cry out. He ripped off the boy’s shirt to his wrists, and tied his hands up by binding the shirt around.

When the boy realized what was happening and looked up in confusion, Anton had already grabbed his p*nis again and started rubbing it up and down.

“Ah – “ The boy’s eyes misted again. He slightly squinted, head tilted backwards against the wall. The pretty mouth was slightly opened, and moans came out from it. Anton watched the boy and smiled. He didn’t kiss him, instead pressed his fingers on the boy’s lips and stroked.

“Hmm…” The boy instinctively chased Anton’s fingers with his lips. Anton took him in his arms, and inserted two fingers into his mouth. The boy eagerly started sucking and licking. Anton’s movement got even rougher. He filled the boy’s mouth to the fullest and forcefully thrust deeper and deeper into his throat.

“Ah!” Anton’s finger moved in and out violently. He delightedly watched the boy’s choking to his red face and tears which almost dropped, then finally slowed down a bit.

The boy moaned in his arms, panting and licking his fingers that were thrusting. He shook his ass eagerly, hitting and offering it to his hands.

“I want it… penetrate me! …Anton…Please…fúck me…”

Anton pulled out the fingers from the boy’s mouth, and inserted the well-lubricated middle finger into his asshole. “So loose.” He stated deliberately, and his voice cooled down. “I am not going to have much fun.” Then he mockingly pulled his finger out.

“No!” The boy immediately yelled, “I will squeeze tighter… Please! Fúck me…”

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  1. Jurianne says:

    mmmm i really wonder who he is … will stalk this story hehe

    thank you for translating!

    • summerx says:

      You will never know who he is…Remember, every time you think you know who he is, something more is waiting in front of you LOL

      • kururii says:

        I don’t even know who you are referring with the “he” pronoun. That’s how mysterious he is.

        • summerx says:

          I can’t explain who “he” is without spoiling, that’s how mysterious he is. Haha
          Okay I was talking about the guy that’s not Anton

  2. thewickling says:

    Oh these are short chapters. Thanks for the translation

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