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Chapter 1

The bed was shaking violently, and loud moaning could be heard. Intense smells of male hormones filled the room. A vigorous man was moving fiercely on the bed.

Finally, the bed stopped squeaking and the panting gradually subsided. The room too also quieted down.

Anton wiped the sweat off his muscular chest and stood up. Surprisingly, it was two men that were on the bed.

The guy beneath him had already lost all his strength. With a trembling groan, he couldn’t help but collapse between Anton’s strong legs once Anton let him go. Anton grabbed him, and dragged him deeper into the bed.

Anton was the captain of the east of the city. Three days ago, in the biggest nightclub in the city, he met the guy that was on the bed right now.

That day, his partner Will was caught by some unexpected assignment and couldn’t come. Anton hung up the phone and started looking around with boredom.

Not far behind him and close to the corner, a boy grabbed his attention. He was in a black shirt and black pants. He was leaning on someone’s shoulder and talking to him with his head lowered. He didn’t stand out much, but his beautiful black hair, slightly opened collar, and the way his head tilted, somehow snared his attention.

Even though Anton didn’t frequent such places, he recognized the one next to the boy was a prostitute here, called Alex. They were touching heads and talking in low voices, hands joined together. Suddenly, the boy looked up, and glanced at Anton unconsciously.

Anton’s heart pounded a bit. That boy had a very good looking mouth, and a pair of bright black eyes that were shining in their gaze. The way his body stood sideways seemed deliberately seductive.

In the darkness, Anton noticed several men around him were peering greedily at that boy.

Several seats away, they were planning to do something.

“Hi babe!” Two big men in leather swaggered by; one who threw him a kiss, whilst the other one squeezed his butt. Anton saw it and smiled. That butt was indeed enticing. The boy’s head drooped even lower, and flinched more into his seat in fear.

“Haha!” “A new boy? Hanging out with Alex, must be a manwhore as well!” The two laughed and walked away teasing.

After a while, Alex stood up and left, leaving the boy alone. He gazed down silently at the patterns on the table, and traced them with fingers, seemingly deep in thoughts.

Before someone else could act, Anton picked his cup and sat next to the boy, wrapping his arm around him, “I bet I know what you are thinking.” He rubbed the boy’s shoulder through the shirt.

The boy turned around and glanced at him, then expressionlessly turned back and gazed ahead. On the distant stage, where several androgynous half-naked bodies were wriggling lewdly. “You are thinking about a thick hot díck.” Anton whispered to the boy’s ear.

The boy shut his eyes tight.

Anton’s hand fell along the boy’s back, wandering around his waist for a while, and landed on his plump hips, stroking skillfully. The boy couldn’t control his shortening breath.

Anton chuckled, “Such a slút aren’t you?! I can tell you are more than just horny.”

The boy looked back at him. For a few seconds, a hint of sorrow and ridicule flashed in his eyes. His eyes finally fell on Anton’s robust chest. He opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything. He hesitated, but slowly put a hand on Anton’s pecs.

Anton smiled. He knew how convincing his tall and muscular body were to these guys. “Already getting hard, whore?” He clung to him, hand reaching between the boy’s ass from the back, and wantonly stroking and exploring inside.

“What about here? How does it feel?” His other hand approached from the front, rubbing between his legs and reaching up.

The boy’s breath became heavier and heavier, finally descending into a groan. He bent down and kissed Anton’s muscular chest. His lips and tongue licking and fondling along the way, catching Anton’s nipple and started sucking. Anton forced him up with a hand, “I will make you cry for mercy tonight!”

“Yes…” The boy’s eyes were misty. He clung onto Anton, “I have a place not far from here…”

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