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Chapter 7: Those Who the Heavens Love Die Young

Seeing how that extra thick soundproof door was shaking like a frightened sheep and was even making a faint sound, Lin You was both surprised and excited.  

Although it had only been twelve hours since he had been run over and turned into a parrot, Lin You had learned much about Mu Yanxiao and the Mafia underworld.

Just based on the fact that he was in control of the biggest private hospital in this city, and had five loyal-to-death underlings, clearly showed how he was not a person anyone would want to attract the ire of.

And right now, such a man would actually have someone kicking at his door? And it was after Yanxiao himself ordered that no one was allowed in. A thought immediately popped up into Lin You’s mind—the one who had enough guts to kick the door, if they weren’t retarded then they must have a great hatred for his blind future master! For example, the hatred of snatching ones’ wife?

While Parrot Lin You was thinking of such things to the point his eyes were also overflowing with amusement, he heard Mu Two’s voice from beyond the door right before he was about to ask.

“Young Master, your first and third cousin, Young Master Yuhu and Yuhe have come, should I let them in?”

Mu Two had used a customized microphone to speak to them, so to both occupants of the room his words were crystal clear. They finally knew who had come to cause trouble. Lin You took note of the undisguised loathing on Mu Yanxiao’s face after hearing the name ‘Yuhu’. And was that some anger and killing intent at the name ‘Yuhe’?

Lin You laughed in his mind. As expected, the ones that came to kick their door have enmity with Mu Yanxiao. However, his enemies were his maternal cousins? Suddenly, the smell of a great rich family conspiracy was floating around!

“Mu Yanxiao, get your loyal dog out of our way! With our identities, how dare you block our path! I’ve heard that you have become blind? Since you’re blind, let’s talk about grandfather’s inheritance and power. Back then, you took the chance while your older cousin was not around and used despicable means to snatch away what belonged to him. Now that you are blind, return that wealth and power! You’re blind now anyways and can’t even take care of yourself, isn’t that right?”

The one speaking was the Zhang Family’s third daughter’s son, who was the third cousin, Zhang Yuhe.

Although Lin You was completely in the dark about Zhang Yuhe’s identity and position, with all the nasty things he had just said right now, Lin You’s opinion of him was going to stay bad for his entire life.

Although his old Lin Family produced his weirdo of an uncle, and because of some things his family almost were unwilling to recognize his uncle’s existence, aside from that, his Lin Family were all very loving and amicable with each other. Let alone fighting because of some inheritance, they very much respected the old, and cherished the young and put much importance in seniority.  

This kind of situation with the younger cousin being so fierce and even cursing his older cousin, if they were part of the Lin Family, it would be a direct five lightning strikes punishment… 

Lin You trembled at the thought of it. Forget it, it was best not to think about something so scary. 

Mu Yanxiao’s face had turned completely dark by now. However, it did not have the pained, fragile or resentful expression Lin You was worrying about. Instead, after a period of silence, he started to slowly laugh. His laughter did not contain sound. Although he maintained a proper smile the entire time, with his dark face and eyes, Lin You thought for a moment that his appearance was almost exactly the same as when his great grandfather was about to release a big move.

Lin You watched as Mu Yanxiao reached out and slowly picked up the knife on the table, then felt around for a napkin and slowly wiped it. At the same time, he spoke in a very carefree manner, “Mu Two, Mu Five, let them in.” In any case, he had long foreseen this situation. Those bad characters who were hiding before his accident would show themselves one by one now he was in such a situation. And Mu One and Mu Three had already been sent out by him to control the most important portion of his power, so regardless of what those fools came to do, they can only go home with their tail between their legs.

…At most, they would just mock him for his appearance? Mu Yanxiao scoffed softly. Before they could mock him, they needed to be alive to do so.

Mu Two immediately opened the door once he heard Mu Yanxiao’s command. He had only just opened it when he was pushed aside by Zhang Yuhe. Although Mu Two was the one who most favored management amongst their five count group, he could still seamlessly deal with Zhang Yuhe’s dirty trick.

“Hehe, my apologizes, Yuhe is just rather impatient.” Right as Mu Two was about to teach Zhang Yuhe a lesson, Zheng Yuhu moved and ingeniously blocked him, a false smile on his face.

Mu Two’s eyes flashed coldly. Right when he was about to move to deal with them, he heard a mournful scream followed by a sharp and blunt sound of something hitting flesh.

“Mu Yanxiao—!! You dare cut my face with a knife?!”

With Zhang Yuhe’s high-pitched and angry voice, everyone outside immediately realized what was going on inside. It’s just that compared to Mu Two, Mu Five, and other members of the Mu family, their unrivalled admiration for their own boss—unable to see, but can still throw a V587 knife meant they were unsurprised. Zheng Yuhu, who was originally smiling, now had a stiff smile. He frowned as he took a few steps and entered the room.

The entrance to the high-end VIP wards are luxuriously and comfortably furnished. The wards are a warm, milky white hue, with light blue curtains, as well as light green carpets, and comfortable sofas and bright coffee tables. If it weren’t for the high-end hospital bed and Mu Yanxiao sitting on it wearing a patient gown, people would believe it was a high-end hotel.

At this time, Mu Yanxiao, on the hospital bed, had an extremely cold expression. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, his eyes were full of contempt and sarcasm, and the aura on his body was three points sharper than he had ever seen before… Except, there was a parrot standing on the small dining table?

Zheng Yuhu raised his eyebrows. Mu Lao Two was still as annoying as before. Even if he had an extremely handsome face, people still can’t help but retreat. Turning his head to look aside, Zheng Yuhu’s face sank again. There was a sharp table knife stuck on the wall next to the door. There was a small trace of blood on the blade, and on the side, with the angry and frightened face was his Third Cousin, who was covering his cheek.

“Second Cousin, isn’t it too much to treat your Third Cousin like this?” The first thing Zheng Yuhu did was to question him.

Mu Yanxiao sneered when he heard those words, “Are you kidding me? Chen San just said that I’m a blind man. Can a blind man, unable to provide for himself, still injure people with a flying knife? Are you the blind one or is he the blind one? Besides, who saw it?”

Zheng Yuhu and Zhang Yuhe were extremely oppressed when they heard what was said. Sure enough, even if Young Master Mu was blind, his sinister and cunning nature would not change. But what, compared to this made them feel even more surprised until they were indefinitely bewildered, was how could Mu Yanxiao be blind?! Those eyes rigidly staring at them, and the steak that was almost finished on the small table in front of him!! Can a person recently blind be able to finish a steak with a knife and fork?!

Just when both cousins looked at Mu Yanxiao, about to say something, Lin You the parrot suddenly flew. He flew a few circles in the air, then rushed directly in front of Zheng Yuhu and fiercely flapped his wings then lashed out with a sharp claw.

“You stupid bastard, you great, stupid asshole! You probably watched too many brainless films! Squawk squawk—!”

Zheng Yuhu who had been hit by wings and even scratched once by parrot claws: “!!”

The spectator Zhang who was covering his face, “—!!!!”

The blind Mu Yanxiao who still caught wind of what was going on, “…” Hehe~

The peeking Mu Two and Mu Five outside the door, “…” Holy crap, give me a dozen of those parrots!!

Zheng Yuhu had to use an entire three minutes to adjust his mood back to normal. Although Lin You’s sudden attack gave him an extremely strange display of power…or embarrassment, judging from Lin You’s expression, Zheng Yuhu quickly figured why Mu Yanxiao looked so ‘normal’.

After thinking this, his previously gloomy mood improved. Whether or not he seemed to be weaker now, his main purpose of coming here today has been achieved anyway.

“Haha, Second Cousin, is this the parrot you just raised? It’s a pretty smart fellow.” Zheng Yuhu spoke slowly, paying attention to Mu Yanxiao’s expression, “This thing is so smart that it can help you? Wow, I only knew that there were guide dogs before. I didn’t expect that there’s actually ‘guide parrots’. And it looks like it’s doing a pretty decent job?”

Mu Yanxiao’s expression didn’t change. He said indifferently, “At least it’s smarter than some idiots.”

Lin You quickly hurried to help out after hearing it, “You’re an idiot! You’re all idiots! This lord is the smartest!” Orz, how could there be the feeling of a sharp drop in this lord’s IQ? When he talks, he has to imitate the tone of a parrot…it’s so unfair! 

The idiots Zheng Yuhu and Zhang Yuhe. “…”

“Hehe, as expected, it’s smart enough to protect its master.” Zheng Yuhu paused a bit. He suddenly stared at Lin You’s body. That expression was slightly cruel, and Lin You unconsciously shrank into Mu Yanxiao’s embrace. “However, even if it’s intelligent, it’s just a bird. And things like birds are easily shot down in cities, aren’t they?”

Lin You suddenly felt his chrysanthemum tighten. He quivered, and Mu Yanxiao’s expression instantly became fierce. Such a change made Zheng Yuhu extremely pleased. Needless to say, he already found Mu Yanxiao’s current weak point.

At this time, Zhang Yuhe, who saw a bit of the situation next to him, even more directly laughed. He answered with a gloomy voice, “Of course! I remember that a friend of mine told me two days ago that his daily pleasure was shooting birds in his family garden for fun, and to date, he has already killed more than a thousand sparrows and several hundred swallows and parrots. I think his gameplay is pretty good, and I’ll also play with a hunting gun tomorrow.”

Lin You was openly threatened twice. He was dying to rush forward and flap his wings in rage, but Mu Yanxiao firmly restrained him in his embrace.

“You came here to discuss how to shoot birds?” Mu Yanxiao’s voice was mocking, “Why use a hunting gun? As long as you’re willing right now, I can let Mu Two pull out a gun and shoot your birds[1]. You can have a great time in the future.”

Zhang Yuhe instantly felt his balls ache.

“As for you, Third Cousin Zhang—what you said about grandfather’s power and assets. Are you really an idiot? Half a year ago, grandfather announced in front of the hospital bed and in front of all important people, that his assets will be divided equally, and the power will be seized according to personal strength. At that time, it was recorded, do you need me to show it to you again?” Mu Yanxiao lowered his head and slowly stroked Lin You the parrot’s feathers, the mocking tone in his voice even stronger, “When you lost the fight and ran like a bereaved dog, I didn’t bother you. Now it seems like I have amnesia, so you came over to seize power? Are your brains eaten by worms? Scram back to the hold you came from, don’t come and randomly bark here.”

After listening to Mu Yanxiao’s words, Zhang Yuhe’s face turned green. He wanted to say something, but was blocked by Zheng Yuhe’s hand. 

Zheng Yule gave his third cousin a wink, then looked at Mu Yanxiao with a smile and said, “Of course, we all understand what happened before. Victory is victory, there’s nothing else to say. Second Cousin, you misunderstand. I came here with Third Cousin to pay a visit. We all hope you’re doing well, so Second aunt and uncle in heaven will be at ease, right?”

Mu Yanxiao suddenly raised his head, but Zheng Yuhu was already heading for the door with Zhang Yuhe, “I hope you will always be so spirited, and of course, that includes your parrot. We’ll see each other again.”

They waited until Zheng Yuhu and Zhang Yuhe left for a long time before Lin You turned to look at Mu Yanxiao’s dark face and carefully spoke, “Uh, what’s it called again…Yeah…those two mental and two-faced nuts, how are we gonna deal with them?”

Mu Yanxiao’s mouth twitched and then he shook his head and smiled in spite of himself, “Don’t worry, there are people watching them… however, you shouldn’t wander off by yourself from now on.”

Although he did not believe that those two could find someone who would dare to snipe him, but if it was just a bird, with a large sum of money, there might really be someone who would take up the offer.

Lin You immediately wilted. He angrily raised a middle finger in his mind. As expected, those stupid humans can’t bear to see someone more intelligent than them! This lord is someone who is so outstanding that heaven can’t bear him to live!


[1]Bird = slang for dick

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