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Chapter 8: A Surprising Bird Spirit

TL: Rosy

Editor: Sahloknir


After sending away Zheng Yuhu and Chen Yuhe, who had come to pick faults, Mu Yanxiao and Lin You had their affectionate time together in the ward (not to be taken seriously). Well, they were living together in harmony and peacefully coexisting.

With the previous eating experience, in the next three days Mu Yanxiao let Lin You the parrot help him start practicing with walking several times, making phone calls, talking to people, and even a small amount of evasion and fighting.

What Lin You had to admire was that Mu Yanxiao’s physical coordination and responsiveness were all top notch. Lin You even doubted if this person had undergone any special training. One must know that there are some actions that even normal people can’t do, but Mu Yanxiao did it quite easily.

After practicing, Mu Yanxiao’s life, for the most part, had generally returned to normal, and the expression on Mu Yanxiao’s face became more and more gentle. Just when he thought Lin Lin was absolutely worthy of his $500,000 salary, that bird started acting crazy again. 

“Young Master doesn’t want it! Young Master demands to go outside to buy Häagen-Dazs! Young Master wants to go outside to get some sun! Young Master also wants to buy clothes and grilled chicken wings! If you don’t agree, we won’t need to take a bath tonight! I won’t serve you anymore!!”

Lin You couldn’t stand it anymore after experiencing three days in the hospital where he was unable to leave Mu Yanxiao’s side beyond fifty meters. Although his food for those three days were even better than when he was a human, days with no freedom can still make people go crazy. Lin You was clearly unable to adapt.

In the past three days, Mu Yanxiao always had Lin You take him to the bathroom and take a bath. At the time, Mu Yanxiao’s mind was always focused on regaining the ability to care for himself. Lin You was simply unwilling to take a bath with him and was only willing to switch the faucet on and off to adjust the temperature, so Mu Yanxiao bathed himself very casually.

But Mu Yanxiao planned to take a bath properly today, and naturally he couldn’t be so casual. Yet, Lin You began clamoring to go out.

Mu Yanxiao couldn’t help but twitch his mouth as he listened to the suspected sounds of rolling and rubbing beside his head. His family’s Lin Lin is good at everything, but he’s very prone to craziness… He clearly sounds a little dumb when he’s normal, but it’s still pleasant to hear and rational.

But what kind of person is Mu Yanxiao? He already knew dozens of ways to deal with rogues when he was a child, not to mention how he was baptized many times with ‘laughable and uncomfortable’ and ‘exceedingly tragic’ experiences while growing up. As a result, he didn’t accept the threats of his only caregiver. Instead, he softly rapped the bed with his fingers and said lightly, “Lin Lin, you have to understand. There are too many people who want to serve me. I only approached you to avoid any trouble.”

What in the world?! How can you be even more ruthless, cruel, and unreasonable? This Young Master exerted so much effort to accompany you in life and death in these past three days! You actually used and threw me away! And even ‘sought out a mistress’ right in front of my face!”

“I won’t live anymore—ah, let me die! The cabbage that Dad doesn’t love and Mom doesn’t like! Why did I follow such a cold-blooded and heartless master?! Father, Mother, Uncle, Grandfather! I want to return home—!”

Mu Yanxiao, “…” 

As soon as Lin You finished wailing for almost half a minute, Mu Three’s slightly quivering voice came from the voice transmitter, 

“Boss, what’s the matter?” In fact, what Mu Three and Mu Four, who were standing at the door, really wanted to ask was, Boss, how did you stimulate the parrot again? It’s being crazy again! 

Mu Yanxiao twitched the corners of his mouth fiercely. He couldn’t help press down on his forehead with his hand before finally sighing, “Get ready, Mu Four, you’re going with us. Lin Lin wants to go shopping.”

Mu Three and Mu Four outside the door, “…” The parrot is going shopping?!

“Yes! Boss, how about we go to the International Mall? There’s”

“What a joke! How can we go to such an unlucky place like the International Mall! Go to the snack street! Chicken wings!”

Lin You quickly interrupted Mu Four’s words and vetoed the proposal. However, Mu Yanxiao didn’t tolerate him this time. He directly caught Lin You’s beak with accuracy, “Just go to the International Mall… there should be a place where they sell Häagen-Dazs.”

Mu Four, “…” I definitely got out on the wrong side of the bed today.

So half an hour later, under Dr. Ouyang’s obvious discontented and sorrowful gaze—because no matter how he checked, he couldn’t confirm Mu Yanxiao as a second-degree disabled person—Mu Yanxiao, who had recovered ninety percent, except for his eyes, left the private hospital accompanied by Mu Four.

Mu Yanxiao wore casual high-quality sportswear, and Lin You stood on his shoulder in great spirits. It looked just like an idler returning from taking his bird out for a stroll. Well, Lin You found the attire barely acceptable.

“Let’s try it out in the mall right now! The International Mall is high-end after all, so there’ll be less people. I’ll be your eyes, let’s go!”

After getting out of the car, Lin You whispered into Mu Yanxiao’s ear. Mu Yanxiao paused slightly, then gently nodded. He put on a pair of gold-wire glasses made specifically by Mu Three. From the point of view of others, it concealed Mu Yanxiao’s inability to accurately determine other people’s location sometimes.

The Mu Yanxiao who wore glasses looked one part more scholarly than before and two parts less fierce. However, his temperament no longer made people retreat immediately.

Lin You tilted his head and glanced at the magnified handsome face next to him. He sighed from the bottom of his heart. If this guy smiled a little more, he really wouldn’t know how many people he could seduce one after the other.

“Go straight ahead, lift your feet, there are many steps. The last step, and the door is open, let’s enter!”


This was the first time Mu Yanxiao had walked into the normal circle of life after going blind.

He nodded his head slightly, then Mu Yanxiao said, “The pet store.”

Hearing this, a smiling shopping guide walked over, looked at Lin You who was looking at her, and nodded her head with a smile, “What a beautiful grey green parrot. You, uh, please follow me.”

When the saleswoman, who originally had a normal smile, caught sight of Mu Yanxiao, she was stunned for a moment. Then, her whole attitude and expression drastically changed. Her voice also became three points more flirtatious when she began to talk to Mu Yanxiao.

This change made Lin You roll his eyes. Then, Lin You lowered his head and began to whisper in Mu Yanxiao’s ear, “Just now that woman scanned your watch, clothes, and shoes with her eyes, and it seems like she saw a golden pig. Her whole person almost immediately pounced at you. Tsk tsk, When she laughed, I felt cold even though I have feathers… Aiyah, I’m actually running around naked.”

Three blue veins instantly popped out of Mu Yanxiao’s forehead. He restrained himself for a moment so he wouldn’t put a hand on the crazy parrot on his shoulder and choke it to death. He just said coldly, “Shut it.”

This sentence made the saleswoman in front of them, who was smiling at him and introducing herself, stunned on the spot.

“Sir, you just…” 

Mu Yanxiao’s expression didn’t change, “I’m talking about my parrot. It’s complaining about itself running around naked.”

Lin You the parrot, “…” Damn, dare you to sell me out a little faster?! And your serious expression is not suitable for such cold jokes at all! Young Master has made up his mind to stop talking!

That sales woman’s face was green and red when she heard what was said. She was a shopping guide for Pet Area, and she knew everything about pets. In her opinion, this grey green Congo parrot barely turned into an adult. Don’t say ‘complain about yourself running around naked’ at this age.  Even saying ‘hello’ is still a bit difficult!

Hence, the saleswoman logically thought that her chattiness made the gold master in front of her unhappy, or maybe it was her demeanor… Although she prided herself on being beautiful, the people here were all perceptive. She immediately took a deep breath and changed tactics. Her whole being came out of the state of pure seduction to pure seriousness.

“Hey! This lady’s aura became so professional. Aiya, it’s not disgusting at all! Sure enough, the shopping guides and salesmen here are all schizophrenic! Tsk tsk, changing so fast! Aiya, turn left and forward. Stop now.”

Mu Yanxiao could only clench his fists. This noisy parrot!

“Sir, this is Pet Area, and the store you’re in is Pet Area’s largest store, ‘Love to Dote’. The things in our International Mall are absolutely all-encompassing, with high quality craftsmanship. You can buy however you like, or you can tell me what you want to buy and I can ask the clerk to bring things for you to reference. Of course, you can also directly go to our VIP room for professional selections with explanations.”

Mu Yanxiao thought about it and planned to enter the VIP room, but Lin You had already flapped its wings and flew off at this time. He randomly fluttered into a large shop of several hundred meters and prepared to find the things he finds acceptable. 

As a result, Mu Yanxiao stopped talking. Although his face was a bit dark, he still nodded, “Let it pick by itself. If there’s any loss, I’ll take full responsibility and pay.” After speaking, he just stood in the same spot.

And the clerks who were originally worried about parrot shit or claws snagging on clothes immediately pulled up a smile. This looks exactly like a rich owner! This time, they eagerly looked forward to Lin You’s flight, the worse, the better.

But what surprised the saleswoman and other salesmen was that Lin You flew particularly steadily. Clothes, pet products, toys, even snacks were rapidly and fiercely picked out. Within a few minutes, the waiting table for guests in the store was already filled with many things.

“Heavens, your parrot is so smart!” The saleswoman couldn’t help but praise it. At this moment, she was finally a little convinced that this parrot had complained it was running around naked… “But it seems like it will continue picking out for a while. Would you like to sit down and have a cup of coffee?”

Mu Yanxiao’s heart tightened when he heard those words. Just when he was about to refuse, he heard the familiar flapping of wings, as well as the even more familiar hoarse but pleasant voice, “Master, come sit, come sit! Master, quickly sit down! Drink tea, drink tea! Sit down on the left, sit down on the left!”

Familiar reminders.

The corners of Mu Yanxiao’s mouth raised slightly, and his doting smile directly dazed the eyes of the saleswoman and shopping guide next to him. Then, Mu Yanxiao reached out his hand to catch Lin You, who was flying over. He took a left step, and directly sat down. “A cup of Longjing.”

“… Aiyah—!! That parrot is so smart! So cute! Brother! I want it!”

While Mu Yanxiao was waiting and happily drinking the tea that Mu Four handed over, a slightly familiar voice made him slowly frown. Hearing too well this time made him unhappy.

“Alright, brother will help you buy it!”

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