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Chapter 9: Young Master is All Mighty

TL: Rosy

Editor: Sahloknir

Mu Yanxiao heard someone openly coveting his parrot in front of its owner. The expression on his face didn’t seem to change much, but in his heart, he instantly thought of a dozen ways to make those people embarrassed. 

Mu Yanxiao sat on the sofa, relaxing with his eyes closed, and allowed Mu Four to set the tea down. That kind of calm and composed air insta-killed several salesmen. At the same time, the female shopping guide stood back like an experienced person. This kind of temporary intent to fancy something, with two local tyrants rushing at each other, practically happens once every few days in the International Mall.

At the very beginning, there were salesmen, shopping guides, and even department managers to coordinate and smooth things over. But when practically every peacemaker encountered the losers, they vented their anger on them… Afterwards, when things like this happened, the International Mall attendants all expressed that it’s not something little fish and shrimps can meddle in, so they should just let them go. Anyway, the local tyrants would be responsible for any losses afterwards.

So when Zhou Yue took his younger sister Zhou Shanshan to the resting area of ‘Love to Dote’ pet store, only Mu Yanxiao and Mu Four were there, calm and still, as if they simply didn’t see the two people’s arrogance at all.

“This handsome brother, your parrot is so clever and cute—Shanshan really really likes it. Big brother, can you give it to Shanshan? “

It was not the older brother, Zhou Yue, who spoke first. It was Zhou Shanshan. The Zhou family is one of the three big shots of City A’s catering industry. Although they couldn’t make it into the top twenty family rankings in City A, when assessed, they’re still a prominent family. 

In addition, some areas of the Zhou family’s businesses were getting better and better lately, so Zhou Yue and Zhou Shanshan, as the Zhou family’s rich second generation, naturally became haughty. 

However, every rich second generation is quite talented at reading people’s faces, unless if they had extremely crooked nature, or their family intended to raise them stupid. And, City A itself is one of the best cities in the country. Important people can be found anywhere, and second generations are repeatedly warned about this.

So, don’t look at how arrogant Zhou Yue and Zhou Shanshan’s dialogue was at the beginning. When the two came over and saw Mu Yanxiao’s manner and momentum, they paused. Their original arrogance was curbed by seventy percent. Although this person looks very casual and easygoing in sportswear and gold-wire glasses, every move carried an air of frost, and from a glance they realized he’s not someone to be trifled with!

Not to mention, there is a Mu Four by his side, who looks like a bodyguard/secretary/servant? 

So Zhou Shanshan directly used coquetry. She is also twenty-five this year and has already reached the age when she can find a good person to marry. Don’t look at the faint air of coldness surrounding Mu Yanxiao’s entire body. The bad thing is that this person wasn’t in formal wear today and even wore glasses… Boss Mu’s ferocity was hidden by sixty percent. As a result, he went from the state of ‘strangers, stay away’ to the ‘handsome-local tyrant-iceberg-brother, quickly come and pounce’.

Mu Yanxiao raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this. Those guys aren’t as stupid as he thought, but did they think he’s deaf? They thought he didn’t hear the clamour just now?

“Mu Four.”

Mu Yanxiao decided that those two idiots weren’t worthy of him.

Mu Four automatically took over. Mu Four also wore glasses with silver edges to match his boss today. After hearing the boss’s order, he pushed his glasses up and smiled at the two people who had stiff expressions, “Hello, Zhou family’s sir and young lady, how is old Mr. Zhou’s health? I heard that he had another bronchus spell. Are you two here to buy him some precious Chinese medicine? If that’s the case, you two went the wrong way. Turn left and go up to the fourth floor for the medical supplement area. Haha, need me to find a salesman to help lead the way for you two?”

Zhou Yue and Zhou Shanshan, “…” If I go, will you ignore us even more?!

Zhou Shanshan grew up spoiled after all, so her face sank when she heard what was said, “What’s your identity to be able to speak to me like this. Are you qualified to mention my grandpa?! Do you think that you can treat me like this just because I gave you respect? Ugh, big brother?”

At that moment, Zhou Yue grabbed onto Zhou Shanshan’s arm, and the force of his hand made Zhou Shanshan cry out to ‘go lighter’. 

“… Apologies, my younger sister and this junior weren’t very sensible just now and offended your assistant…and, just now, this junior fancied your parrot in order to please my younger sister. This junior will make amends for you here. Everything you’re buying here today will be paid by this junior. We just hope that you will not take this to heart!”

Zhou Yue’s expression became respectful, and he also spoke with some nervous seriousness. Zhou Shanshan, who was originally resentful, was instantly frightened by her brother’s behaviour. After thinking about it, she also hurriedly lowered her head, “Sorry, big brother(referring to MYX) , I really think that parrot is very good, but after thinking about it, you must be reluctant to give up something that cute. Shanshan was impulsive. Big brother, please don’t mind.”

The two’s sudden attitude change made Mu Yanxiao raise his eyebrows a second time. This time, he glanced at Zhou Yue. “You recognize me?”

Cold sweat already rolled down Zhou Yue’s face as he roared in his heart: Bullshit, the biggest, black-and-white, all-consuming cruel boss in City A, rumored to hold the mafia of various European countries in his hands, and the first-class person who needs to be on guard for reselling arms and what not… How can he not know him! The entire rich second generation of City A, and even City B and City C, know you! If it weren’t for you wearing sportswear and glasses and carrying a parrot today, how would this Young Master only recognize you now?!

“Yes, this junior was fortunate enough to meet Big Master Mu at a banquet.”

Mu Yanxiao nodded, “You still have some intelligence.” Zhou Yue was overjoyed to hear it. Dang! This Young Master was praised by Big Master Mu! When he returns, he’ll go back and flaunt and make his old man and grandfather die of happiness, and those other rich second generation die of envy! “Tch, at least the Zhou family won’t be ruined in your generation. It’s a real pity.”

Zhou Yue, “…” I heard that Big Master Mu is especially ruthless, and it really is like this based on what he sees today.

“Alright. If there’s nothing else then leave. Don’t waste the air.”

Mu Yanxiao waved his hand, and Zhou Yue loosened a breath. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly heard a little hoarse, but grating voice, “Junior, don’t go! Leave some bribes behind!!”

Zhou Yue suddenly froze while Mu Yanxiao directly drew up the corners of his mouth.

Zhou Yue stared at the parrot flying over with disbelief as it circled around him while clamouring  ‘leave some bribes behind’, and didn’t know what to do for a long time. Your mom, this Young master covered all your expenses today, but you still want some bribes?

He could only look helplessly at Mu Yanxiao, but Big Master Mu was relaxing with his eyes closed. He then looked at Mu Four.

Mu Four coughed and carefully said to Lin You, “What bribes do you want?”

Lin You the bird thought for a bit. “Golden card for free meals! Put it in my small bag!”

Zhou You who was almost shocked silly, “…” When do parrots know about golden cards!! And what’s that small bag hanging around its neck? If he wasn’t mistaken, there should be something that looks like a square card inside. It’s not what he’s thinking, right?!

“Cough, Young Master Zhou. You see?” Mu Four didn’t let Zhou You remain stupefied for long.

Zhou Yue looked stiffly at Mu Four when he heard those words, then nodded his head. He pulled out a silvery card with embossed patterns from his wallet. Before he could hand it to Mu Four, Lin You swooped over and grabbed it. He then saw that bird run to Mu Yanxiao’s leg, perch and place that card on Mu Yanxiao’s hand. And the crazy, tyrannical, and cool Big Master Mu from the rumours gently stuffed that card into the light yellow fluffy bag.   

“… This is my unregistered card. You don’t need money to use it to eat at my Zhou family’s restaurants.” Zhou You spoke somewhat unsteadily. He really doesn’t know. Since where were parrots so awesome? It’s IQ is too heaven defying, okay?!

Afterwards, Zhou Yue and Zhou Shanshan were finally able to leave, but as soon as they were about to go, they heard someone’s cry from behind. When Zhou Yue heard this voice, he almost cursed in his heart.

“Hey! Zhou Da! You’re here with your sister for a stroll? What a coincidence? Let’s have a meal together at noon? It just happens that my mom wants to find some time to talk to Auntie about something.”

This voice was more familiar to Mu Yanxiao, and Lin You the parrot’s expression right now was even worse. How could they meet Chen Yuhe while visiting a mall?

Lin You sighed and whispered in Mu Yanxiao’s ear, “I told you. We should’ve gone to one of the night market streets.”

Mu Yanxiao, “…Finished picking your things?” 

Lin You looked at the large pile of clothes, backpacks, pet game consoles, phones, and so on resting on the table. He squawked, “Finished picking them.”

“Mu Four, ask them to pack it all up and send it home.”


After speaking, Mu Yanxiao stood up, planning to leave. Running into Chen Yuhe really affected his appetite, let alone the ‘aunt’ in name only by his side right now.

It’s just that Mu Yanxiao and Lin You didn’t want to fight, but there’s no way to prevent others from taking the initiative to provoke. At the moment when Mu Yanxiao stood up, Chen Yuhe’s voice rang again, particularly surprised and shocked, “Mu Yanxiao! Why are you here?!”

They don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but just as Chen Yuhe’s words fell, Mu Yanxiao’s aunt and Chen Yuhe’s mother, Zheng Ya, began to talk, “Oh, Yanxiao! I heard that Yuhe said that your eyes can’t see. Why did you run here and not stay at the hospital?!”

In one sentence, not only were the siblings Zhou Yue and Zhou Shanshan stupefied, the many people around watching in excitement, as well as the attendants gasped in unison! 

It was not only because this seemingly normal man was actually the head of the country’s top five business leaders, Big Master Mu, it’s more because the Big Master Mu in front of their eyes is blind?!

God, what large-scale joke are they playing at? Although Big Master Mu’s existence is used to attack every rich second generation, this point they had long acknowledged is alright. But is it normal for a blind person to still go out shopping and buy things with a pet? Although it’s rumoured that Big Master Mu got into a car accident a few days ago, it’s still a few days ago. How can a blind man be so normal that people can’t realise it?!

Almost no one believed it.

However, Mu Yanxiao became calm after his initial dissatisfaction. In any case, he doesn’t know when his eyes will get better. The news will always spread, and when that time comes, it will definitely interfere with the Mu family’s business and competition. It’s better to… use the time to minimize the impact. Perhaps he could add in a few chips?

Mu Yanxiao just walked like this in front of everyone, with steady and accurate steps. At that time, there were around seven or eight rich second generation and four or five founding generations around. In a shop nearby, there were two silver-haired old men drinking honey grapefruit tea while sitting there, happily watching the show. One of them was, shockingly, the elderly master of the Mu family.

“Aunt’s words are wrong, why can’t I come here? Since it’s a mall, naturally, anyone can enter, even if it’s just looking and not buying. They can enter as long as they’re wearing something flashy, right?” 

Mu Yanxiao’s words instantly made her expression turn pale. Although she took a fancy to two blue diamond necklaces after strolling around, she couldn’t make a move. The Chen family is also a prominent family, but compared to the Mu family and Zhang family, it’s more than just a bit worse compared to the households her two sisters married into. In addition, there’s recently a problem with the Chen family’s production batch, and she was a bit tight on money.

But even if that’s the case, Mu Yanxiao is from the younger generation and can’t talk to her like that! She is his elder! And Mu Yanxiao ignored her before, but now that he’s blind, he still dares to talk to her like that?!

“Yanxiao, how can you talk this way to your aunt?” Zhang Ya’s expression darkened a little, then she pasted a smile on her face, “Is it that you’re too excited because you haven’t seen your aunt after so long? Come here, aunt will talk to you.”

Mu Yanxiao’s eyes were cold.

The people around all watched Mu Yanxiao’s movements. 

Just when everyone began to think that Mu Yanxiao really couldn’t come over, Mu Yanxiao suddenly took a few steps forward, winding around Mu Four and Chen Yuhe, and directly walked in front of Zhang Ya.

“Aunt, even if I can’t see you, it still sounds like you have some energy deficiency. Don’t just save money when you return, go to the fourth floor and buy yourself some things to supplement yourself. You don’t need to worry about your nephew here,” Mu Yanxiao said coldly. Now, everyone next to him stared at him.

“Oh, he really walked over!”

“Damn! What a god! Doesn’t seem like he can’t see at all!”

“Tsk! Naturally ah, how else to say that the Mu family’s Big Master is a genius who specializes in attacking us? This time, this Young Master is really convinced.”

“But Big Master definitely used a method, right?”

“Tch, why do you care? I’ll ask you, if it were you, could you be like Big Master? If you can’t, then just be calm!”

“Pei! Lao Zi can’t, can you?! Only Big Master can do it!”

Chen Yuhe listened to the whispers around him, and the fire in his heart rose up. He originally planned to make Mu Yanxiao a disgrace in front of everyone. But it was his mother who was made a fool of right now, and Mu Yanxiao was still being admired?!

Thinking about this, Chen Yuhe’s complexion darkened. When nobody was paying attention, he kicked a leg towards Mu Yanxiao’s. At the same time, Zheng Ya’s complexion became sullen as she stretched a hand out to slap Mu Yanxiao on the face.

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