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Chapter 4: And So I Was Carried In A Dishonorable Princess Carry By My Damned Love Rival. Please Just Let Me Die Again!

The two of them stopped talking after that. Su Jian was shocked into choking from hearing An Yize’s words, ‘liking me’, It was unclear what was wrong with An Yize, but from that moment on he kept a sullen expression, seeming to have fallen into a bad mood.

Su Jian wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to him, they had just arrived at the funeral parlor.

His own family’s mourning hall was pretty easy to find. Because of his lame leg, Su Jian could only sit on a wheelchair and let An Yize slowly push him in. The guests in the mourning hall were mostly relatives of Su Jian’s family. There were also a few of Su Jian’s closer coworkers and a group of Su Jian’s former classmates that had been on good terms with him. Here, they all appeared solemn. The bros that had been really good friends with Su Jian even had red eyes.   

To top it off, as Su Jian came in, he was greeted by his parents’ and his little brother’s tear-streaked faces.

Su Jian couldn’t help but firmly grasp the hand that was leaning on the wheelchair’s armrest.

After everyone bowed, they bid farewell to Su Jian’s remains one by one. When it became Su Jian’s turn, he finally saw what he looked like inside of the coffin. It could be said that the car accident was too violent such that his original body had been horribly disfigured. But thankfully, after the corpse beautician’s makeover, the self who was laying there was still just as handsome as he had been in the past. No matter how you looked at it, it looked like he had but peacefully fallen asleep.    

Ah! This was himself! Ah! This person was none other than him, Su Jian! He obviously hadn’t died. Ah! I’m [well] right here! Su Jian felt like he was suffering from a heart attack, it felt as painful as could be. He involuntarily extended his hand towards the remains before of him. My spirit is already here. Wouldn’t touching our flesh with my spirit allow me to return to my body, and let me be my real-self again? Ah! God, Allah, Tathagata, Buddha! If any of you are free, please reveal yourself to me. As long as you let me go back. As long as you lessen the sadness my parents are feeling, I’ll do anything. I’ll even resign myself to being a lifelong loser!

A low sound came from nearby. While in a daze, Su Jian suddenly realized that his hand had been grabbed. After coming to his senses, he found out that everyone was looking at him in astonishment. As it turns out, he had unknowingly reached out to touch the remains before An Yize grabbed his hand from behind.

Su Jian was at a loss. He knew that he looked like someone else right now. No one would allow him to touch his own remains, but what if his spirit and body touching would allow him to return? How would he know if he didn’t give it a try?

Su Jian already knew he had no way to retreat because after this his body would be cremated. At that time, even if there was another solution, it wouldn’t be of much use to him!

Up til now, Su Jian had been unable to think of anything other than this; so he would take his chances! Su Jian shook off An Yize’s hand and fiercely threw himself towards his own remains, crying out loud without shedding tears at the same time.

Because Su Jian suddenly rushed out so suddenly, An Yize and everyone else hadn’t had enough time to stop him. He was able to grab the corpse’s hand. After that, it turned into a big mess. The screamers shrieked. The critics criticized. Those who had grabbed at him, pulled him away. Su Jian didn’t pay any attention to them at all.

He only paid attention to one thing—-the hand he had touched had been so cold, it hadn’t given off even the slightest reaction.

His spirit and flesh had come into contact, yet the world still remained the same; he was still sitting in the wheelchair, there was still no kind of movement from the corpse.

Su Jian suddenly felt a complete lack of hope.

He really could not ever go back!

He wasn’t sure what was worse, between quietly dying like this or being reborn into a woman that was meant to continue living without being able to acknowledge his family and friends.

And so, when An Yize glared at him, he saw the woman in front of him with a blank, helpless, sorrowful look in her eyes and the two rivers of tears that were streaming from those red eyes.

An Yize stared blankly and knit his brows, as if by habit. When he was about to open his mouth, a nearby family member of the deceased, a young boy, suddenly asked him, “Hello. May I ask if you were my older brother’s girlfriend?”

Naturally, the questioner was Su Jian’s little brother.

Su Jian carefully looked at his family’s little rug-rat. His little brother, Su Jie, would be a sophomore in college this year. They normally fought for their mother’s affections, but in reality Su Jian loved this little brother of his very dearly. The two brothers had a really good relationship. And in front of him, Su Jie’s eyes were red like a rabbit’s. With one glance, he could tell that he’d been crying his eyes out. Su Jian knew that the brat who thought he had already died was definitely very sad, but here he was, standing, no sitting right in front of him, with no way of acknowledge him. This plot was more than just overly dramatic, it was an utterly trollish scenario!

Su Jie’s question was a little difficult to answer. His actions just now had been that of a lover who had been madly in love, but the problem with that was that his ‘hubby’ was standing right behind him. If it had been just Su Jian on his own, he could have told some lies to smooth things over. But if An Yize’s own newly wed wife of but a month were to say she was someone else’s girlfriend in front of him, would he kill Su Jian?

While he was at a loss, An Yize’s voice suddenly sounded out from behind, “No.”

Su Jian stared blankly and quickly nodded along, “Yes, I’m really not.”

“Oh, is that right? Then it’s my mistake.” Su Jie lightly bit his lip as he apologized, his hoarse voice thick with grief.

Su Jian was immediately distressed; he blurted out, “Don’t worry. In the next lifetime your older brother will definitely find a beauty to be your sister in law!”

Su Jie: “…….”


After the viewing, An Yize slowly pushed Su Jian out from the mourning hall. His gaze swept over the faces of his mourning parents and his little brother to the ‘he’ that was still in the middle of the mourning hall. His heart pained: From now on, ‘he’ was no longer of this world! From this point forward! ‘I’, am no longer ‘him’!

From now on, a good manly man could do nothing but live on as a woman, and his former love rival’s woman at that!

Su Jian’s already-reddened eyes suddenly became even redder.

On this side, Su Jian silently mourned his miserable fate, his tears unwittingly came flowing out. On the other side, An Yize expressionlessly watched as the woman before him’ eyes once again turn red like a little rabbit; her cheeks streaming with tears.

In the end, An Yize couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief and hand it over.

When he saw what was being handed to him, Su Jian froze. When he realized what it was, Su Jian sighed sorrowfully: In this day and age, there’s still a man who uses handkerchiefs! An Yize is definitely not an ordinary person!

Sorrow was sorrow, but Su Jian still impolitely took the handkerchief. And covered his face with it. After that, a loud nose-blowing sound could be heard.

The corners of An Yize’s mouth twitched.

Su Jian calmly finished blowing his nose. When he saw An Yize’s directly staring at him, he only blankly stared back, before he impolitely returned the handkerchief, “Thanks, here.”

An Yize collected the handkerchief then immediately hurled it into a nearby trashcan.

Su Jian looked at him. Suddenly, because he had cried too much before, he couldn’t help start to hiccup.

An Yize looked at the tears hanging onto his long eyelashes and said in a deep voice, “What are you crying about?”

Su Jian choked, then said in a low voice, “This man is too pitiful. He was so handsome, yet he died so early. He wasn’t even married. I am so sad for him.”

An Yize didn’t believe his answer and so, he asked again, “You really don’t know him?”

Su Jian lied with a straight face, “Before the car accident, I really hadn’t know him.”

An Yize lightly scoffed, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t remember anything? How do you know if you knew him or not?”

If you know that then why are you even asking me?! Su Jian was silently angry and secretly gave him the middle finger.

Contrarily, An Yize stared at him. He stared and stared then suddenly stuck out a finger and wiped under his eyes.

“Women really like crying.”

When he realized that An Yize was wiping his tears, Su Jian instantly lost it.

Your mom! To actually have his damned love rival perform such a nauseatingly romantic action is to want him to die again!!

Su Jian’s heart carried an infinite grief, but the flesh that was helplessly carrying this grief was female. As a result, the way the grief presented itself in flesh was displayed not only in Su Jian’s red eyes, but also in his ears turning red.

When An Yize went to carry him into the car, Su Jian’s grief had reached its peak. Even though An Yize carried him by the waist into the car before, his previous focus had been on the tension and confused feelings he would have after encountering his relatives and seeing his own remains; he hadn’t paid attention to anything else. After returning to himself, Su Jian saw An Yize assume the position after picking him up from a horizontal carry. At that moment, Su Jian became horrified.

“I. It’s probably better if I do this myself!”

“Are you sure you can walk by yourself?”

“I can!”

Su Jian leaned on An Yize and staggeringly stood up. Then, he bravely walked forward, but he hadn’t take many steps before he couldn’t handle it any more.

fúck! Where did this long set of stairs come from!?

Su Jian carefully calculated on how much energy and what position he needed to go down so that he wouldn’t trip and fall to the bottom of the stairs. His body suddenly felt lighter; he’d been lifted up by the waist.

When he realized that he was being carried down the stairs by An Yize in the legendary princess carry, Su Jian became grieved beyond belief. “Let me down! Let me down! I can walk by myself!”

“If you keep yelling, I’m going to throw you down.”

Naturally, being put down and being thrown down were two entirely different things. Su Jian wisely chose to shut his mouth.

But he was still howling within his heart: To be carried in the dishonorable princess carry by my damned love rival. Please just let me die again!

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