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Chapter 14: An Yize Only Ate One Bowlful Instead Of His Usual Three Bowlfuls Of Food

Su Jian was completely resentful of An Yize coming home at this time. An Yize! You’re truly my damned love rival!

An Yize looked confusedly at Su Jian who scowled at him. “What’s going on?” But when An Yize thought of the situation from the previous day, his voice gentled, “Does your stomach still hurt?”

Su Jian viciously thought: I, your father, have lung pain![1]

Yan Ziwei just happened to come out of the bathroom at this moment. An Yize stared blankly before frowning, “We have a guest in the house?.

Su Jian nodded and unwillingly introduced them to each other, “Mm. This is my friend Yan Ziwei. She heard I’d been in a car accident and came to see me.”

Yan Ziwei gracefully extended her hand. She said with her smile up to par, “Mr. An, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. I’m Xiao Jian’s best friend. Xiao Jian is very grateful for the kind treatment you have shown her.”

An Yize said drily, “Jian Jian is my wife, taking care of her is my job.”

Su Jian glared fiercely at their clasped hands before pretending to nonchalantly grab An Yize’s hand, pulling them apart. Su Jian smiled brightly at Yan Ziwei and said, “Ziwei. Let’s eat!”

An Yize turned his hand to grasp Su Jian’s hand and pushed him towards the dining table.

Su Jian was astonished, “Eh? You haven’t eaten dinner yet?”

An Yize nodded. He picked Su Jian up and moved him to a chair. Afterward, An Yize sat next to him, set his table, and served him soup. His movements were fluent and well-versed because of constant practice over the past few days.

“You should eat more. I know that you don’t eat well when you’re home alone.”

“What do you mean?!”

“I saw the frozen dumpling packaging that you threw in the trash.”

“What’s wrong with frozen dumplings? Don’t look down on my frozen dumplings!”

“You have external and internal injuries. How can you eat that stuff?”

“What internal injuries?”

“Internal bleeding.”


“If you aren’t willing to cook for yourself, I can order takeout for you again.”

“You don’t need to. We always eat out! I’m tired of it.”

“That’s fine, but you aren’t allowed to eat frozen convenience foods again. No instant noodles, either.”

“Why are you trying to control everything?!”

“Because you’re my wife.”

The two of them were at one side making a fuss while Yan Ziwei watched with great interest on the other side.

Only at the end of their dialogue did Su Jian notice that Yan Ziwei was happily smiling across from them. Su Jian was infinitely resentful that he destroyed his own image in the goddess’s eyes because of An Yize.

He was venting his anger by stabbing his rice as if it were An Yize when a pair of chopsticks passed a piece of fish into his bowl.

He looked up in astonishment. An Yize said, “I already picked out all the fish bones, so you don’t have to be afraid of one getting stuck in your throat again.”

I, your father, am not afraid of getting a fish bone stuck in my throat! You just have to destroy my image in front of the goddess! Mr. An, don’t push me too far! Su Jian was furious and chomped down that piece of fish in one bite as if it were An Yize.

Only then did An Yize start eating dinner. He hadn’t even eaten two bites yet before he paused, and then hesitatingly asked, “You weren’t the one who made dinner?”

Of course I didn’t. My goddess made it for me alone! Clearly my goddess and I could have enjoyed time alone, yet you had to come home to be the third wheel! Su Jian was filled with grief and indignation.

Across from them, a glimmer of surprise flashed across Yan Ziwei’s eyes. Thereafter, she said while giving a meaningful look, “Mr. An, I made it.”

An Yize didn’t say anything after this and ate gracefully as he had done in the past. Later, however, Su Jian noticed that An Yize only ate one bowlful instead of his usual three bowlfuls of food.

At the time, Su Jian wasn’t in the mood to pay any attention to An Yize and was focused on the goddess sitting opposite to him at the table. Thus, he was nonstop passing food to Yan Ziwei with his chopsticks.

“Ziwei! Eat more!”

“Ziwei! Come! Try this!”

Oh! Ziwei is such a pretty name. As he said the name, he suddenly felt like Erkang.[2]

Yan Ziwei was all smiles as she received the food he passed over with his chopsticks, yet she looked towards the poker-faced An Yize, “Xiao Jian, you don’t have to worry about me. You should take good care of Mr. An.”

Su Jian turned to give An Yize a glance only to see a poker-faced An Yize shooting him a penetrating gaze. He became instantly dumbfounded. Right! Didn’t the two of them agree to display their ‘love’, in front of others? Even though Yan Ziwei knew they were in a contract marriage, this was not supposed to be disclosed to anyone else in accordance with their agreement. But presumably, the former Su Jian secretly told her. If An Yize knew he violated the non-disclosure agreement and suddenly turned hostile, things would be bad. Hence, he had to pretend Yan Ziwei didn’t know the truth of his marriage and display some ‘love’ in front of her! An-poker-face must have glared at him because of this!

After Su Jian figured this out, he casually grabbed a chopstick full of Chinese chives and flung it into An Yize’s bowl. He smiled at him, “Come, eat some more! This is good for you!”

Across the table, Yan Ziwei happily followed up, “Yes! I hear that Chinese chives can help boost a man’s sex drive!”

Su Jian: “……”


After dinner, An Yize was, as usual, was chased into the kitchen to wash dishes by Su Jian. The reason for this was that there was no rationale that would excuse making either a guest or a temporarily disabled person wash the dishes.

Then, he dragged Yan Ziwei into his room to have a private chat.

Su Jian was ecstatic from seeing his goddess sitting on his bed.

Yan Ziwei was brimming with a contrasting joy as she looked towards at Su Jian, “An Yize seems to treat you well.”

“That’s because you’re here. We have a deal to display our ‘love’ in front of everyone else. He definitely doesn’t know that you know we’re in a contract marriage.

“I’ll keep this secret from him.” Yan Ziwei blinked innocently at Su Jian, “However, today really expanded my horizons.”


“As it turns out, President An can also wash dishes at home.”

“He can’t even tell the difference between sugar and salt! What else can he do? All that’s left is washing dishes.”

Yan Ziwei smirked, “An Yize seems to be quite nice.”

Su Jian’s heart sank. Ah! Fúck! It isn’t easy for me to make progress with a girl that I have a good relationship with! An Yize! You’re snatching her from me as well! You and I really can’t live under the same sky!

Su Jian hastily replied, “Actually, other than a face he uses to trick people, he doesn’t have anything going for him. You better not fall for him!”

Yan Ziwei was stunned, “How would it be possible for me to fall for him?”

Su Jian was overjoyed at this.

Then he heard Yan Ziwei continue to say, “I think… Why don’t you consider making him yours and turn your fake-marriage act into reality with him?”

Su Jian choked on his own spit.

Yan Ziwei continued without noticing, “Come to think of it, An Yize has a good reputation in the public eye. I’ve never heard of him having any scandals with women.”

Su Jian said quietly, “It’s also possible that not having any scandals with women means that he’s homosexual.”

Yan Ziwei was astonished. She stroked her chin and said, “That’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. An Yize can outclass most people in face, physique, family background, as well as capabilities. Even if you put this premium grade man in the midst of other men, he would still be very attractive to many of them. But, whether he is gay…” Yan Ziwei squinted her eyes and with a big smile she asked, “Xiao Jian, you’ve lived with him for over a month. Can it be that you can’t tell?”

Su Jian’s eyes widened, “How would I be able to tell?”

Yan Ziwei smiled evilly, “For example, does he… have a reaction to you?”

Su Jian felt ice cold at hearing this. He hurriedly said, “No! He absolutely does not!”

Yan Ziwei was slightly disappointed, but then added, “How about this? Why don’t you wear some revealing clothing and try to seduce him?”

Su Jian was stunned, “…I can’t imagine doing that.” Thinking of seducing his damned love rival into engaging in homosexual stuff made Su Jian feel like his entire outlook on life had become skewed.

“What do you mean you can’t imagine doing it?” Yan Ziwei smiled sweetly, slowly checking Su Jian out from head to toe, before she casually continued by giving her breasts a grope. “I think that An Yize probably likes girls like you.”[3]

After feeling like he’d just been sexually harassed by his goddess, Su Jian’s face turned red. He stammered, “I… I…”

Yan Ziwei thought she was being shy so she teased, “You what? Is he also your type?”

“No!” You’re much more the type I like, goddess!

“No?” Yan Ziwei scrutinized her expression as her smile gradually disappeared. “Xiao Jian, are you possibly still thinking of Lu Chenghe?”

“Lu Chenghe? Who’s that?”

After Yan Ziwei stared blankly, a smile slowly blossomed on her face, “Right! I forgot! You have amnesia. Never mind! He’s of no importance. It’s best that you don’t remember him.”


[1]In traditional Chinese lungs represent grief or sadness. When one refers to their lungs hurting, it means they are upset.

[2]Erkang is the second male lead in a famous Chinese drama, Princess Returning Pearl. He is Ziwei’s husband and is a very handsome, heroic, and gentle character that has many fans.

[3]Note Yan Ziwei sees Su Jian as a female so she refers to Su Jian as ‘her’.

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