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Chapter 15: An Yize Was… Sick?

Su Jian hated sending off Yan Ziwei and felt a deep sense of loss. Luckily, Yan Ziwei promised him she’d keep in touch often and also gave him her contact information. Only then was Su Jian able to feel a bit comforted.

The next morning, Su Jian woke up after having slept in. He found that An Yize hadn’t actually gone to work yet.

He checked the date. It was a weekday. An Yize, who always went to work on time, was still in the house. This made Su Jian feel like something was off.

Then, soon after, Su Jian angrily came to conclusions: This jerk is a president. I bet he can sleep in as long as he wants and stay in if he doesn’t want to go out. As the boss or something like that, he really is hateful!

Su Jian casually stuffed himself for breakfast, then turned on the TV, but couldn’t stop himself from glancing at An Yize’s tightly closed bedroom door.

There was still no sign of movement from within the room. An Yize hasn’t woken up yet?

Su Jian didn’t start off wanting to care, but his curiosity couldn’t help being like a kitten’s claws scratching within his heart which kept him from continuing watching TV. Thus, Su Jian got up and decided to secretly go and take a peek.

Su Jian lightly twisted open the bedroom door and stretched out his neck to scout things out.

As expected, there was a mountain of blankets in An Yize’s big bed. And An Yize, as before, was buried inside.

Su Jian hesitated, then hobbled over.

An Yize was laying on his side his brows were knitted and he had a flushed face.

Su Jian felt something was wrong. An Yize was… sick?

Su Jian sat at An Yize’s bedside, hesitated for a moment, then stuck out a hand to feel An Yize’s forehead. As expected, An Yize was boiling hot.

This guy had a fever!

Su Jian’s face turned grave and hurriedly shook An Yize, “Hey! Wake up! Wake up!”

Bewildered, An Yize opened his eyes.

Su Jian solemnly stared at him, “You have a fever!”

An Yize made a weak noise of agreement, then slowly closed his eyes.

“Hey!” Su Jian grabbed his arm and felt this guy’s burning hot body temperature through his thin pajamas under his hand. He suddenly became flustered, “Hurry up and wake up! Don’t sleep anymore!”

An Yize opened his eyes again only to see the girl pulling at him with a grave expression on her face, “Your fever is really high.”

An Yize frowned, sat up slowly, and then, with one pull from Su Jian, his helplessly weak body fell over again.

Su Jian, caught off guard, was crushed under his body.

“Hey!” Su Jian was full of bottled distress, “Get up!”

An Yize only continued lying on top of him, motionless.

Su Jian was very unhappy and used all his strength to push him away, but although An Yize was ill, he still weighed a hundred plus, several tens of catties in weight(at least 60 kg or 132 lbs). At this moment, all of this weight that was as heavy as a mountain, was pressing down on his body. Plus, Su Jian was weak and had an injured leg, so he wasn’t able to shove him away.

Su Jian trembled in response to the hot breath coming from the man on top of his body that was fanning over his neck. He called out with unsteady breath, “An Yize, get up! Do you hear me?!”

A large hand stretched out to cover up his mouth. An Yize’s boiling hot breath puffed beside his ear and he hoarsely said, “Be good. Don’t make a fuss. Let me lay down for a while…”

Your mom! If you want to lay down, then lay down by yourself! Don’t lay on top of me! Su Jian felt tearless dismay at being crushed by a big mountain to the point that he couldn’t move a muscle.

An Yize pulled him tight into his embrace. He murmured, “Don’t leave me…”

I, your father, can’t even leave you, okay? Su Jian was filled with grief and indignation.

After panting and struggling for a long long while, Su Jian, covered in sweat, finally climbed out from under the big mountain. Su Jian was planning on staying far away from the guy, but when he saw his feverishly muddled face, he felt that this guy would probably burn to death if he really washed his hands of him and abandoned him.

Thus, he resigned himself to wetting some towels and applying them to An Yize’s forehead like he’d seen being done on TV.

Su Jian kept watch at his bedside for a while. When he discovered that there wasn’t much of an effect [to the wet towels], he couldn’t help but become a bit anxious. He pondered a moment. Then he went and got some ice cubes from the refrigerator and wrapped them up in a towel.

Just as he was about to place the ice cubes wrapped in a towel on An Yize’s forehead, a phone started to ring. Su Jian’s hand jerked, and the ice pack in his hand almost smashed down on An Yize’s nose.

Su Jian hastily wrapped up the ice cubes again, climbed over An Yize’s body to the other side of the bed, and picked up the still-ringing cell phone on the end table.

When he saw the words Ji Mingfei on the screen, Su Jian was a little hesitant. Then, he pressed the talk the button.

“Hey! How come you didn’t come to work?” There was a slightly arrogant sounding young man’s voice coming from the phone.

Su Jian heard his casual manner of speaking and guessed that the other party must be on good terms with An Yize. Thus, he truthfully said, “He’s sick.”

The phone went silent for a few seconds, then Ji Mingfei cautiously asked, “You’re… Su, uh, sister-in-law?”

Su Jian was shocked pretty hard by the words “sister-in-law” and hastily replied, “Yes! I’m Su Jian!”

Ji Mingfei promptly became warmly enthusiastic, “Sister-in-law, my name is Ji Mingfei. I’m Yize’s best friend. Right! Where’s Yize? Why didn’t he come to work today?”

“He has a fever.” Su Jian turned his head and looked at the person next to him who had his eyes shut. “It seems to be a pretty bad fever.”

“Fever?” Ji Mingfei was clearly startled. His voice promptly became serious, “Sister-in-law, you need to quickly flip through Yize’s contacts in his cell phone, find Qingyuan, and give him a call to immediately go over.”

“Oh! OK.” Su Jian swiftly hung up and started to search through the contacts. Sure enough, there was a “Zhang Qingyuan” listed inside.

He called over, and Zhang Qingyuan said he’d come over at once. Su Jian felt reassured and relievedly sat at An Yize’s bedside rolling the ice pack all over his face to help lower his temperature.

Right when Su Jian was getting into it, An Yize’s cell phone rang again.

Upon answering, it was still Ji Mingfei.

“Sister-in-law, have you given Qingyuan a call?”

“I did. He said he’d come over at once.” This friend of An Yize’s really cares about him!

“That’s good. Yize’s body is pretty good. He doesn’t get sick often, but he’s got an unusual constitution; he’s weak to fevers. Once when he was in college, he had a pretty serious fever that almost cost him his life. So, you have to pay more attention to this, sister-in-law.”


“Sister-in-law, please take care of him for these next few days, make him some light, non-greasy things.”

“…Alright.” An Yize, this Is your actual significant other, right?!

“Ah! Sister-in-law, I’m not sure if you know all of Yize’s likes and dislikes. He doesn’t like to eat cilantro or eggplant. Everything else is okay.”

“Oh.” No wonder when Su Jian cooked an eggplant dish, this guy basically didn’t even extend his chopsticks.

“As for his regular hobbies, he likes rock climbing, horseback riding, and Taekwondo. Right now, he’s already a third-degree black belt.”

“Yes…” I thought this guy’s regular hobby was to read foreign books to show off!

“Also, this guy actually likes little animals a lot. You wouldn’t be able to tell from his exterior, right? When he was in college, this guy secretly fed the homeless kittens at the school.

“…I really couldn’t tell.” Su Jian couldn’t imagine An Yize secretly feeding the school’s homeless kittens.

“Haha. This guy is the standard for the type to be amenable to coaxing, but not coercion! Sister-in-law, you have to remember this! He has no resistance against a child’s spoiled act. It’s probably the same for women. Even though he gets irritable when women cry, he is most helpless against women’s tears. At that time, he will agree to anything you ask for!”

“……” If a woman cries and says to him, “Darling, give me a million dollars, please”, would An Yize give her a million dollars?

“Of course, you don’t have to worry, sister-in-law. He doesn’t react this way towards all women, just the one he likes.”

“Oh…” I say! But all men treat the woman they like this way, right? …even if it was hard to see it from An Yize’s expressionless exterior.

“Also, let me tell you a secret, sister-in-law! Yize’s ears are very sensitive. They get red with one touch! They also get red when he’s shy.”

“……” Why do you know that An Yize’s ears are sensitive, dear? You’re really a gay couple! I don’t need to doubt it anymore!

Ji Mingfei told Su Jian a bunch of An Yize’s habits that others wouldn’t know over the phone. Su Jian was fascinated yet somewhat suspicious and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you telling me all this?” Was it possibly because the two of them were in a love affair then An Yize heartlessly got married yet the gay partner stayed passionately faithful and endured suffering to tell the newcomer everything so that he could take better care of his lover? If it was truly this way, it was truly too cruel! Ah! Too cruel!

Ji Mingfei said, “Of course it’s to let sister-in-law understand Yize better and deepen the feelings between the two of you.”

Su Jian: “Many thanks…” Was it really as I guessed? An Yize, you heartless man!

Ji Mingfei seemed to softly chuckle on the other end of the phone, “Go sister-in-law! I think Yize really likes you a lot.”

Su Jian was a bit stunned. How could a gay partner sound so joyful? Could it be that his guess was wrong?

Right then, he could only laugh drily, and carelessly said, “Haha. I’m grateful for your blessing. I also like him a lot.”

This time, Ji Mingfei’s voice clearly carried a thread of laughter, “This would definitely be for the best! Sister-in-law, I’m betting on you!”

Su Jian: “……”

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