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Chapter 13: This Was The Very Image Of Su Jian’s Former Ideal Goddess!

Naturally, the damned love rival (who had since become less of an eyesore) didn’t know that he’d risen in esteem in his roommate’s heart so he continued going to and from work as he usually did.

Su Jian continued to nest in the house, becoming a household deity.

Today, Su Jian’s cell phone rang for the first time.

Su Jian startled, then picked up his cell phone only to see Ziwei flashing on the screen.

Ziwei? This name has to belong to a beauty! And so, Su Jian picked up without the slightest bit of hesitation.

As expected, the person calling had a pleasant voice that made men weak at the knees, “Su… Xiao… Jian”[1]

Su Jian dazedly answered, “Ah? Ah! It’s me.”

Next: “How! Dare! You! Not! Answer! My! Calls!!!”

Su Jian was frightened by the explosive roar emanating from his phone without any warning. He swiftly held onto the cell phone he’d almost let fall from his grasp. Then subconsciously answered in a weak voice, “I’m sorry. I’m in the wrong…”

The woman on the other end snorted with laughter, “Eh? We haven’t seen each other for a month, but you’ve gained a sense of humor! Talk! What’s going on? Why is it that your cellphone’s been off every time I call?”

Su Jian obediently said, “It’s because I forgot to charge my cellphone.” He didn’t lie. Other than that time when he had to call Su-girly’s family, he hadn’t used the cell phone since. If he didn’t have a sudden urge to play games on his phone, and thus charged it, he wouldn’t have been able to answer this call either.

She was clearly dissatisfied with his answer, “I’ve been calling you for days. If you didn’t charge it this whole time, does that mean you usually don’t use your cellphone?”

Su Jian could pretty much tell that the other girl was Su-girly’s friend, but he wasn’t sure how much she knew about Su-girly’s current situation. Thus, he decided to start from the beginning, “Because I was in a car accident.”

As expected, the fearful shouts coming from the phone almost deafened Su Jian.

“Then how are you now? Did you get hurt? How bad was it?” The beauty sounded anxious, asking questions in quick succession.

From her anxious manner, it seemed this beauty was actually a good friend of Su-girly’s. Su Jian answered the questions one by one as truthfully as he could.

He then heard the beauty in the phone command, “How could you have had a car accident all of a sudden? What is really going on? Don’t even leave out a word and give me a honest-to-goodness explanation!”

Su Jian obediently explained, even telling her about his ‘amnesia’.

The beauty at the other end became silent.

Then, she darkly stated, “You’re saying that you’ve forgotten me?”

Su Jian swallowed, “No. I only…”

“Only what?” The beauty was very angry. Afterward, she gravely said, “Give me your address! I’m coming over to you right now!”


The beauty came quickly.

After hearing the doorbell ring, Su Jian opened the door while feeling excited.

Outside the doorway, an alluring beauty was standing.

A tiny, oval face, waves of long hair, long legs, slender waist, fashionable clothing. She was a beauty completely made from the sexy and gorgeous mold.

This. This was the very image of Su Jian’s former ideal goddess!

Su Jian was stunned. Dazedly, he uttered, “You. You are….”

“Yan Ziwei.” The beauty seemed to be unhappy that he’d forgotten her name. “Remember it! You’re not allowed to forget it!”

Su Jian nodded in agreement, then ingratiatingly handed her a new pair of slippers.

Yan Ziwei checked out her leg, frowned gracefully, then pointed at the couch. “Go sit over there on the couch!”

Loser-Su, who had only ever looked up to goddesses, obediently did as he was told. He went over to sit upright on the couch, placing his hands decorously in his lap.

Yan Ziwei was immersed in checking out the house. As she looked around, she said, “I haven’t visited your house after you got married.” After checking everything out, she coquettishly walked over and sat by Su Jian. “I say. Even if the two of you are in a fake marriage, you’ve got an injured leg. That An-surnamed guy abandoned you at home alone. Isn’t that just too much?”

So this beauty knew of the fake marriage between Su-girly and An Yize! It seems the two of them were pretty close. Su Jian thought as he unconsciously defended An Yize, “It’s OK. I can take care of myself. He said that if there were outsiders, we could easily spill the beans.”

Yan Ziwei glared ferociously at him, “What? You’re on his side after getting a certificate with him? I haven’t even gotten even for when you secretly got married to him without giving me a word!”

Eh? Su Jian raised a hand weakly, “I’m sorry. I don’t remember much about the past. You’re my best friend, right? Can you please tell me about my past?”

Yan Ziwei looked at him, inhaled deeply, then started telling him in detail.

Yan Ziwei and Su Jian were originally high school classmates and had been good friends ever since then.

After their entrance exams, Su Jian who had good grades went to A-University. Because of her dreams, Yan Ziwei was admitted to a film college in the same city. The two of them then went to different schools, but because they were in the same city, they would still frequently meet up, thus deepening their friendship.

Yan Ziwei knew of Su Jian’s mother’s diagnosis of uremia and that she needed a lot of money for the treatment fees. Even though she tried to help Su Jian, she didn’t come from a great background; her family already had a hard time covering the costs of her film college so there was a limit to how much she could help. Su Jian was also well aware of this fact.

Even though Yan Ziwei told her not to worry because she’d find a way to gather up the money, Su Jian didn’t want to be a burden to her good sister. It was at that time that coincidentally met with An Yize, and he just so happened to need to enter in a contract marriage with a woman. So Su Jian got married while hiding it from Yan Ziwei.

The time while Su Jian got married, Yan Ziwei was out of town filming a movie. Su Jian explained her reasoning to Yan Ziwei, but Yan Ziwei was still furious at her and scolded her harshly.

Not long afterward, Su Jian was in a car accident.

Yan Ziwei grumbled fiercely, “A car accident is a big deal, yet you still hid it from me. Su Xiao Jian! You’ve got a lot of nerve!”

Su Jian drily and weakly smiled, “Wasn’t it because I was afraid you’d worry?”

Yan Ziwei bent down and examined Su Jian’s injured leg. She still couldn’t relax, “You’re really okay?”

Su Jian ingratiatingly guaranteed, “I’m really fine! The doctor said that as long as I convalesce well, there will be no residual effects!” He was pleased as he thought: It’s so wonderful to have a goddess to worry about me!

Yan Ziwei finally relaxed. Then, she began to interrogate, “Does that An-surnamed guy treat you well?”

Su Jian thought: An Yize stole my girlfriend and made me “forever alone” until I died. How could he have treated me well?

Yet, when he thought of what An Yize had been like recently, he felt that he wasn’t someone completely without merit. Plus, if he really said that An Yize didn’t treat him well, it was possible that his bad-tempered friend would immediately make him leave with her. Even if Su Jian felt depressed at the thought of becoming An Yize’s wife, Su-girly had made an agreement with An Yize in the past. He, who had taken over Su-girly’s body, owed it to her to see this deal through to its end.

Thus, Su Jian nodded, “He… is really good to me.”

Yan Ziwei glared, “You better not lie to me!”

“No! No!” Su Jian blurted, “A few days ago, he even bought some menstrual pads for me!”

Yan Ziwei: “…I’m having trouble imaging that…”

Su Jian thought: I bet you’d have a harder time imagining him sticking “Matters to take note of during a woman’s period” or whatever on the refrigerator.

Yan Ziwei ran her hands through her hair, “Forget it! You’re already married. Even if I oppose it, it’s useless. Just one thing. If An Yize bullies you, you can’t just take it! Don’t be scared of him just because he’s rich!”

Su Jian nodded repeatedly with stars in his eyes: The goddess is so bold!

“Also, this is a good chance since you’re already connected to An Yize! Even if it’s a fake marriage, you’ll lose out more. A woman’s reputation-damage fee is very high! You need to work hard at gold-digging, you know? It’s not like An Yize’s lacking money!”

Su Jian’s nodding head was now akin to a baby chick pecking at grains. Whatever the goddess says is now engraved in this one’s heart!

Yan Ziwei looked around, “Do you stay in the house every day? Don’t you get bored?”

Ah! Bored, of course I’m bored! Please visit me longer! Please call on me often! Su Jian shouted in his heart, yet he only had a uselessly bring up a shy smile on his face. “It’s alright…”

He paused for a moment to increase the goddess’s estimation of him, then he added, “Didn’t someone once say…? Life… is one long, solitary cultivation.”

Yan Ziwei: “…In hindsight, I should have stopped you from majoring in Chinese literature.”

The two of them chatted for a while. Before they realized, it was almost dinnertime. Yan Ziwei looked at her cell phone, “It’s this late?”

Su Jian hurriedly replied, “No! Not that late! Why don’t you stay for dinner?”

“Your hubby won’t come home for dinner?”

In order to keep the beauty, Su Jian disregarded his conscience and lied, “He rarely comes home for dinner. Don’t worry about him!”

Yan Ziwei said, “You’re right. Being a president, he probably has a lot of dinner engagements. Also, he didn’t really marry you. He probably needs to find a woman or two to take care of his bodily needs!”

Su Jian: “……”

Yan Ziwei stayed for dinner which naturally made Su Jian happy. He decided to show off a little and make some yummy food for his goddess. However, Yan Ziwei wouldn’t let him, a disabled person, cook by himself. She decided to cook herself.

Right when the food was placed on the dinner table, An Yize arrived home.


[1]Xiao, meaning small, is usually added in front of people’s given names as a nickname by close friends.

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