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Chapter 8: Skirt

This small fish demon caused him to have a somewhat entirely disturbed state of mind…and he at once stiffened his face and said,

“Why did you come out so late?”

A Lian originally wanted to change the subject, however, this provocation was not efficacious, and having no alternative but to honestly explain, she said,

“To see High God, clear up a personal thing, and to provide High God with pastries, that’s why I’m out this late…”

Naturally, Rong Lin could see that she was, with the utmost care, clearing up something. She was born with exceptionally good looks, and did not usually use cosmetics, looking puerile and full of life. In a dress, she was even more…he suddenly thought of a scene when he saw her.

Rong Lin didn’t speak again.

A Lian clasped both hands, quietly lifted her face, and looked at him.

High God appeared lofty, as if separating the clouds, and in comparison, she felt increasingly insignificant, petty and low. In this petty and low way, she had unexpectedly asked High God to wait for her for a quarter of an hour.

“You must clearly determine your goal in coming to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion; you do not need to dress up as a gorgeously dressed woman,” Rong Lin said. A Lian couldn’t help but say,

“High God does not like this?”

Rong Lin was choked by her blunt words.

He naturally understood that tonight, she had dressed up with utmost care because of him. As he was High God and she was no more than a new Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciple with lame abilities, it was impossible to bridge the differences between them. Then, thinking of the grasses which swayed just now, Rong Lin understood that even though it was not possible, a short-lasting love affair was unexpectedly not bad.

Rong Lin, who had initially kept silent, went straight to the subject, and pointed out her spells for the two months of practice.

A Lian was a newly entered disciple, and the magic of five elements must be covered through merely learning a few foundations. It seemed that Rong Lin naturally did not find it difficult. Needing to practice the foundations was not bad, in studying these five elemental phases, but on the other hand, maybe she could choose one to study meticulously.  She was only a bighead carp, so naturally water magic was a good choice. However, it would have to wait until she passed the test. If not, she would be forced to pack her bags and return to her little pond.

Even though A Lian was stupid, learning this foundation magic was not at all difficult. In addition, she understood her own capability. While in the classroom, she was especially conscientious, and now because of Rong Lin personally giving instructions, she surprisingly became somewhat relaxed. Other magic, fortunately was not a big issue. However, she naturally deviated from making a connection to fire magic. It was no wonder, because as a fish growing in a lake, she was naturally afraid of fire.

Rong Lin saw her cowardly manner, and ignited a fire, which scared her so much she jumped quite a distance. Also, having no choice but to resolutely look at her mental capability, Rong Lin said,

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

A Lian saw that a corner of her skirt was burnt, and couldn’t help but say,

“My skirt…”

Rong Lin did not look embarrassed. This time, he unexpectedly even studied the skirt. A Lian once again watched his expression turn angry. No longer feeling sorry for her skirt, and without any better option to learn she said,

“I am an aquatic animal, fearing a raging inferno is normal, but High God can feel at ease. I will try my best to overcome this, and still ask that High God give many more pointers.”

Rong Lin listened and at long last felt a little at ease. Coming up from behind her, he reached out with one hand and embraced her, then clutching both of her hands, he said,

“Just now your gesture was incorrect…”

Oh. A Lian looked straight High God’s hand which held her wrist. That hand was white and well proportioned, and in comparison to High God who was much bigger than her, his was very long and slender like jade.

“What magic system did High God practice?” A Lian asked. Rong Lin corrected her posture, and said,

“The fire system.”

A Lian’s expression darkened.

As it turned out, Rong Lin wanted to release her, so he stepped in front to face her, and seeing her expression, he said,

“Therefore you must learn the fire magic well, understand?”

A Lian nodded heavily,

“I definitely will try hard.”

Rong Lin had merely thoughtlessly encouraged her. His true effigy was a phoenix, a phoenix reached nirvana once in five hundred years, so naturally, his field of expertise was in fire magic. She was a small silver carp, so naturally, he did not have any excessive expectations of her majoring in fire magic, but he did not want her to only learn the foundation either as this aspect of fire magic was a weak point.

High God was patient, and A Lian also slightly overcame her fear of fire magic. Although she didn’t reach Rong Lin’s expectations, his approach was methodical, and he was not usually anxious for quick results. Seeing that she was already trying very hard, he also did not reproach her much.

Afterwards, Rong Lin said,

“Today, only go up to here.” It had already been an hour.

Seeing High Gods coercive manner, A Lian lightly nodded, and expressing her gratitude, could not help but say a few words,

“Does High God want to taste the cakes I made?”

Mentally, Rong Lin said, ‘what’s delicious about cake?’ He indifferently glanced at her, and her eyes were brimming with expectation. He then said,

“What is it?”

A Lian took out the jade calabash from her waist containing the well-made cakes she’d made herself, and offered with both hands,

“Mungbean cake, it’s very light.”

Rong Lin then remembered her previously asking about his own tastes in food, and mentally noted that this little fish demon really was advancing gradually and entrenching herself in every step, and was seemingly dim-witted, but in fact had quite the brains. Rong Lin took a piece, thinking this mung bean cake had a soft sweet scent and was soft like silk floss, it satisfactorily entered the mouth.

He ate many pieces.

Within the taste of the mung bean cake in his mouth, his nose smelled the scent of the small fish demon. Today she’d put on a fragrance, however, this selected fragrance was unexpectedly just right, and did not form distaste in Rong Lin’s mind. Being born an aquatic animal, it was hard to escape the fishy smell on the body, but compared with the sea clans’ strong salty and fishy smell, this small fish demon’s body had a very light scent. If one was careless, he would not be able to detect the smell. Unfortunately, Rong Lin’s nose was efficacious. Seeing her still looking down in distress at the burnt corner of her skirt swishing to and fro, Rong Lin conveniently said,

“Someday, you won’t have to wear a solemn dress like this.”

A Lian nodded, and in a regretful tone said,

“However, this skirt was manufactured with raw shark silk…”

The raw shark silk muslin came from the South China Sea, woven at the mouth of a hidden spring, it was an imperial muslin. Its price was hundreds of gold, and considering the quality of the clothes, she could go into a body of water and not get wet. Clearly, this raw shark silk was precious.

At the time she wanted to come to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, A Pang saw her thoroughly destitute and sickly head to toe appearance, and pulled her out to personally buy this ruqun, so as to save her from not having a decent outfit. A Pang had behaved just like this as she had wanted to choose the best for her, and pitied A Lian. However, this ruqun was bought with her entire lifetime savings.

“But raw shark silk is nothing much. On my last birthday, Shen Nǚ gifted me a pair of cloud patterned brocade silk fabric. I will send you a bolt on another day and you can go and purchase a few sets of female clothing,” Rong Lin said.

Even though raw shark silk was precious, how could it compare to the cloud brocade? However, the small fish demon puffed out her cheeks and murmured,

“But I want the raw shark silk.”

This bighead carp…really has not seen the world!

Rong Lin felt his forehead pulsing and palpitating, not understanding that this small fish demon was from Dongze Lake, and in that small place, where would you hear about the cloud brocade? Naturally, she would treat the raw shark silk as a treasure.

Rong Lin was somewhat angry,

“As you please,” he said. Then, showing the arrogance of a High God, Rong Lin stormed off in a huff.


The next day, after school A Lian returned to her own residence, Tian Luo then said,

“A Lian, there is a package for you.”

Just then the two women, Yi Zhang and Yi Gui came in, and seeing an unremarkable package on the shelf, immediately Yi Zhang laughed and said,

“What kind of local specialty was sent?”

A Lian was also somewhat curious, thinking that A Pang had probably sent her something, could it be Dongze Lake’s water plants? If it was water plants, then that could indeed be considered a local specialty.

Tian Luo liked to tear open packages, and urged her to tear it open. However, upon seeing A Lian’s exasperatingly slow movements, she decided to just do it on her own. Unexpectedly, the parcel opened and it was suffused with a soft light, causing everyone to be slightly unable to open their eyes.

Tian Luo stared blankly, then reacting to the light, she came over to investigate. Inside was a delicate and incomparable skirt decorated with pearls. Gesturing towards it, she said,

“That skirt is really gorgeous…”

The skirt had seven to eight layers of cloth which swayed to and fro. Nevertheless, it appeared light and graceful, like a light cicada’s wing. The skirt was the color of snow, thin and soft, but shimmers of a multicolored sunset could also be seen on the surface.Nothing more beautiful could be imagined. If this skirt was worn, that would be so attractive ah!

A Lian paused. This skirt was indeed gorgeous, but the point was…A Lian stepped forward and touched it. Nevertheless, it was made with raw shark silk.

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