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Chapter 9: She’s Pampered Foolish Then Completely Healed~

The two women, Yi Gui and Yi Zhang also wanted to know what it was.

Shark raw silk had a considerable value, and because they were precisely sea clan noble women, only on special occasions would they wear this kind of skirt made from shark raw silk to keep up appearances. Moreover, this shark raw silk, was divided into ranks of three, six and nine. Yi Zhang regarded what she wore as top quality, but now, this skirt of a quality of this sort, they had never seen it at all.  This shark raw silk, was not frequently seen and only cultivated every millennium by a sharkman. The shark raw silk was not actually woven, but made into an exquisite ruqun, with utmost amazing craftsmanship.

Throughout these two months, Yi Zhang had seen that this bighead carp’s style was pretty good. Nevertheless, her style looked like a country bumpkin’s. Normally, they wore the uniform of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s disciples, so how was this skirt obtained? Being this shabby, naturally she thought, that inside this package which had just arrived, was a few poor local specialities. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a gorgeous delicate ruqun!
Yi Zhang’s thoughts were extremely angry.  Even though Yi Gui was astonished, nevertheless her facial features were very calm. She lowered her lashes slightly, and slowly looked up, eyeing the light which fell on the skirt in Tian Luo’s hand; thinking of something, she became slightly despondent.

Yi Zhang crossed her arms and sarcastically said,

“What? Have you been fooling around with some aristocratic son? He’s indeed a generous spender. This bighead carp —you really are extreme at not concealing anything.”

What Yi Zhang had said was somewhat vulgar. However, in her opinion, a person of A Lian’s status, who absolutely could not afford this sort of female clothing, did not have either money or power, and only her face was decent enough to look at. Therefore, the origin of these female clothing, was clear enough in her eyes.

“Do not talk nonsense,” Yi Gui advisingly said. Then pouting, Yi Zhang called out,


She rarely spoke, but now, she felt uncomfortable from head to toe. Even though Yi Gui did not look down on A Lian and Tian Luo like her cousin, she had never spoken up for the two of them. Contrariwise, she was partial towards them today.

Yi Gui used her expression to placate Yi Zhang, then slowly walked in front of A Lian, and stroking the female clothing in Tian Luo’s hand, said,

“Yi Zhang didn’t mean anything by it, A Lian you mustn’t take it to heart. This skirt really is nice, it quite suits you.” Yi Gui’s manner of speech was natural and unrestrained, looking like a dignified sea clan noble woman.

A Lian gave a tiny smile and said,

“I did not take it to heart.”

When finally in private, Tian Luo shed her happy face, and pulled A Lian’s sleeve nervously as she asked,

“Tell me honestly, who sent this skirt?” Her two eyes glittered as she looked at A Lian worriedly. “You don’t have to do anything silly.”

Ever since childhood, Tian Luo’s mother had taught her the importance of a warm and virtuous character, and with this single-mindedness gave good advice. After arriving at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, although she gained a lot of insight, Tian Luo also encountered many fantastic things. Among these were the many male and female disciples who at once after arriving, wantonly had casual romances, and to possibly improve their cultivation, took off their clothes for pair studies. These kinds of things, seemed to Tian Luo, to really be an eyesore.

Then laughing and smiling, A Lian said,

“Is it possible that you also believe Yi Zhang?” Tian Luo remained silent. She hesitated for a while, then said,

“I naturally believe in you, but….”

A Lian clasped her skirt with both hands, then bent her head to look at the exquisite decorative design of the skirt, and simultaneously lightly caressed it, then said,

“This skirt, was probably sent by High God Rong Lin.”


In the next room, Yi Zhang still hadn’t cooled down her temper. While speaking in a spoilt manner to Yi Zhang, she said,

“Just now, why did you stand up and speak for that big head fish, cousin?”

“When all’s said and done we’re all under one roof but your words were too excessive…” Yi Gui replied.

Yi Zhang hmphed lightly,  “But previously, I did not see my cousin try to advise me.” She seemed casual, but her quick-witted behaviour was also rude and impetuous.

Thinking, Yi Gui bit her lip, then turned towards Yi Zhang and said, “I was behaving like that for your good. Someday, you will stop causing problems because of her.”

“For what reason?” Yi Zhang questioned, “That bighead is not a good character.”

At the East Sea, Yi Zhang had relied on her own rank, and could ordinarily be considered the moon which the stars gathered around. Also, no one had dared to bully her or steal her thunder. Now that she was finally at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, it was as clear as day that her status, was already seemingly insufficient. But she’d only bullied the two in the room who had low statuses, and so felt slightly at ease in her heart.

Yi Gui then enigmatically said,

“You know…that skirt today, who sent it?”


That night, A Lian nimbly arrived at the Blue Wave pond.

Yesterday, she’d let High God anxiously wait on her, so naturally, she did not want to arrive late again today. In the end, she arrived earlier but unfortunately when the arranged time finally came, she still did not see any trace of High God.

She waited until two minutes to midnight, and then saw High God’s handsome silhouette slowly arriving. A Lian was not the least bit impatient, and seeing High God, happily ran over instead. Then as she looked him up and down, she said,

“I was worried High God had met with an accident.”

Rong Lin saw that she wore the uniform of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s new disciples, but carried himself like a handsome man, making one unable to see his mood.  He had deliberately arrived late today to make her wait for him, because she had made him wait for half an hour the previous day.

Rong Lin did not respond, and A Lian did not have much to ask, but smiled sweetly. Such a lovable and silly woman was somewhat rare. As she and twisted her fingers, she said,

“That skirt, I like it very much….”

Rong Lin glanced at her.

A Lian suddenly understood his meaning, and scratching her head puzzledly, embarrassedly said,

“High God, my skirt…I can’t bare to wear it.”

Rong Lin “oh’d”, his expression easing slightly.

“I haven’t received a gift in a while….” A Lian whispered.

Rong Lin remained idle. He knew a few things about the small fish demon: he knew she lived in Dongze Lake for some time, and indeed had no friends in recent years, apart from one crab friend. At one point, Rong Lin had unexpectedly sympathized with her, however, he and her were different. He was alone at the top, and being so high, aloof and remote, it was more difficult to have a friend he could have a heart-to-heart conversation with.

He looked down at her. Her little snow-white face was very adorable. Even though his heart was benevolent, he had always been unable to avoid this young girl. He had helped her two or three times, and however, found her pitiful.

“If you like, I’ll send you a few more tomorrow,” Rong Lin said. A Lian hurriedly shook her head, and grabbed his arm.

“There’s no need, High God has already repeatedly treated me with kindness as high as a mountain, how can I let High God spend again….” Her eyes watered, as she smiled and said, “It is said that in all cases, proper behavior is based on reciprocacy, when is High God’s birthday? On the day of High God’s birthday, I will gift High God a present in return.”

At first, Rong Lin pitied her, but now hearing her speak like this,  everything immediately became clear. He let her hug his arm, and with a seemingly sharp and cold expression, he indifferently turned to look into the distance.

Ah, this small fish demon swindled him to slyly obtain his birthday…these actions were indeed completely unscrupulous.

Suddenly, the corner of Rong Lin’s mouth tilted, and he said,

“You actually have good luck, my five hundred and first birthday is only within half a year’s time.”

A Lian’s laughter was she fixed her gaze on him and said,

“Of course, I have fate with High God.”  

Rong Lin could feel the upper part of the young lady’s body bump into him by accident when she leaned forward with eyes full of admiration. Those bright clear eyes resembled two clear spring pools, causing his heart to suddenly throb a few times. After a long while, without batting an eyelid, he pulled his hand from her embrace, and with an indifferent voice, he said,

“Hurry and practice your magic.”

“Yes!” She seemed to not have paid attention to his indifference, and answered happily.

Before leaving, Rong Lin said,

“Tomorrow, I am going to attend the Emperor Qing Ti’s wedding. Practice by yourself during these days.”

“Emperor Qing Ti is getting married already?” A Lian asked. Even though Dongze Lake was a small region, the Emperor Qing Ti was a very important person. If there was any news of activity, that place would also hear about it to some extent.

“Noble circles are usually arbitrary, so getting married and then divorcing and leaving, running away pregnant, then setting up the wedding after the baby’s one month old birthday feast, has been repeated countless times.”

A Lian’s eyes widened and with a sigh said,

“These city people really are amusing.” Again she asked, “Then, how many days will High God be gone? When will you be able to return?”

“I will return in two days. You don’t have to wait here for me during the two days after tomorrow,”  Rong Lin answered.


Going to the Emperor Qing Ti’s wedding reception was no vacation. However, the Emperor Qing Ti’s wedding had been repeated three or four times. In fact, originally, he had not planned to go at all. But since he was asked to, naturally, Rong Lin properly prepared.

The Emperor Qing Ti was from an illustrious family background, and his bride was also a heavenly aristocrat descendant; the show of extravagance was naturally very large. It was because High God Rong Lin, who could not avoid sweet-talking, and had outstanding looks, still had yet to marry, that the immortal females attending the wedding reception today, such as Shen Nǚ and so on, each and every one of them were all thinking of a way to approach and strike up a conversation with him.

High God was cold and aloof, however, many immortal females seemed to have this taste in cold and aloof men like High God. High God Xiao Bai’s fluttering clothes and peerless talent, appearing as the Emperor Qing Ti’s assistant bridegroom, stole the limelight.

If in the past, High God Rong Lin had stole his limelight,  Emperor Qing Ti would have unavoidably exchanged some words. Today, however, the guests had come to the wedding in pleasant spirits, but he unexpectedly did not pay attention to it.


Rong Lin sat above sipping wine, and a few young girls who were gathered in the corner pushed and shouted in his direction, blushing from ear to ear.

Rong Lin did not know how many times he had come across this kind of scene. He knew the best method was to ignore it, but today, he had carelessly swept a glance around, and saw a small young woman dressed in a red skirt escorted by many people pushing her forward. She was naturally petite and nimble, and her style of dress had also been specially chosen.

Rong Lin rarely looked at many.

This red clothed woman was the younger sister of the Emperor Qing Ti’s bride, Fairy Hong Qiao. She had already admired High God for many years, and was also born with a beauty that captivated even the birds and the beasts.

Fairy Hong Qiao knew High God’s temper was just, honest and cold, and knew he would possibly have come today. So naturally, she put a lot of effort into dressing up, because she wanted High God Rong Lin to look at her. However, several times before this, High God Rong Lin had ignored her, so she did not wish for anything, and so did not expect High God Rong Lin to look at her a few times. In addition, having a pair of phoenix eyes gazing calmly at her like this, the young woman’s heart naturally scattered and her brain began to fill with the thoughts of falling in love…but as it turned out, High God did not have any intentions towards her.

Originally she was pushed and shouted at by friends. They, however, dared not come forward. With a look in High God’s eyes giving her countless amounts of courage, she sucked in a deep breath, and walked over in the best manner.

“Fairy Hong Qiao saw High God and came over.” Fairy Hong Qiao blushed from ear to ear, twisting the sleeve of her garment and shyly looked up at him.

Rong Lin nodded indifferently, meaning it as a reply.

Fairy Hong Qiao knew this opportunity was rare, and did not retreat yet, and instead of making small talk, she said,

“Long time no see, High God is still as graceful as before.”

“Today, Fairy Hong Qiao is the envy of all beauties,” Rong Lin replied courteously.

Fairy Hong Qiao’s heart thumped wildly. She hesitated for a while, then admiringly looked up at him, and said in a low voice,

“High God, then just now…indeed – indeed looked at me?” Rong Lin paused, then awkwardly replied,

“I treated Fairy irreverently.” Fairy Hong Qiao hurriedly said,

“No, no you didn’t.” She gazed bashfully at him, and asked, “then, High God…why did High God look at me?”

Rong Lin looked frankly at Fairy Hong Qiao with a slightly flushed face. After quite sometime, he lightly coughed, and feeling embarrassed he said,

“I…I saw that Fairy Hong Qiao’s skirt was very magnificent and refined, where did you buy it?”

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