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Chapter 10: Cousin

Fairy Hong Qiao was a stunning and matchless woman with a good reputation in the six worlds. Her style of clothing could also be said to be a model example, and naturally, would not fall short on appearance when going somewhere.

This time, High God Rong Lin attended Emperor Qing Ti’s wedding. Normally, he would return empty-handed, but unexpectedly, he brought home a beautiful red skirt this time.

On that day, Fairy Hong Qiao had looked particularly marvelous. She was, in the end, a fair lady from a noble background. Quickly responding and coming over, she asked why. Rong Lin only said he knew an orphaned female whom he pitied, and seeing her wearing a nice skirt, he then thought of bringing one back for her.

Women’s imaginations were usually abundant, and in his innumerable amounts of years, High God had repeatedly avoided immorality. Even though his intentions were good, he was known to maintain his distance from all females. Whether this pitiful orphan girl was really only a simple orphan girl, naturally, he had not yet seriously considered it.

Fairy Hong Qiao’s feelings were complex, however, she also understood how to make use of this opportunity, and privately lead Rong Lin to pick out clothes.

“My skirt is specially embroidered and made by my mother and there is only one set of each style. If High God likes this set I am wearing, then I will wash it and give it to that young girl…”

In the eyes of Fairy Hong Qiao, if the girl really was just an orphan, High God Rong Lin would naturally not care whether the skirt was passed through her. Besides, even if it was passed on, this skirt would be priceless to her. For the orphan girl to be able to put it on, it would be just like having three lifetimes of blessings. Unexpectedly, Rong Lin contemplated for a moment—his handsome face indifferent. Finally, he said,

“That…is not appropriate.” And continued, “are there other styles to choose from?”

Fairy Hong Qiao’s face was already looking very unsightly, but High God did not seem to notice, and without any other option she was forced to carry him to select a skirt.

Contrary to expectations, Rong Lin had good insight and picked a red one with the same style as the skirt Fairy Hong Qiao wore, but the skirt was slightly smaller and suitable for everyday attire.

While choosing a good skirt, High God’s vision fell on a neat row of brand new embroidered shoes above. He inclined his head, and smiling at Fairy Hong Qiao he said,

“These shoes are also pretty good.”

Fairy Hong Qiao squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying, and said,

“High God can also get a matching pair on the way.”

Rong Lin nodded,

“Very well.” He then selected a pair at first glance, a pair of fancy pearl embroidered shoes.

Even though High God did not have many friends, his reputation in the six realms was superb. This fame was something accumulated, for example, High God was not known to be a petty and corrupt person. Soon after, he took out some silver and handed it to Fairy Hong Qiao.

When all was said and done, the Heavenly God of War had a glittering golden rice bowl, as each year’s salary was not low, and he was also a bachelor of innumerable years with no sick mother at home. Furthermore, he didn’t have a child piteously crying for food, and so naturally, spent money generously. Today, even though Fairy Hong Qiao’s skirt and shoes were of considerable value, High God Rong Lin provided the amount in silver, and there was still some left to spare.

Fairy Hong Qiao was not willing to accept it, and she smiled and said,

“High God needs not regard me as an outsider in this way, doing something for that little girl is also what I’m supposed to do…” and seeing High God give a glance said, “If High God really wishes to express gratitude, next time I leave heaven, High God could do me the honour of eating a meal together.”

How was Rong Lin to not know of Fairy Hong Qiao’s intentions? If he and Fairy Hong Qiao dined together, then what sort of relationship would they have? When the time came, the Fairy’s reputation would be damaged, and he as High God would naturally have to bear the responsibility. Rong Lin placed the silver into Fairy Hong Qiao’s hands; it was pretty clear that her proposal had already been rejected.

“Males and females are different. For the sake of Fairy’s reputation, the two of us had better receive and pay for the goods with silver.” And once again with modest courtesy, he said,

“Many thanks to Fairy for today.”


Returning from a rewarding journey, the wedding party went off without a hitch. The night of the third day, Rong Lin took the skirt and shoes to the Blue Wave pond. As she had missed him for the two days he was gone, when the small fish demon saw him she would indeed throw herself excitedly over to him.

Rong Lin lifted his head to the moon, and thought: he had somewhat missed the mung bean cakes she made.

The shadows from the moon poured down in torrents. High God’s tall and jade-like silhouette stood on the bank of the Blue Wave pond, his air innately arrogant and noble. In the desolate dim light of the night was a solitary noble person, and it seemed to be a bit lonely. Rong Lin stood there for a period of time; seeing that small fish demon was coming late, his expression could not help but drop.

Three days without a beating and a child will scale the roof to rip off the tiles[1], this saying was true. He should continue to be a lofty, cold High God.

Rong Lin crossed his hands behind his back as he stood, then afterwards could not help but repeatedly turn his head to look around. His forehead creased slightly, his mood was already somewhat bad.

Someone was breaking into his enchantment.

Rong Lin’s brows furrowed. As he lifted his hand to the sky, he pointed a finger and soon saw that outside his barrier, a small young woman was repeatedly and stubbornly trying to break through the barrier only to be repeatedly expelled.

It was Tian Luo’s energy, her appearance…was naturally a bit darker than the small fish demon’s, and her figure was also a bit plumper than the small fish demon’s. Rong Lin pondered a few times, then thinking of something, with a wave of his hand Tian Luo’s energy entered.

Tian Luo’s energy entered the barrier, and seeing the silhouette at the side of the pond, saw High God with a faint glow around him. High God’s innate aura made people unable to deceive him, and with a hurried “poof”, she knelt down.

“High God, High God help!”

Tian Luo’s energy held on to the end of his trousers, Rong Lin to a small step backwards and said,

“Carefully say what’s the matter, don’t just kneel without saying a word.”

Tian Luo weeped endlessly, and wiping her tears said,

“It’s A Lian, A Lian had an accident.”

Suddenly grim, Rong Lin said,

“You, make yourself clear.” Tian Luo used her sleeve to wipe her tears, then anxiously said,

“High God, A Lian was put into the Secluded Department. Ah, High God you must hurriedly think of a way to save her.”

Rong Lin was slightly shocked.

This demon was actually a troublemaker.In only two days, what did she do to actually be sent to the Secluded Department.


The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s Secluded Department was used to imprison disciples who had committed a crime. Moreover, the circumstances had to be bad to a certain extent, only then was it possible to be detained. The other way was to be taught by the military division level commander, then at best prohibit the individual excessively, or settle the matter with a fine.

A Lian was a young woman, but regardless of this, whoever committed a crime would be locked up. Either way, it was not good for one’s reputation. Fortunately, the Secluded Department’s prison laws were based on the separation of male and female disciples. And so A Lian need not worry about being bullied by a man.

Here, however, the criminals were mostly men with few young women, but it would not be anything serious. Family and money would keep down any small matters, and naturally the page would be turned. However, unlike them, A Lian who didn’t have any powerful family background and was also a foreign fish, naturally did not enjoy such privileges.

She was young and beautiful, and sitting across from a man in that jail cell, seeing her vivid appearance, most men would already be leaning against the bars to whistle at her. No matter how A Lian’s temperament was, she could not smile at this time, and looked for a clean corner to stay in.

After crouching for two days, she heard someone calling to her outside,

“Then who…new bighead carp, your older cousin came to see you.”


[1]Idiom meaning spare the rod spoil the child.

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