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Chapter 7: The Big Bird Was Completely Healed~

She seemed to not pay the least bit of attention to his indifference, and admiringly gazed up at his neck; her eyes were crystal clear and full of happiness, as if ready to overflow at any time.

She moved both hands, and in a sweet and clear voice said,

“These past few days, I followed immortal elder Nan He to learn knife skills – my heart missed High God, and so I carved this bird thinking of High God.”

A Lian’s hands clasped a pumpkin carving of a phoenix spreading its wings to fly. The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s fruit and vegetable storage time was longer than usual, but vegetables and fruits were after all, simply vegetables and fruits and after a few days time, it would inevitably become spoilt. It had already been three days since she carved the phoenix, and all the while she’d missed Rong Lin. Naturally, she was afraid of missing the time to give him a present, and after meeting High God Xiao Bai today, she could not help but irreverently ask about his whereabouts. She blinked,

“High God, do you like it?”

Rong Lin looked on for a while, the corner of his mouth wanting to rise. He pushed it down again, the expression on his face somewhat strange. He gently coughed, and said,

“Let me see…”

A Lian hurriedly put her hands out higher. He lifted his hand, fingers barely touching the edge of the phoenix’s belly. Then suddenly thinking of something, lifted his eyes to glance at Xiao Bai and returned his hands, evaluating he said,

“It is satisfactory to the eye.”


Contrary to expectations, A Lian did not have high hopes for High God’s evaluation, it being satisfactory to the eyes was enough. Smiling she said,

“So just like High God then.” Again she said, “the phoenix is an ancient mythological animal, honorable and unusually talented. Only a phoenix has the capacity to match High God’s status.”

Not only that, but the phoenix’s capacity for clear thinking was even more precious and incomparable.

Rong Lin stopped. Thinking of a few good yet not often recalled childhood memories, he once again looked at her for a length of time, and unexpectedly his expression was a bit gentle.


Xiao Bai had arrived at the Island of Immortals for a length of time, and Xiao Zao was at that time in the courtyard watering flowers. Her figure from behind was slim and delicate, and from a distance, one could already smell the faint jujube fragrance on her body.  Xiao Bai strode over, seeing her carelessly water and unexpectedly wet her sleeves, he then reached for the flowers she was watering in her hand and put them aside, softly holding her damp arm.

Xiao Zao lifted her eyes, expecting to see the clear and bright male features. As she allowed him to gently brush his fingers on the inside of her wrist, the dripping wet sleeve of her garment suddenly restored its dryness.

“These days, you look like you have had a good time with those two small demons. I suppose I should bring you to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion earlier next time,” he said. Xiao Zao hurriedly replied,

“I quite like A Lian and Tian Luo.”

Xiao Bai was naturally kind and handsome, he smiled slightly, his smile was as warm as the spring breeze,

“I know. Do whatever you like, just don’t think too much.”

Xiao Zao confessed that she often did think too much.

He grew up in the same place, and at that time she was merely a small jujube tree stump belonging to the Cloud Pavilion. If it was not for him watering her everyday, how could it be possible for her to quickly refine her cultivation into an adult form like this? She had always been very timid, and amongst numerous flowers and plants, she could be considered the most unremarkable one. She was inferior compared to the flirtatious Chinese flowering crab-apple, moreover, she could not resemble the sunflower’s brilliant smile, but he had always been very good to her.

Originally, she was not well versed in the affairs of life, and had no parents or friends by her side, and only had this warm smiling young boy to accompany her. She hadn’t wanted anything at that moment, only wanting to be together with him forever. Until there came a day, when the young boy had already grown up, and did not have the previous warm smile anymore.

He had wistfully leaned against a tree trunk, and said,

“My mother must not want me.”

From as early as childhood he didn’t have a father, and shortly afterwards his mother died.

Even though she did not have any parents, when all was said and done, she was used to it; he, however, was different. She didn’t know what to do, and could only clumsily use a branch to shield him from the rain, unexpectedly not wanting him to get hurt anymore. She silently kept him company, but because of his mother, his thoughts had become very sensitive. Whenever he returned to Cloud Pavilion, and found out that she had spoken with the other trees and flower demons, he would immediately get angry; afterwards, he would replace and uproot all the trees and flower demons by her side, driving them away from the Cloud Pavilion. At that time, she had started to become somewhat afraid.

She had initially thought of escaping, but every time she thought about it, if she was gone, he would truly be alone and soon became reluctant to leave. He had provided her with everything, even her name came from him, followed by his surname.

She thought of taking the initiative to hold his hand, and said,

“I have something for you.” She gently grasped the hand of the honorable High God in charge of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, guiding him into the house. Shyly, Xiao Zao handed over the little duck she’d carved, and embarrassedly said,

“It’s somewhat ugly….”

She was not usually good at respect, and at the moment lived together with Xiao Bai at the Cloud Pavilion, seemingly to dine, but was only playing the second fiddle, nevertheless, she primarily depended on Xiao Bai. But she did not like it. As for this small duck, she had originally carved several which were even more ugly. Luckily, A Lian had taught her and, with much difficulty, she finally obtained the one in her hand.

Xiao Bai earnestly scrutinized it, but seeing her red cheeks, he said with a smile,

“…I quite like it.”

Be that as it may,  he was not looking at the small duck, but rather the young woman before his eyes.


A Lian went together with Rong Lin to the Blue Wave pond. She had a lot of things she wanted to tell him and often lifted her eyes to stare at his back, but in this situation, it was likely to make a person feel very far apart. He was the aloof and remote kind, but having a noisy small demon follow by his side, was indeed somewhat inconsistent with High God’s temperament.

As for Rong Lin, although he lived for a few ten thousand years, he had never actually been at home alone with a girl. He took several steps, and seeing her not say a word,  he actually felt somewhat dissatisfied in his mind. She followed him the entire way, but did not speak, could it be possible that she wanted him to take the initiative to find something to talk about?

Rong Lin turned around, but seeing her vivaciously bouncing without stopping, or taking a seat, he knew at a glance that no one had been in charge of her since childhood.

High God Rong Lin was kindhearted, and paid the most attention to these things. A Lian raised her small, smiling face while slightly trotting over, and said,

“I am very careful, I won’t step on you.”

Rong Lin’s expression softened. A Lian summoned her courage, and stopped beside him and said,

“The incident on that day, hopefully High God isn’t still angry.”

She was referring to High God Rong Lin’s previous kind directions, but she had been too preoccupied with that matter she needed to settle with him.

Rong Lin gave a soft “en”, but besides this didn’t actually say anything.

“That day, when High God walked off angrily, I practiced for a long time and finally did it, and Sir Chong Xu did not reprimand me again,” A Lian said.

Rong Lin somewhat understood Sir Chong Xu’s temperament. A small demon of this rank coming to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion was already three lifetime’s blessings. However, in addition to not being diligent, expectedly holding back the other new disciples; even he could not help but reproach, let alone this fiery tempered Chong Xu.

“High God Rong Lin,” she said softly to him.

“What else?” Rong Lin asked.

A Lian pursed her lips, eyes dropping, then lifting again to gaze at him. She shyly clasped both hands and said,

“I relied on luck to get into the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. I have already admired High God for a long time. This being the case, I entered the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion and had not planned to leave just like this. In a month’s time is the new disciples’ competition. Only, passing the competition depends on my ability to become an official disciple of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. But my cultivation is meager, and I have not perfected any skills, so it is very difficult to stand out amongst the disciples.”

She repeated it again a few times, but he still did not understand her intentions. She had mentioned something about others talking about distinguishing themselves, and that just giving it your all was already very hard. Then unexpectedly, she smiled and continued,

“However, if there is High God to personally give pointers, I think I would surely be able to get through the competition.”

“Why should I give you directions?” Rong Lin asked, he was a High God, a noble and very busy person.

“Just now, High God took my phoenix,” A Lian replied. Rong Lin’s complexion sunk, he hadn’t expected her to be a stingy small demon. After a moment, he became annoyed and agitated, and wanted to take it from inside his sleeve,

“I’ll return it to you.”

A Lian hurriedly held onto his arm to stop him, and anxiously said,

“I didn’t mean it.” She cautiously sized up his face, and seeing High God’s gloomy expression, he really was angry. Once again, she sincerely tried to console him and said,

“You mustn’t take offense.”

But to be able to completely console someone was an impossible task.

He was indeed somewhat angry, but very quickly calmed down. Seeing her anxiously holding his arm, he unexpectedly understood. Because of her aptitude, entering the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion really was difficult… in any case, he hadn’t had anything to do recently. He closed his eyes, inhaled a deep breath, and took his arm out of her embrace, then neither too quickly nor slowly said,

“Every night at midnight, come here to find me.”

A Lian’s eyes widened, it took awhile for her to get over the fact that High God had agreed to give her special attention, and immediately, the corners of her lips drew back and she nodded her head as if pounding garlic and answered,

“Okay.” Then she spoke again, “ What kind of food does High God like? Next time, I will bring along some midnight snacks for you.”

Rong Lin wrinkled his eyebrows as he looked at her. She really did not have the least bit sincere of an appearance, he thought, but said,

“I like a few light foods.”

A Lian was extremely happy. Even though she wanted to offer her virginity, however, at the moment, her status was humble. Only when she officially became a disciple of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, would she acquire a registration as a current student, and only then would she be qualified to become High God’s fish.

She smiled like a flower.

She could transform into an adult, but certainly, after standing for a long time, eventually, her legs got tired. She wanted to sit down, however, High God was not seated, so she felt embarrassed to take a seat. But in the end, she couldn’t help but ask him.

“Is High God not tired or weary? Do you need to sit down for a while?”

Rong Lin softly glanced at her and was well aware, however, he didn’t expose her. Slightly lifting his robe, he gracefully sat on a large stone behind him.

A Lian took advantage of that opportunity and sat down. Resting both hands on her chin, she looked at the ripples in the clear crystalline water of the Blue Wave pond, and said,

“The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion really does have a carved bird of prey fence of superlative craftsmanship. At the spot where I met High God last time, I saw that the pond had a raised heavenly jade pillar. That jade pillar was placed just between the big bird. I did not know what auspicious sign it was however…” She murmured.  Realizing that High God did not speak, she inclined her head to look. Seeing High God’s annoyed expression, she thought High God had merely thought she was saying nonsense, and hastily tried to explain, “I really did see it.” She reached out and placed her hand on her chest, while unfolding to gesticulate said,

“That bird was very large.”

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