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Chapter 6: Angry

High God was worthy of being High God.

After his advice, when A Lian attended Sir Chong Xu’s class the next day, contrariwise, she did not lose face again. Although Sir Chong Xu was somewhat astonished, A Lian’s foundation was still lacking. Disciples with low innate skill, he did not usually pay attention to, and for a period of time, he did not say anything but merely proceeded with class.

In private, Tian Luo softly said,

“A moment ago I was still worried that once again you would receive a scolding.” Tian Luo had always slept well, and naturally did not know that A Lian was with High God Rong Lin last night.

The illusion technique was complete, but A Lian wasn’t too happy, and looked somewhat distracted. So it was just Tian Luo alone who muttered excitedly.

Tian Luo remained quiet for a long time before she came over and said,

“A Lian, what’s wrong with you?”

What was going on.

A Lian wrinkled her brows slightly, carrying a deeply worried and sick at heart expression, she wilted. It was more frustrating than being scolded by Sir Chong Xu. Yesterday, she had met with High God, and originally was extremely happy. Moreover, High God had personally given her directions, so she was more than blessed for three lifetimes……however, to no avail, she had been disappointing and seemingly, had provoked High God to anger.

Yi Zhang took a quick look in A Lian’s direction,  and said to Yi Gui,

“ A Lian practiced for a few days and only barely passed, what a good thing to be proud of.”  She wanted to see something embarrassing happen, but did not see results, and naturally was not at ease in her mind. Nevertheless, Yi Gui did not want to gossip.


For the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s newly entered disciples, apart from the heavy daily schoolwork, they also offered various training groups. These days,  A Lian knew her foundation was extremely lacking, and should be more diligent than other people, but unexpectedly, she did not have any free time to learn anything else.

Tian Luo was different compared to A Lian, and did not mind coming to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion only to gain knowledge and experience and waste time, though unexpectedly, she did not want to pack her bags and leave, she did not desire to strictly pressure herself like A Lian. Tian Luo’s mother was a virtuous woman, who easily taught Tian Luo, that it didn’t matter if women weren’t good at anything else, as long as the cooking and embroidery aren’t allowed to fall. Immediately pulling A Lian, she said,

“ If you don’t want to go, then keep me company……” In the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, Tian Luo was A Lian’s only friend. A Lian was kind hearted, not to mention Tian Luo, she was honestly unable to resist, and followed her to the cooking club.

The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion clubs required many layers of screening, but this cooking club was the most neglected club. Every year, not many signed up, and so there was no need for a contest, as long as the enrollment fee was paid, that was enough. Tian Luo opened a small bulging mother of pearl bag, intending to pay for A Lian. A Lian saw what she was trying to do and anxiously said,

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

A Lian knew Tian Luo’s temper; not only did she not intend to flaunt her wealth, instead, she was even more likely to feel inferior because of her family’s parvenu wealth. She was ashamed of herself for coming across like this to A Lian. It was unlikely that she would despise her, as she considered her a true friend, which was indeed hard to come by. Feeling wronged, Tian Luo said,

“You are not treating me equally as a friend!”

A Lian shook her head,


Tian Luo wanted to sob,

“Then you look down on my money.”

“…….” A Lian had nothing to say, so she allowed Tian Luo pay the club fee.


Although she entered the cooking club with Tian Luo, afterward contrary to expectations, A Lian experienced the charm of food, and for awhile she was somewhat interested in cooking. A Lian’s aptitude to learn the illusion technique was not good, but this culinary art was actually a  somewhat rare gift.

In total, the culinary club had six to seven new disciples, and with just a few people, they were unable to steal and be lazy, and were conscientious all the time.

Teaching the cooking lessons was a short and chubby Immortal Elder Nan He,  of a bad temperament. In fact, his temperament was not much better than Sir Chong Xu’s. A few times, he had unknowingly scolded many female disciples. It was said that some female disciples had even repeatedly been subjected to Immortal Elder Nan He’s bad temper, until they withdrew from the culinary club. Nevertheless, A Lian was a rare disciple, and not once did Immortal Elder Nan He scold her. As for Tian Luo,  originally she was scolded, but afterward, A Lian found a solution to help her, so each time Immortal Elder Nan He inspected, there was nothing to nitpick at, and naturally he stopped scolding.


Today, Immortal Elder Nan He was teaching knife skills. It was merely a demonstration, and afterwards the disciples would do it themselves. Anxious, Tian Luo whispered,

“I haven’t seen much of it…”

After listening to a few of Immortal Elder Nan He’s classes, A Lian naturally, to some extent, thought through a few ways to do it ever since. Finally appeasing Tian Luo she said,

“You don’t have to be worried.”

Tian Luo then immediately followed A Lian’s method of carving, although it was not as good as Immortal Elder Nan He’s, with much difficulty she carved the carrot in her hand to look like a small bird. At Tian Luo’s coercion, A Lian’s carving was even more refined, so much so that on the bird’s body there was even plumage, the entire carving was extremely exquisite.

A Lian had just put down the knife in her hand, when she heard Immortal Elder Nan He’s chiding tone. Hearing the sound A Lian turned to look, then saw Immortal Elder Nan He right in the middle of reproaching a petite young woman.

“She is precisely that small jujube demon……” Tian Luo said.

A Lian heard Tian Luo speak; out of the newly entered disciples, only this small.jujube demon lived alone on the island of immortals. In addition, Tian Luo had seen her together with High God Xiao Bai in private. Clearly, this High God Xiao Bai was the small jujube demon’s behind-the-scenes supporter.

If there was such a strong background, it should be as impressive as Yi Zhang’s. She saw the small jujube demon calmly move towards a corner by herself. Nevertheless, Immortal Elder Nan He still reprimanded her, and others noticed, that the rest of the time she was alone. Admittedly, it was awesome to receive behind-the-scene preferential treatment. But this new Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciple, was well known to have an air of arrogance, not only was it unlikely to advance by currying favor, but despising her even more in her heart, she did not want to interact with her.   

On this side of the room, after Immortal Elder finished reprimanding her, he then led the small jujube demon over to A Lian, and said,

“She will be with you in the future, you must teach her carefully.”

Even though Immortal Elder Nan He had never praised A Lian, however, when he first saw her work, he was aware she was somewhat gifted. Plus, he recognized that she was extremely earnest all the time, and so naturally he mentally admired her.

For a moment, A Lian stared blankly, meeting the small jujube demon’s two large glossy eyes, before managing to respond. A Lian herself was a tactless and impulsive person, and was conscious that there was nothing she could teach her. However, Immortal Elder Nan He wanted to give her this problem. As she was a disciple, naturally she should place importance on the words of her revered master, and could do nothing but take one’s duty.

A Lian did not know how she should speak, so she awkwardly looked at the carved carrot bird, which was also badly carved, and could not help but say,

“You take your time, this kind of thing must not be done hurriedly……”

The small jujube demon forgot and glanced up at her, cheeks slightly red, appearing as a very vivid, delicate and pretty small young woman. Seeing her appearance, A Lian was a little bigger than her. She grasped the knife and said,

“I, I am called Xiao Zao.”

A Lian smiled,

“I am called A Lian.” She pointed to Tian Luo and said, “She is Tian Luo.”

Tian Luo wanted to be friends with her. It was probably because Xiao Zao had been scolded by Immortal Elder Nan He. Thinking of herself and A Lian, she then turned towards her somewhat amiably, and now hearing her name, she was even more astonished and said,

“So that’s why…your surname is Xiao, High God Xiao Bai’s surname is also Xiao, therefore you and High God Xiao Bai…”

Opening her lips slightly, Xiao Xao said,

“Me, me and…”

“You are his family right!”

Xiao Zao looked at Tian Luo, pupils pale, and said,

“Me and Xiao…High God Xiao Bai, are neighbors.”

Xiao Zao’s temperament was quiet and shy, while Tian Luo was vivacious and energetic. A Lian, while at Dongze Lake, was always looked after by A Pang. So much so that before leaving, A Pang had completely thought she would be unable to look after herself. Now, however, she was taking care of three people.

Even though Xiao Zao had behind the scenes support, she did not feel even a little bit superior for it, and the three people very quickly became friends.


A Lian returned, wearing the carving she made today in the culinary club on her belt. Every day, A Lian and Tian Luo sent Xiao Zao to the Bright Moon Lake, and watched her take a seat on the boat to go to the Island of Immortals, then returned with Tian Luo.

Today, however, when they went to the Bright Moon Lake, and watched her sit in the boat, a man wearing an ink colored embroidered robe, with the sleeve of his robe flying, stood looking firm and calm.

That was precisely High God Xiao Bai.

High God Xiao Bai was a descendant of the God Race, and precisely High God Xiao Bai was magnificent and unmatched in his generation.

A good coincidence as luck would have it, Tian Luo’s body was unwell, and today only A Lian came to deliver Xiao Zao. A Lian sighed mentally, knowing that Tian Luo usually worshipped High God Xiao Bai. If she knew she’d missed the chance to see High God Xiao Bai today unknowingly, she would have had many regrets.

A Lian, together with Xiao Zao proceeded to greet politely. Nevertheless, it was rare for High God Xiao Bai to see her with a friend at her side, and appearing to be somewhat at ease, he advanced with a familiar look and said,

“Is your health fine?”

Xiao Zao nodded and said,

“En, it’s already nothing.” Her manner of speaking was somewhat strange.

Xiao Bai was a man with a gentle personality, but being in charge of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion for a few years, he had no choice but to put forth a staid and taciturn appearance. He saw her rosy complexion, clasping a small carrot duck carving in hand. Apparently, it really was nothing and immediately, as he no longer had much to ask, watched her get off the boat. Xiao Bai wanted to leave straight away, however, A Lian hurriedly called out to him,

“High God.”

Xiao Bai looked at the small young woman beside her, and said,

“What’s the matter?”

Usually, A Lian unexpectedly did not dare to take the initiative like this with High God Xiao Bai, however……she frowned distressingly, and with a heavy heart looked towards him, and asked,

“You… Do you have any news on High God Rong Lin?”


Rong Lin rarely came to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. Apart from the previous time, he hadn’t come in months. In comparison to the past, he would not return for about one year, and could be regarded as very diligent at escaping. Earlier, he had been going to the Blue Wave pond to stay for awhile and had only come to the Bright Moon Lake a moment ago. Seeing on the lakeside a man in an ink colored robe, he gave a slight bow, while a female disciple wearing the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion attire of a white ruqun was speaking.

Rong Lin knew Xiao Bai’s disposition well, but besides Xiao Zao, he, however, had never seen Xiao Bai get close and speak to other female disciples like this. Carrying a high cold attitude, it was possible to avoid a peach blossom, nevertheless, he still learned moral conduct from him.

Rong Lin was entirely uninterested in getting involved with his friend’s private life, but seeing the female disciple’s face clearly, he subconsciously frowned.


A Lian was at a loss—she had just now thought to ask High God Xiao Bai, and just as she was waiting for his reply, she inclined her head to the side a little, when she finally saw a man in the distance.

For a while, the girl’s eyes seemed to blossom. Then A Lian immediately bounced over,

“High God Rong Lin!” Becoming incessantly happy she said, “I just thought to ask High God Xiao Bai if you went somewhere these last few months, only to meet you, it’s indeed very good.”

Rong Lin was stumped for words. Then understanding something, he saw her brilliantly smiling face. and his appearance naturally smoothed slightly. After a moment, his lofty cold attitude returned,

“You looked for me to do what?”

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