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Chapter 21: Pegasus

However, A Lian felt this was kind of inappropriate.

Even though she did not have any other relationship with Immortal Lord Yuan Jiang, when all was said and done, today he had agreed to go together with her to the Bureau of Fate to receive a marriage contract. Just now, she’d had to choose between High God and Yuan Jiang and she had chosen the former. Already not very sincere, how could she easily intentionally ask him again to eat wedding sweets like this? Thinking like that, A Lian at once explained, “High God, in order to help me just now, we received a marriage contract. In order to prevent it from someday becoming troublesome, we had better not tell Immortal Lord Yuan Jiang as well.”

Rong Lin was so angry he became muddleheaded. But as he listened to the small fish demon’s words, he realized that they were indeed sensible. He originally did not want to make their relationship public and this marriage certificate was also to let her enter the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion smoothly… Due to her reminder, Rong Lin immediately responded.

However, there was actually an indescribably unwell feeling in his heart.

He did not want this conversation to become public, for it to be said that he was the first one to open his mouth. However, she was only a very small silver carp; was it possible that she still dared to ignore him?

Thinking of the small fish demon’s infatuation towards him, Rong Lin knew she naturally would not ignore him. When loving a person very deeply, in that case, it was possible to unconsciously want to put one’s stance very very low, as low as dust. She was afraid she didn’t deserve him.  

Rong Lin also no longer mentioned Yuan Jiang, and led her to Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai was a person on an indifferent cloud, his manner unstressed in everything; but hearing this matter, he was actually somewhat astonished. “This action was unexpectedly quick,” he said.

Rong Lin brought out the new household register book he’d just gotten from the Secluded Department in front of him, then said, “Is it alright now?”

Now the small fish demon was indeed on that god’s impressive family ancestral register.  

Xiao Bai looked indifferently, then said, “Naturally, it is pretty good.”

Then again said, “I also happen to have a matter to talk over with you. This Ninth Heavenly Pavilion is my Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. For approximately several years you also did not come over to teach at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. Now, selecting the best has ended, and the new disciples are successively entering school, they very much need a master…”

How did Rong Lin not hear Xiao Bai’s meaning come out? If it was before the change, he would not have been very restricted. To give lessons in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion…..

“Allow me to think this over for a few days,” he said.  

Xiao Bai then said, “You can.”

Then speaking with a smile said, “Happy newlywed.”

Rong Lin frowned as he looked at him, then lead A Lian out.

The colour of the sky indicated that it was already late. A Lian realized that he was going along with her to his residence, and asked, “High God? Where are you taking me? Tian Luo is still waiting to have dinner with me.”

Rong Lin looked slightly askance at her, then said, “What? Just received the marriage contract, and you already want to separate from me?”

His voice had just fell, when he was met with the small fish demon’s slightly astonished expression. Rong Lin, afraid she had imagined her love was reciprocated, then coughed lightly, and explaining said, “You left for approximately two days; the other day I understood your diligence, but now things are settled. You should probably consider the money you owe me as repaid. You need not go to the sort of place like Bright Moon House, starting from today; when you have the time come to the Free and Unfettered Hall to sweep and clean, wash clothes, scrub the floor and so on…”

Rong Lin had already thought about this issue very thoroughly.

He had originally introduced her to the job at Bright Moon House, only to let her go there to serve dishes and so on to worldly businessmen, who were all like Meng Ji, seeking nothing but profit unscrupulously. Her life in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion was not done. Previously meeting with Meng Ji like that, he feared that she would be eaten without even bones left.

A Lian actually had not dared to forget the debt. Repaying money owed was heaven’s law and earth’s principle; she could, because of High God’s benevolent heart, take advantage and act as though nothing had happened.

A Lian nodded, “That’s good, I am an expert at cleaning, and will certainly guarantee High God’s satisfaction.”

She was happy in her heart, and smiled brilliantly, but not taking care, sprained her ankle and almost fell through the clouds. Luckily she reacted quickly, and quickly grabbed High God’s belt with both hands.

Rong Lin frowned, and seeing her holding his belt, said, “Even though we received the marriage contract, nevertheless we are not genuinely husband and wife. You must not grope, or else don’t blame me for becoming hostile.”

A Lian urgently released both hands. “I’ve offended High God.”

Rong Lin again said, “You have entered the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. However, that’s only the first step, and to be able to smoothly finish school, it depends on your fortune. You – look at you – in three hundred years of cultivation, have not even learned to ride the clouds, would saying it not make people laugh? If you learned to ride the clouds, there would be no need for you to exhaustingly swim the entire journey from Dongze Lake to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, and also swim for one month.”

A Lian said, “What High God said is…” Recalling the whole journey, it remained fresh in A Lian’s memories. She continued, “Nevertheless it was my first time going far away, I thought it was a fresh experience at first, but then I couldn’t swim anymore. If not for big brother Bai Xun carrying me on his back throughout the journey, I would not have been able to swim for a month.”

Rong Lin’s eyes widened. “You rode that swordfish?!” he exclaimed.

That swordfish referred to Bai Xun. Just like the silver carp, he was also commonly referred to as the bighead carp.

Rong Lin severely said, “The matter before I will disregard for the time being, but someday you must pay a little attention to your behavior, you must be aware that you’re a married fish.”

He then looked into the distance, and seemed to ponder over something, then after that breathed out a long breath, and continuing said, “I have ten pegasi; later you can choose one. Learn to ride the clouds before, then after it will be easy to get around by pegasus.”

A Lian gratefully said, “Many thanks, High God.”


The Free and Unfettered Hall was located in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. Now in the dense twilight, the remaining multicolored light of the sunset made the Free and Unfettered Hall increasingly more quietly luxurious.

A Lian was shocked at the gorgeous extravaganza before her eyes as they stepped into the Free and Unfettered Hall. Exclaiming in admiration she said, “Is this High God’s house? It’s really big…”

High God also had vanity. He had originally paid no mind to this, but now seeing the small fish demon’s shocked gasp, actually quite enjoyed reaping the benefits. He crossed both arms and said, “It’s just ordinary. I admire simplicity, and do not like it too magnificent.”

A Lian nodded. High God’s taste was really not bad.


“It’s so big here; High God lives by himself. Is it not very lonely?” A Lian said.

There she went again. Rong Lin glanced at her and then said, “I am very used to it.”

Saying this, he walked forward. The small fish demon’s implication, How could he not know it? The Free and Unfettered Hall was very big; and he lived alone in solitude. Then, did she think she could move over and live with him?

The corner of Rong Lin’s mouth suddenly pulled, then replying to the person behind him, he said, “There is no need to come and clean everyday, coming back every other half a month to clean is enough.”

It was very late, so Rong Lin decided to let her rest first, and pointing a finger to the guest room said, “Tonight you can rest here. Tomorrow morning, get up and select a pegasus.”

A Lian turned to look inside the room. The Free and Unfettered Hall’s guest room was rather small, but in comparison to the room in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion that four people shared, this was much larger. A Lian looked around, and liked it very much, then turned to ask High God, “Where does High God sleep?”

Rong Lin looked at her warningly, thinking, then he said vaguely, “Just next door. If there’s nothing, do not come and look for me.”

Staying in High God’s home was already an extreme disturbance. Aware, A Lian said, “Okay. High God, rest a bit earlier.”

In Rong Lin’s own bedroom, he stood near the window with his hands crossed behind his back; and his mood was slightly complicated. He took out the marriage certificate he had just tucked inside his sleeve, slowly unfolding it to take a look, and seeing the two names side by side, felt it was all somewhat delicate.

Adjusting his mood, Rong Lin then prepared to rest.

He had not slept well in the latter half of the night before, and had woken and struggled with his thoughts, but now the matter was settled, he was actually somewhat weary.   

Rong Lin took off his robe and prepared to untie his belt, when he suddenly thought of the moment in the clouds just now; the scene of that small fish demon’s pure face while tugging at his belt.  

Rong Lin thought, not yet untying his belt. But not only did he put on the robe he’d taken off once more, he also laid down with his clothes on.

After lying on the couch for a short while, Rong Lin got up once again, and walking over to the door, lifted his hand to inspect the lock, ensuring that anyone outside was unable to push it open. He then laid down on the couch once more.


Early the next morning, Rong Lin led A Lian to the stable to choose a pegasus.

The pegasus was the mount of the people in heaven, but only high working immortals were qualified to have pegasi to get around on. Inside the Free and Unfettered Hall’s stable, there were ten silky-haired, lively and enthusiastic pegasi of noble lineage.

The pegasi’ appearance was more or less the same as a normal horse, however, the height was a lot taller; more than three times taller than a mortal horse. Waiting inside the stable, aside from some being a little taller, one could not tell the difference. But when the pegasus galloped high in the clouds, the pegasus grew wings, its feet produced magic clouds, and even its whole body emitted a multicolored radiance.

A Lian was already conscious of how much she owed High God. Until she owed him nothing she would not ask for his pegasus again. Thinking of how she would be coming over to the Free and Unfettered Hall often in the future, she realized that if she didn’t have the pegasus, she would be unable to fly this far.

Rong Lin was generous, and pointing towards the stable, asked her to choose one at will.

A Lian carefully looked, and chose the cornermost one, a short, small white horse.

Rong Lin looked at the small snow-white horse, and bent his head to look at his own snow-white clothes, his expression complex as he looked at her.

Since he’d asked her to choose it herself, she chose a good one. Rong Lin naturally did not have any complaints. However A Lian was tiny. The small white horse was considered to be pretty small amongst the other pegasi, but when she stood beside it, that small white horse still appeared especially tall.

A Lian raised her hand and lightly stroked the small white horse’s head. The small white horse actually had a docile temperament, and let A Lian gently caress it.

A freshwater fish that stayed in the lake all year round naturally did not have much knowledge and experience. A Lian was seeing a horse for the first time, and naturally loved it too much to part with it.

Rong Lin saw her engrossed in talking to the horse, and unexpectedly found himself being given the cold shoulder. He then said, “Can you ride this pegasus?”

A Lian crooked her head, then smiling as she met High God’s eyes, said, “I have never ridden.”

The answer came as no surprise. Rong Lin also did not expose her tricks, and following along with her meaning said, “Then I will teach you.”

A Lian politely said, “That is just inconveniencing High God.”

Rong Lin carried her in his arms, then climbed onto the horse’s back. He sat behind her and naturally embraced her from behind, then held the reins tightly and said, “Riding a pegasus is not difficult. As long as you press on the stirrup, and hold the reins tightly, that enough. All living things have spirits; a mount is like this. As long as you trust it, then it will not want to throw you down. Compared to the human horse, this pegasus is indeed much easier to ride. The pegasus is psychic; even if you do not know where to go, as long as you tell it, then it can carry you there.”

A Lian turned her head and said, “So as long as I say to it that I want to see High God, it can carry me to you?”

Rong Lin stared calmly into her clear eyes, his face expressionless as he made an affirmative sound.

A Lian took the reins High God gave her, firmly grasping them in her hand. The horse’s hooves raised high, and it let out a whinny, then with a pouf, brandished a pair of large snow-white wings, and in a flash took off over the Free and Unfettered Hall and straight into the sky.

The sound of the wind rushing by echoed in their ears, and blew in a disorderly manner through their hair, messily interweaving them together, until it was unclear which was which.  

That early in the morning, the sun gradually rose in the eastern horizon, appearing as a fiery red.

The two people above riding the pegasus gazed at the rising sun opposite them.

A Lian squinted, then happily said, “The sunrise is very beautiful. Seeing the sunrise underwater is different from what I see in the sky now.”

Rong Lin and the soft delicate body in front of him were tightly stuck together, as they galloped the entire way. It was hard to avoid feeling somewhat uncomfortable. He heard the small fish demon casually saying a few words. Then he moved, shifting back a little, wanting to keep his distance from her.

However, the horse unexpectedly surged forward, and he was moved forward again, once more sticking to her.

“High God?” A Lian said.

Hearing her suddenly call him, High God, who was usually able to remain calm in the face of unsettling events, for the first time became somewhat nervous.

“What, What’s wrong?” he stammered.

A Lian indifferently said, “Oh, nothing.”

Rong Lin relaxed in one breath.

But then he heard that small fish demon continue to speak.

“High God, your large dragon is pressing against me.”

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