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Chapter 20: Conjugal Union

“…Brought it.”

A Lian pointed her finger to the jade gourd fastened to her hips, then said, “It’s already packed inside. What matter did High God call me for? Is it possible to speak quickly? Immortal Lord Yuan Jing made an appointment to go to the Bureau of Fate to receive the marriage contract. After seeing High God, I must rush over.”

Rong Lin reached out and pulled the jade calabash from her waist, then took out the household register inside. Stuffing the jade calabash back into her embrace, with an annoyed expression said, “There is me; you still want to do something with Yuan Jing? He’s only a carp. If not for being born in the Heavenly Lake, perhaps now he would already have been made into someone’s fish soup. What good prospects do you have in following him; not having to worry about clothes and food and life? Or endless pieces of gold and silver jewelry? In that case, his monthly salary is still not enough to buy you a complete skirt made from raw shark silk.”

Even though High God’s words were sensible, nevertheless A Lian quietly retorted, “Immortal Lord Yuan Jing is very good to other people.”

Rong Lin became even angrier, and resentfully said, “Is being a good person the same as eating food? You are still young. Your brain is completely full of passion, love and affection; when the moment comes to really live one’s life, there is no time for regret.”

A Lian suddenly responded, and looked up at him. “Then High God’s wish is…”

Rong Lin’s eyes flickered open, and he gazed at the calm surface of the pond.

“I will not be getting married in approximately the near future. You and I were brought together by fate. In that case, I will help you again once more.”

Even though A Lian was astonished, she was able to recall Immortal Lord Yuan Jing from the day before and did not feel good. “But I promised Immortal Lord Yuan Jing,” she said.

Knowing that her heart was not happy at the moment, and that he had already spoke to this extent, she still played back and forth with him.

Rong Lin thought, then angrily looking at her, said, “My official salary is high, I am good looking, and have a house and a mount. Half of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s real estate is mine; how can that Yuan Jing compare to me even a little bit?”

He continued, “…You say it yourself; between Yuan Jing and I, will you choose me or choose him?!”

Walking high above the clouds, A Lian turned to look at the man beside her and said, “High God, how about I first go to Immortal Lord Yuan Jing and explain? We are going to the Bureau of Fate now, and Immortal Lord Yuan Jing is still in my Ninth Heavenly Pavilion class.”

Rong Lin had unexpectedly mentioned Yuan Jing, and now contrary to expectations, his mood was pretty good. He patiently said, “This time you can be at ease. I already sent someone to the school to notify him.”

A Lian said praisingly, “High God really is attentive.”

The corner of Rong Lin’s mouth tilted upwards, but he didn’t speak.

Afterwards they quickly arrived at the Bureau of Fate.

The Bureau of Fate was in charge of heaven’s marriages. However, upon their entrance, it was desolate. A Lian followed closely behind Rong Lin, then said, “Why are there so few people here? Even the Secluded Department is a bit lively.”

Contrary to expectations, Rong Lin was actually slightly aware of this. The majority of heaven’s male and female relationships were short lasting love affairs, in which they had sex once and then parted ways, without interference. Immortals liked to be unfettered; why would they be willing to fetter themselves with a marriage contract, and shoulder the responsibility of a married couple? In Rong Lin’s thirty thousand years of life in heaven, he nevertheless disapproved slightly of this viewpoint. It was probably because he was very talented, that he did not need to use pair studies to boost the capacity of his cultivation, and he was also upright and kind hearted, not liking to take small advantages of people.

Immortal Lord Si Yuan had just began to doze off, but seeing that High God Rong Lin had honored them with his presence, he rubbed his eyes, somewhat rather unconvinced. Still thinking it was a dream, but looking carefully, he saw that it really was undoubtedly High God’s appearance. Immediately getting up, he bent and cupped his hands in greeting, then saluting him, said, “High God Rong Lin, we are honored by your presence. Excuse this small immortal for not going outside to greet you; may High God forgive me.”

He then asked, “As I am unaware as to why High God suddenly descended to the Bureau of Fate, how can I help?”

Rong Lin’s character had always been good, and so he would not put on airs. He then waved his hand, saying, “Immortal Lord does not have to be over-courteous. I came to this place today, not for the purpose of public affairs…”

He then held out the two household register books in the palm of hand, and then took out ninety-two silver and pressed it on top of the household register books.

“Thank you for your trouble, Immortal Lord, in assessing this written marriage contract,” he continued.

Immortal Lord Si Yuan had a naturally affable appearance, with grey hair and a long beard. His position in heaven was not high, but his experience was considerably deep. In regards to age, he was actually still High God Rong Lin’s senior by a little.

All throughout his life he had seen countless gales billow; common matters simply could not incite even small ripples in his mind.

But now—

Immortal Lord Si Yuan’s eyes widened, and astonished, he said, “High God… wants to get married?”

Rong Lin coughed lightly, then curving his lips and smiling, said, “Yes. I’m not very young, it’s time to settle down.”

Immortal Lord Si Yuan was actually glad to see it happen. From the time he’d originally met High God he had absolutely admired him and his unusual esteem for others’ interests. He glanced at the small young woman beside High God. It looked really symbolic; then turning towards A Lian he said, “It looks as if High God avoids immorality. A man who lives his life low-key is already very rare. Young Miss indeed has very good fortune.”

A Lian bashfully said, “Thank you.”

Rong Lin raised his hand and rubbed her head, then said to Immortal Lord Si Yuan, “She has little courage, and is afraid of strangers.”

Immortal Lord Si Yuan nodded, showing that he understood. Looking the small young woman up and down, and seeing her original form for a moment, he was actually slightly sluggish, however he soon reacted, and smiling, said, “The height difference is quite adorable.”

Since it was a personal matter, after Immortal Lord Si Yuan politely greeted High God, he then proceeded with official business. He picked up the two people’s household register books, then seeing the small young woman’s birthday, mentally said, ‘This age difference is even more adorable…’

However, Immortal Lord Si Yuan was used to seeing all kinds of newlywed husband and wife age differences; it was very common in heaven, and also was nothing serious.

A Lian wrote in the information. Her characters were graceful and proper, and her face was just as good looking. Suddenly thinking of something, she turned to look at High God, who was holding the pen beside her, and seeing him somewhat lost in thought, then called, “High God?”

“…En?” Rong Lin answered, inclining his head to meet the small fish demon’s eyes. His heart suddenly sped up a bit, and he said, “Then write this dedicatedly, and really earnestly finish filling out the form.”

The two people finished filling in the information, and had their thumbs stained with red paste. Then they pressed their fingerprints on top of the marriage contract.

Afterwards Immortal Lord Si Yuan led the two people to the Marriage Pavilion.

Inside the Marriage Pavilion was a large spherical mirror. Precisely, it was heaven’s Marriage Mirror.

Rong Lin led A Lian to stand in front of the Marriage Mirror. Inside was the quiet clear reflection of two people’s figures, and even their hair was completely clear.

Immortal Lord Si Yuan said, “Getting married is a happy matter; two newlyweds smile, and this Marriage Mirror will record everything.

Having heard what was said, Rong Lin quirked his lips.

The gold light of the Marriage Mirror flashed, then the two people’s appearances were recorded.

Rong Lin indicated to the still scene displayed in the Marriage Mirror. The small fish demon’s smile was also sweet, and he was even more extraordinarily handsome. Standing together was indeed heartwarming and pleasing to the eye, and contrary to expectations, he was somewhat satisfied.

Coming out from the Marriage Pavilion, Rong Lin and A Lian closely followed behind Immortal Lord Si Yuan to the rear courtyard of the Bureau of Fate.

Inside the courtyard there was a tree with many luxuriant leaves The large tree covered the sky and the moon, and hanging on top were countless red fruits, suffused with golden light. However, the dimension of each of the tree’s fruits was completely wrapped around by red silk thread.

Surrounding the large tree were tall, newly sprouted saplings. Some were already seven to eight feet high, while some were still just germinating; large and small, unevenly matched.

Explaining, Immortal Lord Si Yuan said, “This is the Conjugal Union Tree.”

The Conjugal Union Tree was also known as the Yearning Tree, or the Married Couple Tree. The top of the tree was full of Conjugal Union fruits. After coming to the Bureau of Fate to receive a newlyweds’ marriage contract and completing looking at the reflection in the Marriage Mirror, the married couples came to this place next to receive a Conjugal Union fruit. They wrote their names on the top of it and planted it here, to take root and germinate. If the feelings between the two people were deeply sincere, the Conjugal Union Tree below would grow healthy and strong, opening branches and scattering leaves; naturally, when the fate ends, the Conjugal Union Tree would also wither.

Immortal Lord Si Yuan saw the two people choosing a good Conjugal Union fruit; then not disturbing them, let them plant it together.

Rong Lin easily copied his name, then handed over the Conjugal Union fruit to A Lian.

A Lian held it and wrote her name on top, then seeing the their names side by side, crooked her head, then turned towards High God, who digging a hole with a hoe, and said, “High God, if someday we want to part, what would be done about this Conjugal Union Tree?”

His snow-white gown splashed from head to toe with mud, Rong Lin frowned and said, “When that time comes we would receive a divorce book, then take a hoe and remove the tree by its roots.”

“But this pitiful good Conjugal Union Tree will die…” A Lian said.

Rong Lin lightly humphed, and no longer spoke to her, but continued to dig the earth. This small fish demon had unexpectedly hinted that she wanted to part with him, how couldn’t he see it? It was actually satisfying to think about.

Finished planting the Conjugal Union Tree, Rong Lin was resting to the side. A Lian cautiously and solemnly watered it.

Then afterwards they received the marriage contract from Immortal Lord Si Yuan.

Rong Lin glanced at the marriage contract, and cautiously receiving it, tucked it into his wide sleeve, then turned towards A Lian and said, “This marriage contract will be with me for safekeeping. Do you have any complaints?”

If parting in the future, they would have a need for this marriage certificate. If he gave it to the small fish demon and then she didn’t want to be with him, it would not be good for her to have the marriage contract.

A Lian nodded, then calmly said, “En, putting it at High God’s side is good.”

After coming out of the Bureau of Fate, Rong Lin saw clouds and mist winding around the surroundings. He then reached out and pinched the marriage contract in his sleeve, still feeling somewhat mystified.

He glanced at the small fish demon. It was hard to believe that he had just received a marriage contract with her like that.

Rong Lin drew in a deep breath, then took A Lian to the Secluded Department to change household registers.

However, afterwards he did not immediately carry her back.

Puzzled A Lian asked, “High God, where are we going now… ah?”

Rong Lin did not even think about it. “Going to look for Yuan Jiang.”

“What is High God looking for Immortal Lord Yuan Jiang to do?”

Rong Lin thought, a smile aroused on his lips and then he said, “Naturally, proper behavior is based on reciprocity – to invite him to eat the wedding sweets.”

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