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Chapter 22: Fire and Water

Early the next morning, A Lian got up from the guest room and after neatly folding the bedclothes, ran outside of High God’s bedroom, and lifted her hand to knock a few times on the door.

“High God, are you still asleep?” she asked.

Since riding the pegasus yesterday, after seeing the sunrise, High God had been unwilling to acknowledge her. He did not even have dinner or lunch with her, but stayed alone inside his bedroom. High God had a godly human body; if he did not eat meals, it was nothing important, and he liked peace and quiet. A Lian was tactful and did not go and disturb him.

She stopped in the doorway for a while, then said, “On the two days High God did not dine, I got up early and made mung bean cakes for you. I will just leave it outside, and you can eat as many as you want. Also, I washed all of your dirty clothes; they are just drying in the courtyard. If it rains, please remember to take them in. Oh, I also swept the courtyard, and fed the pegasi inside the stable…”

She spoke incessantly, but seeing the person inside had still not said a word, then said, “Then… then I will return to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion first.”

Carrying a small book bag on her back, she turned her head to look at the outside of the locked door, then headed over to the stables.

The small white horse was not worried about life; yesterday, she had ridden in the sky and seeing her today, looked up upon hearing her call.

A Lian smiled, stepping forward to stroke him. The small white horse was very considerate and lowered his head, rubbing A Lian’s cheek.

A Lian lifted her leg and stepped onto the stirrup, then sat above the horse’s back, and blowing the whistle around her neck, she energetically said, “Let’s go!”   

The pegasus gracefully transformed, happily taking off with a whinny. Then it bounded up, flapping its wings and soaring. The person on the horse gradually faded away in the sky above the Free and Unfettered Hall.

High God’s room door slowly opened.    

High God’s manner was pure and honest and as noble as an incomparably elegant moon. He stooped to pick up the plate of mung bean cakes outside, then after that walked over to look at the back of the small fish demon riding the horse, and frowned.

Thinking of the scene from the day before, High God’s ears became burning hot.

Where was what silver carp? Clearly that was a black (dirty) fish!

Returning to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, Tian Luo listened to A Lian’s news about being able to stay to attend the immortal cultivation class. Incessantly excited, she said, “Really? Very good, we can be together again.”

Yi Zhang had thought that this bighead carp definitely could not stay. Now hearing this news, naturally she did not feel comfortable in her heart; then lifting her chin slightly, she glanced at her, and said, “How is that possible? The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion is usually fair and impartial. That day you failed to beat Huo Zheng, and had no option but to get a Grade C in the martial arts exam. Presently anyone with eyes can see – how did you walk through which backdoor?”

A Lian had already thought of a way to explain this. She absolutely could not mention High God and affect his clean reputation. She then said, “It was my older cousin who rushed to help me, and moved me to a heavenly household register.”

As these words fell, the always indifferent Yi Gui’s expression was not good.

Yi Zhang and Yi Gui were also said to be noble sea clan women, with some celestial immortals, and could also claim a few higher connected relations to climb. The celestial household register was strictly controlled nowadays; even they were unable to go through this method, but this bighead carp from a small cave lake region, could actually achieve this?

Naturally Yi Zhang was resentful, and said a few words.

After they left, Tian Luo then said, “There is no need to pay any attention to her, we should just get used to it. Oh right, should we celebrate together today?”

A Lian’s heart was also happy, and nodding she said, “Okay.”

Every celebration had a meal, and it was Tian Luo’s treat to the guest. When A Lian would not comply, Tian Luo’s eyes gleamed with tears as she said, “Are you looking down on my money?”  

Afterwards she again said, “A Lian, you usually take care of me so much, I also want to treat you well, that’s all…”

Tian Luo’s father was a parvenu. From childhood she had been protected very well, and was naturally simple and kind hearted. Because she was from a pond, she felt very inferior, and also treasured A Lian’s friendship very much. Every time A Lian did not need her money, her golden bean burst with despair, and called A Lian, not knowing what to do.

Today A Lian wanted to have a dinner party, after all these past two days, Tian Luo had worried continuously because of her matter.

Tian Luo muttered a few words to herself. There was nothing more to say, but she was very considerate and chose the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s cafeteria, and did not go to the restaurant nearby.

The two people also invited Xiao Zao to go with them to the cafeteria.

While lining up to get food, when it was A Lian’s turn, she carried several types of food that Tian Luo and Xiao Zao liked, and had prepared to pay, when someone took her food. Shocked, she said, “Meng, Immortal Meng Ji!”

A Lian did not realize it at first. Originally when Immortal Meng Ji had been Moon House, his appearance had been imposing, glistening with golden light from head to toe, but now his appearance was as different as black and white.

Naturally Immortal Meng Ji also recognized A Lian, and amiably said, “Oh, Xiao Lian ah.”  

A Lian nodded, then asked, “How is Immortal Meng Ji experiencing life?”

Soon after Immortal Meng Ji became acquainted with A Lian, nevertheless he had become quite fond of the small young woman, and so truthfully said, “Bright Moon House went bankrupt, and I did not have a place to go, so I asked my friend for a job here.”

Falling from the clouds overnight was a fear that not everyone could withstand. A Lian saw Immortal Meng Ji’s brimming smile, and contrary to expectations he was not discouraged, but had also quickly pulled himself together again like this. It was certainly possible that he could return to the office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan.

During the time at the Bright Moon House, Immortal Meng Ji had treated her pretty well, recognizing her for her worth, and although the job was not for long, nevertheless it was engraved into her heart.

Compared to the rowdy friends he usually interacted with, Immortal Meng Jo was somewhat touched, and waving a large spoon, gave A Lian two drumsticks. He then winked at her, and quietly said, “This does not cost any money.”

There were still many people lining up to get food from the cafeteria, however A Lian wasn’t too shy, and so told him thank you.

Then it was the other disciple’s turn.

That disciple took in everything, and said that Immortal Meng Ji was generous, and couldn’t help but secretly rejoice. However, he did not anticipate that on his turn, Immortal Meng Ji would brandish a spoon, and scoop out a single spoonful, then persistently shake out two or three scoops, then shake out meat exactly in the middle.    

That disciple finally could not help but feel distressed and said, “Don’t shake your hand, Immortal, you have shaken out all my meat.”

Immortal Meng Ji glowered, and immediately grimaced with displeasure, “If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat in here.”


The silver carp was a herbivore, and normally ate some aquatic grasses. When eating in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s cafeteria, she only ate vegetable dishes, and so gave the two chicken drumsticks to Tian Luo and Xiao Zao. Tian Luo and Xiao Zao were accustomed to A Lian’s care, they also knew her preferences in food, and so actually did not decline.

“…Anyone here?”

Hearing a man’s voice, the three seated people raised their eyes. Standing tall beside the tables, was a suntanned man. A Lian was the very first to call out, “Big brother Bai Xun.”

Bai Xun shyly smiled, then said, “Can I sit here?”

Originally only the three people sat together. Tian Luo and Xiao Zao sat opposite each other, while A Lian sat beside Tian Luo, and when Bai Xun asked to sit, naturally it was in front of A Lian.

A Lian recalled they day of the competition, and when all was said and done was grateful in her heart. She then hurriedly said, “You can ah.”

Seeing Bai Xun sit, A Lian then said, “The matter on that day, I still haven’t properly thanked big brother Bai Xun for.”

Bai Xun smiled and said, “It’s nothing.” Then again he said, “I heard that you are able to keep staying?”

A Lian did not know why Bai Xun’s news was this fast, but she didn’t ask, but nodded and said, “En.”

Bai Xun also did not ask why, but gazed at her with deep pitch black eyes. Then dropping his eyes, he softly said, “…That’s good.”

Bai Xun’s body was the largest of the fishes and also the strongest, naturally requiring more food than the other men, and so he very quickly finished the small hill of food piled in front of him. Thinking of something, he then glanced at the refined table manners of A Lian who was sitting across from him, and after a while his cheeks became somewhat slightly burning hot.

Finished with his food, Bai Xun immediately asked, “Bighead carp, we’re going to split up, what course do you want to take?”

A Lian did not reply, however Tian Luo crooked her head and took the initiative to say, “We are aquatic types, naturally we would choose the water system. Could it be that big brother Bai Xun wants to choose something else?”

Ever since coming there Tian Luo had wasted time. When the new disciples had just entered, they were not divided between departments, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. All five types of magic were important to study to build a good foundation, and then the department you were good at was chosen later. For Tian Luo and A Lian, even though their foundations were not good, nevertheless studying water magic was uncomplicated, yet every time they received a scolding, precisely because Sir Chong Xu taught fire magic. Now that they were already official Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciples, they were finally able to choose their department. Naturally, Tian Luo urgently wanted to escape from the evil clutches of Sir Chong Xu, and without the slightest hesitation chose water magic.

“En. I plan to choose the fire department,” Bai Xun said.

As these words fell, even Xiao Zao, who had been silent, was shocked. In order for her to cultivate magic, she had not dared to rashly choose any other department, but rather had listened to Xiao Bai, and chose her original wood system. However, Xiao Zao had some knowledge of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s magic of five elements. Out of these; metal, wood, water, fire and earth, the fire system was the strongest, which nothing could surpass, and the water system was the weakest. When cultivating water magic, one only had to be diligent, but for the fire magic system, apart from having to be diligent, there still needed to be innate skills. Naturally, this fire system would someday have achievements that the water system could not hope to reach.

Urging in a low voice Xiao Zao said, “Cultivating fire magic is not easy, you had better think it over again.”

Bai Xun politely smiled and said, “En, I know, however, I already thought it over very clearly.”

A Lian was in a daze in front of Bai Xun, and after a moment also did not know what to choose…

And by chance, several new disciples sitting adjacent to them were also talking about the problem of which other department to choose.

Among these, was the Huo Zheng she had fought. Seeing her, he smiled at her. Looking at the noble dress of the others, she immediately knew they were heavenly descendants.

“…Us heavenly people naturally want to choose fire magic. Untalented good for nothings goes to the water department. I already spoke to my Father King, and the younger generation of our family have all studied fire magic since ancient times; only sissies do water magic.” The one saying this was Emperor Dong Jida’s grandson.

And again the person said, “Also I heard, High God Rong Lin will be coming to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion to teach… to teach the new disciples.”


“My grandfather told me. Naturally, it is absolutely true. High God Rong Lin already hasn’t taught at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion for a long time; moreover, teaching new disciples can be considered the first time in a thousand years. High God Rong Lin’s theology is fire magic; when the time comes it seems as though he will give one or two private pointers. In that case, we have not come to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion by a chance.

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