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Chapter 23: Containing Fish Fragrance

Apparently, High God really was popular.

A Lian thought, then looked towards Bai Xun and said, “I also want to take the fire magic course.”

“A Lian!” Tian Luo exclaimed, “You don’t do such a foolish thing!”

However, for them as aquatic animals, amongst these five elements, choosing anything to do with fire magic was not a good idea. However, Tian Luo had seen A Lian learning fire magic, with only a little foundation magic, if not being defended, and not careful, would roast herself. However, seeing her carefully choose fire magic, she feared she would become a roast fish herself.

“Last time I checked, you were almost roasted. Don’t you remember that feeling?” She said.

With an honest face, A Lian said, “I already thought about it carefully. Moreover, if I were to learn it, then next time I won’t be roasted by someone.” She had originally come because of High God since learning fire magic was really difficult. However, avoiding challenges and retreating to avoid defeat wasn’t really her style.

Bai Xunalso thought that she would be choosing the water magic course. However, after hearing her choice, and realizing that she wasn’t joking in the least, he advised, “You should take your time to carefully think about it before making any reckless decision.”

However, against everyone’s consideration, A Lian had already decided.

That evening, she rode the pegasus to High God’s Free and Unfettered Hall.

While waiting in the courtyard, Rong Lin admired the sunset and raised his head to the sky and saw that small young woman riding the pegasus, and naturally was able to recognize her from several miles away. This ninth heaven was desolate, and like Xiao Bai, he was a low-key person and did not need a pegasus to travel. Currently, she was the only one.

Rong Lin frowned slightly, looking somewhat distressed and gloomy. She thought about how she was carried to the Free and Unfettered Hall yesterday and felt it had not been handled properly. This small fish demon had deep feelings towards him, and now that she knew where he lived, naturally she would look for all kinds of reasons to get close to him. Rong Lin remembered about the day before yesterday when was extremely cold towards her, telling her not to come very often. However, it looked like a small fish demon wasn’t exactly someone who would listen to his words.

If the firstborn were older, the face should be thicker than the others.

Naturally, A Lian climbed down from the pegasus’ back, and made a beeline for High God, and then seeing him, she happily said, “High God is admiring the sunset? His mood must really be good.”

Rong Lin indifferently glanced at her, seeing her brimming smile, and the light perspiration on her forehead, she’d clearly hurried over.

…Hurrying like this, it could be assumed that she wanted to enjoy the sunset with him.

Admiring the sunset with one’s lover was naturally very romantic, warm and sweet, as he was the magnificent High God, how could he appreciate the sunset with a bighead carp?

However, Rong Lin flaunted himself as a person with a benevolent heart, and for the sake of considering the mung bean cakes she had made for him earlier in the morning, he reluctantly let her join.

Rong Lin’s expression turned somewhat gentler, and he said, “Is the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s schoolwork very light? Didn’t I tell you to not come here every half a month?”

A Lian honestly said, “If not for an urgent matter, naturally I would not have unexpectedly disturbed High God’s peace and quiet. However, in two days, we have to choose a department, and I heard that this year High God would be giving the new disciples lessons, did you agree to High God Xiao Bai?”

Rong Lin sized her up, and very quickly understood her meaning, “Which other department do you want to choose?”

This small fish demon… could it be because of him that she wanted to take the fire magic course?

“Yes, I have already decided, I will choose the fire magic theology,” A Lian said.

Under no circumstance, was it a trivial matter. Being a silver carp, she naturally had water magic. However, going as far as to choose fire magic course, it meant that the fish would eventually die someday.

Rong Lin pondered as he prepared to carefully instruct her but seeing the small fish demon gently rub her face against the Pegasus, not even the slightest bit of Pegasus’ noble presence could be noticed..

A Lian lifted her hand to stroke the Pegasus’ head, then lovingly and indulgently said, “Hungry?”

She then took the jade calabash from her waist and took out some food.

Rong Lin wanted to indifferently close his eyes, and not pay any attention, but then he noticed some food in her hands, and could not help but ask, “What is that?”

A Lian bent her head to look at her hand, then said,  “Dried water plants.” Then with a large smile, she continued, “High God also wants some?”

Rong Lin replied, “Who wants to eat that junk food?” He knew this small fish demon had come from her small childhood place and didn’t have much knowledge, then in a quiet voice, began to explain the science behind this popular belief and explained, “The Pegasus is a colt deity, it is higher than an average immortal, and usually only eats the Ninth Heaven’s red clouds, and only drinks the spring water of the Heavenly Lake…”

As A Lian didn’t utter a single word, Rong Lin turned his head to his side slightly, and then saw the horse’s head bent down for a long time, eating the dried water plants from that small fish demon’s hand, and was still licking its mouth, and in the end, did not wish to continue growing such a mundane looking horse.

A Lian patted the Pegasus’ head, “It’s already gone, I will make some for you again.” Coaxing the Pegasus, then turned to look at High God, “What was High God saying just now?”


He did not speak and was no longer wished to look at this Pegasus.

While thinking of something, A Lian said, “Why was High God angry yesterday? Was it because I mentioned High God’s very large dragon? High God’s male reproduction organ must not be mentioned?”

Rin Long had already forgotten about the matter. A Lian casually mentioning it came as a surprise to him, and consequently, he didn’t know what to say.  

However, he heard the small fish demon sincerely say, “If High God is not happy, I won’t mention it. However, is High God finally in breeding season? I came today, fortunately, to cook some internal heat relieving soup for High God….”

Her words had not fallen, when she realized that the stone stool in front of her was empty, also she wondered about where was High God’s outstanding disposition.

A Lian stared a bit blankly, then hurriedly walked outside of High God’s bedroom, then, sure enough, saw that the door was tightly closed. She did not bother to disturb him, but become extremely busy in the kitchen, cooking a good soup for High God, then returned to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion.     

The next day, A Lian went with Tian Luo and Xiao Zao respectively to the water department, and the wood department to report their names. While waiting for her turn, Tian Luo chatted with her at the fire department’s gate, and said,  “How about…You think it over again?” Tearfully speaking, she said, “Just for me, can’t you stay?”

A Lian comfortingly said, “It’s just a different department, we can still go to the cafeteria together sometime, also you and I still sleep together.”

Tian Luo also knew A Lian had decided on this mostly because of High God, and after a while, no longer tried to persuade her.

After finishing reporting their names, all the dust was settled.

Tian Luo looked around and saw that this fire department had more male members compared to the females. She saw that Huo Zheng, then recalled how during the new disciple competition, A Lian had not been shown even a little bit of mercy, immediately felt apprehensive and said, “I heard this Huo Zheng’s natural disposition is very cruel, but however is very exploitative. Altogether he had three fiancées, and he ate them all… by the end of their wedding night. A Lian, you are staying in the fire department, but be careful, and stay far away from him.”

Huo Zheng’s true appearance immediately scared people, plus with this sort of rumor, even being naturally handsome, tall and sturdy, with outstanding family background, there didn’t seem to be any young women’s families willing to go together.

A Lian said, “I see…but I don’t think he is that kind of person.” Even though she had been defeated by his hand, she was aware of the circumstances, but nevertheless, this Huo Zheng had still had few manner.

However, she also heard Xiao Zao say, “I indeed heard that too. A Lian, I’ll pick you up after school every day.”

A Lian lifted her head, turning her gaze at Huo Zheng in the distance, and saw a tall exquisite girl in a blue dress beside him, that looked naturally pleasant, delicate and pretty. She pointed, then said, “Then why is that young woman not afraid of him?”

Xiao Zao’s knowledge was wide, and said to A Lian, “That person is an East Sea Dragon female, with special admission as a new student, she is Huo Zheng’s younger cousin. I heard her eyes are the mouth of a spring, and when crying, it causes it to rain. Since she came to our  Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, prepare for a rainy day, because she can cause artificial rainfall, at any time, to settle drought.”

Tian Luo also said, “So she actually is, no wonder I did not see her at the new disciples’ competition, it’s good to have a specialty. I also heard a South Sea shark woman, whose specialty is crying tears of pearls, and also not required to do the competition.”

Xiao Zao nodded in agreement.

Tian Luo was a bit envious, but quickly returned, and continued to warn her, saying, “Remember, stay far away from that Huo Zheng.”

Free and Unlettered Palace Hall.

“Is anyone there?”

“Wuwuwu…save me, is anyone going to come and rescue this fish?”


Sprawled on his back on the couch, High God suddenly woke up from a dream, and soon after waking up, he sat up straight, and his mind full of that small fish demon’s cries for help.

He slowly turned his head, looking at the sunset glowing the whole sky. He had not expected this afternoon nap and had actually slept for so long.

He got up and walked to the window, and bent his head to look at the phoenix carving on the shelf, pulling his finger, suddenly recalled, that the small fish demon had not come to the Free and Unfettered Hall for three days.

Connecting the dots in the dream, Rong Lin frowned, then dressed in a proper robe, and hurriedly went to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion.

At this time, the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s disciples had already finished school, however, Rong Lin coincidentally met Tian Luo, and seeing her alone, stopped and asked her, “What about A Lian?”

Tian Luo was very surprised to see High God, then responding, said, “Xiao, Xiao Zao and I have been trying to find her. The last few days were fine, we often meet in the cafeteria after school, I don’t know what happened today…” She worriedly said, “That Huo Zheng’s nature is violent, A Lian couldn’t have been turned into a roasted fish and eaten by him?”

Rong Lin saw her weeping endlessly and could ask her nothing at the moment, but however used a secret immortal art, to sense the smell of that small fish demon, then hurriedly walked over to the Blue Wave pond.

The sunset over the western hills, twilight was heavy.

Hidden in the underbrush at the side of the Blue Wave pond, a somewhat faint flame could be seen behind the underbrush in the distance. A rich aroma floated over when he approached.  

Rong Lin immediately thought of something. Lowering his eyes, he strode behind the underbrush.

Squatting on the ground watching the fire, Huo Zheng with a soup ladle in hand was startled. His eyes moved up to High God’s face and responded, “High God Rong Lin.”

However Rong Lin did not pay attention to him, his gaze fell onto the broiler above the firewood. He saw what was boiling inside the pot, a milky white soup sprinkled with several mushrooms, small green vegetables. It realized a rich fragrance.

Huo Zheng seeing the large spectacle, politely said, “I just started to cook a pot of fish head soup. it is moderately salted and delicious. Would High God want to eat some?”

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