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Chapter 11: Birthday

“Not that one.” I was surprised, refused him almost subconsciously.

He immediately stood up to fetch the clothes he took off on the bedside.

Confused, I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Let’s stop seeing each other from now on…” He dragged his pants on himself with haste.

I was dazed. The romantic atmosphere suddenly vanished, and I had hoped to end our relationship nicely. “What are you so angry? It’s just a car. I can buy you another one…”

“No, I don’t want another one, I want exactly that one.”

“But that’s a gift from my brother, isn’t it like a slap in his face if I give that out? Hey…”

While I was still in the daze, he had slammed the door and left without hesitation. I chased after him bare-chested and saw the elevator door was about to close.

He stood there staring at me with a poker face. I rushed to pull the elevator door open, but halfway I noticed the odd expression on his face which made my heart flutter.


As I was still confused, he raised a foot and kicked on my fingers holding the elevator door. My hands slipped, and let it closed. Then I finally heard the giggles of the men and women behind him in the elevator.

The loosely attached bath towel on my waist fell on the floor during this mess. I heard gasps around me, but I didn’t care, just calmly picked the towel up, and wrapped it around myself. I pushed the crowds waiting for the elevator aside, and thought to myself, “What the fúck is this all about?”

*** *** ***

On his birthday, I packed a bouquet of roses and brought a cake to his apartment.

I waited for a long time after ringing the doorbell. Finally, someone yelled in an impatient voice, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Ou Jian Jun.”

The door was slammed open. Lin stood there bare-chested, and his expression showed that I was not welcome. Frowning idly, he asked,  “What are you here for?”

The smell on him explained everything. It’s not the first time I faced this type of situation, but this time it made me feel uncomfortable.

After all, I was still holding the roses in my hand.

I took a deep breath, reminding myself why I came here in the first place and managed to control myself, “Well, today is your birthday…so I am thinking…”

“Why didn’t you call in advance before coming? Wait for me; I will go find you later.”

He pushed me out while I was still baffled, “Just go.” Then banged the door.

I didn’t even have the chance to give him the cake.

I picked the cake myself and wrote some words for him on it. It was not a random pick ordered by my secretary upon my request. However, I didn’t expect to come here only to get my heart broken by such an ungrateful animal. I guessed it’s true that a man should be heartless; otherwise, people will stab on it without mercy.

I drove back home with nothing but anger in my stomach.

I didn’t remember dinner until I reached home, and I forgot to stop by the supermarket either. Looking at the empty fridge, and the cake on the table, I tore open the package frowning, got a fork and started eating. However, the parts with my words were left untouched because I still couldn’t make myself damage them.

At night, my head was so heavy that I couldn’t fall asleep. I could have called my sugar baby for some company, but on this particular evening, I missed a special person.

As I was half asleep and about to enter the dreamland, some dumbass started knocking on my door at 3 am in the morning.

I opened the door impatiently, and didn’t sound nice, “Can’t you see it’s so fúcking late what kind of bullsh*t do you have that can’t wait until tomorrow?”

Then I noticed that he was panting heavily and his face was all red. I stared at him coldly.

He gave me a smile and looked nothing like the playboy before as if he suddenly became a completely different man. He took a deep breath. “What if it’s not bullsh*t?”

“You dare to call your asshole fúcking things, not bullsh*t?”

He lifted the corner of his lips a bit, and the seductive him was suddenly back as if the serious one was a fake. “Didn’t you come every time because of that asshole fúcking thing?”

He squeezed the door open while talking, and jammed himself into the room sideways, embraced me from behind and put his chin on my shoulder. “Hmm? Are you angry?”

“Just stop acting like this. Are you letting me close the door or not?”

He just giggled and shut the door with his foot.

“Why is this bouquet of roses broken in pieces?”

I crushed them when I was walking downstairs from his apartment. When I noticed the roses, it was already too late.

I frowned, “You have too many questions. They looked like this when I brought them.”

He turned his head and gave me a kiss, “It is for me, right?”

“Only an idiot will buy you roses.”

“Hmm? Have you started eating the cake? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“Wait for you? Your waiting list has reached next year.”

“Tsk… Why’s your temper so horrible today?”

He walked to the table and sat down, picked up my fork and started eating. He had very elegant table manners and didn’t forget to turn around and thank me.

I almost thought this was not the Lin Ye I knew had I not known his talent in acting.

Under the light, his vigorous face softened, but in a second look, I could see the deep dark circles under his eyes. His body seemed drained, and only the frame was there barely supporting its owner, but he had an aura that I couldn’t describe in words.

I sat on a chair next to him and found it somewhat amusing. As much of a poser that he was, he did have the airs of a prince. No wonder he could make so many girls his captive.

He cut the cake into very fine pieces and seemed not to care about my bites that made the cake looked like a dog had attacked it, and treated them with great care.

After he had finished the entire cake, he wiped his mouth with a napkin, stared into my eyes and whispered, “You shouldn’t love me….”

I was amused, “Didn’t you say we’re just sex?” Rather than loving him, I would say I want to fúck him. Later, besides fúcking him, I also wanted to sleep while holding him in my arms.

“Then why are you looking at me like this.”

“I like looking at something good-looking.”

“Tsk, you are not angry now?”

“Not anymore.”

“So fast…”

“As long as you’re willing to beguile me.”

“I am serious.” He slightly frowned. People say, “To understand a woman’s heart is as hard as finding a needle in the ocean.” This man’s heart is no less elusive.

But I didn’t care, and I knew all the cliché responses anyway. I just didn’t want it to end here without reason. “Ha, you think it is your business who I fall in love with?”

He squinted his eyes. “You can’t afford it.

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