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Chapter 12: Disasters

“Heh heh,” I simpered, “You should feel lucky that I like you.”

He rolled his eyes, seemingly not in the mood to argue with me, and stood up. “The cake tastes pretty good.” Then fetch his coat and walked to the door.

“Where are you going? It’s late.” I was surprised, following him. Didn’t he come to stay over?

He turned around and stared into my eyes, with such seriousness that I had never seen on his face before. “Where is my birthday gift? I have told you I want that car.”

I hesitated, “That’s a gift from my brother. I really can’t…..”

“Not even the slightest chance? You are not going to consider it at all?”

“It’s not like I care about the money. If you ask for anything else, I will give it to you…Hey…”

He had put on the shoes at the vestibule, “That’s as much as I can say. Since you think I am less important than a car, do not contact me ever again. “

I was stupefied. “Why are you suddenly… You are being so unreasonable…”

“Ha…” His expression was gloomy and fierce, “I am not buying your sh*t…” He opened the door and left.

I put on my coat and chased him downstairs. The night wind was chilly. I rushed into my car and started it immediately.

Soon my front lights caught a slim silhouette hurrying on the side of the road, lonely and frail like a fallen leaf.

I rolled down my window and honked at him, “Lin Ye… Get on the car. I can give you a ride. “

He didn’t look back, staring steadily at the eternal, utter darkness in front of him. The night wind ruffled the hair on his forehead, but he seemed not aware of the coldness, just calmly asked me while walking ahead. “Give it to me?”

I clenched my teeth, “Give you a ride.”

“No thanks. I have my feet. “

“Why are you so difficult?”

“Fúck, so this is what you think it is? Me being difficult?”

“If you are not difficult then get in the car.”

“Stop ordering me around! Who do you think you are?” He abruptly stopped and turned around, pointed at me and yelled.

“It’s freezing outside, even if you don’t care, I don’t want you to catch a cold…” I was stumped, had no idea what stimulated him, so I tried to change the topic.

He gnashed his teeth, “My body is impenetrable.” But suddenly a cold shiver ran down his spine.

I couldn’t control my laughter, but he remained gloomy, staring at me with the cold and aloof eyes.

I was a bit confused, seeing him close his eyes, then open, as if it required great strength. “This is the last chance. I want that car.”


“No? Then fúck off. Don’t ever show up in front of me again. “

He walked farther and farther away. Hurried I stopped the car on the side of the road, pulled out the car keys and ran to him, yelling, “Lin Ye!!”

His steps paused.

Why is he so obsessed with that car?

I threw the keys at him, which slid down along his body to the ground, and dropped next to his feet. “What the fúck is wrong with you? Just for a fúcking car?” I shouted at him.

He turned around, slightly lifted the corner of his lips, raised a foot and stomp on the keys. “What? Throwing keys at me like I was a beggar? Master Lin doesn’t want it anymore. fúck off!”

When I finally regained myself, I was left alone, standing in the dark, cold night at a loss.

I stood there for a long time before digging out the keys from the dirt. Chu Yuan Jiang’s unique key ring was still attached to it. I raised my hand, and wiped clean the shoe print with my sleeve.

Ha, such a hard decision did I make…that turned out to be meaningless.

I raised my head, and saw that he had already faded away in the distance.

I felt a bit suffocated. Putting the keys in my pocket, I started walking back.

Oh, I forgot to tell him a happy birthday.

Looking up, I reached out my hand, was that snowflakes falling on my palm?

Right, the sunrise was still a long way ahead, now it’s the coldest time before the dawn.

Nobody could have predicted that the first snow came so soon.

*** *** ***

Without contacting me by phone, Chu Yuan Jiang drove me to his place directly with a low-key Santana.

“What happened?” I asked him on the drive.

He didn’t say anything, until he stopped the car, got off, and entered the main bedroom of his European-style mansion. I followed closely behind him, an ominous presentiment growing in my heart.

He stood with his back to me, rummaging in a locked drawer. I sat on his bed, glancing around, pretending to look calm, until he pulled out a shiny green jade pendant and hung it on my neck.

Touching the icy laughing Buddha hanging on my chest, I couldn’t hold back my astonishment, “Isn’t this the one you got consecrated in Myanmar to protect yourself?”

He said nothing but sat by my side, and his weight made the mattress sink by a lot. Holding a cigarette between his fingers, he tried multiple times lighting it up but failed.

As I was still waiting for him to say something, he twisted the cigarette into pieces and pulled out a hidden drawer under the bed, and pressed the password in front of me. It’s a combination of our birthday in the lunar calendar. There were six digits in total: the first three digits were his birthday, and the last three were mine.

I dazed when he opened the drawer. Inside were piles and piles of money. The red color from the hundred yuan bills almost made me dizzy.

I finally acknowledged that something was seriously wrong. I tried my best to sound calm, “What is this for?”

He pulled a plain looking bag out of nowhere and started piling the bundles of money in it. “Take them all so that they won’t benefit others.”

“What the fúck are you doing? Making a will?” My voice was trembling, but I couldn’t control it.

“Yes. “


“I don’t think I can make it this time. “

I dragged him by his collar and spoke to his face, “Don’t try to scare me…”

He looked peaceful, as if he had seen it all and known it all, and gave me a tiny smile. “At most it’s death. It’s better for all if I die.”

My entire body petrified. I clenched my teeth, “You need to calm down… So they want to forsake you as a pawn? Those ungrateful bástãrds! If you bite them back, perhaps you can come out due to exemplary services.”

He raised his head and glared back at me, his eyes were full of warnings, “You are the one that needs to calm down. Stop the nonsense if you have no idea what is going on.”

“I can’t take this money.”

He flipped his arms and caught my wrist, forcing me to take them. “This is all I could leave for you. There are three million in total, all of which are laundered cleanly, so no one can trace where they came. All my bank accounts are frozen, and I can’t use them. As for this jade, please wear it for me from now on. “

I took a deep breath. “My company’s market value is two hundred million, and I owned forty percent of the equity. Don’t panic. I can still sell my stakes and ransom you…”

“Nonsense. It is not gonna work. “

“How do you know if we don’t try?”

“Isn’t your company significant to you? Keep it and make it big…”

“I fúcking started the company because of you! If you go to jail what is the use of the enterprise?”

“Stop the bullsh*t, just take the money first.”

I clenched their teeth. “Fine. I will come back later.”

“Don’t come back.”

When I finally managed to hide all the money and drove back to Chu Yuan Jiang’s place, it was already midnight. In the distance, I could see police cars had surrounded the house. The sea of red and blue lights shining in the darkness was so bright that it almost turned the night into the day.

I almost blacked out at the sight of this. My car slipped, and nearly crashed into a tree


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