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Chapter 10: Sweet Love

I paid attention to what Chu Yuan Jiang was talking about, and soon knew why he was so worried. Someone higher up was investigating him. Judging by his expression, I suspected not only was he under investigation, but even his umbrella might be in danger.

In the past, there were dangerous situations like this that turned out to be false alarms, so I tried not to let my worries show up on my face, and kept my anxiety and prays for him secret.

That day I sent him home and planned to stay over at his place, but he kicked me out. “I have something else to do tonight.”

“Oh okay, bye then.”

*** *** ***

In a few days, the calendar on my phone reminded me that Lin Ye’s birthday was coming.

If something would happen to Chu Yuan Jiang in the future, I didn’t think I would have the time to play the game with Lin anymore. Honestly, I felt I started goofing around with him solely because I was too bored. Once I got busy, the entertainment should end.

After all, he gave me some enjoyable time, and we were pretty amazing friends with benefits, so I thought, since I still had the money, power and the time, I should give a perfect ending to the show.

I tried to be more patient with him, and showed my care more in daily life, giving him calls whenever I had free time. He was less flamboyant and wild than when we first met either, and seemed to become more and more clingy to me. Although all I cared about was his ass before, honestly these days I didn’t really have the mood for it, so I just responded to him like a real lover, thinking of ending it nicely.

“What?” His delighted voice came through the phone, “What do you want? My time is precious.”

“Haha, I miss you. Come have a meal together?”

“Don’t you know you need to reserve in advance to have a meal with me? The waiting list has reached next year, and you are not there.”

I laughed, “Fúck, do you think you are the No.1 host in the club? Master Ou has the money!”

The sound from his side sounded noisy, “Okay…no more joking with you, I really have something to do. Next time.”

Strange, when did Lin become so busy too.

“Okay, don’t make yourself too tired.”


During this time I really felt panicked, but I didn’t dare to call Chu Yuan Jiang. I don’t want to bring him extra stress. I couldn’t go to my sugar babies for comfort either, because I was still somehow a boss in front of them, and I needed to act like one, stay calm and confident, so I wouldn’t be able to relax at all.

So I kept harassing Lin Ye every day whenever I had the chance.

“Hey, what are you so busy doing? Haven’t seen you in quite a while.”

“Some family business.” He sounded serious this time, which was rare.

“Oh…I miss you.”

“Tsk, I think you miss my dick more.” His seriousness only lasted for one sentence, and now he’s back to the old Lin.

“fúck, I was missing your asshole.”

“Can’t you speak like a human?”

“I am an honest man, all I say is from the bottom of my heart.”

“Since you miss me so much, how about we meet at Royal Palace at 9? Still Room 2231.”

Hey, didn’t expect him to really say yes this time.

When I saw him in the evening, he looked exhausted, and clung to me immediately after entering the room. “You are such a fúcking pager….


“Beeping wherever I go.”

I picked him up and let him sit on my lap leaning on the sofa.

He raised a hand and touched the stubble on my chin. “How long has it been since the last time you shaved?”

“I did it this morning.”

He gave me an idle smile, “They hurt my face just now.”

“That’s because you’re too fragile.”

He didn’t fight back. I guessed he was indeed tired, crawling in my arms like a kitten.

“Hey…” When he spoke, his voice was a bit hoarse.

“Hmm?” I stroked his hair gently. He’s always like this. When he was wild he partied as if there’s no tomorrow, but when he was quiet, the way he looked could almost make anyone heartbreak.

The dim light made his eyes looked ethereal. He turned his head and lay on my shoulder. “You didn’t really fall in love with me, did you?”

“What do you think?”

“You’re just too bored.”

“Fúck, why do I have to be with you when I get bored.”

“Then why are you harassing me so much?” He tried to give me a self-desecrating smile.

In the past, I would definitely say something like, “You just want my dick in your ass do you?” “It’s your luck that Master Ou likes you.”

But the atmosphere was so warm and so romantic that it carried me away. It’s true, he always brought me troubles, why would I care for him at all?

I held his face and tried to study it. He didn’t say anything but looked back at me coldly with those eyes that were darker than the night.

I kind of understood. He’s so different than all the women I had been with…..They were with me for money, but he was with me for fun. Didn’t he have money? He did. Did he want something from me? For him, there’s nothing that I could offer. He wouldn’t say things just to please me, he just threw all his temper and caprice to me at will, and if I couldn’t take it than I should fúck off.

I raised my hand to stroke his short hair gently, meanwhile looking at the waning night outside of the panoptic window.

When I had no money, how many people really respected me? Now I had money, I became a sugar daddy for beautiful women and college students, just to compensate myself. They couldn’t have imagined this calm, confident man in front of them, who everyone called Boss Ou, Master Ou all the time, used to be a rubbish picking ghetto man.

But Lin Ye was different, he knew all my disgrace from the very beginning. He seemed to have the power to see through people in this aspect.

He made fun of me, he played all kinds of pranks on me, but he never really looked down upon me.

It must be the reason that I stayed intimate with him for such a long time, even though he was capricious and frivolous, I didn’t take it to heart.

Ha…I had been lonely for such a long time.

I raised his chin realizing this, and he was staring back at me with squinted eyes.

I gently kissed on his eyelashes, and he closed his eyes obediently.

A kiss without lust. It’s me trying to comfort him, and comfort myself at the same time.

When our lips separated, his hot breath blew on my face, and I wrapped in tightly in my arms.

Remembering someone’s talk about marrying Lin, I had a sudden enlightenment. This was just like choosing a wife. The best wife didn’t need to have a beautiful face, outstanding career, or be a perfect trophy wife that could make everyone jealous of you. She just needs to be able to understand you and value you after she has seen your true self.

“What are you thinking?” Asked he.

“I am thinking, it feels so good holding you in my arms.”

“Don’t you want to do something else?”

“You look very tired today. Just let me hug you for a while.”

He looked at me in surprise, paused for a moment, and said, “I have told you, we are just sex….

I impatiently locked his mouth with mine. Was I just a bástãrd that only cared about my p*nis in his eyes?

After the shower, I saw him watching the TV in a bath towel. I sat on the other bed, crossed my legs and started smoking.

“Your birthday is coming soon, is there anything that you want?”

The flashing color of the TV cast on his face and made his expression looked ambiguous. “What about giving me a car?”

“What kind of car do you want?”

He turned his head around and smiled at me. “I heard that you recently got a Cadillac…”

Translator’s notes:

  1. Cars, cars are so important! Literally they are involved in every central plot of the story. Do you think Ou should give the Cadillac, which is the gift from Chu, to Lin? Why do you think Lin would want this car?
  2. I see that everyone favors Chu over Lin, and as I translate the story I must admit Chu does seem much more likable than Lin to this point. It pains me to say it but I have to tell you Chu fangirls, you will probably only hate Lin more and more as the story progresses……I am coughing blood now, why, nobody likes the (official) uke……how could this work out as a yaoi novel……
  3. But, don’t worry, feel free(and strong) to ship Ou and Chu together, because this story is about them as well, Chu will not be dropped from the story, and if you Chu fangirls reach the ending maybe you will find your revenge. There is no borderline between love and hate, truths and lies, revenges and rewards here.
  4. I just naively followed the introduction the author gave me and never thought about a second shipping when I first read the story, so when I finished it on jjwxc, I was shocked to see so many people shipping Chu and Ou, because for me they’re brothers, and them being together felt almost like incest to me. You are clearly more insightful than me at that time~
  5. Next chapter is about the drama between Ou and Lin on Lin’s birthday. We are one chapter away till the big event(the first major plot twist!) takes place! Cheers!

Editor’s notes Anike:

Ou if you give him the car, I’m giving up on you.

I think I might be a sadist as I’m really excited to see the start of their downfall.  Happy reading.

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  1. Pijon says:

    Oh my goodness, I wish I found this sooner ;v; I kinda want to see the fangirls fighting over ships in the comments, lol. Also, I LOVE all the translator and editor comments ? My BL friends refuse to read danmei novels and it sucks because I really love seeing discussions on what I’m reading. But the comment sections and notes really do fill in that gap, so thank you~

    X’D as for me, I can’t choose ships when I see a Really Nice potential 3P in my grasp ❤❤❤ Lol, but hardly any author goes with the unpopular trio route. Which is sad. Guys, guys! Why fight with hatred when you can all fight in love? It gives an extra spicy dynamic to the relationship and they’ll never get bored if they keep trying to win each other over *hides away again*

    • summerx says:

      Haha I want to see ppl fighting over ships too! On wattpad everyone was supporting Chu at that time which was why I wrote the comments. There were a lot of fighting on jjwxc(the site where the original novel was posted) too.
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  2. peachnotblossoms says:

    If he gives him the car, he’s fuvked up, that’s one
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    I do have one thing I’ve been confused of though, when Ou and Lin meet up, do they do it? They say they do, but they also say they only touch. I’ve been assuming that they do, and Ou bottoms, but i feel like im misunderstanding things.

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    Lin is not a character I like, I don’t feel “comfortable” with him, his personality is like those white lotus outside but black inside, but I don’t know, maybe I see it from a different perspective than other people.

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