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Chapter 9: Dragging Out The Disciple For A Stroll When Free~

He didn’t expect that Gu Yunjue would be so susceptible. Mu Chen wavered a bit before he answered, “He’s an old friend.”

“Who is that old friend? It looks as if Master has a lot of old friends.” It was clear that Gu Yunjue wanted to know more about the old friend who made Mu Chen reveal a sad and reminiscing look of regret. Gu Yunjue slightly narrowed his delicate eyes into a pretty curve which hid the malice in his eyes. He pulled on Mu Chen and continued to ask him more questions.

Mu Chen dotingly patted his disciple’s back. “He’s an old friend, just an old friend.” Mu Chen didn’t have the desire to explain anymore. However, the little disciple in his embrace would not let it go. “What kind of person was your old friend? Does Master like him?”

“Hm.” Mu Chen lowered his gaze towards the ground, not wanting to say anymore.

“Do you like your old friend or your disciple more?” ?”

“You.”His tone already held a trace of impatience in it.

“By how much?”

“Hm.” Mu Chen endured….


“Hm.” Mu Chen continued to endure…


Mu Chen used a silencing spell on his little disciple. The expression in his eyes was one of annoyance. This little thing was so noisy. Where did all his questions come from?

Gu Yunjue opened his mouth only to discover that he couldn’t make any sounds come out. Thus he became aware that Mu Chen had done something to him. Gu Yunjue angrily smiled. His Master didn’t want to listen to him talk? He reached out and grabbed Mu Chen’s hair. He slightly twisted the tips of his hair between his fingers. With a smile on his face, he used the tips of hair to jab at Mu Chen’s face while he soundlessly mouthed, “Master, smile.”

Mu Chen tilted his head to avoid Gu Yunjue. He helplessly watched over Gu Yunjue. This naughty little devil!

Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes so that his peach flower eyes were bent like the curve of a new moon. He propped himself on Mu Chen. Gu Yunjue wanted Mu Chen’s face to show a different expression because of him during his thoughts. Gu Yunjue had already confirmed that the devil power inside Mu Chen was from the Spirit Devil Cultivation. It was impossible that his Master would have touched that cultivation method. The fluctuation of the devil power was also very close to his very own spiritual power. Gu Yunjue was now suspicious about if Mu Chen was like him. Did his soul return to his body from one hundred years ago? Had he carried it with him with one hundred years of learnt skills? How should Gu Yunjue feel this out?

The thought had just barely been raised in his mind when Mu Chen directly threw Gu Yunjue into the sky. With a toss of his hand, a round film of transparent spiritual power formed itself around Gu Yunjue. The film also had a cord form from the spiritual power below it. Mu Chen grabbed at the cord and with a light pull, Gu Yunjue followed his movements while swaying back and forth. Mu Chen felt that his disciple was being naughty to no end so this was the best way to stop him.

Silenced…. Thrown into the air…. Covered by spiritual power…. Pulled along as his Master walked!

Mu Chen raised his lips slightly. Perfect!

Gu Yunjue sat inside the bubble of spiritual power and looked down at Mu Chen. The tiny bit of unhappiness that rose inside his heart was defeated by Mu Chen’s slight smile. Gu Yunjue could feel his heart melting into a bowl of spring water. It was almost as if he could accept anything that this man did to him. He helplessly held his forehead and scolded himself silently. If it wasn’t because he went insane, then it must be because he had been hit by some magic. This situation wasn’t right!


After bringing a group of people with him, Yue Mingzhe and the others searched through the forbidden area but was not able to find anyone. He immediately gave the order to search Lofty Cloudy Sect and to not ignore any clues that were left behind. For a Synthesis Stage Devil Cultivator to come to the Immortal Realm, who would believe it if he were to say that he was here to visit his parents and friends?

“Could the child have seen wrong?” An old man clothed in black stroked his beard. He doubtfully said, “It doesn’t make sense that we weren’t able to sense any traces of power.”

“We’ll know if we ask Elder Mu.”

Yue Mingze knitted his brows together and felt uneasy, “This one will personally go.”

Another middle-aged cultivator that was clothed in black while holding a fan in his hands smiled and said, “I heard that the Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect wanted to become dao companions with Junior Brother Mu and that his card had also been sent to Sect Master. I’m not sure if these rumors are true or not?”

The name of this cultivator was Zheng Xuansu. He was indeed a Senior Brother that had higher seniority when compared to Mu Chen. Even though both Mu Chen and Zheng Xuansu were disciples of Dan Yanzi, Mu Chen had been the personal succeeding disciple and he had learned the cultivation method of the sect. Zheng Xuansu had just been a disciple in name. He had just learned the normal cultivation method. Although he couldn’t say that Mu Chen and Zheng Xuansu had a good relationship, their relationship also had not been a bad one. When you considered Mu Chen’s temper, as long as he wasn’t provoked, then he would also be too lazy to respond to other people.

Yue Mingze awkwardly answered, “Even though there are less female cultivators and even though tying a knot with another male doesn’t really matter, binding Yin with Yang is still the correct path to follow. Although Mu Chen looks like…. He’s still a man at the end of the day.” Though having a Lofty Cloud Sect Elder marry the Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect would make the relationship between the two sects stronger, Yue Mingze had never thought before that Mu Chen would be able to marry another person. On top of that, Yu Tianyi’s cultivation level had already reached the Immortalization Stage. He was just a step away from ascending. If Martial Uncle Mu were to be with him, then that would just be bullying in the end. Yue Mingze pulled up his face. Even if he was powerless in supporting Lofty Cloudy Sect at the moment, he still would not sell his Martial Uncle.

Zheng Xuansu used his folding fan to softly pat at his palm. Zheng Xuansu revealed a reminiscing expression on his face. “Junior Brother Mu is a pill cultivator. Before Master ascended, he was worried that after he passed away then Mu Chen would be bullied by others. He had wanted to find him a sword cultivator as a dao companion. At that time, Junior Brother’s cultivation level had not even been at the Core Formation Stage. Even though Master had found a few remarkable cultivators, he didn’t dare to mention it because of the large difference in their cultivation skills. Perhaps now is the right chance.”

Yue Mingze solemnly said, “That was before. The current Martial Uncle Mu doesn’t need anyone to protect him.”

Zheng Xuansu’s hand stopped. His face revealed embarrassment for a split second. He felt displeased by Yue Mingze’s stubbornness. “That’s true.” Although the firepower of Pill Cultivators were weaker than other cultivators, Mu Chen couldn’t be considered as just a common pill cultivator when you looked back at his performance during the trial assembly. In a short bit, Zheng Xuansu’s face returned back to normal. He then continued, “Directly rejecting this type of matter isn’t a good idea. Let’s ask Junior Brother Mu directly. He probably has his own opinion on this topic.”

Even though Yue Mingze’s face was calm and collected, he was inwardly sighing. Whatever Zheng Xuansu had said was right. He really didn’t have the power to make any decisions for Martial Uncle Mu. The only thing that he could do was to deliver the message to him later. After thinking up to this point, Yue Mingze’s hands that were hidden in his sleeves started to count off again. He was once again calculating the probability that Mu Chen would become hostile.


After Mu Chen went back home, he had Jing Ting and Jing Ming take Gu Yunjue out for a walk. While the three went out, Mu Chen set up a boundary in his room in order to heal himself.

Once Mu Chen had left, Jing Ming immediately reverted back to his childish nature. He started jumping around and pulling Gu Yunjue along with him up ahead. As they walked, Jing Ming also introduced the surroundings to him. The tail that was behind him was waving back and forth.

However, the expression on Jing Ting’s face was still cold. The gaze that he used to examine Gu Yunjue looked as if it were alienating him.

It only took a glance for Gu Yunjue to understand what Jing Ting was thinking about. His arrival had changed his Master’s normally peaceful lifestyle. This little wolfdog who was protected and fed was simply scared that his master (owner) would be taken away.

“This medicinal garden is cared for by Uncle Li. Look, isn’t it quite pretty?” Jing Ming pointed at the wide expanse of medicinal fields before them and showed them off to Gu Yunjue. “This was taken from the outside world by Palace Master. It doesn’t matter what he brings back. As long as it has a trace of vitality, then Uncle Li would be able to bring it back to life.”

While they were speaking, a middle-aged cultivator that was dressed in black walked over to them with a gentle smile on his face. The man was not very nice to look at. In fact, he looked a bit fiendish. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He also had a square-shaped jaw with a long beard covering it. His hands were clasped behind his back. It appeared as if he was holding something in his hands.

Gu Yunjue finally noticed that the other’s eyes unexpectedly did not focus when the man came closer. In other words, the man was blind.

People couldn’t help but be curious about a blind man who could plant several hundred miles of medicinal fields. What kind of magical ability did he have?

“Uncle Li!” Jing Ming happily ran over to Big Beard who shallowly smiled. He accurately found Jing Ming’s head and patted it. While he had a fiendish-looking face, the expression on his face was quite doting towards Jing Ming. When he faced Jing Ting, his face appeared to be very gentle.

“So this is the Palace Master’s new disciple. His foresight is never wrong! This young fellow must have something outstanding about himself!” Big Beard lowered his head and his sightless eyes were staring right at Gu Yunjue. He appeared to have detected something wrong when his eyebrows crinkled.

“Such a strange birth chart!” Big Beard said in amazement.

Gu Yunjue also sized up the other person. Gu Yunjue was positive that he had never seen this man before in his past life. He had either died within the last ten years, or he had left. A blind man that could deduce one’s destiny really was interesting.

Big Beard shook his head, no longer being serious. He handed the thing that he was holding to Gu Yunjue which was a large branch of Cold Fragrant Flowers. It was clear that the flowers were just picked. Even the petals still had dew on them. The white petals appeared glossy like jade. When the sun’s rays hit the flowers, there were light golden veins that were visible.

“Could you give this to your Master in my place so that I don’t have to take another trip?” After Big Beard had finished speaking, he waved at all three of them before he turned around to leave.

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes. The expression in his eyes was as frosty as a sharp sword. It looked cold and severe. For someone to have dared to send his little Master flowers, was it possible that there was someone else with feelings for his Master?

After taking a few steps, Big Beard suddenly stopped as if he remembered something. He hesitated for a moment and then turned around to look in Gu Yunjue’s direction. “Young fellow, make sure that you protect your Master well. It’s best if you keep yourself close to him.”

Gu Yunjue raised an eyebrow. The murderous intent that was expressed in his eyes disappeared without a trace. He would naturally follow his Master closely. However, the words of the other person made him feel unhappy. “What do you mean? Is Master in danger?”

“I can’t explain it well.” Big Beard shook his head in distress. “There’s a person reeking of blood. However, I cannot tell at all whether he is happiness or disaster for him.”

The vague phrase made Gu Yunjue feel even more restless as he watched the figure of the other person disappearing off into the distance. Gu Yunjue had to push down the thought of searching through the other’s soul. He had to endure it if he didn’t want to make Mu Chen angry.

Jing Ming noticed that Gu Yunjue was “staring blankly”, and he assumed that Gu Yunjue was frightened. Jing Ming poked his Gu Yunjue’s shoulder while trying to comfort him. “Palace Master is so strong. It’s impossible that he would be in any danger. You don’t need to worry about it.”

However, Jing Ting who was standing at the side didn’t have a good expression on his face. Uncle Li had never calculated anything wrong. Since he said that there was something, then he must have seen something. Don’t tell him that the person who would save Palace Master would be a little bun whose origin was unknown?

Jing Ming pulled on Gu Yunjue and hopped around while saying, “I’ll take you to see Master’s calabash. One vine has seven of them. There’s an orange one, red one, yellow-green one, green-blue one, blue one, and a purple one. Each calabash has a different color. Even the attributes of each one aren’t similar to each other. Isn’t that really magical?”

Jing Ming’s action caused Gu Yunjue to return to his senses. He also sighed ruefully. The person who had fled whenever he saw him in his past life was now clowning around in front of him. Life was truly weird. He shook his head, declining Jing Ming’s offer. He then asked Jing Ming, “What type of person is this Uncle Li?”

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “I think my feelings for my little Master isn’t quite right. The desire that I feel isn’t quite right either.”

Black Meow: “By the time you notice that something is wrong, my family’s Mu Chen will be done for! You perverted scum without any shame! You rogue! You stinky flirt!”

Gu Yunjue pulls his sword out.

Black Meow pulls out her dear fifty centimeters long doubled sided silver machete with blood-colored grooves. She added thirteen thousand five hundred big pointed sticks and another eight hundred and sixty thousand landmines. She then rushed forward. The little Master is mine!!!

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