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Chapter 10: If I Have To Marry Him, Then I’m Better Off Marrying You. Want To Marry?

Gu Yunjue turned towards Jing Ming and asked, “Just who is this Uncle Li?”

Jing Ming tilted his head. He thought for a bit before he answered, “Five years ago, he came to ask Palace Master to heal his injuries. After his injuries were healed, he wanted to pay Palace Master back before he left. From that point on, he had always been there to help Palace Master plant medicinal plants. We also have no idea about where he came from. All we know is that he is a good person.”

Gu Yunjue looked down at the branches of Cold Fragrant Flowers in his arms. The pure wood spiritual power exuding from the flowers was not something that an ordinary person could possess. This was a natural gift. It wasn’t something that you could simply learn. Gu Yunjue caressed the branches that were in his hand. He pushed down the doubt that stirred in his heart and suddenly smiled to himself. His little Master was someone that attracted strange people.  


Mu Chen took an Essence Returning Pill and meditated for an hour. After doing so, he was finally able to heal his injured organs and body. Fortunately, that devil qi did not have the intention to attack him. It had avoided his purple dantain and spirit terrace. If it were the case where his purple dantain and spirit terrace had been attacked, then his cultivation level would have dropped. He would then have to go into seclusion in order to heal himself.  

Once Mu Chen opened his eyes, they appeared to be clear and calm. At his side, there was a white flame that suddenly appeared. Mu Chen extended his finger and the flame turned into a butterfly that was slightly dancing. It landed on top of his beautiful slender finger. His clear eyes became brighter and more gloomy as it followed the movement of the flame. He thus made a resolution to himself. Once his disciple reached adulthood, he would then go out to find medicinal herbs that would rid him of the fire poison inside his body.

It was at this moment that a familiar breath was transmitted in from the outside. After Mu Chen had determined who it was, the flame on his finger disappeared. Mu Chen’s figure flashed and he found himself already at the bamboo forest.

Soon after, Yue Mingze’s silhouette appeared.

Once he caught sight of Mu Chen, Yue Mingze subconsciously straightened himself. Even his skin was taut. Whenever Yue Mingze saw his Martial Uncle, he was reminded of the clear mental shadow from his childhood. Seeing Mu Chen would make him feel terrified like a quail. Yue Mingze decided to get to the point of why he was here since he knew that Mu Chen didn’t like when things were long-winded. “I think that there were a lot of odd factors in the matter of you being attacked by a devil cultivator. I would like to know what happened that day, if Martial Uncle could spare the time?” Yue Mingze observed Mu Chen’s expression as he spoke. Yue Mingze noticed that Mu Chen’s expression appeared to be a mild one. In this case, he must not be in a bad mood today. Yue Mingze felt more at ease.  

Yue Mingze watched as Mu Chen made his way towards a stone table within the bamboo forest. He sat down and nodded his head towards the other side, indicating for Yue Mingze to sit down. Yue Mingze hurriedly adjusted his clothes and obediently sat down. Yue Mingze adjusted his waist and back so that they were perfectly straight.  

Mu Chen felt puzzled by this. “Are you afraid of me?”

Yue Mingze shook his head around like a rattle. His face was full of cold respect. “I’m not afraid! How can I be afraid of a gentle man like Martial Uncle?!”

A few maids were unable to restrain their smiles after hearing Yue Mingze’s words. There were a few people who had called their Palace Master a cold-faced nobleman. However, gentle was one description that they had not heard before.

Mu Chen also felt flabbergasted. He tilted his head to the side and thought about what he had done to make Yue Mingze scared of him to this point. Mu Chen thought that his memory was really good, so he could remember a lot of things clearly. However, no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t remember the reason why Yue Mingze was scared of him. This Martial Nephew had been picked up by his Senior Martial Brother. At that time, he had been injured so he was sent to Mu Chen for treatment. At that time, the child’s appearance was a white and tender one. The child had been full of life. Mu Chen was very good to him, and he took very good care of him.  

Since Mu Chen was unable to think of the cause, he thus gave up on it. He had the maids make him some tea before he thought about matters in the mountains that were located in the back. His face suddenly turned blank and he looked Yue Mingze in the eyes. He then solemnly spoke, “The person who attacked me was an old man that was dressed in black. His face had been covered.”

A man that rarely lied had repeated what the five year old child had said before. Thus, Yue Mingze did not doubt him and nodded his head. He had been prepared to listen to the whole story when Mu Chen sucked in a breath. His voice was not affected in the least. “He’s gone.”

His voice was like a cup of sake. It was pleasant to the point that people felt intoxicated. However, it sounded way too short. It was short to the point that people felt stuffy.

“Gone.…” Yue Mingze widened his eyes, “You didn’t say as much about it like your disciple did. At least your disciple told us what direction he ran away in.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. The expression on his face was that of pride. “That is only natural. My disciple is smarter.”

Yue Mingze: “……” Can’t we have a proper conversation, my Uncle?

It looked as if this subject was too impossible to continue. Yue Mingze hesitated for a moment before he pulled out a red visiting card. He carefully looked at Mu Chen’s face as he pushed the card bit by bit towards him. There was a feeling that he would immediately pull it back. “This is the visiting card from Ten Thousand Sword Sect. They want to ask if Martial Uncle could look at Daoist Xing Xuan’s injuries.”

Yue Mingze had just taken tea from the maid. He had wanted to drink a mouthful in order to build up his courage. He was aware that the matter would probably offend Mu Chen.   

He didn’t expect that Mu Chen’s face would turn as cold as frost from just hearing about Ten Thousand Sword Sect. He murderously picked up the visiting card and looked at it. He then slapped it on the table.

“Not going,” Mu Chen said through gritted teeth.

That old Xing Xuan had used quite a bit of effort in order to force himself to death. Every sentence that he spoke was trying to put himself towards death. Why didn’t he say anything about Mu Chen saving his life before?”

“Pfft!” After being frightened by Mu Chen, the tea directly sprayed out from Yue Mingze’s mouth. His whole body felt fear. “Martial…. Martial Uncle?”

The murderous intent that was in Mu Chen’s eyes did not lower itself. “Is there another matter?”



“Yes, there is! Actually, they wanted to ask for a connection through marriage. The Master of Ten Thousand Sword Sect wants to meet you. I originally wanted to refuse. However, I can’t stand in your place and make the decision for you….” Yue Mingze’s voice became smaller and smaller. The face of a Sect Master that he had worn before was now sent flying in fear. His face was extremely red from nervousness.  

Mu Chen coldly looked at Yue Mingze. He looked at the other so much that the other felt as if he were being ridiculed. Yue Mingze felt as if his butt was hurting from just sitting there. It was only then that Mu Chen took the chilliness off his face and put on a fake smile. He then said, “If I have to marry him, then I’m better off marrying you. Want to marry?”

Currently, Mu Chen had on a simple but elegant blue magical gown. A gold crest bound his hair together. His black hair flowed and hung at his waist. His hair slightly fluttered in the wind. His immortal beauty was faintly discernible. His face was a bit pale and brought out his eyes that were bright like stars. Normally, Mu Chen didn’t have any expressions on his face. However at the moment, he had on a cold smile. Even if it were a cold smile, his delicate features really made one lose their senses and become dazzled.  

Even though Yue Mingze didn’t have any special feelings towards Mu Chen, he found himself unable to look away. In his mind, he thought that it was a good thing that Mu Chen didn’t like to smile. Otherwise, there was no telling how many people would be obsessed with him.

“Hehe, Master, who is it that you’re going to marry?”

Yue Mingze still had not been able to react when the crisp voice of a child broke the awkward atmosphere. Gu Yunjue smiled childishly as he held a bundle of “branches that weren’t blooming but were sent to Master by a big ugly man who had feelings for him.” His delicate eyes and brows were all bent. The tear-shaped birthmark on his face catered to his “good mood” along with his rosy cheeks.

This was just great. He had only left for a short while only to come back and find out that his little Master wanted a dao companion. It was even a weak and cowardly oaf[1] of a man! His Master had even smiled at him!

Didn’t his Master agree that Gu Yunjue could raise him after he had raised him till he was grown up? Don’t tell him that this oaf that could be broken with one jab was more important than his disciple?

He really needed to hide this person who did not listen to him somewhere away from others so that Mu Chen would not be able to see anyone other than him!

After noticing how brightly his disciple was smiling, Mu Chen stopped scaring Yue Mingze and beckoned Gu Yunjue to come on over.

Gu Yunjue climbed onto Mu Chen’s lap and directed his line of sight towards Yue Mingze who was sitting across from him. Yue Mingze suddenly felt his scalp go numb. An extremely dangerous feeling surrounded his body. The feeling especially surrounded his spirit soul. Nothing happened, yet Yue Mingze still frowned as he felt as if this child was not the same as it was when he had met him before. That second where he had felt a grave and unpleasant feeling and that sweet smile seemed to carry a bit of evilness.  

Yue Mingze had wanted to speak up when Mu Chen had already picked up his teacup. He tested the temperature with his hands before he moved it to Gu Yunjue’s mouth. The cute expression on the child’s face made him doubt whether his eyes were blurring. A trace of content also flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. After Gu Yunjue had returned, he placed all his thoughts onto his little disciple. He didn’t spare Yue Mingze another glance. Yue Mingze watched this scene and was unsure about whether he should chase after what he had felt before. Yue Mingze awkwardly said, “Little Junior Brother has really changed. It’s almost as if he has become a whole other person after being raised by Martial Uncle. He’s become much more sturdy.”   

Mu Chen accepted the praise from the other person. With a cold expression on his face, Mu Chen replied back, “I raised him well.”

Gu Yunjue clasped his two hands around the teacup that he had just drank out of. He cleverly handed the cup over to Mu Chen. “Master, have some tea.”

The unhappy expression that had been on Mu Chen’s face eased up in that moment. He didn’t mind that Gu Yunjue had drank out of the cup. He softly drank a mouthful of the tea with a gentle expression in his eyes.

The Master and disciple pair before Yue Mingze were getting along great. The current Gu Yunjue that was being waited on was no different from any other child. Yue Mingze pressed down the doubt that was within his heart and didn’t mention it again. He rose and did the proper curtsy. He then spoke, “I will leave now and I will come to see Martial Uncle on another day.” In the end, he had come and said this much. However, it all ended up being nonsense in the end. Since nothing was resolved, staying any longer would not make any difference.  

“Wait,” Mu Chen called out to Yue Mingze. Gu Yunjue had already calmed Mu Chen down from his irritated mood earlier. “There must be a reason why Yu Tianyi wants to be dao companions with me even though there’s no feelings involved. I will write him a letter so that this matter will not be mentioned again. As for Xing Xuan’s injury…humph…See how you can refuse him of my help.”

Yu Tianyi’s reputation within the Immortal Realm was not a small one. Amongst the four sects, Ten Thousand Sword Sect, which he was the head of, was above Lofty Cloudy Sect. The aptitude of Yu Tianyi was one in ten thousand. He was already a step away from the next stage. In a few years, he would probably be able to ascend into the God Realm. Offending him wouldn’t be a good idea. How could Yue Mingze tactfully refuse him?

Mu Chen noticed the suffering on Yue Mingze’s face that showed that he wanted to ask some questions but didn’t dare to. Mu Chen gave him an annoyed glance before he coldly told him, “Yu Tianyi has a Junior Brother who supervises a lot of junk within his sect. Tell him that I find his Junior Brother unpleasing. Use this as the reason.”

“Ji Qingyuan?!” Yue Mingze looked at Mu Chen with doubt on his face, “Martial Uncle, Ji Qingyuan is famous for being a noble gentleman.”

Mu Chen coldly scoffed. “A noble gentleman? Hmph! He’s just a hypocrite! He’s so narrow-minded that he may as well be a court eunuch.” Mu Chen would immediately take off that person’s fake mask and let everyone know just how dirty he actually was inside! Mu Chen had been blind in his past life. He had become friends with that person and in the end, his disciple’s life was taken as payment.

Mu Chen rubbed Gu Yunjue’s head. His gaze made its way into the bamboo forest and into the depths of the mountains. In his heart, suspicions piled up. For what reason did Yu Tianyi want to become dao companions with him? In his past life, he had not heard of this matter. The other’s cultivation was much higher than his and he was also the Sect Master. It would be impossible for Yu Tianyi to have such thoughts from one meeting with him.

Mu Chen had never believed in imaginary emotions. He felt that it was superfluous for cultivators to have such emotions. Mu Chen suddenly remembered that before his rebirth, Yu Tianyi had wanted to pass on the Sect Master position to Ji Qianyang. He had also wanted to go into seclusion and never come out of it. Was there something wrong with Yu Tianyi’s body?

The Nine Yang Dark Fire within his body was born with the Nine Serene Cold Ice. He had obtained it ten years ago at a secret boundary after narrowly surviving.  It had also allowed for his cultivation to rise from the Mid Nascent Soul Stage directly into the Early Demigod Stage. However, fortune and disaster came together. It was also at that time that he had gotten fire poisoning.

The other could not be like him and use pills to save himself. He could only use Mu Chen’s Nine Yang Dark Fire to dispel him. It made sense why he wanted to have this marriage.

After noticing Mu Chen fall into his own thoughts, Yue Mingze wanted to bid goodbye. However, Gu Yunjue suddenly spoke up with a face full of childishness. “There’s no need to leave yet, Senior Brother Sect Master. I have one more thing that I don’t understand.”

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “You dare to make my Master carry me when we go to meet other people! I cannot forgive you for this!”

Black Meow: “This is only natural. When your Master was born, you weren’t even an embryo yet.”” ╮(╯▽╰)╭


[1]It’s also pumpkin in another dialect

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