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Chapter 11: Having You Is Enough

Gu Yunjue suddenly called out to Yue Mingze, “Senior Brother Sect Master, there’s no need to leave yet. Before, you said that you hadn’t planned on telling this to Master. Who made you change your mind?”

Yue Mingze was astonished as he looked Gu Yunjue in the eyes. He really wanted to find some clues in them. It was a pity that besides childish curiosity, he couldn’t find any coldness or evilness within them. He slightly smiled and mildly replied, “It was Elder Zheng, who was also Martial Uncle Mu’s Senior Brother while they were both under the same Master.”

Mu Chen coldly scoffed and raised an eyebrow at Yue Mingze. Mu Chen wondered if beating Yue Mingze up would solve the other’s problem of being weak-hearted.[1]

Yue Mingze sensed that something was wrong and he immediately slipped away.

Once Yue Mingze made it back home, he thought about how he should write back to Ten Thousand Sword Sect. ‘

Thinking up to that point, Sect Master Yue couldn’t keep pretending anymore. He ferociously grabbed at his hair. He felt like knocking his head against the wall the entire time. The reason that his Martial Uncle had given him could not be used. What reason could he actually use to reject them that wouldn’t cause any trouble? Yue Mingze suddenly thought about Gu Yunjue’s eyes from earlier. Yue Mingze’s mind moved. He had an idea!

Wouldn’t Fifth Junior Brother be the best reason? Mu Chen’s disciple was too young and couldn’t be separated from his Master. This type of reason was something that even Ten Thousand Sword Sect could not refuse. At this moment, Sect Master Yue felt as if he was a genius.

While Yue Mingze felt excited, he did not know how the other people who saw him earlier felt….

After Yue Mingze had left, Gu Yunjue clasped his hands onto Mu Chen’s face. The expression in his eyes was chilling. Inside his Master’s heart, there should be no one that he found attractive except for Gu Yunjue. Why should he worry about a little person like Ji Qingyuan? If Mu Chen wanted the three realms, then Gu Yunjue would still praise him before offering it all up to him. His Master didn’t need to think much into it. All his Master had to do was keep his eyes only on his disciple.  

Mu Chen helplessly pulled off the two claws that were on his face. This little disciple really liked doing this type of action. Perhaps it had to do with his intimateness and dependence towards his Master. However, Mu Chen could not let his disciple get accustomed to this. As a strict Master that would not spoil his disciple, he needed to stop him.

Gu Yunjue stubbornly went closer to Mu Chen once again. His two hands rested on top of Mu Chen’s shoulders. Gu Yunjue and Mu Chen were so close to each other that their breaths were touching. No matter what, Gu Yunjue was unable to calm the worry down inside his heart. It felt like there was a vacancy inside his heart. However, he did not know how to fill it. It was only through being closer and touching the man beside him that Gu Yunjue could feel that this man belonged to him. The alluring peach flower eyes of Gu Yunjue could not hide the malice within them. While his pitch black eyes were serene like the Black Sea with no waves within, there seemed to be a crazy storm brewing inside his eyes.  

He faintly smiled and asked Mu Chen, “Master, who was it that you said you wanted to marry just now?”

Mu Chen once again removed Gu Yunjue’s hands. He firmly held onto Gu Yunjue’s two claws to prevent him from acting up again. Mu Chen tilted his head slightly and thus missed the current expression on Gu Yunjue’s face.

Gu Yunjue crawled up onto Mu Chen and held onto his neck. He held him close to him while a deep gloomy expression shone from his eyes. “Master, if you must find a dao companion, then you must tell me first.”  The sharp and clear voice of Gu Yunjue carried the softness of a child his age. However, the coldness within his voice caused Mu Chen to feel apprehensive.

Was Gu Yunjue afraid that he would be abandoned once Mu Chen found himself a dao companion?

After thinking up to that point, Mu Chen clumsily comforted Gu Yunjue. “Master won’t find himself a dao companion.” Mu Chen looked at his disciple who was raising his eyes. Inside his disciple’s eyes, Mu Chen was able to notice that Gu Yunjue was attempting to appear strong on the outside. However, deep inside, he was still a weak child. Mu Chen sighed. This little guy really was sensitive and weak. He tightly hugged the child. With his chin pressed against the child’s cheek, he gently and softly whispered in a low voice, “Having you is enough for Master. We already agreed that when you grow up, you will support me.”

Gu Yunjue blankly stared for a moment before he smiled. The hollow feeling that was in his heart was now filled by Mu Chen’s words. His heart thus calmed down. It was very strange. However, it felt pretty good.

Gu Yunjue took out a thin cloth from his bosom. He then used that cloth to seriously and carefully wipe the hand that Mu Chen had used to pick up that visiting card earlier. At this point, he had already one hundred percent confirmed that Mu Chen really did carry his memory from the past and was reborn. Since Mu Chen was a person that could not hide things easily, love and hate from Mu Chen could be easily seen with a glance. According to their past lifetime, then the relationship between Master and Yu Tianyi would have been pretty good around this time. As long as the request of the other didn’t go overboard, then his Master would have agreed to it. When it came to treating the injuries of an Elder, it would have been a simple matter for his Master. However, he had refused.  

Furthermore, there was Ji Qingyuan. His Master shouldn’t know about him at this moment. He usually gave no care towards the average person, yet he had said that Ji Qingyuan was a hypocrite. All the evidence showed that Mu Chen already knew what would happen later. However, why was he being so good to him? Why didn’t he immediately kill him to avoid disaster in the future? Didn’t Gu Yunjue lead him to his death in the past?

Gu Yunjue appeared absent-minded as he kept thinking about it. Mu Chen’s finger was really pretty. His joints were slim, slender, and fair. The skin also appeared tender and glossy. The temperature of Mu Chen’s hands felt just right when he held it.  

At this time, Mu Chen was also absent-minded. How great it would be if his little disciple never grew up? Then his little disciple could always depend on him while being worried about being abandoned. His little disciple would be so filial towards him as to wipe his hands and serve him tea. However after he grew up, he would be flying away from him.

Jing Ting and Jing Ming, who had run around in a circle, returned back home to find the scene of the Disciple wiping off his Master’s hand. The expression on the faces of both appeared to be treasuring of each other. It was hard for other people to break this atmosphere between the two. They had never seen Mu Chen being so careful with anyone before. The brothers both glanced at each other and noticed the puzzled expression in each other’s eyes. Jing Ming thought in his mind,

The telepathy of the twins was really good beyond words. They had only glanced at each other but already knew what the other was saying. Jing Ting felt as if he were shocked by a bolt of thunder. He raised his foot and sent the other flying.

Jing Ting crawled up and patted his behind. He continued to be in the state of shock.

Jing Ting quickly pulled his sword out and mercilessly chopped down at his younger brother. For the Howling Moon Heaven Wolf Group to have such an idiot, they were really sorry towards their ancestors. Instead, Jing Ting will take his parent’s place and kill this idiot. Perhaps his brother could be reborn again!

As the two were fighting, it almost seemed as if they were enemies that hated each other. Hing Ming was unable to beat Jing Ting. However, his mouth was more agile than the other. As he was being beaten up, he scolded the other. “Are you a person or not? Want to kill me and monopolize the entire properties of the families? Our dad was poor to the point only fur remains and yet you, as the older brother is still fighting me over it! Just kill me, after you kill me, I won’t let you off as a ghost! The more you beat me I will go find you a stepmother and not feed you everyday!”

Jing Ting was angry to the point that his face turned black. He hated his brother for not meeting his expectations. He thus said to his brother, “Hurry up and get rid of all those picture books! You are not allowed to read those retarded things in the future!”

The fight made Mu Chen return back to his senses. He took out the thin cloth in Gu Yunjue’s hands before he threw it to a maid that was on the side. He then picked up the branch of Cold Fragrant Flowers that Gu Yunjue had left on the table. His figure flashed away with Gu Yunjue in tow. They then found themselves in the hot springs of the mountains in the back.

Mu Chen placed Gu Yunjue on the ground and placed the branches of Cold Fragrant Flowers into the spirit spring to soak. He did not wait for Gu Yunjue to speak before he picked Gu Yunjue back up and traveled to the mountains in the back.

From afar, the sweet scent of an immortal fruit assaulted their senses. While Gu Yunjue and Mu Chen stood in the air and looked below them, they could notice all kinds of flowers blooming. The flowers looked beautiful in many different types of colors. Above the flowers, there was a white fog that rose in spirals. Gu Yunjue could see all kinds of spirit beasts and demon beasts walking amongst the flowers. A few of the cute looking spirit beasts stopped when they saw Mu Chen and curiously looked at Gu Yunjue in his arms. They assumed that Mu Chen had picked up another companion. However, this one was a person.

Was Mu Chen trying to throw him in here so that he could raise him?

Gu Yunjue was confused as he looked at Mu Chen. Why did Master bring him here? Was it to introduce him to his new playmates?

Mu Chen, who was carrying Gu Yunjue, finally landed. He placed Gu Yunjue onto the ground. Mu Chen held onto Gu Yunjue’s small hand. The white shoes of both the Master and Disciple walked over the dead leaves. As they walked over the dead leaves, some crackling sounds were made. Mu Chen still hadn’t spoken yet. Gu Yunjue also hadn’t spoken yet as he didn’t want to break the warmth that was between them. They both walked over to a waterfall. The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth slightly rose upwards. He then said to Gu Yunjue, “Close your eyes.”

“Mas…ter, you smiled.” Gu Yunjue had seen so many beautiful people before considering that the Devil Realm’s ability to charm others was the best compared to all three of the realms. However, there was never anyone that could shake his heart from a slight smile. Gu Yunjue blanked out for a moment.

Mu Chen noticed that his disciple was just staring at him and that he was not closing his eyes. He unhappily covered the other’s eyes for him. His foolish disciple did not know how to comply with his instructions. Perhaps his disciple was lacking in education and needed to be educated more.  

Mu Chen raised his other hand and waved it around with spiritual power. The waterfall that was in front of them parted to reveal a cavern. The entrance was not very big and looked like it was just a passageway. Mu Chen carried Gu Yunjue as he flashed through the cavern. The voice of Mu Chen that carried some joy in it softly passed through his ears, “Yin’er, open your eyes.”


[1]What he means by weak here is that Yue Mingze was weak in his opinions, and that he’s easily persuaded by others.

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