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Chapter 8: Master, What Kind Of Death Is Dying From Excessive Ejaculation?

“Just now, you said that there was news. What is it?” Mu Chen asked Chu Qianshuang.

“Ah! As I was coming here, I heard that the Cave Master you burnt earlier has died. Isn’t it very inspiring?” Chu Qianshuang animatedly jumped around. He did two laps around Mu Chen before he went and pulled Jing Ting’s hair. This provoked Jing Ting and caused him to raise his sword in order to chop him. The two youngsters who looked to be the same age both held swords and started flying about in the sky. There were sparks that flew out whenever they clashed their swords together. Mu Chen rose his hand to create a boundary. However, after noticing that Gu Yunjue looked interested in the fight, he allowed them to fight with each other.

The two of them clashed for a while before they both fell to the ground. Jing Ting coldly scoffed once before he went to stand behind Mu Chen. He didn’t say anything else. His face was as cold as ice and frost.

Chu Qianshuang clutched his waist and also scoffed once. Whenever he saw Jing Ting put on a cold face like his Master, he gets this urge to beat him up! He had no actual reason for this. He just wanted to beat him up for pleasure. It was a pity that there wasn’t much difference between their skills in martial arts. Neither of them would be able to win against each other. After clapping his hands together, Chu Qianshuang sat across from Mu Chen and bluntly asked the maid to get him some chopsticks. He then sat down and started to eat.

Jing Ming looked at Chu Qianshuang who was eating like he had starved himself from several meals. “Your Master doesn’t give you anything good to eat?” Jing Ming mocked him.

Chu Qianshuang hurriedly placed a piece of meat into his mouth before vaguely replying, “Master said that I should abstain from eating so that I could eat less and move around more. He also said that if I eat anything more, then I would turn into a fat ball and that I wouldn’t be so lively.”

After Mu Chen noticed that the other was swallowing without stopping, he expressionlessly watched Gu Yunjue with eyes that were brighter than usual.

Gu Yunjue’s mouth twitched and he smiled at Mu Chen, pretending that he didn’t understand what Mu Chen was hinting at. Gu Yunjue was already bursting with food and he still couldn’t compete with this pig in an eating contest. It was better that his Master forgot about it.

After swallowing down another plate of meat like the wind, Chu Qianshuang continued, “I’m not done with the news yet. Since we’re on the topic of inspiring people, I still haven’t said the most universally shocking part of this story.”

Mu Chen didn’t look as if he was the least bit interested in the gossip. He only seemed interested in his little disciple’s appetite….

“The universally shocking part is how that Elder died. After remaking his body yesterday, he made love with two servant girls and died from excessive ejaculation at the scene. This has already been transmitted throughout the entire Lofty Cloudy Sect. He was already old yet he couldn’t save his integrity.”

Mu Chen quickly covered Gu Yunjue’s ears and looked at Chu Qianshuang in annoyance. He didn’t know how Liu Hanzhi taught his disciple. He was so young yet he already understood everything.

Unfortunately for him, Gu Yunjue had a face of ignorance that held the desire for knowledge. Thus Gu Yunjue asked him, “Master, what kind of death is dying from excessive ejaculation?”

Mu Chen replied to Gu Yunjue, “….It means that it’s a really bad way to die.” To prevent his disciple from following bad examples, Mu Chen pulled Gu Yunjue’s hand and walked away.

Gu Yunjue snickered to himself. His Master’s vocabulary was so small. His mouth was so stupid. Whenever he lied, his eyes would be fixed on the person that he was lying to and he would use a serious appearance. It was really adorable.

Chu Qianshuang hurriedly yelled out, “Grand Martial Uncle doesn’t need to see me out and my Master had me come here in order to deliver a gift to you.” After stuffing one last meatball into his mouth, he wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He then pulled out a sword from his storage bracelet. On the black sword’s scabbard, there was a nine petal lotus carved on it. A murderous intent could be felt in the surrounding air the moment it appeared. Anyone could tell that it was in no way an ordinary item. “Master said that the attribute of this sword was just right for Little Martial Uncle. He said that he could tell that Little Martial Uncle fitted this sword with just one look at it. He also said that having him learn pill alchemy was too wasteful….blah blah….” His mouth wouldn’t stop at all.

Mu Chen was unhappy and he hugged Gu Yunjue tightly. That ice cube had peeped on his disciple and used his own disciple to send his old sword to Mu Chen. Was it because he felt that his disciple was so clever and adorable that he wanted to snatch him up? In his dreams!

Gu Yunjue tightly held onto Mu Chen’s neck. The expression on his face was dark. Maybe that sword cultivator who in the past had dared to charge into the demon realm by himself liked his Little Master? Otherwise, why would he send such a precious thing to his Master? Did he want to indirectly win his Master’s favor? In his dreams!

Mu Chen waved his sleeve, throwing a bottle of pills to Chu Qianshung that was just like the pills he had given to Gu Yunjue. He needed to quickly make him leave so that his little disciple won’t be misguided by Chu Qianshuang whenever he wasn’t paying attention.

After Mu Chen had gotten Chu Qianshuang to leave, Gu Yunjue smiled and asked, “Master, that person was….”

“He’s the disciple of Hanyang Palace. You can just him ‘Little Six’. Even though his character is good, he still loves to eat. He would even bite his Master when he gets too hungry.”

In the past when he imprisoned by the Immortal Realm, there would always be this fancy little pig that would sneak in to see him. That pig would comfort him by assuring him that they would definitely find a way to save him. If he was right about this, then that fancy little pig was Chu Qianshuang. He couldn’t tell if Liu Hanzhi knew that it was him. He didn’t remember what he had thought about once he noticed that Mu Chen’s expression had become somewhat strange. He then shook his head, feeling as if he was thinking too deep into it.

“Your disciple wants to ask about the person who sent that sword to you. Is Master really familiar with him?” When he thought about the “complicated” relationship between Mu Chen and Liu Hanzhi, Gu Yunjue felt unwell.

The hand that was holding Gu Yunjue’s hand tightened. Mu Chen unhappily made a sound of agreement. His little disciple had practiced the sword in his past life, and his sword skills were better than his pill concocting. His aptitude was more befitting to that of a sword cultivator. Mu Chen suddenly felt hesitant. Would it really benefit Gu Yunjue if Mu Chen selfishly made him stay by his side? Would Gu Yunjue have more prospects if his Master was a sword cultivator like Liu Hanzhi? Would this be better than making Gu Yunjue accompany him while staying shut up inside to make pills?

Mu Chen had stopped talking ever since Liu Hanzhi was mentioned. Gu Yunjue pursed his lips. The smile on his lips turned into an even colder one. Did his Master and Liu Hanzhi really have some kind of hidden relationship?

“Master.” Gu Yunjue shook Mu Chen and asked more questions. “What kind of person is Junior Brother Liu?” He made sure to deliberately put emphasis on the words, “Junior Brother”, to remind Mu Chen not to forget his identity. It would against ethics to romance with his Martial Nephew. As long as his Master had him in his heart, then that was enough. It was best to abandon whatever type of ambiguous relationship that he had with his Martial Nephew.

Mu Chen thought about his relationship with Liu Hanzhi, including the two hundred years that he had known him in his past life. He sighed with sorrow, “He was once my studymate. When we were over ten years old, we had another person with us. We accompanied each other to Lofty Cloudy Sect.”

Mu Chen carried Gu Yunjue and walked out. As he walking, he continued to speak. Jing Ming tilted his head and watched Mu Chen’s figure that was disappearing into the distance. He used his elbow to jab Jing Ting slightly. “I didn’t expect that Palace Master would have this kind of relationship with Elder Liu. He has never mentioned it to others before.”

Jing Ting did not say anything but Jing Ming continued to ask questions. “Do you feel that Palace Master has started to talk more since Gu Yunjue arrived?”

Jing Ting coldly scoffed and put an end to any further words from Jing Ming. “Other than making pills, Palace Master had never placed so much as his thoughts on another person!”

“Who is that other person?” Jing Ming was still curious about it. Jing Ting glared at him before scolding him. “Stupid! It was naturally the person that Palace Master did not finish his game of chess with. He even left that game of chess as it is!”  


Gu Yunjue was being carried by Mu Chen and he could smell the simple, elegant, and sweet scent of Mu Chen. His mood gradually rose back up from the bottom. He was still pretty “satisfied” with his Master’s explanation. Since they had grown up in the same place, it made sense why their relationship was at that point. However, they could not be close. His relationship with his Martial Nephew can’t be closer than the one with his very own disciple.

Gu Yunjue could sense the spiritual power that attracted him even more on Mu Chen from being near to him. The spiritual power was really familiar. It was similar to one that’s…cultivating the Spiritual Devil Cultivation!

After thinking to this point, Gu Yunjue who had been hugging Mu Chen’s neck pulled himself closer to Mu Chen’s chest. He remained calm and collected as he did so. To disperse Mu Chen’s attention, he started to talk again. “Where is Master taking your disciple to?”

“I’m trying to get you familiar with Lofty Cloudy Sect so you won’t get lost.” Mu Chen didn’t want to put his disciple down and let him run free so he continued to hold Gu Yunjue while looking into the other’s eyes. He looked into them as if he found a paintbrush with which he could paint his plain white life with colors. His chest was slowly filled and his eyes became more gentle. He hugged the child without any guards up.

Gu Yunjue couldn’t help but lower his head. In this split second, it felt as if his heart was being burned by Mu Chen. The hand that was grabbing Mu Chen’s lapel gradually tightened. Gu Yunjue placed his chin on Mu Chen’s shoulder in fear that he would leak out his thoughts.

In this life, it didn’t matter how many curses his body had to bear. As long as his Master was safe and happy forever, it also didn’t matter how many people he had to kill. He would make sure that his Master lived a life that was free from worry.

The spiritual power suddenly bubbled up as if had sensed Gu Yunjue’s determination and was therefore attracted to it.

Devil Qi suddenly appeared as far as the eyes could see. It suddenly broke out while Mu Chen was defenseless and injured Mu Chen’s body. Mu Chen instinctively pushed Gu Yunjue away from his hold.

“Master!” Gu Yunjue fell to the ground and had barely gotten up when he found Mu Chen already sitting on the ground. Mu Chen was once again trying to suppress the Devil Qi.

In the time of a couple of breaths, he already sensed a few figures coming from the distance. The figures were Yue Mingzhe and a few other Elders. After noticing that Mu Chen had sustained injuries, they subconsciously believed that the injuries were by some sort of devil power that was created by a devil cultivator. At the very least, it would have been a Synthesis Stage Cultivator. Everyone’s expression became grave. When had such a high level devil infiltrated them?

Gu Yunjue did not give them the chance to perform a more in-depth investigation. He pointed west and said with a grave face, “There was an old man dressed in black that injured Master. He went that way!”

Once everyone noticed that the direction Gu Yunjue pointed at was the forbidden area, they did not dare to hesitate and directly ran towards that direction.

After they went a bit farther, Gu Yunjue looked at Mu Chen’s chest and slowly made his way over. Just now, the devil power had come from his Master’s chest and was now being suppressed in that location by his Master. Gu Yunjue was unable to restrain his thoughts and waited until Mu Chen’s face looked calm before he grabbed his collar. He was planning on taking a look inside at Mu Chen’s body.

The first thing that Mu Chen saw when he opened his eyes was his disciple pulling on his clothes. He was even pulling on them fiercely.

Mu Chen’s cold face went silent.

“Master, where do you feel unwell? Where are you injured? Where does it hurt?” His little disciple was so worried to the point that he had come to pull off his Master’s clothes. Mu Chen felt that if he had done it, then he was going to do it first then ask about it after he had taken a look. Mu Chen grabbed Gu Yunjue and directly lifted him up. The expression in his eyes looked as if he was at a loss when it came to his little disciple. His little disciple was so young yet he could already start telling lies. Should he say that his little disciple was clever? Or should he smack his disciple’s bottom in order to guide him as his Master?

“Master, are you going to hit me?” Even after being raised up, the child didn’t struggle at all. It was almost as if he had resigned himself to his fate. Mu Chen felt as if his chest was being pinched as he was looked at by Gu Yunjue’s incredulous gaze. The fiery imprint on his chest was always there as a reminder about his purpose for raising Gu Yunjue.

After his rebirth, he found himself with an extra black imprint on his chest. Although he had already guessed that it had something to do with his rebirth, he had never guessed that there was so much devil qi stored within it. The power that Gu Yunjue had stored within his body unexpectedly did not disperse upon his death.  

Why would Gu Yunjue do something like this for him? Why couldn’t he just be a good cultivator and just why did he have to become the Immortal Realm’s enemy? In the past when he had left the sect, was it voluntary or was it forced? It was a pity that he didn’t know anything about his past life. His disciple didn’t tell him anything. He had always shown Mu Chen a modest and noble character. It was one that was gentle and refined. It was only once something had happened that Mu Chen realized that he did not concern himself enough with his disciple. Thus he wasn’t qualified as his Master.

Mu Chen sighed after hugging his disciple once again. His face had turned even colder. However, this child was already this frightened. How could Mu Chen still be willing to hit him? Mu Chen looked towards the west and deeply sighed. “You can’t tell anyone about what happened here today. Do you understand?”

“Your disciple remembers.” Even though Gu Yunjue’s eyes darkened, his face still regained the lively and mischievous look of a five year old. It was like one that loved to smile and be noisy. His voice crisply asked, “Who was Master thinking about just now?”

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “Master is unexpectedly thinking about another person! Kill him!”

Mu Chen gave Gu Yunjue a knife: “Remember to kill him farther away!”

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