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Chapter 7: You Best Be Obedient, Or I’ll Smack Your Bottom

Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s hand, “Master, don’t you feel that hanging it here isn’t suitable?”

Mu Chen did not understand what Gu Yunjue meant and tilted his head. “How is it not suitable?” Mu Chen asked Gu Yunjue.

This type of thing needed to have someone use their spiritual power often to support it. It couldn’t just be simply placed into a storage ring. People often say that the most important things should be hidden near the chest. Not only that, the color of the bell was vermillion, so it looked nice hanging from Gu Yunjue’s neck.

Gu Yunjue helplessly smiled. “Master, I can make it recognize me as it’s master.”

“All divine things have a spirit. Your physique will be harmed if it refuses to accept you as it’s master. It’s better if you wait until it becomes familiar with your spiritual power.” Mu Chen appeared to be firm on the matter. Mu Chen always did things at his own pace, so Gu Yunjue didn’t have a chance to refute. He held his neck and let it hang there. While Gu Yunjue did that, Mu Chen spoke again, “Your Master doesn’t want to smack your bottom, so you best be obedient.” With those words, Mu Chen glanced towards the small whip on top of the table, making the meaning of his threat clear.  

Gu Yunjue hung his head in defeat. However in his heart, he was plotting for that day when he could return those words back to his Master. That day, he would also grip his Master’s neck to scare him while telling him, “I don’t want to spank your bottom, so Master best be obedient.” After thinking about that scene, Gu Yunjue started thinking about more ways to take advantage of his Master. It was all quite interesting to Gu Yunjue.

A bell hanging on Gu Yunjue’s neck as he ran around the place was a sight that was beautiful to the point that Gu Yunjue couldn’t bear to see it. Gu Yunjue spent the entire afternoon in a meditation pose, not making any movements. This was because the bell would jingle with any movements that he made.

Contrary to Gu Yunjue’s attitude, Jing Ming was extremely envious of him. He excitedly ran around Gu Yunjue, trying to get him to remove the bell and let him wear it for a moment. Gu Yunjue had not said a word before Jing Ting flew over and sent his brother flying with a kick. After kicking his brother, Jing Ting grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him away. Gu Yunjue helplessly shook his head. He took this moment when nobody was paying attention to him to make the Protection Soul Bell recognize him as its Master.

It was later that night once Mu Chen had entered into meditation mode that Yanyang Palace turned so quiet that only the rustling sounds of the wind brushing against the bamboo forest could be heard. Gu Yunjue took out a summoning talisman to see the entire story of how Mu Chen had obtained the Protection Soul Bell. Gu Yunjue’s face gradually became more serious as time went by. Why must it be the Protection Soul Bell? Why not give him something else? Despite having suspicions earlier, he had brushed it off as just a coincidence. He didn’t expect that the Protection Soul Bell was really what Mu Chen had demanded from the Sect Master.

Gu Yunjue had a faint idea of what may be going on based on the timing of Mu Chen’s appearance into his life. However, he felt that it was too unbelievable. He could have a second chance at life because he had practiced Spirit Devil Cultivation. What was the reason for Mu Chen’s current behavior and deeds? If he knew what happens in the future, why was he being so good to him instead of just killing him?

Gu Yunjue could not think of a reason no matter how much he thought about it. He knitted his brows together in annoyance and asked the person on the other side, “What is that Cave Master doing right now?”

The other side respectfully replied to him, “He is currently reconstructing his body.”

“Kill him once he succeeds. Make sure that you do this cleanly and do it in a way that Yanyang Palace won’t be involved.” The Cave Master must be bearing grudges against Mu Chen for having his corporeal body abolished. In the future, if there is anyone that bears any enmity towards his Master, then they will be handled by him so that his Master’s hands could always remain clean.

“Young Master, would these types of side missions ruin the actual mission that Master has handed to us?” The man who was summoned asked Gu Yunjue, feeling uneasy.

Gu Yunjue’s lips were slightly raised, revealing a warm smile. However, it caused the other to tremble all over and lower his head even more. He didn’t dare to leak any other thoughts that he had. He knew just how frightening this five year old child could be. His body was so small yet it contained a terrible demon inside. His spirit soul might even be of a higher caliber than that of the Upper Lord. His ambition even surpassed him as well. On the way here, a piece of his spirit soul was taken away by Gu Yunjue. He now had his life and death completely in the child’s control. The only thing that he could now was to obey him.

After noticing that the other didn’t fight back, Gu Yunjue chuckled. “Remember who your Master is. Don’t make me unhappy.”

The other let out a breath and hurriedly agreed with Gu Yunjue, “Your subordinate understands and will take care of your orders.”

Gu Yunjue’s smile held no warmth in it. “You guys do not need to worry about my Lord Father,” Gu Yunjue paused for a moment and in that moment, his smile became even more brilliant, “His lifespan is about to come to an end. Instead of dealing with me, he would rather spend his final moments trying to think about how he can live a few more years.”

It was early in the morning when Mu Chen was sitting on his bed meditating that he could feel the boundary that he placed around himself sway. He opened his eyes to see his little disciple running energetically towards him. He was excitedly yelling, “Master!”

Mu Chen quickly caught him in his arms. He was in a good mood from being able to see his little disciple’s smiling face so early in the morning.

“Look, Master!” Mu Chen saw that Gu Yunjue held the little bell in his palm. The Protection Soul Bell emitted a white light that gradually became transparent until it completely melted into Gu Yunjue’s body.

“How did you do that?” Mu Chen pulled his little disciple’s hand closer and looked at it in amazement. Even though he knew that Gu Yunjue would be to get this thing to recognize him as its master in the future, he didn’t expect that Gu Yunjue at five years old would be able to do so.

“It voluntarily recognized this disciple as its master.”

“Voluntarily?” Mu Chen happily picked up his little disciple and hugged him. He patted the other’s head while he genuinely praised him. “You are such a genius.”

Gu Yunjue gently laughed. The tinkling sound of his laugh was full of childishness. It was actually very simple to make this divine tool recognize him as its Master. In his past lifetime, since the Protection Soul Bell was his magical tool, he knew what it wanted most. Anything with a spirit had a weak point. All he had to do was to completely grasp the nature of the tool.

Gu Yunjue’s eyes swept around in his room, and he unconsciously smacked his lips. His little Master had lived for many years and the things in this room were so dull. His life had always been so simple. It was so simple to the point that the arrangement within the room hadn’t changed for a hundred years. There was nothing that was different. Gu Yunjue had an indescribable feeling that he should throw away everything and change them to something more luxurious. His Master’s identity was deserving of only great and luxurious things!

Since Mu Chen had been disturbed by Gu Yunjue, he didn’t feel like cultivating anymore. He felt that it was more important to take care of his disciple’s body.

He had no choice but to admit that Gu Yunjue’s body was too weak. Gu Yunjue was a premature birth in the first place. Even after birth, he didn’t get taken care of well. It was not only the injuries all over him, he was also seriously malnourished. Mu Chen couldn’t allow Gu Yunjue to use the countless items and treasures that he had. He feared that Gu Yunjue would directly collapse after not being able to bear the spiritual power of these objects.

What could he eat if he couldn’t eat medicine? Tonic food!

As long as he put in his deep efforts, then even tonic food could turn someone fat!

At breakfast time, Mu Chen held his disciple and personally raised a large bowl of spirit rice. His face looked gentle as he fed Gu Yunjue. Gu Yunjue stared blankly for a bit before he quickly opened his mouth and started eating it. Mu Chen picked up a bit of spirit beast meat. Gu Yunjue once again obediently opened his mouth.

The more Mu Chen fed his disciple, the happier he was. The more he looked at his disciple, the cuter he became with his delicate eyebrows, pretty eyes, long straight nose, thin lips, and a delicate little chin. Whenever Gu Yunjue sweetly smiled, he was so loveable and cute. Mu Chen felt as if the softest part of his chest had been jabbed. He couldn’t help himself but to pinch Gu Yunjue’s cheeks and then once again feed him more soup.

Among the Master-Disciple Pair, one was feeling happy from feeding the other while the other was feeling happy from getting fed. They acted as if nobody else was present and coordinated perfectly with each other. The servants attending were all shocked when they noticed Mu Chen’s expression. They all felt suspicious that perhaps Mu Chen wasn’t feeling well somewhere on his body. Who would have thought that a cold man like Mu Chen would have liked children?! They all knew that Mu Chen liked to pick up furry things. If they looked in the back mountain, then they would know how many he had picked up just from looking at all those monsters. What if he started to pick up children? Everyone turned and looked at the good-natured Jing Ming. Surely he could stop Mu Chen, right?

Jing Ming blinked with a puzzled face: Wah?[1]

Even though Gu Yunjue smiled contently, his belly felt too full. However, his Master showed no signs of stopping. The only thing that he could do was eat one bite after another. It has been too long since he last saw his Master this happy so he didn’t want to refuse. He felt that even if he died from eating too much, he still wouldn’t mind.

Jing Ting was still the one who could not bear to observe the scene in front of him. The expression in Jing Ting’s eyes turned even more complicated after looking at Gu Yunjue’s belly. “Palace Master, if you keep feeding him, then his stomach will turn bad. Can you… let him go?”

Gu Yunjue rubbed his stomach. With a smile on his face, he said, “Master.”

It was only then that Mu Chen laid down his chopsticks. He felt as if his disciple only ate a “little bit” and felt dispirited by this. After taking the handkerchief from the attendant, he helped his little disciple wipe off his mouth. He then took out a bottle of pills from his storage ring. He opened the cork and let one fall out. The air was immediately permeated with a sweet scent. Mu Chen urged Gu Yunjue, “Eat it.”

“Master, what kind of pill is this?”

“Children snacks.” Mu Chen replied with an indifferent tone.

Gu Yunjue smiled and took this chance to get closer to Mu Chen. He held Mu Chen’s hand and directed the pill towards his mouth. His lips could feel the warmth of Mu Chen’s palm which made him feel more at peace. After the little pill went into his mouth, there was also a faint fruity scent. Soon after, Gu Yunjue felt that his body was much lighter than before. His belly no longer felt strained. The internal injuries within his body no longer pained him either.  

His little Master really had a personal gift for concocting pills. He could even make a medicinal pill taste like children snacks. When he thought about how considerate Mu Chen was being for him, Gu Yunjue felt like his heart was being rubbed with honey. It felt so sweet and warm.

All he had wanted to do was to express his feeling towards his Master when his double entendre was interrupted by a short person running energetically towards them while ignoring the boundaries of Yanyang Palace. As he ran, he also shouted, “Grand Martial Uncle! A universally shocking and inspiring event has transpired!”

Gu Yunjue’s face turned cold. This voice was one that he was very familiar with. The voice belonged to a rice tub[2] who had no sense of shame. Instead of sticking close to his own Master, he liked to stick close to Gu Yunjue’s Master every day.

Mu Chen raised his head at the sound. The expression on his face showed one of deep helplessness. The only one who would call him ‘Grand Martial Uncle’ was the disciple of Hanyang Palace’s Master, Liu Hanzhi. The name of this disciple was Chu Qianshung who was nothing but a chowhound[3]!

Chu Qianshuang was Liu Hanzhi’s personal succeeding disciple. Liu Hanzhi had grown up with Mu Chen, and the two of them had later joined Lofty Cloudy Sect together like partners. Since Hanyang Palace and Yanyang Palace were nearby each other, Chu Qianshung would always run over to Mu Chen’s place whenever he had nothing to do. The only thing that he came for was to find food.

Chu Qianshuang looked to be around the same age as Jing Ting and the others. He looked to be around thirteen or fourteen years old. He had large eyes and a baby face. Whenever he smiled, two dimples would appear on his cheeks. He was dressed in the standard clothing for first-generation disciples. He was clad in white clothes and a white gown. On his waist, there was a cyan jade talisman. Behind him, there was long sword that had a large gourd hanging from it. Whenever he ran, his sleeves would fly and the gourd would follow him while shaking up and down.

When he saw Gu Yunjue in Mu Chen’s arms, Chu Qianshuang said in amazement, “So this is my legendary little Martial Uncle?”

“Legendary?” Gu Yunjue shook the bottle that was in his hand. He smiled as he said, “Would you care to explain?”

As expected, Chu Qianshung’s eyes followed the swaying of the bottle. He also swayed as he spoke, “The entire Lofty Cloudy Sect knows that Grand Martial Uncle has taken in a personal succeeding disciple and is treating him the same as a piece of treasure. Grand Martial Uncle didn’t hesitate to raise a condition with Sect Master and get him to exchange for a defense magical tool.” It was clear that Yue Mingze had blocked the news of the Protection Soul Bell. The outside world did not know that this magical tool was on Gu Yunjue. “Those disciples that are doing their best cultivating are all waiting in the Sect to give that lucky guy a ruthless lesson.”

Mu Chen assumed that his little disciple was scared when he noticed that he wasn’t speaking. Mu Chen hurriedly rubbed his little disciple’s hair. “You said that there was news just now. What is it?


[1]This is another form of ‘what’ in another dialect.

[2]The meaning is a fathead or otherwise, a good for nothing.

[3]The meaning is a foodie or could as be a good for nothing.

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