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Chapter 6: Can Master Give Me Anything I Want?

After throwing his little disciple up high another seven to eight times, Mu Chen felt helpless that his little disciple had such little courage. He was holding onto Mu Chen’s neck tightly, so Mu Chen placed him back down on the ground, planning to slowly build his courage up in the future.

In that moment, some things from his storage ring fell out and crashed onto the ground. Mu Chen had planned to place a couple of spirit spells in his disciple’s room. It didn’t matter how much Mu Chen pampered him, his disciple could not be lazy. He still needed to practice his cultivation.

Gu Yunjue watched as his Master dumped an abundant amount of high quality spirit stones onto the ground as if they were trash. Mu Chen dug through the spirit stones on the ground and picked out a dozen of the biggest ones. He then placed them to the side as he placed the remaining stones back into his storage ring. Gu Yunjue was amused by his Master’s actions. They way his Master worked was so cute. His actions were so simple and frank. No one had to worry about his Master scheming against them.

“Master, where did you get these spirit stones?”

Mu Chen thought about Gu Yunjue’s question for a bit. However, he was unable to think of a response that he could finish in a sentence. .

Jing Ming hurriedly helped him to explain, “It’s obviously from exchanging pills. In the east storeroom, the entire first floor is filled with them. Since it takes up too much space, we didn’t put any of them in the treasury. My Elder Brother has the key, so you can ask him for however much you want. If it’s still not enough, then you can ask Palace Master.” .”

Mu Chen nodded, “There are also a few spirit mines in your master’s hands.”

Gu Yunjue: “……”

His Master was so capable. How could he support him? Gu Yunjue didn’t know the reason why, but the pressure that he felt suddenly grew larger.

After a magical spell was arranged, the spiritual qi of the room became much richer. Yanyang Palace was established over a spirit vein, Mu Chen’s room was located in the area where the spirit veins crossed each other more than the other areas. With the spell laid down, the layer of the spiritual qi steadily condensed into a white fog beneath their feet.  

“If you can’t build your foundation before you turn twelve, then I will throw you into the mountains in the back,” Mu Chen raised his eyes and looked at Gu Yunjue in an attempt to scare him, “To feed the magical beasts.” It was almost a millennium ago when the most talented cultivator had built his foundation at the age of twelve. Mu Chen’s request could be seen as harsh. However, he believed that his disciple’s talent was inevitable. As long as his disciple had a goal, then he would be sure to reach it. There was no other reason behind Mu Chen’s request.  

Jing Ting and Jing Ming were both standing at the entrance, waiting for any orders. They both held complicated expressions on their faces when they heard Mu Chen mention the mountains in the back. Jing Ming gave Gu Yunjue a meaningful look.

“There’s a tabby monster that resides in the mountains behind this place. You can’t provoke it (Rebude)!”

Since Mu Chen was an alchemist, he liked to run around looking for spiritual medicine. At the same time, he would pick up many strange spirit beasts, demon beasts, and magical beasts. As long as it was furry, he would take it and throw it into the mountains in the back to raise it.

The one that was now number one and had become the boss of the spiritual beasts was a large black-colored demonic bird. At a young age, it resembled a furry ball. However, once it grew up, it turned into a fat duck that could fly. Its name was Rebude, which otherwise meant ‘Do not provoke.’ Its favorite thing to do was to talk and bluff about itself. Whenever Jing Ting and Jing Ming made a mistake, they were not taken out and exchanged by Mu Chen like the other sect disciples were. Since Mu Chen was too lazy to educate them, he would instead throw them into the mountains with the fat duck. They would then be forced to listen to its husky voice that would constantly talk without rest. It could talk bull about itself for ten days to half a month. After this happened a few times, Mu Chen felt that this method of punishment was very effective and was worth promoting. Whenever anyone mentioned conversing with a bird, the expression on the faces of everyone in Yanyang Palace would change.  

Gu Yunjue already knew about that bird who was picked up by his little Master. He also knew that the meat of that bird tasted awful. Of course, he hadn’t killed that duck. Instead, the mixed fluffy bird kept talking about how it was an ancient mythological bird that landed into the God Realm by accident. Gu Yunjue made a bet with it, and Rebude ended up losing that bet. As punishment, it tearfully chopped off its wing and held it out to Gu Yunjue. Unexpectedly, a new wing grew out and replaced the old one.   

In the past, Gu Yunjue had taken the mixed fluffy bird’s wing and cooked it in front of the bird. He even kindly offered half of it to the other. Once Mu Chen had found out about this matter, Gu Yunjue was forced into seclusion for a year. This had been the first time that his Master had punished him. When compared with all of the punishments he had suffered through before, this small punishment was gentle enough to charm others.

However, that bird really was some kind of an ancient mythological creature. His Master always seemed to pick up things that had strange bloodlines. It wasn’t only Jing Ting and Jing Ming, who were two demon beasts who could turn into human form, even an Abyss Demon Three Legged Golden Crow could be picked up by him. Gu Yunjue couldn’t help but be curious about the reason why Mu Chen’s body attracted so many mythological creatures. In the previous life, Mu Chen was locked up in the Spirit Suppression Pagoda. Did Mu Chen get locked up because he was involved with him? Or perhaps there was another reason? He did not know the answer to this question, and Mu Chen was not likely to tell him the reason. The only thing he could do was slowly investigate this matter himself.

After being immersed in his memories, Gu Yunjue held a deep expression on his face as he said, “Five years…. I will build my foundation in five years.”

“Pfft!” Jing Ming could not bear it anymore and let out a laugh. Mu Chen’s eyes also held a smile in them. A little disciple that resembled a bun with his hands clasped behind his back who was pretending to be profound was really too adorable.

“Did you just smile, Master?” After noticing the minute change in Mu Chen’s expression, Gu Yunjue held onto Mu Chen’s thighs and carefully looked at him. He then sincerely praised him, “Master must look beautiful when he smiles.”

Mu Chen frowned. This was the first time that he heard someone praise him as beautiful. However, his little disciple’s expression was clear. It looked so clear that it looked as if it was free of any impurities. Mu Chen felt helpless as he rubbed Gu Yunjue’s head. “How could you use that word to describe a man? Once you’ve finished practicing your martial arts and writing, then you will also memorize fifty proverbs everyday. If you can’t finish memorizing them, then you will kneel down as punishment.”

Gu Yunjue smiled and nodded his head. Whatever his Master says goes.

Mu Chen rubbed his head for a while longer. He really felt that such an obedient disciple made others happy. After rubbing his head, Mu Chen took out his storage ring from where hundreds of other storage rings fell out of it. He had also received the storage rings from exchanging pills. They all crashed onto the ground in a pile.

“Which one do you want?” Mu Chen asked Gu Yunjue.

“Can your disciple take anything that I like? Or is it that whatever I like, Master will give it all to me?” Gu Yunjue climbed on top Mu Chen’s thighs after noticing that his Master sat down without being pressured to. While sitting in Mu Chen’s embrace, he pressed his small back closely against his Master’s chest and felt that warmth of it. His pale lips curved up into a satisfied smile. He tilted his head to look up at Mu Chen’s remarkably good-looking face. Gu Yunjue’s eyes unexpectedly carried a trace of seriousness in them.

storage rings were not easy to forge. After all, you needed to create a large space within a tiny ring. The value of these rings were especially high. Ordinary cultivators used space bags and storage bracelets. However, his little Master had taken out many storage rings and allowed a five year old to choose one from them. Master really was completely devoted to his disciple.

Mu Chen looked at the little child in his embrace and did not push him off. This little thing’s appetite really was too big. Was this because he had to face many hardships before and he was now fearful of becoming poor again? After thinking up to this point, Mu Chen nodded his head. “All you need to do is tell this Master whatever you want. As long as this Master has it, then I will be able to give it to you.”

“Why is Master so good to this disciple?” Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes. He was asking this question out of curiosity.

There was a trace of hesitation that flashed by in Mu Chen’s eyes. He really didn’t know how to reply to this question. Should he tell him that it was to prevent him from being led astray? Or so that the two of them wouldn’t die again? It was not a realistic response. It would be hard for a young child to understand all of this.

Gu Yujun’s face darkened but he soon held a smile on his face. He picked up a vermillion colored ring and raised an eyebrow in interest. “This one looks nice. Your disciple will take this one.”

Mu Chen heaved out a breath and nodded his head in agreement. He held Gu Yunjue’s hand and taught him how to drop blood onto it so that it would recognize him as its owner. He then had him wear it. Mu Chen did not realize that the expression on the child was turning darker. Gu Yunjue’s inquiry was becoming clearer.  

“From now on, you are this one’s personal succeeding disciple.” Mu Chen placed Gu Yunjue down, and solemnly said to him, “Kneel.”

Gu Yunjue knelt down after hearing Mu Chen’s command. His expression revealed how serious he was in listening to Mu Chen’s words.

It was only after Gu Yunjue kneeled that Mu Chen continued to speak. “Your Master does not require you to cherish everything under the heavens. Living that way would be too tiring. Your Master only requires that you understand that all living things have a spirit. You should not willfully slaughter the innocent and make up reasons to kill others.”

Once Mu Chen had finished speaking, he saw his little disciple raise up his head. His little disciple appeared puzzled as he asked him, “Master, what if your disciple willfully slaughters the innocent?”

Mu Chen lowered his head.  The expression in his eyes was somewhat complicated. “If that happens, then this Master will be in charge of cleaning up the sect’s reputation.”.

“That’s great! Then this disciple will die in Master’s hands. I don’t want to die in the hands of other people.” Gu Yunjue hadn’t finished speaking before his skull was hit by Mu Chen.

This disgraceful disciple! Was he actually thinking about turning evil? Mu Chen thought to himself.

Mu Chen knew that he also had a large defect in his personality. The reason why he didn’t trust in anyone was because of the environment he grew up in. He learned to treasure those whom he cared about. He was the same way in his past life. Even though many people wanted to kill Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen told them that he was the one who needed to help clean up the sect’s reputation, and that no one else could take care of the cleaning. This ended up being the fuse that he placed on himself which attracted the rage of those hypocrites of the Immortal Realm.

Mu Chen noticed that his disciple had a naughty-looking smile on his face. Mu Chen took out a small whip from his storage ring and slammed it onto the table. In order to get rid of any naughtiness and mischievousness, it won’t do if you don’t educate your disciple well. As such, Mu Chen had also prepared a whip when he had went out earlier.

Gu Yunjue looked at the little whip, and he immediately thought of his situation hereafter…. Tsk~

After noticing his disciple reveal a “scared look”, Mu Chen subconsciously straightened his back and adopted a Master’s attitude towards learning. “Other than anything mentioned before, you also have two more rules. First, you must honor the teacher and have respect towards his teaching. You must listen to whatever this Master says. Second, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be bullied by others. In order to cultivate, you must strive for life. You need to be like a boat going against the current. If you don’t advance and choose to retreat, then it’ll be like trash that is being bullied. If you don’t know how to fight back, you’ll sooner or later be dead and plowed. [1] Your Master will add more rules later as remembered.”

“Master, what about the sect rules?”

“Humph…you don’t need to worry about those rules. All you need to do is to listen to your Master.” In other words, he was telling Gu Yunjue that he was the rules!

Gu Yunjue beamed at Mu Chen. He had never known that his master could be so willful. It was impossible for Gu Yunjue not to brag about him.

Mu Chen lowered his head to look at his disciple. He found that the child was looking at him with “worship” in his eyes. His disciple’s eyes were also squeezed into slits. Mu Chen felt quite happy by this. His little disciple was simple and easy to coax. As long as Mu Chen educated him well, then his disciple wouldn’t turn askew.

Mu Chen was now suspicious that his little disciple had received bad treatment at Yue Mingze’s place in his past life. How else could a cute child become so twisted and addicted to killing others? The proper education should be given at a young age! Yue Mingze was like a child himself, so he was an absolute loser when it comes to raising a child!

At that moment, Sect Master Yue, who was labeled as an absolute loser when it comes to raising a child, received an invitation card. Once he had finished reading the card, he thought about Mu Chen’s remarkably beautiful face. He started to tremble as he used one hand to calculate. He was calculating the probability of him being directly beaten up by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen didn’t know what would happen later. He was currently in a cheerful mood. He took out the Protection Soul Bell before he told his disciple, “Alright, since you’ve knelt and paid respect to me, then I will give you this magical protection treasure that I’ve gotten for you.” As Mu Chen said this, he started to debate about where he should put the treasure on Gu Yunjue. Should he place it on his hair? Or should place it on his neck? On his wrist? On his waist? Or on his ankle?  

Gu Yunjue’s pupils contracted when he saw the familiar little bell. The Protection Soul Bell and the Azure Fire Sword were the magical tools that he used often in his past life. Right now, one of those tools was supposed to be in the secret area of Lofty Cloudy Sect. The other was handed to him after he had done a meritorious deed for the devils. How was it possible that one of those tools would appear in his Master’s hands?

Mu Chen shook the little bell. He was just about to place it around his little disciple’s neck when his hand was stopped by his little disciple.

“Master, don’t you feel that hanging it here isn’t suitable?” Gu Yunjue pushed down the shock that arose in his chest. He helplessly squeezed his Master’s hand. Mu Chen’s fine fingers were so fair. Even the joints on his fingers were perfect. However, it didn’t matter how perfect they were. That bell hanging around his neck would be in the wrong place!


[1]The complete phrase was being returned to the lands and being farmed by cows. This means that after dying, you’ll be turned into dirt that is plowed and used for plants.

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