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Chapter 5: Come On, Up High~

Mu Chen hadn’t made a single movement until the female cultivator from the Sixth Palace, who was sitting in the fourth seat, suddenly spoke up. “Most of my disciples in Xiuyang Palace bear Martial Uncle Mu’s portrait. If any of you go against Martial Uncle Mu today, then my disciples at Xiuyang Palace will not let you off.” Her voice wasn’t a deep one, and it was a pleasant sound to the ears. It was exceptionally sharp and clear when compared to this group of old men. The entire hall went silent for a moment after hearing it.

Mu Chen: “……” Why would a palace full of female cultivators carry around his portrait? To expel demons?

To the left of the female cultivator was an honest looking man. The old men surrounding her all gave her an unhappy look, but didn’t dare to say anything despite their anger. After noticing this, the honest looking man kindly reminded her, “Junior Sister, you are a Palace Master. In any case, please be more reserved.” Even though these words made sense, there was a hidden meaning behind it. It was to remind everyone not to forget what their identity was. You have a complaint? Endure it!

Bai Xunyong straightened herself so that her soft chest was pushed outwards. Her beautiful eyes swept around the room in a circle as she coldly smiled. “Reserved? The Beheading Soul Sword of my palace has never understood the meaning of reserved.” These words successfully caused the elders from the thirty-six peaks and the elders from the seventy-two caves to draw their necks back in. They didn’t dare to make any more complaints since they clearly knew that Bai Xunrong was not an easy person to deal with.

The problem was that the twelve Palace Hall Masters were somewhat angry. Bai Xunrong, this woman, was more than just a little arrogant.

The seat next to Bai Xunrong was empty. Everyone knew that it was left for Yanyang Palace.

In the sixth position, there was a cultivator dressed in blue that had a grave and stern expression on his face. He snorted once after looking at the few Palace Hall Masters who all had unhappy expressions on their faces. That snort caused the Palace Masters to remove their gazes and listen to his cold statement. “If Elder Mu wants that useless broken little bell to coax a child, then let him take it.”

Liu Hanzhi, who was the master of Hanyang Palace, was a Sword Cultivator that had already reached the middle of the Demigod Stage. He entered Lofty Cloudy Sect together with Mu Chen. Liu Hanzhi was the type of man who would continue to cut someone up without a single word. Once he started to kill, he wouldn’t stop until the other person was dead. He was merciless with his swordplay. His will could be seen as firm considering that he didn’t come across the Heart Devil.

Not a single person dared to make a retort about how he had called the Sect’s treasure a broken little bell. There was a thin coating of frost on his sword, and his body held the intent to kill. This intent was very threatening. When they thought about his vicious name, they didn’t dare to look for any trouble.

An old man hurriedly stood up and said with a smile on his face, “It’s not as if we can’t agree to Elder Mu’s request of an exchange for the Protection Soul Bell. However, there is a condition that the Protection Soul Bell must be handed over when Lofty Cloudy Sect needs it.”

Mu Chen figured out what they were trying to do, and he felt even more unhappy by this. No one dared to refute what his Martial Nephew said. However, whenever he said anything, there was always someone that was trying to question him. Did they take him for a reclusive Alchemist Master that didn’t like to be with people?

This was just great! They all must really want a beating! It looks as if they thought he was easy to bully just because he had never beaten them up before.

A white figure flashed by, and Mu Chen was already in his seat. As he sat there, he observed the appearance of every single person without missing any of them. Mu Chen coldly curled his lips upwards. When compared to that hypocrite, this group of sanctimonious elderly fools weren’t hidden about it. What does ‘when the Sect needs it’ mean? Wasn’t this already based on what they were saying all this time? Did they take him for a fool?

Mu Chen sized up the other in disdain before he spoke, “You do not have the qualifications to speak to this one. Have your Martial Ancestor come to speak to me.”

“You…. This disciple was impolite.” The Cave Master that Mu Chen had just spoken to was embarrassed by Mu Chen’s words. He gritted his teeth and did not say another word. He sat back down with a swing of his sleeve while his face turned red with anger. Mu Chen, their senior, really made people hate him until their teeth itched.

After the others learned their lesson from the mistake of the one before them, they all decided that they needed to think more carefully before they speak up again.

After the silence, one Palace Master stood up and cupped his hands together in a salute. He politely asked, “If we do not agree to this exchange, then what else does Elder Mu have in mind?”

Mu Chen looked at the Palace Master who had just spoken. Mu Chen noticed the greed that was hidden in his eyes, and he answered with an indifferent tone, “I heard that the Time Immemorial Sect has a zither. The sound is already pretty good.” The way that Mu Chen didn’t hurry through with his words made his tone sound even more indifferent. However, the meaning was quite clear. He did not necessarily have to get the Protection Soul Bell. In fact, he could also use the pills to exchange for whatever he wanted from the other sects as well. It wasn’t as if Mu Chen had never done this type of thing before. As long as he was happy, Mu Chen didn’t care for the rules.

It was no doubt that Mu Chen’s words gave the resentful elders an excuse to strike back. The Cave Master who had his face swept away muttered, “Are you trying to betray the sect?”

Whoever was present did not have low cultivation levels. Even if the words were spoken softly, they all heard them clearly. They all looked at Mu Chen as if they were watching a good show.

The top five people all had ugly expressions on their faces at the moment. Liu Hanzhi had his hand on the hilt of his sword while Yue Mingze ignored his face. The one that was faster than the two of them was still Mu Chen.

Mu Chen raised his hand. His white sleeves were aimed directly at the other’s face. The action was so fierce that it simply wanted the other’s life.

Punishing an individual as an example to others!

They did not dare to contradict Bai Xunrong, yet they dared to contradict him. Did they think that he was easier to bully than a woman? Mu Chen coldly scoffed. The intent to kill was surging violently in his eyes. If he did not show them his might today, then someone else tomorrow would believe that he was a weak and gullible being. Then his disciple would also be scorned.

Once Mu Chen thought of Gu Yunjue’s sensitive temper that caused him to have a twisted appearance and an addiction to killing in his past life, Mu Chen could not bear it. He will protect his little disciple in this lifetime, and he would make sure that he was not wronged in any manner.

Gu Yunjue perceived the movement of a familiar spiritual power. He used his little legs to climb up and sit at the window with a sincere expression on his face. Looking at the direction of the main peak, the color of Gu Yunjue’s eyes darkened. His little Master was about to do something. Who was the person that was dirtying his Master’s hands?

Mu Chen had suddenly became so hostile that no one had the time to react. The other person was directly swept away by Mu Chen’s spiritual power, and he landed on the floor of the main hall face first. He made a sorry figure as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, this was not the end. Mu Chen waved a fine finger and was surrounded by countless white flames. It was hard to determine the temperature. However, the space where the flames appeared in all became distorted. As the flames followed Mu Chen’s movements, they looked like butterflies as they clustered around him in groups. It only took a blink of an eye before they turned into thousands upon thousands of flames. All of the flames looked as if they had life in them as they threw themselves upon the cultivator that was on the ground. The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was burned into nothing. Another lowly-looking man like the other appeared.

Yue Mingze hurriedly intercepted when he saw that the flames had no intention of stopping. “Spare his life!”

Mu Chen raised his hand and snapped his fingers to retrieve his flames back and give Yue Mingze some face.

All the people that were present stared with shock in their eyes at the dream-like scene that had happened before them. They then turned their gazes to Mu Chen. The expression in their eyes had changed into a different one than before. Those white flames that Mu Chen had used were one of the three legendary Essence Flames from the ancient times, the Nine Yang Dark Fire! Mu Chen was able to make this godly thing recognize his as their master? Then the rumors about him were true!

On top of that, Mu Chen’s control over his spiritual power was at an abnormal level. In fact, he could manipulate the flames to look as if it had a life of its own.This was not something that could be described as just talented.

How old would he be at this point? He was just a hundred years old, but the spiritual power that he used proved that he was already at the Demigod Stage!

Yue Mingze’s hands that were hidden in his sleeves trembled. It was like his Martial Uncle had became even scarier ever since he came out of seclusion. If someone said something that didn’t please him, then he would kill them. The Martial Uncle from before would never have done that.

Mu Chen held an apathetic expression in his eyes as he mercilessly looked at everyone’s faces. He coldly said, “Who else here do not understand the seven words, ‘Honor the teacher and respect his teachings’? If there’s anyone else, then stand up.”

After noticing that no one else dared to say another word, Mu Chen scoffed in disdain and stuck a ‘in need of a beating’ label on their heads. As was expected, all that needed to be done was to beat them one time if they didn’t listen. This method has been tested and used throughout history.

After managing to save that Cave Master’s life, Yue Mingze let out a sigh of relief. He knew about Mu Chen’s temperament. As long as Mu Chen wasn’t provoked, he was usually a cold and noble person that didn’t care about anything. If he was provoked, then he would rise up in anger and was able to do anything that he wanted to. Someone at the scene wanted to go probe Mu Chen’s attitude, but it ended up offending him. Mu Chen really was trying to kill that person and killing a Cave Master wasn’t a trifling matter. Even if Yue Mingze stopped him once, that didn’t mean that he would be able to stop him a second time. If there were to be another conflict that arose, then he definitely guarantees that Mu Chen would even dare to kill a Palace Master. When that happens, then the end result will not be good at all.

He couldn’t just be a spectator at this point. Yue Mingze stood up and flung his sleeve as he continued to put on the airs a Sect Master. He gravely said, “The Protection Soul Bell will be used in exchange for the two Synthesis Pills. Since Elder Li has offended his senior, he should go to the Reflection Peak and meditate for one hundred years. If this happens again, then he will be punished severely.”

There was someone in the audience that tried to argue against Yue Mingze, but he was quieted down by Mu Chen’s cold sound of agreement. Mu Chen’s clear sound rose slightly. Even though it was a pleasant sound to the ears, it also held the intent to kill. The man that attempted to argue against Yue Mingze gave in, and became well-behaved.

Mu Chen once again confirmed to himself that they were really looking for a beating!


During the time that Yue Mingze went to the forbidden area to retrieve the Protection Soul Bell, Mu Chen returned to Yanyang Palace. Once he arrived at his destination, Gu Yunjue was obediently waiting for him at the small loft. Mu Chen nodded his head in satisfaction after he observed the clothes that were on his little disciple. His little disciple looked good in them. In fact, he looked good in anything that he wore.

After noticing that his little Master didn’t bring back an irksome monkey, Gu Yunjue once again squinted his eyes happily at Mu Chen.[1]

In Mu Chen’s point of view, his little disciple’s face appeared naive. It didn’t look as if he was scheming against him when he smiled. Mu Chen couldn’t have felt any more invigorated as he could feel his mood rise up by a lot. He picked up his disciple with ease and threw him into the air. Gu Yunjue widened his eyes. His forehead was just an inch away from the three-meter high ceiling before he fell back down again. Then he was caught and held within slender arms in a tight embrace before he was thrown back up into the air again….

After he was thrown up into the air around seven to eight times, Gu Yunjue couldn’t endure it anymore. His head felt dizzy, and his currently small body couldn’t handle Mu Chen’s repeated tossing. He hurriedly grabbed onto Mu Chen’s sleeve out of fear that he would be tossed again. Gu Yunjue did not know whether he should laugh or cry when he cried out, “Master….”

Mu Chen’s face was cold yet his eyes looked exceptionally bright as he said, “Up high.”

Jing Ming stared at Gu Yunjue with jealousy in his eyes. He also wanted to be thrown up high by the Palace Master!

Gu Yunjue: “……”

After Mu Chen had shown his little disciple his unique way of expressing love, Mu Chen good-naturedly swept a glance around the arrangement of the room. Mu Chen didn’t care about materialistic things. All that mattered to him was whether or not it could be used. Mu Chen remembered that his little disciple liked luxurious things, so his food and clothing weren’t commonly found items.

Mu Chen told Jing Ting, “Go to the Treasure Pavilion and get some furniture. Replace all these scraps.”

He needed to give his little disciple whatever he wanted while he was young. He needed to do this so that his little disciple wouldn’t become too greedy when he got older because he didn’t get enough when he was younger.

Jing Ting held a complicated expression in his eyes as he looked at Mu Chen. He then left with his face as cold as it was before.

It only took a few moments before all the items that were used for everyday use were all changed. The new items had a hazy white light emitting from them. It only took one look at them for Gu Yunjue to know that they were all spirit tools that were normally hard to come by.

The table and chair were made from Qingyang wood that were grown at the evilest valley in the Demon Realm. It has the effect of driving off the heart devil and nursing one’s spirit soul. Just a block of this wood would cost thousands of spirit stones in the outer realm, but his Master had just casually used it to make a table and chair. By the window was a black guqin. The color and luster were dark, cyan rays of light emitted from it, it was unexpected a magic treasure.

Mu Chen gently asked him, “Do you like it?”

Gu Yunjue fiddle with it causing it to make some random sounds. The corner of his mouth slightly curved upwards. He adorably praised him, “I like it! Master is the best!”

Mu Chen felt as if all the hair on his body were being comforted. A cute child speaking was the best thing ever! He reached out to rub Gu Yunjue’s head and once more lifted the other one up–Up High.

Gu Yunjue: “……”

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “Master, your Disciple will teach you the proper way to lift up high. Put your hands on my neck, and your legs on my waist….”

Mu Chen: “I will beat you to death, you sinful disciple!”


[1]As clarification, what he means is another disciple.

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