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Chapter 4: Just How Much Jealousy Does Mu Chen Want To Provoke For Gu Yunjue?

After Gu Yunjue had finished washing up, he found that his room was already cleaned and organized. It actually wasn’t a small room even though the others had called it one. Even if Gu Yunjue was a young child at the moment, he would still find the room spacious when he grew up.

There was only a single wall that separated this room from Mu Chen’s room. In total, there were three floors in the place.

At the entrance, there was a man and a woman standing there. They were wearing robes that appeared as pure as water. Their appearances looked nice. They kept their heads bent, and they had their eyes lowered while they silently waited for instructions.

Jing Ming knocked on the door while carrying clothes in his arms. The black bamboo flute was now hanging from his waist. He unsteadily let himself into the room before Gu Yunjue could even say anything.

“You can wear my clothes for now. We already got some people to tailor some clothes for you. However, you can only start wearing them tomorrow.”

Gu Yunjue put on the white robe and jade belt. The clothes automatically shifted in size in order to fit his body. The clothes offered him a more lively look as it clung obediently to his body.

Jing Ming took out a white ribbon, and he shook it out for a bit. “Come closer so that I can give you a nice hairstyle. Master says that I am good at this type of thing.”

In the time that it takes to make a cup of tea….

Gu Yunjue looked at his new appearance in the mirror. It was hard to tell what he was feeling at the moment. To think that he, the Devil Lord, would have such an appearance after he had disrupted the three realms. Right now, his current appearance made it hard to tell whether he was male or female. Did his Master like this type of appearance with a bun updo?

Gu Yunjue looked suspiciously at Jing Ming. Jing Ming let out a cough before he turned to look at the sky. Gu Yunjue silently undid his hair. He then redid it again by himself. He used the ribbon to gather the hair at his temple and bring it to the back of his head. He left the remaining portions of his hair to freely flow along his back. After he neatly arranged his hair, he then turned to Jing Ming before he asked, “Why isn’t Master back yet?”

Jing Ming learned to use Mu Chen’s natural appearance that was so hard to change. He tilted his head to think before he answered, “Perhaps Palace Master went to the trial by the fire assembly? Does he want to find another disciple to keep you company?”

Gu Yunjue’s hand paused. There was a flash of irritation that went through his eyes. The only disciple that his Master needed was himself! If his Master dared to take another one, then he would choke that person to death. If he took in a bunch, then he would kill all of them!

Jing Ming did not notice the irritation that Gu Yunjue felt. Instead, Jing Ming’s curiosity began to swell up more.

“Are you really a boy? Are you a human, or are you actually a beast? Where did you get picked up from? When did Palace Master’s hobby turn into picking up people? Your fur isn’t that nice to look at though….”

Gu Yunjue looked at Jing Ming with a smile on his face. He raised an eyebrow that already looked extremely heroic before he solemnly stood up. He motioned Jing Ming closer with his finger. Jing Ming quickly lowered his head so that he could seriously listen to Gu Yunjue’s words. He then heard Gu Yunjue tell him in a hushed tone, “The truth is that Master gave birth to me after he accidentally took the wrong pill.”

Jing Ming was shocked by this, and he sucked in his breath.

Gu Yunjue tilted his head. He used one of his fine fingers to rub at the tear-shaped birthmark located near one of his eyes as laughter bubbled out from within him.

Jing Ming was now aware that Gu Yunjue was teasing him. He unhappily curled his lips upward. “You dishonest little child!”


In the great hall of Chongyang Palace at the main peak.

While Yanyang Palace was exquisitely decorated, Chongyang Palace was completely colored in a light gray. However, Chongyang Palace was still beautiful. It was a tall building that had a reliable atmosphere. The dignity of the main peak was exuded in every direction.

Within the palace hall, there was an enormous mirror that sat there. It was showing the happenings of the trial, and it didn’t miss a second of it. The majority of the heads from each palace peak were also there with the Sect Master. The Sect was only able to obtain new disciples every ten years. It was obvious that they were all there to get their hands on a few of the good seedlings.

The new disciples were all doing their best at climbing. They didn’t even get the time to wipe off the sand and soil that fell onto their faces. The mountain was moist from the light rain which was the reason why the disciples had to use both hands to climb up the mountain in certain areas. The biggest fear that the immortals had was that the majority of the disciples would become half-hearted, and that they would thus give up halfway through. These disciples would have probably been talented. However, they would end up going astray. According to Lofty Cloudy Sect, this perseverance test held a lot of importance to them.

Mu Chen walked into the great hall. His magical robe, which was not contaminated by the mundane world, followed his movements. His robe also created a graceful curve with his movements. Mu Chen flashed by one of the elder’s eyes. That elder looked up to see Mu Chen’s remarkably beautiful face that held a frosty expression on it. Mu Chen’s long and narrow phoenix eyes swept across everyone’s faces. All of those people that fell under Mu Chen’s gaze felt as if the tip of a sword was aimed at their backs. This startled them to the point that they all stood up.

It was fortunate for them that Mu Chen only gave them a glance. That glance simply landed on them and just as quickly left them without any desire to cause them trouble. The ones that Mu Chen already glanced at collectively heaved a sigh of relief. However, it was only natural that there were also some people who held despise on their faces. In their opinions, the only thing Mu Chen had was a pretty face. This was the reason that Dang Yangzi raised him and allowed him to take control of Yanyang Palace at a young age. However, if it was someone else with this type of qualification, it was possible that they probably would be much farther than Mu Chen was in cultivation.

Mu Chen did not care about how the others in the room viewed him. Instead, he was focused on how the youngsters shown in the mirror looked like muddy monkeys. He was relieved that he had taken his little disciple away early. The injuries that his little disciple had would have made it impossible for him to climb the mountain.

There was a female cultivator amongst the Elders that was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Mu Chen. She thus let out a sound.

Mu Chen raised his head at the sound. His expression went colder when he noticed her in a row of four people. One of the men was in a daze. He was curling into a ball while he snored as he slept. With the exception of that man, the other three all looked at him. Mu Chen didn’t expect that he would find the four of them still sitting together without a single one missing.

“Greetings to Martial Uncle!” The three of them stood up and cupped their hands together. They then bowed with Yue Mingze.

Mu Chen nodded his head. This was considered to be his greeting towards them.

It was only then that Mu Chen remembered that it was at this time when Yue Mingze had just taken over Lofty Cloudy Sect. There were many within the sect that did not accept this. They fought openly against it, and were very undisciplined. With the exception of Mu Chen, as the others represented one of the powers among the six peaks, the four Palace Masters all showed up to support Yue Mingze. Mu Chen felt slightly ashamed as he thought to this point. Mu Chen concerned himself with very few affairs. In his past life, he did not show up at all to this assembly. After Mu Chen looked at the expression of everyone around him, he knew that the others thought that his absence was a normal occurrence.

Yue Mingze asked nicely, “What is the reason for Martial Uncle’s sudden appearance?”

Yue Mingze looked as if he was just past the age of twenty. He obviously was the youngest to support the hierarchy of Lofty Cloudy Sect, and he also had to support the rest of the disorderly and undisciplined sect, taking this generation’s spot as the Senior Martial Brother. He was probably trying to look more dignified considering how he carefully dressed himself up. On his body, there was a long white gown with a long cyan-colored robe covering it. A jade-colored ferule that he held within his hands made his face look slightly more strict. Unfortunately for him, he had a baby face that gave him the appearance of someone that was easy to bully. He also had some happy-looking dimples. He just didn’t have a reliable appearance. He also wasn’t that experienced, and his cultivation skills didn’t compare with the other elders. His appearance really was too different when you compared it with the other impressive and reliable Sect Masters. This was the reason why some people couldn’t accept this, so they would frequently cause a disturbance.

Mu Chen sighed within his heart after he looked at Yue Mingze who truly was someone that was too young. If it weren’t for the fact that the previous Sect Master became so anxious that he had to go into seclusion in order for him to break out of his bottleneck, then Yue Mingze wouldn’t have needed to take the leading position this early. It really was a bit too heavy of a task to put on this child’s shoulders.

In his past life, Gu Yunjue with his power had frightened everyone within the immortal realm. This group of imposing cultivators pushed half of the responsibilities onto Mu Chen. They claimed that since he was the one that taught this type of a disciple, then he should die as an apology to the whole world. If they had protected him, then all of Lofty Cloudy Sect would have became the enemy of the entire immortal realm.

Yue Mingze had went through hundreds of years of painstakingly making efforts in order for him to finally reach the point where his position of power in his foundation was firm. At that time, everyone had only wanted to hand over Mu Chen, so that he would be killed as a way for them vent their anger. Yu Mingze, without a worry, could have sent Mu Chen out as the Master of Gu Yunjue. However, for his Martial Uncle, he changed his ordinarily feeble ways. He decided to take a stand against the entire immortal realm.

After remembering up till this point, Mu Chen felt as if he had been selfish in his past life. It looked as if he had done nothing for his sect. Since Mu Chen was given a second chance at life, then he would settle all of his regrets from his past life. From this point on, Mu Chen decided that he would help his Martial Nephew protect Lofty Cloudy Sect. Anyone that dared to go against the sect would be killed by him. He would kill and burn all of them that dared.

Yue Mingze noticed how Mu Chen just observed him without speaking. He subconsciously straightened his back and silently swallowed. Yue Mingze did not fear anyone except for his Martial Uncle. His face reddened slightly. He nervously called out, “Martial Uncle?”

Mu Chen helplessly watched him. His tone was flat as he said, “I want to discuss something with you.” After he said this, he took out two jade bottles from his storage ring.

“These are two Synthesis Pills that would allow the sect to get two more Synthesis Stage cultivators. I want to use them in exchange for something else from the sect.” These two Synthesis pills were actually made for himself. However, Mu Chen was now able to refine pills with even better quality. These two pills could instead be used in exchange for a protective item that he could give to his disciple.

All the people at the present were cultivators. They all heard Mu Chen’s words clearly. It was at this moment that the entire hall went silent. It was so silent that the sound of one needle dropping could be heard.

In the entire immortal realm, experts in the Synthesis Stage were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns. In Lofty Cloudy Sect, there were only three of them. All three of these experts were living in seclusion all year long. They didn’t pay any attention to what happened on the outside. Lofty Cloudy Sect was only able to have a firm standing in the immortal realm due to these people keeping watch. This led to Lofty Cloudy Sect becoming one of the four greatest sects within Cang Lan Continent. If they were able to add two more of these Synthesis Stage experts, then influence on the sect would be obvious. The desire for cultivating would also become even more intense for all the cultivators when they reached a certain stage. This pill that would allow someone to reach the Demigod Stage without reaching a bottleneck in their cultivation was truly a magnificent and holy pill. In fact, there was nothing better than this.

Yue Mingze exclaimed in admiration, “I really didn’t expect that you would be able to refine pills of such high caliber. It’s not impossible for an exchange to be made with these pills.” He coughed once before he straightened his waist. This allowed him to put off the air of a Sect Master once again, “What would Martial Uncle like to exchange them for?”

Mu Chen, “Universal Protection Soul Bell.”

The Universal Protection Soul Bell was a divine tool that was passed down from ancient times. It was different from the other magical tools that only contained a single function. These bells contained the ability to attack, but it could also protect one’s body and soul. As long as one poured spiritual power into the bells, they could also injure someone’s spiritual soul. The Universal Protection Soul Bell were originally a pair of bells. One of them was the Heaven Bell, and the other one was the Earth Bell. It was believed that the second Sect Master and his dao companion each had one. The two of them had the power to destroy heaven and earth when they worked together. Their might was endless. The bells were the equivalent to being the treasure of Lofty Cloudy Sect. Afterwards, in a war between the immortals and the devils, the cultivator that held the Earth Bell disappeared without a trace. The Heaven Bell was sadly left behind. As of the moment, the Heaven Bell that was left behind had yet to recognize anyone as its master. It was currently like a dead object.[1]

Yue Mingze was confused as he looked at Mu Chen, “Why do you need the Protection Soul Bell?”

“As a gift to my new disciple for formally becoming my disciple.” In his past life, the Protection Soul Bell was one of the magical tools that Gu Yunjue frequently used.He had stolen it from the forbidden area of the sect. Mu Chen thought that if he prepared everything that his disciple wanted early, then that would prevent the initial point where his disciple went astray from happening? This would also allow him to stay in the sect calmly and steadily.

Mu Chen said this with a blank face. However, the people that heard it had their sense of logic broken. Yue Mingze’s normally serious face also spasmed. The disciples from the same group as Gu Yunjue were still doing their best in the trial. Gu Yunjue had been very lucky when he was fancied by Mu Chen before the trial had taken place. He had also been lucky when Mu Chen turned him into his Personal Succeeding Disciple. Mu Chen even used two Synthesis Pills as an exchange for the sect’s treasure that would offer his disciple protection.

He changed his reasoning. Perhaps Mu Chen was trying to provoke jealousy for Gu Yunjue? Yu Mingze looked at Mu Chen’s expressionless face. He was unable to tell if Mu Chen was training his disciple this way intentionally or not.

All of the Elders looked at each other. Earlier, they had all exclaimed in surprise after hearing about Mu Chen unexpectedly taking in a disciple. Their faces all turned a slightly uglier after they thought about Mu Chen making an exchange of pills in order to obtain the Universal Protection Soul Bell.

In everyone’s minds, two Synthesis Cultivators in exchange for a useless little bell was a very worthwhile trade. In fact, these two pills would probably break the balance that was between every power.

Mu Chen’s face also turned more frigid when he noticed the expression on all of their faces. They would all unexpectedly be against the idea. Tsk. Using his past life’s experience, this entire group of people were all looking for a spanking! It didn’t matter to Mu Chen. If they did not accept it, then Mu Chen would have beat them up until they didn’t dare to talk anymore about it.

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “Someone left a comment yesterday saying that the best way to prevent wetting the bed is to stuff~ it~. Master, what do you think?”

Mu Chen: “Servants, go buy one thousand porcelain bottles. I want small ones, ex, tra, small, ones!”

Gu Yunjue: “……”


[1]Kun – Symbolizing earth and the female principle. Gan – Symbolizing Heaven and the male principle. I’m assuming it’s the female that went missing.

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