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Chapter 3: Do You Still Wet the Bed?

The place of Mu Chen’s residence, known as Yanyang Palace, was located towards the north of Lofty Cloud Sect. It was the mountain peak with the most abundant spiritual qi from all of the five peaks. The towering peak of Yanyang stood tall and erect. It reached through the clouds, yet the top of it was offed by someone with a sword. At the top of that peak stood the important Yanyang Palace which was vermillion-colored. If you looked from afar, there would be mist and clouds curling up around the structure. This would make the atmosphere of the place look majestic. If you looked up close, you would see a prominent and beautiful structure.

Once Mu Chen landed on the ground, there was a crisp scent of medicine that filled the air. The rich spiritual qi also filled the air, enough that could reinvigorate a person. At the front of Mu Chen’s palace, there was a huge forest of golden bamboo. As the golden bamboo plants swayed gently in the wind, the mottled sunshine passed through the leaves which were sprinkled onto the ground. This caused the floor to turn golden in color. Beneath the golden bamboo forest, there were copious amounts of spiritual medical herbs that were spreading like weeds. These spiritual medical herbs were rare in the outer realm.

Towards the left of Yanyang Palace, there was a spiritual spring that passed by the immortal palace. From it, there was a waterfall that was flowing out of it swiftly. Towards the right, there were several hundred miles of a medicinal herb garden. From the mountains in the back, the cry of the red-crowned crane could be heard.

There had always been talk about Yanyang Palace being the richest area in all of Lofty Cloudy Sect. However, the true meaning of those words would only be understood after one has seen the place for themselves.

Mu Chen placed Gu Yunjue on the ground before he introduced the place to him. “This is the place where we will live, you can settle anywhere you want to inside. ”

The place was arranged according to Mu Chen’s tastes. The arrangement of the place was simple, and it was organized. However, there was now a child that still needed to be cared for with him. Mu Chen thought to himself that maybe he should use some spirit stones to construct another house. He also thought that maybe he should make the house more child-friendly.

Gu Yunjue looked around at his surroundings. There was a flash of recollection that passed through his eyes. This place used to be the most comforting place to him.

As he took in the scenery around him, his gaze fell upon a table that was made of white jade near the end where the bamboo forest was. On top of the table, there was a pot of wine with two wine cups. There was also a board of chess in which the game that was played on it hadn’t ended.

When Gu Yunjue thought of the person who would get treated in this way by Mu Chen, his eyes narrowed. He held onto Mu Chen’s thigh tightly and charmingly smiled at Mu Chen.  “Your disciple[1] wants to live with Master.”

Mu Chen slightly frowned. He lowered his head to look at Gu Yunjue who was clinging to his thigh.He then asked him apprehensively, “Do you…still wet the bed?”

The corner of Gu Yunjue’s mouth twitched, and both of his hands trembled. Wetting the bed? His little Master really wasn’t cute.

Mu Chen kept staring down at his disciple with his head lowered. The expression in his eyes looked serious. He really wanted to know if his little disciple still wetted the bed. If that was the case, then Mu Chen could not allow Gu Yunjue to sleep with him. Mu Chen could feel the ‘lack of confidence’ his little disciple had through the tremble he made. Mu Chen raised an eyebrow to show that he understood. He thus decided that it was better for them to sleep separately. It was obvious that Gu Yunjue was still at the age where he wetted his bed.

Once they had noticed Mu Chen’s arrival, two dao children who looked to be around thirteen to fourteen years old immediately leaped. They both landed right in front Mu Chen. “Palace Master.”[2] They both greeted in unison.

The pair that landed in front of them were twins. Their appearance was very elegant. The two of them were also wearing exactly the same white clothing with robes. There was a serious and stern expression on the face of one of the twins. That twin had a long sword attached to his back. His waist was also very straight. However, none of these things could cover the sharp and acute atmosphere that surrounded him. The other twin had a smile on his face. He was staring at Gu Yunjue while sizing him up. He looked as if he had a personality that was extremely lively and energetic. In his hands, there was a long black flute that had a strange appearance. From the flute, there was a bone pendant hanging off of it. The bone pendant swayed with his movement, and gave him a mischievous atmosphere.

Mu Chen introduced the two of them to Gu Yunjue, “The one that isn’t smiling is Jing Ting. The one that likes to smile is Jing Ming. You can look for them if you need anything.” After he had finished speaking, Mu Chen discovered that his little disciple was still clinging to his leg, so Mu Chen had to pry his ‘shy’ disciple off of his thigh. After he had done that, he pushed his disciple out in front of him. “This is my personal succeeding disciple. His name is Gu Yunjue. You guys need to take good care of him.”

“Your disciples understand.[3]” Although they called themselves his disciples, Jing Ting and Jing Ming did not have the relationship that a master and disciple normally had with Mu Chen. They were just his dao children. They were also considered as his spirit beasts. The two of them didn’t look human. In fact, they were two demon beasts that looked like dogs.

When Mu Chen was at a secret boundary, they were picked up by him. It was because of Mu Chen’s habit that they were taken home with him where he healed their injuries. Ever since the time that Mu Chen had healed them, the two brothers have always stayed with Mu Chen. They have been with him for more than ten years by now.

Mu Chen ordered one of them, “Jing Ming, tidy up the room that’s next door to my room for Yun’er to live in.”

When Jing Ming heard Mu Chen say ‘next door’, it was obvious that he went blank for a moment before he diligently nodded his head. “Yes, your disciple will go do this at once.”

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes as he stared at the diligent Jing Ming’s back. He didn’t expect that these two troublesome little things would have followed his Master so early.

Mu Chen rubbed Gu Yunjue’s head, interrupting his train of thought. He then told him, “Take off your clothes and go take a bath. You are not allowed to wear the color black in the future.”

Mu Chen felt unhappy thinking about the future Gu Yunjue wearing black. He also felt unhappy thinking about how unrivaled Gu Yunjue’s appearance was, but contrary to that, he would murder someone without the blink of an eye. No matter what, his little disciple in this life cannot turn that way.

Mu Chen started to leave before he felt his thigh being held again.  Gu Yunjue’s action caused the few attendants to all to suck in their breaths. As they stared at Gu Yunjue, their eyes were full of admiration. The last time when there was a shameless person that tugged on their Palace Master’s sleeve, that person was kicked so hard that he was sent flying somewhere far away where he couldn’t be seen. However, this young lord still dared to cling onto Palace Master’s thigh….

Hero! So brave!

Mu Chen tried to pull Gu Yunjue off of his thighs. However, he was unable to pry Gu Yunjue off.  He really was gripping Mu Chen way too firmly.

Gu Yunjue made a very miserable-looking face. He resembled dog skin plaster in the way that he clung to Mu Chen’s thigh. “Master! Don’t leave!” Gu Yunjue still had yet to figure out what type of spiritual power was attracting him to Mu Chen’s body. Gu Yunjue had to take a bath anyway, so they could probably take a bath together, and help one another out.

Mu Chen assumed that Gu Yunjue was scared considering that it was his first time in this place. He helplessly picked Gu Yunjue into his arms again, and he called for his attendants to bring in hot water. He was personally preparing to wash his little disciple. The chamberlains that brought the water over all peeped at Gu Yunjue with worship in their eyes. The Palace Master compromised to their surprise. He must feel a special type of love for his disciple. In the future, it looks like they would really have to serve this Little Palace Master[4] to the best of their abilities.

Jing Ting was the only one in there that felt as if Gu Yunjue’s expression was slightly abnormal.

Mu Chen took out a bottle of medicine. He squeezed a drop of the medicine into the water, and watched as the water in the bucket turned green with the spiritual qi of the medicine swirling around. After picking up Gu Yunjue who was watching at the entrance, Mu Chen was about to throw him into the water.

“Master!” Gu Yunjue quickly held onto Mu Chen’s arm. “Your disciple can do it by himself!” Gu Yunjue said.

It was only then that Mu Chen placed Gu Yunjue down. He really felt that his disciple was a sensible one. He was capable of doing everything by himself. He was truly a well behaved and independent child.

Gu Yunjue noticed that Mu Chen, who loved to be clean, didn’t have any ideas about changing his outfit. Thus, Gu Yunjue put away his desire to investigate.  Gu Yunjue remembered that he was currently a child. He probably would have been killed if he didn’t act according to that type of environment back then. As a result, he was able to perfectly play the role of a five year old child.

Gu Yunjue did not act unreasonably. He took off the clothing that was covering his body before he attempted to climb into the bucket. However, since Gu Yunjue was short at the moment, his climbing movements were really a bit ugly.

In Mu Chen’s eyes, his little disciple looked like a tiny mouse that was trying to climb up onto a lampstand in order to steal oil to drink. As Gu Yunjue held onto the rim of the bucket, it was hard for anyone to watch Gu Yunjue who could neither climb up nor climb down.

There was a smile in Mu Chen’s eyes as he supported the child’s buttocks. He pulled off all the clothing from Gu Yunjue’s body including his underpants. When Mu Chen threw the child into the water, the splash of water looked like a bloom of algae.

Gu Yunjue held onto the rim of the bucket. He helplessly spat out water. Master was still so…direct!

Mu Chen was shocked when he noticed Gu Yunjue’s exposed skin.  He felt as if his heart was being seized. There were countless scars crisscrossing the child’s thin back. However, there weren’t just scars on his back. His chest and limbs also had countless scars on them.  One of the scars appeared to have came from someone’s teeth.  From the way the bite marks were shaped, the scar should have came from a woman.

The most serious injury was located on his chest. The wound appeared to be a fresh one, and it didn’t look as if it had been healed completely. The instrument that was used appeared to have been a hairpin. If Gu Yunjue’s chest was stabbed any deeper than it already was, it would have stabbed into his heart! The person that did this wanted Gu Yunjue’s life!

Mu Chen’s face turned cold in that moment. In his voice, there was a rare trace of anger. “Who wanted to kill you?”

In his past life, this child’s personality turned twisted. He became fond of killing others when he got older. The cause of this must have been because he was tortured as a child! He is only a five year old child! Who would be this cruel?

Mu Chen had poured in some medicine that would cleanse Gu Yunjue down to the marrows of his bones. Gu Yunjue could feel the spiritual qi constantly entering his body., He felt numbness, but he also felt a slightly painful sensation. He leaned on the bucket rim, and reached out to touch Mu Chen’s face while smiling. “Eh….It was my mom. She thought that it was shameful for her to have given birth to me.”

Although Gu Yunjue had only reached the Qi Condensation stage in his Spirit Devil Cultivation, he still had his spirit soul from the past life. At that time, he had already reached the Synthesis Stage. He could clearly see the colors of other people’s spirit souls. The color white was for the benevolent ones, black was for the evil ones, and red was the result of massacring others. Mu Chen was the only one who still had a pure white soul despite killing others before. The unblemished color was something that only a child would have. Gu Yunjue wanted to taint Mu Chen with the black that was in himself. However, he also wanted to secretly guard Mu Chen in order to protect his pureness.

Gu Yunjue observed the forbidding man who had gotten angry for him, and he licked the corner of his lips excitedly. His eyes narrowed until they looked like slits. This kind of feeling gave him old memories.

Mu Chen felt unhappy as he slapped off Gu Yunjue’s little claws. He coldly glared at Gu Yunjue. What a proud and spoiled little child that would even dare to touch his face. Did he not understand what it meant to call him Master?

After Mu Chen noticed that his disciple was being obedient, he untied the child’s sloppily pinned hair. He kneaded some water onto the child’s body before he told him, “You have to soak yourself for half an hour before you can come out. Your Master is going to take a trip somewhere.”

“Where is Master going?” Mu Chen would normally do things whenever he thought of something as that was his temper. Gu Yunjue had a hard time deciphering why his Master was leaving at this moment

“I’m going to the main peak.” Mu Chen answered. He started to walk towards the entrance, but his mind didn’t feel at ease. “After some time, go inside and take a look.” Mu Chen told Jing Ting who was guarding the door. Mu Chen was afraid that his little disciple would have trouble climbing out of the bucket, and that he would drown inside it.

Jing Ting quickly accepted the order, “Your disciple will remember this.”

“Help him to put on his clothes, and introduce him to the other servants in the palace. If any of them don’t care about him, then directly break their legs and throw them out.”” Mu Chen’s heart felt pained when he thought about Gu Yunjue’s injured body. He could already imagine how Gu Yunjue had passed his days earlier. Mu Chen’s face turned even colder when he thought about his own treatment during his childhood. He will not allow his little disciple to have even the slightest grievance. He would give the best things to him. He would only love him. Parent’s and the so on, hmph.

Gu Yunjue’s lips secretly curved upwards when Mu Chen had left. The smile on his small face looked like a psychotic and bloodthirsty one. It was so relieving that he could return back to this moment, and live with his Master again. There would be no one who would ever believe that Gu Yunjue could successfully reverse time after he had practiced up to the final stage of the Devil Cultivation. They all believed that they had killed him. However, they would never expect that he had been delivered to the past by hundreds of years!

What were those hypocrites doing at that moment?

Were they stubbornly and bitterly cultivating?

Were they righteously fighting over treasure with other people?

Were they talking highly about compassion, duty, and propriety?

Were they painstakingly thinking of a way to win his Master’s favor so that they could obtain a dao companion who was not only beautiful but also had high aptitude?

Gu Yunjue looked down at his own hands. He suddenly smiled while deep in thought. At his fingertips, there was a purplish red flame that was flickering. The flame’s movement was like the dance of a devil. It was full of enticement while secretly holding the fatal desire to commit murder.

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

At night, Gu Yunjue appeared in Mu Chen’s bedroom while holding a pillow. He beamed and called out to Mu Chen:,“Master, please take care of me.”

Mu Chen: “Why?”

Black Miao: “He wetted the Bed. 2333(Hahaha).”

Mu Chen: “Is there a defensive mechanism for preventing the bed from getting wet?”

Black Miao: “If you nail on some rope, then that’ll prevent the bed from getting wet. 2333(Hahaha).”


[1]He uses a more affectionate way of calling himself Mu Chen’shis disciple, 徒儿 (Tu-er), which means your disciple-child so to speak.

[2]Little Palace Master (Xiao Gongzhu) | Little Princess (Xiao Gongzhu) | Palace Master (Gongzhu) All of these words use the same two letters at the end. If you mtl them, all three will probably come out as Princess.

[3]The normal disciple is used here, 弟子 (Dizi). This shows how close their relationship is.

[4]The normal Xiao Zhuzi was used here, and Gongzhu was not used.

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