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Chapter 22: Do You Want To Take A Bath Together?

After learning that a lot of people were looking for him, Mu Chen suspiciously looked at Jing Ting wondering who it was that was looking for him. 

Jing Ting answered concisely and comprehensively, “They’re here to give you gifts.”


“It’s for accepting a disciple.”

Mu Chen cocked his head inquisitively. 

“It’s as congratulations for taking on a disciple. It’s a congratulatory gift for both you and Little Master.” This was answered by an astute maid who explained for Jing Ting who didn’t want to answer after the confusing dialogue between the both of them. 

Mu Chen suddenly remembered how the events occurred differently in his past life. “Let’s give everything to Yun’er.” 

“Oh,” Jing Ting made a small sound of agreement. His eyebrows furrowed at the thought of dealing with the receiver of the gifts. Since the Palace Master of the family revealed his magnificent power the other day, this group saw the wind and set the helm to send a gift right away to bootlick to them. This made Jing Ting feel disgusted. 

Noticing how impatient Jing Ting was, Mu Chen felt as if his palace needed a capable housekeeper. Jing Ting did not talk very much except when he needed to be firm in sending visitors out. He wasn’t patient in handling chores. Also, Mu Chen felt that Jing Ting needed to gain more experience by venturing outdoors in a few years. However, he would probably return to the Demon Realm. Growing up in a comfortable place is not the best for his development. 

Thus Mu Chen summoned Jing Ming so he and Gu Yunjue could venture to the outer sect to find an attentive follower who would be able handle certain tasks in the palace. When the two came back around noon, they brought back with them an old man with a scraggly beard. His name was Guan Shan and he also handled small tasks of the outer sect. 

Mu Chen felt a headache coming on and rubbed his forehead. He made a mistake of letting two children with IQs of 5 year olds go out and find people. It was natural that they would choose this person as his kind eyebrows and pleasant eyes was something that children would like. 

Most of the outside disciples were cultivators with up to three spiritual roots. Once completing refinement, they then were separated into two cultivation categories in terms of performance. The best ones would be assigned as a dao child into the palaces. With the right guidance, they could improve their chances of becoming an immortal. Those that weren’t so lucky would be assigned miscellaneous tasks in the outer sect. Most of them would live to be 200 years old. If they can’t reach the foundation establishment stage, then their lifespan would not continue any further. 

Outer sect disciples could become a part of the inner sect. However in order to be unique and stand out is rarer than Phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. They would have to be lucky to get an opportunity to change their destiny. 

The old man in front of them had hair that was already grey. Based on his appearance, the man was already nearing his end. Would allowing these type of people to come into Yanyang Palace only serve as means to support the elderly? 

Gu Yunjue beamed at Mu Chen after sensing his disappointment. Gu Yunjue sat on Mu Chen’s lap and patted his chest. He then attempted to persuade him, “Master, he looks like a reliable person. He’d look rather pitiful being driven out. Let’s keep him.”

Mu Chen lifted an eyebrow. He rarely saw his disciple having this much virtue. Gu Yunjue of the past would murder anything that was useless. Mu Chen felt delighted that his teachings have taught him well. Gu Yunjue’s using respect to persuade him made him happy. 

“Since you’ve taken a liking to this old man, he can stay.”

“Many thanks, Master.”

After learning that he was able to stay, Guan Shan relaxed and smiled from ear to ear. He thanked Mu Chen, “Many thanks, Palace Master.” 

Mu Chen gave a wave of his hand and gas Jing Ting leave with him. It still needed to be confirmed whether he could be employed or not. 

Gu a Yunjue wrapped his arms around Mu Chen’s neck and leaned into his chest. He took a whiff of the Mu Chen’s scent. It was cute that Master listened to him so much. With Guan Shan from now on, there would be someone to protect Master and Yanyang Palace in case he went out of town thus making his own duties easier.

There was no doubts about Guan Shan’s abilities. It took him no time to organized the delivered gifts into inventory. Mu Chen scanned over the list. The gifts weren’t expensive but they were impressive which indicates that the senders took it seriously. Hanyang Palace unexpectedly sent Gu Yunjue a roasted chicken. It couldn’t be Liu Hanzhi that sent this but rather Chu Qianshuang who loved eating so much. 

“Out of all these things, only the roasted chicken has no ill intentions, Mu Chen pointed out on the list with the corner of his mouth lifted, “You can decide what to do with them. They were all sent for you.”

“All for me?” Gu Yunjue laughed. His master was really generous. It didn’t matter if his Master looked at it or not, he would just give it all to him. What would give in exchange for this precious love? 

Jing Ming was holding a box of food and felt the urge to open it. He suddenly noticed there was something from it. He raised his nose and sniffed which watching Mu Chen. 

Mu Chen looked at him curious what was wrong.

Jing Ming was shocked when he said, “There’s… there’s demon Qi.” 

Jing Ming was not originally human but an ancient spirit beast. He was the descendent of the Howling Moon Heaven Wolf. There were some unexpected events that led him to migrate from the demon realm to the immortal realm to avoid entering into a contract as a spirit pet. Thus, he transformed into a human to hide in Mu Chen’s palace. Mu Chen treated him as a disciple. Jing Ming got used to this treatment. However as a demon cultivator, he had sharp intuition when it came to demon Qi. 

What did it mean that a gift from Chu Qianshuang had demon Qi?

“Palace Master, it’s not good. A demon must gave kidnapped Xiao Lu!” Jing Ming exclaimed with alarm. 

Mu Chen looked at him with a helpless expression. You’re a demon yourself. Why are you scared of them? After remembering that the medicinal pills used to conceal the demon Qi of Jing Ming and Jing Ting were decreasing in supply, Mu Chen entered the alchemy room. Within two days, he created over ten bottles of the pills. He divided them into three groups and handed Jing Ting two of them. He then ordered him,”Go hand Xiao Lu a share and make sure he doesn’t go out for two days.” 

“Chu Qianshuang is also….” 

“Shh!” Mu Chen pressed a long and fine forefinger against Jing Ting’s lips to prevent him from saying anything more. Mu Chen gave him a small smile after noticing Jing Ting’s shocked expression. He gently told him, “Go and don’t worry about your identity being revealed.” Since they were all of similar ages, they should share some commonalities and become quick friends. 

Jing Ting flushed at the warm sensation his mouth felt. He took the medicinal pills from Mu Chen’s hands and quickly scurried out. His movements were fast and his silhouette quickly vanished. 

Mu Chen frowned, confused why this child was so flustered. 

Gu Yunjue finally returned from walking Black Egg who was helplessly tied up with red silk. He noticed his Master come out of the alchemy room from his window. Gu Yunjue’s mood darkened when he thought about how his Master’s finger touched another’s mouth. He entered the room and grabbed Mu Chen’s hand. With a handkerchief, he cleaned Mu Chen’s finger with all his might. 


”Master, your actions seemed to imply that you were taking advantage of a small child. You must not do this anymore or people will misunderstand you.”Gu Yunjue hot gaze peered into Mu Chen’s eyes. He felt at ease when he noticed that MuChen didn’t seem to have that type of intention towards Jing Ting. Gu Yunjue whispered, “Jing Ting is probably scared of you. He will probably avoid your gaze once he gets back.” 

Mu Chen froze and felt regret as he looked at the direction Jing Ting left in. He realized that he was wrong. He forgot that Jing Ting was an adolescent already and that some distance should be maintained from now on. However, how did his disciple know about taking advantage of an innocent child? Thinking about a future Gu Yunjue with many scars made Mu Chen’s mind flash through many horrible scenes. Mu Chen stroked Gu Yunjue’s head with feelings of remorse. Mu Chen felt as if Gu Yunjue had seen too many horrible things. Depending on how powerful the family was, the more things could stay hidden. 

Mu Chen held Gu Yunjue up in his arms and weighed him in his hand. He felt as if Gu Yunjue had gained some weight. He patted Gu Yunjue’s back gratefully and promised, “It won’t happen again.” 

Gu Yunjue laughed, “Master, how long will you hold me?”

“I’m taking advantage of you while you’re small. I might not be able to hold you a year later.”

Gu Yunjue grasped a lock of Mu Chen’s hair and twisted it around his finger. He then put it to his lips and took a whiff of it. With a smile on his face, he said, “I’ll hold Master’s hand no matter how old I become.” 

Mu Chen took his words jokingly. He smiled lightly and gently agreed. He felt that in a few years even if Mu Chen wanted to hold his hand, Gu Yunjue wouldn’t agree. People would have different thoughts about this after growing up. 

Mu Chen felt uncomfortable after concocting pills for two days. He removed Black Egg from Gu Yunjue’s arms and took Gu Yunjue to the mountains in the back.

In front of them was a spirit spring that was Mu Chen’s personal bathing spot.

Surrounding them were the distant mountains, surrounding flora, and the hazy mist. The flowing water gently circulated and released fog in spirals which covered the environment. Since it was evening, the sunset shine through the mist and revealed some powder in the mist.outsiders have never entered due to a protection boundary. Fallen blossoms fell in the stream, giving people relaxation of the mind. 

Mu Chen put Gu Yunjue on the ground and asked, “Do you want to take a bath together?”

Gu Yunjue understood what Mu Chen wanted to do and he lightly blushed, “Master… I….Your disciple should leave….”

Mu Chen gripped the child’s sleeve and teased him, “Are you shy?”

“Master, you’re really….” Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and gave an innocent smile. “Since you want to do this, then this disciple won’t be rude.”

Mu Chen didn’t know if he misheard or not, but he felt as if these moments where his disciple stated that he won’t be rude were quite serious.

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “Master invited me to take a bath with him!”!” ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Black Meow: “I wanted to castrate you yesterday.” 

Gu Yunjue: “Master must love a lot since he took me to a private location”.” ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Black Meow: “He must love you to the point of wanting to castrate you.” →_→

Gu Yunjue had a wild and demonic charm which was hidden by his smile. ^_^

Black Meow: “If you dare to hit me, then I’ll have the Little Master castrate you.” ╭(╯^╰)╮

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