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Chapter 21: I Will Come Find You Ten Years Later At The Four Great Sect Competition

Mu Chen felt offended that his disciple was being questioned so he coldly responded back, “My disciple has great talent. You don’t need to worry yourself about it.”

Gu Yunjue turned his head around and held onto Mu Chen’s neck. The corners of his lips quirked upwards when he sensed how uneasy Mu Chen felt. He patted Mu Chen’s back and whispered to him, “I didn’t see anything. The fat duck was the one who told me.”

Yu Tianyi frowned. “This duck?!”

Rebude, who was pushed the blame, quickly covered its mouth with its wings for fear that it would be taken away if the Yu Tianyi noticed anything out of the ordinary about it.

Yu Tianyi made a doubtful sound. He then smiled and replied, “Then make sure to raise it well. Don’t just throw it away because it’s ugly. This…duck is pretty good.” Yu Tianyi noticed that Mu Chen was staring at him as if he thought that Yu Tianyi would snatch a treasure away from him. A cheerful smile made its way onto Yu Tianyi’s face, and he continued his sentence in order to placate Mu Chen. “In the past, I’ve always felt that our spiritual power attributes should have been switched. Now, I realize that you actually have a fiery temper.”

The expression on Mu Chen’s face darkened. Mu Chen already felt impatient and waved his sleeve to Jing Ting. Jing Ting hurried on over, understanding the meaning of Mu Chen’s action. ‘Everyone, please take care. We will not see you all off.”

Yu Tianyi did not mind Mu Chen’s cold attitude. He said, “I will come find you again ten years later at the Four Great Sects Competition.”

Mu Chen nodded his head with indifference. Although he did not refuse him, he also did not have any intention of being polite. Even though he felt unhappy about allowing Ji Qingyuan to be carried away while he was still alive, Mu Chen also felt that it wouldn’t be very smart for him to push the matter anymore since it came to this point.

Yu Tianyi gave one last look to Mu Chen before he finally left. Yu Tianyi had something that was even more important to take care of.

The moment that Yu Tianyi left, everybody else also left one after the other as they did not want to linger there any longer. Gu Yunjue noticed that Liu Hanzhi was staring at him, and he beamed at him before asking, “Junior Brother Liu, is there anything you want to say to me?”

Liu Hanzhi, “….”

Mu Chen rubbed Gu Yunjue’s head, feeling helpless. Why did this child call out Junior Brother so smoothly?

Gu Yunjue directed a blank look at Mu Chen, he did not call him by the wrong title. You guys are Martial Uncle and Nephew. Master needs to distinguish the relationship between them. In this world, only the disciple could have a close relationship with his Master.

Liu Hanzhi exited with a cold expression on his face. His disappearing figure looked hurried, as if he did not want to stay here for another minute.

Gu Yunjue smiled with a joyful expression on his face. He called out to Liu Hanzhi’s disappearing figure, “Whenever Junior Brother Liu has time to play with me, I’ll share half of my sugar cake with you!”

The image of Liu Hanzhi’s back disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Everyone in Yanyang Palace had admiration in their eyes when they looked at Gu Yunjue. They all felt that Gu Yunjue was a hero! Elder Liu had a reputation in Lofty Cloudy Sect for being murderous. However, Gu Yunjue ridiculed him by calling him “Junior Brother.” He really was a hero!

The tense expression on Mu Chen’s face finally eased once everyone left. Gu Yunjue pulled on Mu Chen’s hand before asking in a confused manner, “Master, why didn’t that man blink an eye even as he was destroying his own Junior Brother’s meridians?”  

Mu Chen thought about it for a bit before he answered. “That’s because he was a bad guy, and bad guys should be killed.”

Gu Yunjue curiously asked, “They’re fellow disciples, and they’ve been together for so long. How can they not have any good feelings towards each other? He never looked at his Junior Brother again the entire time.”

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment. He thought about Yu Tianyi’s expressions and emotions, and his heart chilled. Even though the immortal realm would not tolerate the fact that Ji Qingyuan entered the Devil Cultivation, the way Yu Tianyi disposed of his Junior Brother without blinking an eye was cruel. Mu Chen then thought back to the glance that the other had given him. He then sighed before answering, “In the end, it was all for more power and fame. You need to understand that nobody will be kind to you without reason. If there’s a reason, then there will be results. You need to be cautious in everything that you do and try not to be careless.”

Gu Yunjue gave a satisfied smile. Yu Tianyi looked as if he was a patient person and could endure everything. However, he was not able to restrain the emotions in his eyes. If anybody else looked at him, they could tell that Yu Tianyi’s attitude towards Mu Chen was different. However, his Master did not seem to understand any of that. Instead, he was worried about the evil thoughts the other had. He also tried to distance himself even further from the other person. The type of Master really caused his heart to clench and his lungs to feel ticklish. It was extremely adorable.

Mu Chen noticed that black duck in Gu Yunjue’s hand. He frowned with disdain showing on his face, “For what reason did you pick that up for?””

When Mu Chen first picked this duck up, it was still a black furry ball. It was so fluffy and cute so he loved it during that time. He gave it permission to come and go wherever it pleased in Yanyang Palace. Everyday, he would rub and touch for a bit of time. However, he didn’t realize where things went wrong. After he had gone to seclusion for a while, he came back to find that the cute appearance had changed and that feathers had replaced the fur.

Mu Chen felt as if he had been lied to. In a fit of anger, he had thrown it into the mountains in the back so that it could keep the other spirit pets company.

This fat bird acted as if it had obtained freedom and gave itself an unreasonable name of Rebude! However, it shouldn’t be looked down upon just because of its appearance. It was able to cultivate in a fast amount of time, and managed to defeat all of the spirit beasts that enjoyed fighting. It thus became the king of the mountains. If you looked at its body, it was easy to see how comfortable its life was. Looking at it now, Mu Chen still felt that he was deceived and disliked it for no reason. Of course, the main reason could be because of its ugliness.

“Do you want to raise it?” Mu Chen was shocked that Gu Yunjue liked this pet that did not have any points of appeal. However, he heard that having a kid raise a pet can lead them to have a kind and patient heart. Thus, he wasn’t completely against the idea. “Don’t you think that it’s ugly? Your Master can find you a better looking one.”

Gu Yunjue smiled and shook his head in response, “It’s okay. Your disciple finds it suitable.”

Mu Chen continued to refuse, “No, it’s too ugly.”

Gu Yunjue thus offered a very convincing reason, “If I feel hungry, then I can just eat it.”

Mu Chen felt that what his disciple said was very reasonable. If it was pretty to look at, then they wouldn’t bear to eat it. “Then, let’s change the name. Rebude isn’t a very good one.”

“How about “Dog Egg”?

‘That’s not a very elegant one. How about “Black Egg”? The name fits its appearance.”

“The name that Master chose is a very poetic one. Black Egg must be extremely happy about it. Thank you for the name Master, Master surely is the best!”

Mu Chen’s bad mood turned into a good one after being coaxed by Gu Yunjue. He immediately thought about how those scummy people weren’t things. He also thought about how cute and obedient his disciple was. His only reason for reviving was to raise his disciple and have him take the righteous path. He’ll just kill those scummy things the next time he sees them.

After mulling over it for a bit, the expression on Mu Chen’s face turned into a nicer one when he looked at Black Egg. As long as his disciple liked it, then they could raise it for now. If there was no need for it later, then they can just use it for food.

Black Egg, “….” I, your father, really wants to die!

In the end, Rebude was successfully renamed as “Black Egg.” Mu Chen wasn’t sure what Gu Yunjue did, but Black Egg has shrunk by several sizes in one night. Black Egg, who originally looked like a duck, now looked like a fluffy chick that had just hatched from its shell. This made Mu Chen’s upset mood turn into a better one. That fat duck would hurt your eyes if you stared at it for too long. It became more pleasing to the eye after it had shrunk into a black fluffy ball.

After Black Egg turned smaller, Gu Yunjue was able to fit it into a smaller cage and it was much easier to carry around. Mu Chen noticed that Gu Yunjue had nothing to do so he allowed him to walk the bird around. However, the task wasn’t as simple as carrying the cage while taking a stroll. Instead, he had to wrap his spiritual power around the cage and use his hand to drag Black Egg who was floating in the air. This was used to train Gu Yunjue’s control over his spiritual power so that his spiritual power wouldn’t scatter. Mu Chen also had Jing Ming follow him in case he got lost. Although Jing Ming wasn’t that talented, he usually didn’t get lost since he could use his nose to get around.

Jing Ming held onto a red strip of fabric and tried to persuade Gu Yunjue to tie it around Black Egg’s neck so they could go for a stroll.

Gu Yunjue purposely didn’t reply and just kept smiling. Jing Ming felt so anxious that he kept hopping up and down. Yanyang Palace suddenly felt more lively than usual.

Mu Chen followed after them and watched them for a while. After noticing that there weren’t any issues, he felt relieved enough to go back to his concocting room. His Palace Master had once told him that there weren’t enough female cultivators in the immortal world. Mu Chen thus planned to refine pills to sell at the auction house. In this way, he could leave some familial property behind to help his disciple to get a wife. Without this, his disciple would not be able to get a wife. This was the reason that his Elderly Master had left behind so many things for him. Mu Chen did not have any plans to get a wife, but his life was much more comfortable after having these things. Now that Mu Chen had become a Master, he also needed to leave behind some familial property for his disciple. Thus, his plan was to exchange the pills with treasures that won’t depreciate in value in order for his disciple to take a wife.

After thinking about this, Mu Chen felt that he really wanted to chop Ji Qingyuan down. He had collected so many things in his past life just for that hypocrite to take them all away! He grabbed a medicinal herb and threw it into the concocting stove with much vigor.

The child cultivators who were standing on the side all looked at one another. The rapid changes in their Palace Master’s mood was something that they were used to. However, their Palace Master’s mood seemed to be changing too much ever since Little Palace Master came. Their Palace Master seemed to be more temperamental lately and they weren’t sure exactly what was causing their Palace Master’s mood to be that way. As his subordinates, they were genuinely worried.

Jing Ting made his way to the entrance and noticed Mu Chen throw some medicinal herbs in a fit of anger. He stopped at the entrance before saying with a serious expression on his face, “Palace Master, a lot of people suddenly showed up at the palace’s entrance. They say that they want to see you.”

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Black Meow, “Little Master, Meow took her cat to be neutered today.”

Mu Chen, “Why?”

Black Meow, “Since he didn’t have a wife, he would pee everywhere once he was in heat. Uncle Su’s mysophobia almost turned him crazy. However, let me secretly tell you, once a male cat no longer has balls, it will turn fat.”[1]

Mu Chen, “Fat?”

Black Meow, “Yes.”

Mu Chen silently turned his head to look at Gu Yunjue. No balls = fat?

Gu Yunjue, “….”


[1]The “no balls” used here is a funnier slang version that’s more like “Nu Balls.”

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