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Chapter 20: Becoming A Devil

Yu Tianyi promised solemnly, “Let me handle this matter. I will then explain everything to you.”

Mu Chen swung the long sword in his hand around. He coldly answered back, “No!”

Yu Tianyi had an awkward expression on his face after being spoken to in this manner by Mu Chen.  

Yue Mingze tilted his head to inspect Mu Chen, then he turned his gaze towards Yue Tuanyi, guessing the other’s identity in his head. He then looked at Ji Qingyuan who didn’t have much power fighting back against Mu Chen. Ji Qingyuan’s power was almost equal to the power of Martial Uncle, so how could he just sit there taking a beating?

Gu Yunjue lifted his head up to inspect Yue Mingze. In his mind, Gu Yunjue understood that this oaf was a bit more sensitive than others. This was the little merit that he had as Sect Master.

Ji Qingyuan had a shocked expression on his face when he looked at the person who stood before him. He had a surprised and dreadful tone in his voice as he said, “Senior….”

Yu Tianyi raised his hand, indicating at him to be quiet. This was done to prevent his identity from being exposed.

At this moment, there were many people standing above Yanyang Palace. Since a devil cultivator had trespassed before and they were unable to find any traces of the cultivator, Lofty Cloudy Sect recently reinforced their defenses and took precautions to prevent the same incident from happening again. Since the protection spell over Yanyang Palace had shuddered, many people assumed that the devil cultivator had attacked Mu Chen once again and ran over quickly to help. In the end, they saw Mu Chen, whom they’ve always thought of as a calm person who didn’t talk very much, holding a legendary murder weapon. They saw him hacking at a sword cultivator, without giving him the chance to fight back. Not only did he cruelly chop at the other’s arm, he had an expression on his face that revealed how much he wanted to completely chop the other up. Everyone was shocked by the vicious attitude of Mu Chen.

Bai Xunrong was extremely shocked, “I have never noticed Martial Uncle throw such a tantrum before. Ever since he came out of seclusion, his attitude has changed a lot.

Liu Hanzhi quietly looked at Mu Chen. His eyebrows were knitted together.

Mo Jinyang noticed that strange expression on his face and smiled before asking, “Since Junior Brother knew Martial Uncle Mu at a young age, have you ever seen him throw such a huge tantrum?”

Liu Hanzhi shook his head and responded with a cold voice that was as sharp as the sword that he was holding, “I’ve only seen him act this way whenever he has something that he wants to protect.”

Mo Jinyang asked with curiosity, “Martial Uncle never had something that he wanted to protect before?”

“It took a lot out of him to protect his own life. He did not have anything else to protect.” Liu Hanzhi looked at Mu Chen down below, and dropped to appear in front of him. Mo Jinyang rubbed his chin and thought about the meaning behind these words. However, he was hit by Bai Xunrong’s fist. She hit him so hard that the sound of a thump resounded from his chest.“Junior Sister….”

Bai Xunrong glared ferociously at him, “There are things that you shouldn’t ask about. Martial Uncle hates it when people ask things about his past in the secular world.”

Mo Jinyang gripped his chest and weakly leaned onto Bai Xunrong’s shoulder, “I was just curious. I won’t ask anything anymore.”

Bai Xunrong puffed her soft chest out and scoffed arrogantly, “You will die one day as a result of your curiosity.”

Beneath them, Liu Hanzhi had already unsheathed his sword. The sound of a dragon’s cry resounded through the sky. He would always follow Mu Chen, as if he was the same grim child he was a hundred years ago.

Mu Chen frowned and directed a look towards Liu Hanzhi, indicating that he should leave. He did not need to concern himself over this matter.

Liu Hanzhi did not seem to notice the look that Mu Chen gave him since his gaze was already fixated on Yu Tianyi. The murderous intent that these two sword cultivators had hurt all the people surrounding them and caused their spirit souls to tremble in fear.

Yu Tianyi noticed the reaction that Mu Chen had towards Liu Hanzhi. The expression in his eyes turned into a frosty one. He also did not have any intention of backing down.

Gu Yunjue was standing on the side, and the joyful expression in his eyes dissipated as he narrowed them. The hands that were gripping the bird cage turned white as he clenched them tighter. This was just great, his little Master managed to attract two men that were willing to fight each other for him.

Yue Mingze swung his sleeve around, and walked over to them with large strides. His delicate childish face held a dignified expression on it as he impolitely inquired, “This one wants an explanation from Sect Master Yu today. This friend dares to pull out your sword in my Sect? Do you want to provoke everybody in this Sect?”

He said those words in a domineering tone. He had given off the aura of a Sect Master perfectly. Yu Tianyi nevertheless looked at Mu Chen and noticed the enmity in his eyes. His eyes dimmed and he put down his sword. His eyes held a helpless expression when he looked at Mu Chen again. Mu Chen did not believe in him.

Yue Mingze held his anger in. This guy actually ignored him, the Sect Master! This was unforgivable!

Ji Qingyuan had one of his arms chopped off by Mu Chen. If that arm was still around, then it would have been very easy to reattach it. However, it had been burnt to ashes after it was cut off. Now, if he wanted to get a new arm, he had to go to a medical specialist and beg for a Bone Replenishing Pill so that his bones could grow again. Ji Qingyuan already knew that Yu Tianyi now had some bad feelings about him. Thus, he was unsure of what kind of fate awaited him when they got back to the Sect. This was all because of the person in front of him, who forced him down this path where he would not be able to redeem himself! Ji Qingyuan finally placed Mu Chen at the top of his list of people that he hated.

Mu Chen noticed how the other glared at him, and felt the murderous intent surging up his body again. No matter what others say, Ji Qingyuan should not return home alive today. Only when he is dead will Mu Chen feel safer.

Yu Tianyi did not want to concede since he had a lot of questions to ask Ji Qingyuan. Also, the other one was his Junior Brother, which was not a lowly position. Even if Yu Tianyi wanted to deal with him, he would still need to explain himself to the Sect.

Right when the atmosphere was turning into a frozen one, Gu Yunjue, who was originally watching, suddenly spoke up. “Master, why is the spiritual power on his body black?”

The soft and childish voice of his disciple sounded confused. His question caused everyone to look back at Ji Qingyuan. Ji Qingyuan at that moment had an ominous glint in his eyes. The rims of his eyes were red in color and the spiritual power in his body fluctuated in an unstable manner.

The people who were present all were at high cultivation levels. They already understood what was happening before them. Ji Qingyuan had actually entered into devil cultivation!

It was shocking to know that someone who was famously known as a modest nobleman had entered devil cultivation!

How many filthy thoughts had he hidden in his heart to fall into devil cultivation?

Yu Tianyi’s face immediately turned into an ugly one. A thought seemed to have flashed through his mind and there was an unconcealed murderous expression that appeared in his eyes. Without hesitation, he drew his sword out and a chilling light flashed. Then, a scream echoed out before abruptly stopping. The spiritual power that wasn’t pure came out as if it was being released by a vessel. It then disappeared from them in a blink of an eye.

Ji Qingyun looked at his own hands with a twisted expression on his face. His fair skin instantly turned old and wrinkly like the bark of a tree. You Tianyi abolished his spirit meridians, and he instantly became a useless person. So two hundred years of hard work was destroyed in this way?!

All of his careful planning all these years were destroyed in a single moment. He wasn’t even guaranteed his life! Ji Qingyuan did not understand. Where he went wrong? Why did everything turn out this way?

He felt that his destiny shouldn’t turn this way. It shouldn’t!

There was great disparity in his heart that made him unable to reign in his anger. He wanted to hysterically lash out, but his voice was sealed by a spell that prohibited sound. His expression was a twisted and crazy one. That expression on that old face looked somewhat terrifying.

Mu Chen pulled Gu Yunjue into his embrace. Fearing that it would frighten his disciple, Mu Chen covered his eyes.

Yu Tianyi gave Gu Yunjue a glance. The expression in his eyes gradually turned into a deep one.

Mu Chen glared with an unhappy expression on his face. He firmly held onto Gu Yunjue. His disciple was a genius in sword cultivation. Yu Tianyi probably liked his disciple’s natural talent and wanted to snatch his disciple away from him.

Yu Tianyi removed his probing gaze from Gu Yunjue and asked him, “May I ask how this little friend began to notice that his spiritual power was not normal?”

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