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Translated by Kadence

Chapter 23: The Two People Sticking Closely Together With Not Even A Chink Left    


Gu Yunjue reached out to loosen Mu Chen’s belt, but since Mu Chen’s hip was rather high, he had no choice but to stand on tiptoes to reach it.


Tiptoeing to undress his Master, Gu Yunjue pursed his lips, feeling dissatisfied with his body for the first time. He felt anxious about his lack of control and powerlessness and quickened his actions. Instead of calling it undressing, it would be better to call it ripping clothes off.


At the sight of Gu Yunjue act this way, Mu Chen wondered whether he teased him too much? His apprentice was already so filial at such a young age, how could he tease such a five-year-old? Mu Chen’s heart tinged with a hint of guilt.


Seizing the child’s two hands and refusing to have the other wait upon him, Mu Chen thought of something. He removed his robe quietly, leaving only white underwear. Gu Yunjue unconsciously wanted to turn away and thought to himself. This man is his Master, the only one who treated him sincerely in both of his lifetimes. He respected and wanted to protect him earnestly. It was disrespectful to use a child’s shell to relax the other’s guard and seeing the other’s body was genuinely impolite.


However, the possessive desire from the bottom of his heart was intensifying, wanting to understand everything about master and dye this pure person with his smell and heat. Those thoughts of his had been planted deep in his heart when he met Mu Chen again. Once stirred, it controllably burst out, eating away at his rationality.


Rationality and an insatiable desire were continually fighting and clamoring in his heart.


Mu Chen stood in the water without hesitation, pulling the wet hair on his chest behind him. Seeing Gu Yunjue standing on the share in a daze, Mu Chen gave a small smile, reaching out to him and said, “Don’t be afraid. Come in.”


The initially clear jade-like skin became more delicate and shiny once it entered the water. Even though his naked upper body seemed frail, the contour of his body was unusually beautiful. At this moment he lifted his head up, his slender neck stretched into a curve and the water rippled with the alluring movements. Shedding off his regular cold appearance, Mu Chen now displayed a light smile upon his lips and a pair of shining eyes like the bright moonlight from the half-moon in the night sky.


Gu Yunjue looked into the other’s eyes, reflecting his appearance back at him. He has always had strong desires, and it seemed that he finally found a way of catharsis, telling himself this is just what he wanted!


This time, Gu Yunjue finally understood why he wanted to present him with best things in this world to have those eyes to always look at him and smile for him. His uncontrollable feelings have finally found a purpose.


He actually developed feelings for his Master.


Perhaps his soul was already taken by him from his first glance of those pure and clear eyes. His little Master would never know how his eyes stirred up the hearts of people, especially people like him whose hands are dirty with the blood of countless people.


Gu Yunjue felt it was laughable, laughable that he had such perverse desires for his own Master without being aware of it. If he understood his thoughts from his previous life, he would have already kidnapped his master back to the demon realm, doting on him within the palm of his hands, not letting him separate from him even by half a step. How would the events after even have the chance to happen?


Master and disciple ethics?


Yin and Yang being disrupted?


This kind of thing is not within Gu Yunjue’s concerns at all. The heaven law is ruthless, and all living things are dog fodder. Since he has chosen this path, he should point a sword towards the heavens. If gods block his way he will kill the gods, if devils blocked his way he will kill the devils. He can turn back time without extinguishing his memories, which is already not tolerated by heaven law. Since it’s already like this, he does not care about destroying the six Dao and three Realms. As long as his little Master doesn’t mind, he won’t fear anything.


Now, his entire heart and mind filled themselves with the man in the water, but how does he obtain him?


“Master,” Gu Yunjue crouched at the water’s edge, staring at the palm reaching towards him and grasping it with a smile. He held it tightly in his hands, his eyes hiding impatience behind them and there was still a strong determination to win. He sincerely said, “Master, I like you.”


Mu Chen heard his confession and blanked out for a moment. Then he laughed, ” Master also likes you.” Such a small smart disciple is sure to be loved by all. He must watch over him well.


Gu Yunjue licked his lips, and his white jade carved face smiled and made himself harmless. Not allowing anyone to refuse, he asked, “Then will Master always stay by my side?”


Mu Chen’s eyes seemed to have a gleam of light, and he softly promised, “Yes.” This child, who knows what kind of carnage he would cause in the Three Realms if he takes his eyes off him. How could Mu Chen let him run all over the place? If devil cultivation tempt Gu Yunjue again, the disasters of his previous life will repeat. Such a cute little thing,  he would undoubtedly keep the child with him.


Gu Yunjue obtained a guarantee, his eyes narrowed, and he lightly laughed out loud and threw himself with his clothes on at Mu Chen who was still in the water. Mu Chen quickly caught him and tightly embraced him, feigning anger and said, “How mischevious!”


“Wherever Master is, I will come over, even if it was an abyss or hell.”


“Stop saying nonsense!”


“Master, help me undress.”


“Do it yourself.”


“I can’t take it off. Master, help me.”





Towards this little disciple that loved to act spoiled, Mu Chen didn’t have a bad temper at all. His stiff facial expression lost to the other’s soft and sticky attitude in moments. Helpless, Mu Chen felt frustrated but took off his disciple’s clothes while tightly holding the other in his arms.


It has been half a year since Gu Yunjue came to him. The child grew quite a bit. His injuries have long healed, his body developed meat on itself, and his small bottom rounded out. Mu Chen didn’t hold back and held the child in his embrace and delightedly kneaded the small arms and legs and then the belly and bottom. He didn’t even let the little feet off. After the massaging, it seemed that his cold and clear eyes brightened, showing his overflowing spirits.


“From now on, bathing will be done with this one.” Mu Chen directly said.


Gu Yunjue tightly hugged Mu Chen’s neck, allowing the two to stick closely together and leaving no gap in between them, and cutely agreed, “Okay.”


Mu Chen gave a pleased smile. The master and disciple pair just so happens to wear the same white robes, and the child’s eyes were holding more affection in his eyes. These clothes looked like a father and son pair clothes, and their clothes can be matching from now on.


Gu Yunjue stood up on the rocks, using his spirit force to dry Mu Chen’s hair and quickly straightened Mu Chen’s clothes. His actions had Mu Chen feel exceptionally gratified and unable to help himself from pinching the child’s face. Mu Chen sighed to himself: Showing me such filial piety at such a young age, this good child definitely won’t grow skewed.


When the hand in hand master and disciple pair reached home, Jing Tian had already returned from Han Yang Palace. Seeing Mu Chen, as Gu Yunjue has said, he was avoiding Mu Chen’s eyes. Mu Chen felt somewhat awkward, thinking to himself that he shouldn’t be treating ten-year-old youths as small children anymore. He must maintain some distance and avoid having others misunderstand.


Gu Yunjue raised his eyes and looked at Mu Chen’s expression. His seductive peach eyes were smiling, and even his tear shaped birthmark near his eye contributed to his somewhat flirtatious smile.


Black Egg who was lying on the window sill took a cautious look at the two people. His scarlet eyes fell onto Gu Yunjue’s somewhat strengthened soul and then flashed a hint of Greed. Gu Yunjue suddenly turned his head, eyes fixed onto the duck showing an undisguised contempt.


Black Egg got scared and extended his two short wings to cover his face. The other’s expression scared him to shrink away. Unfortunately, he lost his feathers after he became smaller so his two fleshy wings could not cover his head. As a result, this abyss demon shrank again, shrinking to the point that he looked like a shivering quail in the middle of a great snowstorm.


Gu Yunjue said a farewell to Mu Chen, walked over and picked up Black Egg, then leisurely went back to his room.


Black Egg squatted on the table, covering his mouth and not daring to speak. The man in front of him said that his voice was unpleasant and if Black Egg disturbed him, his master would chop off his wings.


Gu Yunjue held his chin in one hand, his index finger rhythmically tapping on the tabletop, watching this black hairball contemplate silently. Per his response, Ji Qingyuan has already entered the devil path completely, just in time as nourishment for this little guy, because of the other’s demigod stage spirit soul, it was enough for Black Egg to advance. Even if the creature closed in the basket was pretending to be a small duck, he still needed to be a useful duckling, and the times where he would be used will increase in the future.


Black Egg pulled back his neck, hopelessly waiting for Gu Yunjue’s to pass judgment on his fate. A pair of scarlet eyes under the lantern moved around in confused circles until he had no strength to turn anymore and Gu Yunjue said indifferently, “I presume that your clan doesn’t have many members left. A single mistake can lead it to extinction.” The child’s voice was sharp and clear, a gentle and soft tone but full of malice.


The three golden hairs on top of Black Egg’s head immediately wilted and Black Egg promptly lifted his wing to surrender and awkwardly flattered, “I pledge to follow you through thick and thin. Fight against any people that dare to go against you and be willing to do anything for you no matter how dirty it is. I only wish to be able to live to make a nest of my own and have children…”


“Little duckling!” Gu Yunjue rudely said as he chuckled a small haha.


Black Egg mumbled to himself, “I’m not a duck.”


Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrow.


“I am a duck.” To survive, this duck will be a duck then. If he were called a bug, he’d have to recognize that too.


Gu Yunjue poked at the three golden hairs on Black Egg’s head with satisfaction and a smile on his face. The killing intent in his words had this abyss demon spirit soul shivering. “Give you a demigod stage spirit soul. Are you even able to refine it?”


He must be able to!


Black Egg already wanted to pounce over and hug onto Gu Yunjue’s thigh, shouting at his ancestors with no shame, “Can! Can! Can! I can eat however much you offer me! I refuse nothing!”


Gu Yunjue gave a small smile, watching Black Egg’s expression inexplicably gave him a sincere smile. When little Master’s fire poison flares up, his spirit soul will suffer burns. If he remembered correctly, the first time it flares up should be ten years later. The spirit swallowed by the three-legged Golden Crow was refined into a pure white color, strangely similar to the clean spirit soul of his little master. Until then, it’s the right time to give his small master nourishments to strengthen his soul.


This little thing was worth raising.


Completely unaware that he has become a refining machine, Black Egg happily jumped down, hugged Gu Yunjue’s leg, and rubbed his head against it with an expression of utter relief from escaping certain death.


Right at this moment, a knock sounded from the door. Gu Yunjue turned around and saw Mu Chen standing in the doorway watching them. He didn’t know how much the other heard and he was utterly unable to read his expression.


Black Egg’s mind froze, shrinking back from fright again.

   作者有话要说: 不负责任小剧场:

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.


Black Meow: “Little Master, I want to make your disciple into your child bride. Let him have vicious and merciless three views, breaking down once he sees you. A malicious, beautiful, and silly bottom. What do you think of that?

   穆辰Σ( ° △ °)

Mu Chen: Σ( ° △ °)


Black Meow: Don’t be scared, little Master. I’ll castrate him before sending him to your bed. You can have him ‘ah’ eight hundred times over; do him until he groans en en ahn ah. Then turn him over eight hundred times over again. Have him cry ‘No! Don’t!'”╮(╯▽╰)╭

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