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Chapter 23: Two People Sticking Close Together Till There’s No Space Left

Gu Yunjue reached a hand out to loosen Mu Chen’s belt. Since he couldn’t reach Mu Chen’s hip, he had to stand on his tiptoes. 

Gu Yunjue stood on his tiptoes to undress his Master. For the first time, he felt unsatisfied with his own body. He felt nervous about not having enough control and how powerless he was. He thus quickened his pace to the point of ripping Mu Chen’s clothes off rather than undressing him. 

At the sight of Gu Yunjue’s actions, Mu Chen thought about whether he went too far with his teasing. His disciple was already filial at his young age so he felt guilty about teasing him. 

Mu Chen gripped the child’s hands and refused to have the other wait for him. Mu Chen suddenly had a thought. He removed his robe without a word and the only thing he had on was his white underwear. Gu Yunjue felt the urge to look away and thought about how his Master had treated him sincerely in both their lifetimes. Gu Yunjue respected him and wanted to protect him with a sincere heart. He felt bad about using his child avatar to trick the other. He felt that looking at the other’s body was not polite. 

However, the possessiveness he felt in his heart was intense. He wanted to learn everything about his Master and cover the other with his scent and bodily heat. These thoughts filled Gu Yunjue’s heart when he saw Mu Chen again. These thoughts were so uncontrollable that they ate away his rationality. 

Inside Gu Yunjue’s heart, his insatiable desire and his rationality were at war with one another. 

Mu Chen stepped into the water without hesitation and pushed his wet hair behind him. Mu Chen gave Gu Yunjue a gentle smile after noticing the daze Gu Yunjue was in. He reached out to Gu Yunjue and said, “Don’t be afraid. Come on.” 

Mu Chen’s skin that was clear as jade looked more delicate and shiny when it touched water. His naked upper body looked frail but the contours of it were mesmerizing. When he lifted his head, his slender neck curved and the surrounding water made ripples with his mesmerizing actions. Mu Chen removed his aloof exterior and displayed a small smile on his lips. His eyes shone bright like the moonlight from the half moon of the night sky. 

Gu Yunjue looked at Mu Chen’s eyes and noticed his appearance reflected in them. Gu Yunjue’s desire was always strong but he seemed to find his way of catharsis. He knew that this was something he always wanted. 

It was at this moment that Gu Yunjue knew why he wanted to present Mu Chen with the best things of the world just to have him look at him with a smile on his face. His intense feelings seemed to have a purpose in them. 

He actually had feelings for his Master. 

It was probably that his soul was taken away when he first looked at his Master’s clear and pure eyes. His little Master would never realize how his eyes had the power to stir people’s hearts especially people like him whose hands were impure with countless people’s blood on them. 

Gu Yunjue felt like laughing when he just realized his own perverted desires for his own Master. If he had been aware of his desires in his previous life, he would have kidnapped his Master and taken him to the Demon Realm. He would have doted on him and prevented him from leaving his side. This would have prevented the preceding events from happening. 

The ethics between Master and disciple? 

The balance between Yin and Yang from being disturbed? 

Gu Yunjue was not concerned about these things at all. The law of the heavens was strict and all living things were simply cannon fodder. Since Gu Yunjue was already down this path, he should point his sword towards the heavens. If any god acted like an obstacle, he would kill them. If any devil acted like an obstacle, he would also kill them. He was already able to turn back time without his memories being affected which was not permitted according to the laws of the heavens. Since it already came to this point, he didn’t care if he destroyed the Six Dao and the Three Realms. As long as his little Master didn’t protest, he wouldn’t fear anything. 

Now his entire mind and heart was filled with thoughts of the man in the water. He wondered how he could possess him. 

“Master,” Gu Yunjue crouched down at the water’s edge. He looked at the hand that was stretched towards him and he grasped it with a smile on his face. He held onto it tightly. His eyes hid the impatience within him but he also felt a strong urge to win. He sincerely confessed, “Master, I like you.” 

Mu Chen hesitated when he heard the confession. Then with a laugh, he said, “Master likes you too.” This small disciple will surely be liked by everybody therefore he must watch over him properly. 

Gu Yunjue licked his lips. A smile was etched on his face that resembled white jade. To prevent the other one from going back on his words, Gu Yunjue asked, “Then will Master always stay at my side?”

Mu Chen’s eyes held a gleam of light in them. He softly promised the other, “Yes.” Mu Chen was unsure of what chaos this child would create if he ever took his eyes off him. How could Mu Chen allow him to run rampant around the place? If Gu Yunjue became tempted by devil cultivation again, then the disasters of their previous life would repeat. Without a doubt, Mu Chen would keep this cute child with him. 

Gu Yunjue finally received a guarantee from the other. His eyes narrowed and he let out a slight laugh. He catapulted himself towards Mu Chen with his clothes still on. Mu Chen quickly caught him and gave him a tight embrace. He feigned anger and said, “How mischievous!” 

“Wherever Master is whether it’s the abyss or even hell, I will join you.” 

‘Don’t speak nonsense!” 

“Master, help me undress.”

“Do it yourself.”

“I need help taking it off. Please help me, Master.””

“How foolish!”


Mu Chen didn’t feel anger towards his little disciple that acted so spoiled. His aloofness disappeared at times due to the gentle and clingy attitude of his disciple. Mu Chen felt helpless and frustrated but he still held the other tightly in his arms while undressing him. 

It had been half a year since Gu Yunjue came here with him. The child grew quite a bit in that amount of time. His injuries have long since healed and he now had some meat on his bones. His bottom was now rounder and fuller. Mu Chen didn’t hold himself back and he kneaded Gu Yunjue’s small arms, small legs, belly, and bottom. He even kneaded Gu Yunjue’s little feet. Once Mu Chen finished kneading, his normally cold and clear eyes brightened showing how happy his spirits were.

“From now on, you will take a bath with this one.” Mu Chen said confidently.

Gu Yunjue tightly clung to Mu Chen’s neck, leaving no gap between the two of them. He adorably agreed, “Okay.” 

Mu Chen let out a smile showing his pleasure. Both the Master and disciple pair were wearing matching white robes. The child’s eyes held a lot of affection in them. The way their clothes matched made them look like a father and a son. Therefore, their clothes should match from now on.

Gu Yunjue stood on top of the rocks and used his spirit force to dry Mu Chen’s hair. He quickly straightened Mu Chen’s clothes. Mu Chen felt grateful for Gu Yunjue’s actions. Mu Chen couldn’t resist his urges to pinch the child’s cheeks. Mu Chen felt that this child wouldn’t grow up skewed after seeing him show such filial piety at his young age.

The Master and disciple pair returned home hand in hand. By then, Jing Ting had already returned from Han Yang Palace. As Gu Yunjue had predicted earlier, 

Gu Yunjue lifted his eyes up and looked at the expression on Mu Chen’s face. His seductive peach eyes held a smile in them and the tear-shaped birthmark near his eyes added to his flirtatious expression. 

Black Egg, who was lying on the windowsill, hesitantly took a look at the two. His scarlet eyes noticed more strength in Gu Yunjue’s soul which also held some greed. Gu Yunjue turned his head around and gave the duck a contemptuous look. 

Black Egg felt fear and covered his face with his two short wings. Gu Yunjue’s expression was so scary that he shrunk himself. As a result, he unfortunately lost his feathers so he was unable to cover his face completely with just his two fleshy wings. Thus, he shrunk himself again till he looked like a shaking quail lost in the middle of a snowstorm. 

Gu Yunjue said his farewells to Mu Chen and walked over to pick Black Egg up. He leisurely strolled back to his room.

Black Egg squatted on the table and covered his mouth since he didn’t dare to speak a word. The man in front of him didn’t find his voice pleasant and told him that if he disturbed him, then he would chop off his wings.

Gu Yunjue used one hand to grasp his chin and used the index finger on his other hand to rhythmically tap on the table. He watched the black fur ball contemplate in silence. Ji Qingyuan had already entered the devil path to its completion and it was just in time for this little guy to receive nourishment. Due to the other’s demigod stage spirit soul, it was enough for Black Egg to go through advancement. Even though this small creature was closed in a cage pretending to be a duck, he could still become a useful one. There would probably be more moments in the future where he would be needed. 

Black Egg scrunched his neck, waiting for Gu Yunjue to make a judgement on his existence. His pair of scarlet eyes moved around in confused circles under the lantern. Gu Yunjue said with an indifferent tone, “I assume that your clan doesn’t have any members left. A single mistake from you can lead to its extinction.” The child’s voice rang sharp and clear. The tone was soft and gentle but there was also malice in it.

The three golden hairs at the top of Black Egg’s head wilted. Black Egg lifted his wing up in surrender. He awkwardly flattered the other, “I pledge to follow you through thick and thin. I will fight anyone that dares to go against you and I’ll be willing to do anything for you even dirty matters. I only wish to have the permission to build a nest of my own and have children….”

“Little duckling!” Gu Yunjue rudely called out as he let out a chuckle.

“I’m not a duck,” Black Egg mumbled quietly to himself.

Gu Yunjue lifted an eyebrow.

“I am a duck.” In order to survive, if he had to be a duck then so be it. Even if he had to be a bug, he’d have to accept that as well.

Gu Yunjue poked the three golden hairs on Black Egg’s head with a satisfactory smile on his face. The murderous tone in Gu Yunjue’s words had his abyss demon spirit soul shivering. “If I give you a demigod stage spirit soul, will you be able to refine it?” 

He had to do this!

Black Egg wanted to pounce on Gu Yunjue and hug his thigh. He shouted loud enough for his ancestors to hear without shame, “I can! I can! I can! I will eat however much you give me! I will refuse nothing!”

Give Yunjue let out a slight smile. Black Egg’s expression unexpectedly made him sincerely smile. Whenever his little Master’s fire poison flares up, his spirit soul would suffer burns. Based on their previous life, the first time it flared up would be ten years later. The spirit that was swallowed by the three legged Golden Crow would be refined into a pure white color. This was similar to the clean spirit soul his little Master had. Until then, it was the perfect time to provide his little Master with nourishments to provide more strength to his soul.

Gu Yunjue felt that it was worth it to raise this little thing.

Black Egg was unaware that he had become a refining machine. Black Egg happily jumped up and down. He hugged Gu Yunjue’s leg and rubbed his head on it. He felt relief at escaping death.

It was right at this moment that there was a knock on the door. Gu Yunjue turned around and saw Mu Chen standing at the doorway while watching them. He was unsure how much the other heard and found that he was unable to read his expressions. 

Black Egg froze and shrunk back in fright.

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Black Meow: “Little Master, I want to turn your disciple into a child bride. Let him have vicious and merciless previews so he’ll break down when he sees you. He will be a malicious, beautiful, and silly bottom. What do you think?”

Mu Chen: Σ( ° △ °)

Black Meow: “Don’t be scared, little Master! I’ll castrate him before I send him to your bed. You can have him moan eight hundred times over and do it with him till he groans. Then, you can turn him over again eight hundred times till he cries out, “No, don’t!” ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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