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Chapter 24: The Moment When Mu Chen Is Distracted, Take That Moment To Kiss Him!

His little disciple was in the middle of the room bullying a duck. Mu Chen’s mood wasn’t obvious and Gu Yunjue’s expression was also difficult to read. 

Gu Yunjue hid his deep desires from his eyes and ran over while beaming. He pulled Mu Chen’s hand and intimately called him Master. 

Mu Chen originally thought about lecturing him. It was at this moment that Guan Shan brought over a plate of sugar cakes. He bowed and happily said, “Young Master, here’s the sugar cakes you wanted.” 

Mu Chen followed and stroked Gu Yunjue’s head. He asked with an aloof expression on his face, “Young Master?” 

“Young Palace Master is not pleasant to the ears,” Gu Yunjue said with a pout on his face, “It sounds like ‘Little Princess’.”

Mu Chen lifted his hand to swat the other’s head. Mu Chen asked, “Aren’t you being taken care of like a Little Princess at this moment?”

“Master.” Gu Yunjue grasped the hand on his head and massaged the palm of it. He could sense Mu Chen’s elegance through his palm. He couldn’t help himself but to move closer to Mu Chen’s face. He then asked, “Then, wouldn’t you be an old princess?”

“Old?!” Mu Chen frowned and felt an urge to pick the child up and spank him. To think that he’d go as far to call him old! In what way would he be old?! The people that were all at the same cultivation level as him were much older.

“Even if Master becomes old and ugly, this disciple will still like this Master the most.” Gu Yunjue looked at Mu Chen’s face and enjoyed teasing this normally expressionless person. He liked to see any changes in expression to this person’s face. After noticing Mu Chen’s expressions relax again, Gu Yunjue then said, “When I grow up, I will treat Master like a princess.I will keep you in a sumptuous mansion. Master will not need to do anything, he will only need to watch over me.” 

Mu Chen’s expression turned colder again. That’s how a pig is treated rather than a princess. 

Mu Chen opened his mouth, wanting to correct Gu Yunjue’s thoughts. Mu Chen thought about how sensitive his little disciple was when it came to his usage of vocabulary. He thus didn’t know what to say without hurting the other’s feelings. Mu Chen’s expression turned colder and his facial features twisted. His brows were also  knitted together. He looked like he was slightly irritated. 

Gu Yunjue felt amused when he looked at Mu Chen’s face. Gu Yunjue’s black eyes held a smile in them. He happily praised, “Master looks adorable right now.” . 

Black Egg shrunk himself away on the side and covered his face with his wings to avoid his existence from being discovered. Black Egg felt that Gu Yunjue was being shameless by taking advantage of the other. There was no proof that Mu Chen had heard them. 

Mu Chen eventually continued the conversation. He quickly corrected Gu Yunjue and said, “You should not use the word cute when you praise others. Tomorrow, you should recite one hundred proverbs and I will test you on them in the evening.” 

Gu Yunjue adorably responded, “Master’s teachings are right. This disciple will remember them.”

Mu Chen sat down and noticed that the brush and ink at the desk had not dried yet. Mu Chen wrote down a medicinal herb and asked Gu Yunjue to recite what he knew about it. Gu Yunjue was quick to answer and he recited the medical herb’s usage word for word.  

Mu Chen felt pleased by this and he nodded his head while commending the other. “Starting tomorrow, you can pick out some books from the pavilion of books and learn about some cultivation methods. You can take whatever you want with the plate I give you.”  

The way he said that was as if he owned the inner sect’s pavilion of books and used it as his personal study. It was only Mu Chen that would talk in this way.  

Gu Yunjue agreed with a beaming face. Lofty Cloud Sect was generous when it came to sharing insider information. In their previous lifetime, Mu Chen allowed Gu Yunjue to access the entire room. He allowed him to enter and discover many interesting things. 

Mu Chen stood up after finishing his duties. As he left, he turned to inspect Black Egg who had shrunk himself into a tiny ball. He couldn’t help himself but to inform Gu Yunjue, “This Black Egg…. Black Egg is also a living being therefore you should treat him better.” 

Black Egg, “….” Living thing….

Gu Yunjue picked Black Egg up and massaged him. He threw him upwards in the air and caught him. He caught him in the palm of his hand, “This disciple is just playing games with it.” 

It was difficult for Mu Chen to see this small disciple as a normal and mischievous child. Mu Chen eventually let out a smile, “It’s good that you know how to act like a proper child.” 

Once Mu Chen left, Gu Yunjue stopped smiling. He used two fingers to pinch Black Egg’s shoulder blades as punishment and he lifted him upwards. He looked at the other’s eyes who avoided his. With a gentle tone, he said, “Black Egg, I asked people to make you sugar cakes. You won’t refuse, right? Hurry up and eat them while they’re hot.” 

Black Egg felt depressed. Black Egg followed Mu Chen back because he thought he would grow up comfortably and safely. He was waiting till he grew up and had the ability to defend himself so he could take over the Devil Realm, ruling over it as the Devil Monarch at a golden age. From that point on, he would cross over the three realms. The phoenixes would all call their fathers when they see him. However, he had plenty of dreams while the reality felt sparse. At this moment, he had been taken prisoner as a spirit pet and was stuck eating sugar cakes. His flat mouth that was like a duck’s mouth found it difficult to eat the coarse sugar cakes because it stuck to your mouth the minute you eat it! He’d rather enjoy souls. The more wicked the souls were, the better! 

During the middle of the night, Gu Yunjue took advantage of the fact that Mu Chen entered meditation and left the boundary. He took Black Egg out of the chicken coop and took him with him. Gu Yunjue felt that he looked like a fool wandering around the mountain with an ugly mixed feathery dango. He wanted to pinch this feathery dango to death. 

Black Egg shivered and once again took the form of what looked like an abandoned quail in windy weather. 

Guan Shan silently came out of Gu Yunjue’s current room. He respectfully bowed and said with a soft tone. “Young Master, it’s ready.” 

Gu Yunjue nodded his head and gave a wave of his hand. Once the Protection Soul Bell appeared in his palm, it silently increased in size. It was in an instant that the three figures faded away from their positions. 

The inside of the Protection Soul Ball was a personal space. Half of the space had birdsong and fragrant flowers. There was a spirit spring on the side and the other half of the ball had what looked like an endless grey area. The fact that there was no Earth Bell led to severe damage. In order for the Universal Protection Spirit Bell to be considered complete, the other half had to be found. As of right now, they had to handle certain tasks without Mu Chen knowing.  

Gu Yunjue smiled and with an indifferent tone, said, “Begin.”

Guan Shan made a sound of agreement and lifted his arms to create an array. Gu Yunjue held Black Egg in his arms and relaxed as he watched. 

It was at this moment thousands of miles away, Ji Qingyuan felt several palpitations. He got up and didn’t have time to react before he felt as if his spirit soul was pulled towards a corner and that it was being yanked out. Ji Qingyuan felt terror as he felt his spirit soul being yanked out. His body fell to the ground and turned into a pile of bones containing devil Qi.

Yu Tianyi has already taken over his current powers. He thought back to the events with his fellow apprentices and how he was imprisoned by Yu Tianyi. It was fortunate for him to leave behind something. His spirit veins had been broken down but his spirit soul still remained. Ji Qingyuan depended on this fact and he fought back at death’s door. The people he had good relations with have since distanced themselves to avoid suspicions. He had once been treated royally, but now he had been isolated away from others. Ji Qingyuan now lived by himself in a hidden chamber, and there was nobody that would realize how he had been living. Even if he were discovered, people would assume that it was done as a countermeasure by the Devil cultivation. His soul would disappear and no one would find out the real reason.  

Gu Yunjue looked at the figure that gradually appeared. He held Black Egg and shook him. Gu Yunjue smiled and with a gentle tone, he said, “I’m not raising you for nothing. You better work hard.” 

Black Egg’s eyes brightened and he flapped his wings. His eyes glowed red as he inspected Ji Qingyuan’s devil spirit materializing before him. Black Egg flew and transformed into a black crow with scarlet eyes. He had a golden beak and the three tufts of feathers he had turned into soaring flames. His current form was more beautiful than his previous one. His current appearance was the Devil Realm’s Abyss Demon or a young Three Legged Crow. 

Ji Qingyuan was initially confused at his current location. When he noticed Gu Yunjue, he recognized him right away. “You’re Mu Chen’s disciple!” 

Gu Yunjue waved with a smiling face. Black Egg hungrily rushed towards him. Black Egg had been starved for too long and couldn’t wait. His sharp teeth grabbed Ji Qingyuan’s spirit soul and ruthlessly ripped a mouthful off as Ji Qingyuan helplessly screamed. Black Egg scoffed and crazily pounced on him with more urgency.

Ji Qingyuan let out a crazed scream at the pain of his spirit soul being ripped apart. The fear and desperation made his soul appear more tantalizing. This made the Demon Crow bite down with more urgency.

Gu Yunjue remembered Mu Chen’s angry and desperate expression when Gu Yunjue was sneakily attacked. He once again looked at the desperate expression of the person in front of him. He smiled in happiness and felt that his Master was truly kind. For someone to kill him with a single sword strike, it did not feel fair.

Gu Yunjue returned to his room feeling in a good mood. Gu Yunjue fished out a white scroll and put it on the table with a smile on his face. He rolled his sleeves up and dipped his brush into ink. With delicate strokes, he created the image of a bathing beauty. It looked wonderful. The texture and lines of the clavicle looked realistic. It clearly showed how this memory was engrained to his mind. 

It looked exactly like Mu Chen.

Mu Chen had already stated that Gu Yunjue would end up better than him. Due to this, Gu Yunjue’s unrestrained handwriting was impressive and it was also written with a forceful hand. Therefore, only a few people could reach his level of painting skills. 

Once Gu Yunjue finished painting, Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes with a smile on his face. Gu Yunjue felt satisfied with his painting and waved his arms to dry the ink. The scroll was then carefully rolled up and tied with a red string. He placed it by itself in a spatial ring. Everything related to his little Master must be placed by itself in the future to prevent other things from spoiling them.  

Gu Yunjue carried his pillow and went to Mu Chen’s room.

Mu Chen was meditating in the center of the room. He opened his eyes and noticed his small disciple who came to find him. He opened his arms to welcome the other to throw himself into them. He wiped away the sweat from the child’s forehead. He asked with concern, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Gu Yunjue felt offended but nevertheless nodded his head.

After Mu Chen fell over from the force of Gu Yunjue’s pounce, he pulled the small child tightly into his embrace. “Don’t be scared. This Master will embrace you till you fall asleep.”  

Gu Yunjue embraced Mu Chen’s waist tightly. Mu Chen adoringly embraced Gu Yunjue with a tight grip. He comforted him, “Don’t be afraid.” 


It was early the next day when Mu Chen sat by the window scanning through medicinal pill formulas. Jing Ming held onto a rope and bounced as he entered. He asked with high spirits, “Where’s Black Egg? I found a new rope with a little bell!” 

Mu Chen frowned at how noisy it was in the morning. 

Gu Yunjue noticed his expression and gave a slight smile. He strolled over and said, “Last night, Black Egg wanted to enter seclusion early so I let him seclude himself behind the mountains.” It wasn’t easy to eat a demigod spirit soul in one sitting. Black Egg needed at least a month in order to efficiently absorb it. 

Jing Ming felt disappointed and put the rope away as he was unable to utilize it for the time being. 

Mu Chen used his finger to beckon Jing Ming over. The latter quickly bounded over and lowered his head so it could be rubbed. 

Mu Chen took out a jade plate and instructed Jing Ming, “Go with Yun-Er to the pavilion of books and have him pick out whatever he likes. If anyone dares to take anything away from him, then fight back.” 

Gu Yunjue strode over and fixed Mu Chen’s lapel. He expectantly asked, “Will Master go with this disciple?”

“Master needs to concoct some pills so Jing Ming will accompany you instead.” 

Gu Yunjue fixed Mu Chen’s hair and said, “Then this disciple will return at noon to eat with Master.” 

Mu Chen nodded with a dazed expression, “Then go now.” 

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes while hiding his dissatisfaction. He took advantage of this opening and cupped Mu Chen’s face before planting a kiss on Mu Chen. 

Mu Chen, “….”

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Black Meow, “Damn it! I’m unable to write anymore! A pervert kissed Chen Chen!”

Mu Chen, “You’ve already written this far. You can’t drop it now.” 

Black Meow, “But I have to write 10,000 characters! Whenever I think of him growing up, I don’t want to write anything! Ah!”  (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Mu Chen, “Whenever you feel like you can’t write anymore, look at that strong house cat that was castrated. He’s wearing an Elizabethian style collar and plays with chestnuts in the living room contentedly. How can you not continue?” 

Black Meow, “….” What was said makes sense. I’m speechless. _(:з」∠)_

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