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Volume 2 – Chapter 5: First Experience of a Lifetime

After Catherine, the lady boss, had left, Qin Lun laid on his bed quietly, and sank his hand into the pillow as he pondered.

To think that Steven Albert was already dead! Shattered Starry Sky actually gave him a mission where he had to save a dead person!

In this small town, the heir of a Baron dying is already considered a major event. A lot of people had seen the Albert Family’s funeral procession, so it shouldn’t have been fake.

According to Catherine, despite the fact the fact that the Albert family were Barons through inheritance, their fiefdom consisted just of Odia Town, as well as the grove on the outskirts, and the mountainous region nearby. Since the fiefdom was not very large, the value also wasn’t very high. Moreover, this family was far from the Mezes, the center of the ruling dukedom, so they did not have any political enemies. In other words, they remained at a distance from worldly affairs all year round and they lived in seclusion with their noble lives.

This type of family naturally wouldn’t need to have their heir play dead in order to avoid animosity. Considering that Catherine was only the boss of an inn, the information that she offered could only be used as a reference. What actually happened was still something that Qin Lun needed to personally find out.

Thinking back to Catherine, a slight smile floated up to the corners of Qin Lun’s mouth. This middle-aged lady, who was still attractive at her age, gave him a brand new life experience. However, on the matter of physiology, it was just an experience for Qin Lun and there was nothing more that could come out of it.

Regardless of whether it was Qin Lun or Joey, they both did not have a genuine reason to live. Perhaps, for normal people, to enter Shattered Starry Sky was an opportunity or a test for them. However, for Qin Lun and Joey, it was just something to feed their curiosity.

Not only was he able to break away from prison that bound him, he could relax and live to his heart’s content. Even if this was a mission in the other world, the most important thing in Qin Lun’s mind wasn’t to complete the mission, but to investigate the reason who he had been given this mission.

If it was someone else that had obtained the mission’s notice, they would have really thought Steven Albert was just playing dead. Although Qin Lun wasn’t completely sure, he cannot deny that originally, he was half-heartedly completing the mission. However, that half-hearted manner now changed to a strong interest that arose from within him about the other world’s mission.

To be clear, saving someone doesn’t necessarily mean their life. The number of things that humans have that can be connected to “saving” are too many…

A trace of awn flashed through his eyes. He got up from the bed, and walked around the room naked. Inside of him, he felt excitement bubble up. He suddenly felt that he was unable to hold back and muttered to himself.

If he wanted to know whether Steven Albert was still alive or not, then he had to somehow enter Baron Albert’s castle. If it was during peacetime, a young doctor who hasn’t obtained a medical license, such as himself, wouldn’t be able to obtain the master’s invitation. Even if it’s a famous doctor of the town, they wouldn’t be able to get an invitation either.

However, the current situation was different. The plague had already started to spread around the town. Despite Catherine being under Qin Lun’s spell, he still wasn’t able to get all the information he needed. However, during their conversation, Qin Lun could sense what the lady boss meant by the “information blockade” the town had.

This plague had actually appeared more than a year ago before the recent outbreak. At that time, Odia Town had a few strangers suddenly faint on the streets. However, the plague that these people suffered with was not contagious, and they must have struggled for many months before eventually dying.

The most recent plague had happened about half a year ago, when someone in the town fell ill and died. The people near that person ended up also becoming infected. It started to spread from the edge of the town and slowly made it’s way to some place nearby which covered many of the other small towns. The reason why they connected this case to the case that happened more than a year ago was purely that the remains after the ill ones died held very distinctive features that were similar. The body usually would start rotting internally, and then they all had that characteristic dark green jelly-like thing.

At the moment, they did not know about the situation from the other towns. However, it was in Odia Town that there seem to be some type of mysterious power that could hide these corpses, and even force the family members of the victims to keep silent.

Based on the rumors that Catherine had received, there were several different versions. It was one of the versions that held Qin Lun’s attention.

One of the versions said that the source of the plague was from a small town located in the forests of the mountains hundreds of miles away. From this version, it was believed that a sinister witch lived in that place, and that she had control over evil organisms. It was also believed that this plague was a magical potion she created to harm people.

Another version was that the plague was brought by a few strangers that came a year ago. The disease had hidden themselves on the now dead people, and it didn’t really make a reappearance until recently. This theory actually made sense considering the first group of people to die had been the town doctors, who were the first to touch the diseased strangers.

However, Catherine unintentionally leaked another piece of information that Qin Lun took note of. It was more than a year ago when those strangers that came to visit Odia Town had received Baron Thomas Albert’s hospitality.

For the people of the town, this piece of information was nothing new. The clothes that the strangers wore were gorgeous, so it didn’t really matter whether they were a merchant or a small lord. All that mattered was that they were able to get an invitation letter to the Albert’s Castle and participate in a dance. This was nothing to gossip about.

However, for Qin Lun, the information that was contained in that was even more thought-provoking. The master of the place hosted the party, and the guests who attended would fall seriously ill and die after the party was over. The master who hosted it didn’t feel any remorse about what had transpired.

Perhaps these strangers were momentarily invited by the Baron when the time drew near for guests, and he just forgot about them afterward. It was possible that the Baron was powerless against their situation, considering it was none other than himself that secretly killed off these strangers. The connection between those who had died over a year ago and the Baron heir named Steven Albert who may be feigning death was all very interesting.

Qin Lun’s eyes flickered and shone bright, and he subconsciously pinched his nose. He seemed to have finally smelled the dense smell of a conspiracy brewing.

“It looks like tomorrow I shall have to go find this dear lady boss and investigate a little bit about the true meaning of life!”


“Ah~~!” Accompanying the woman’s resounding cries was the creaking of the wooden bed in the guest room that suddenly halted.

Lady boss Catherine slid down onto the bed as if she were a puddle of mud. There were clear colored beads of sweat falling from her blond hair into the deep ravine of her body. The woman allowed the youngster to lean against her erect and fair chest. The bangs of his black hair were moving to and fro on his forehead.

Looking at the youngster’s bright and clear eyes, this sexy middle-aged woman could only silently sigh. She knew that she had not been able to obtain his heart. The two of them were just like a pair of short-term mandarin ducks. She felt this so much that she thought of herself as a new type of fruit that the youngster was experimenting with.

He was young, handsome, and charming. He even had both family background and talent. If she were ten years younger, she would have long gotten herself tangled up with him, and wouldn’t let go of him. A strange thought floated up into Catherine’s mind.

“Do you really want to do that?” After a craze of clouds and rain (sex), the lady boss finally got down to the main point of this visit.

“Mhm, I only have you as an acquaintance in Odia Town. I’m afraid I can only ask you to help me. You will help me, right?” Qin Lun smiled with his eyes narrowed.

“Of course I can. I am just worried about what happens after it! I don’t want my darling to become infected with that strange disease!” Catherine extended a soft finger, smiling and scolding him as she jabbed it at his forehead.

“It should be fine. As a matter of fact, I had already cured a few people at home, including myself and my attendant. It’s just that I don’t have a formal license. My reputation is small and unheard of within Odia Town.” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed, stating while smiling, “Besides, the cure for this plague is a medicine that’s very precious. I will not be able to take care of every sick person.”

“When you get your medical license, will you still come for me?” Catherine bit his lips, and there was a rare trace of blush on her cheeks.

“Of course! Catherine is my most beautiful sweetheart.” His eyes flashed as he pinched the woman’s cheek slightly.

Catherine was a little bit disappointed to be called just sweetheart, but very quickly she started grinning from ear to ear again. Honest answers were better than empty promises by a hundredfold. The experienced lady boss already knew that she had passed by her dreams of when she was a young lady.


It was three days later that a robust individual suddenly had an expression of pain while he covered his stomach with his arms, and slowly fell down onto the large public square of Odia Town. While paralyzed on the ground, a trace of an unknown dark green colored substance flowed out from his mouth.

“AHH!” A woman’s screech sounded out from the town’s public square. It was in no time that everyone around the spot took notice of the outbreak. There were crowds of people that gathered together and crowded around, but no one was willing to lend an arm to support the sufferer of the disease.

Despite the fact that the people of the town already vaguely knew about a plague that was spreading around from within the town, it was only once or two outbreaks at the most. They had never heard of anyone having their plague break out in a public place.

The symptoms of the plague were already spreading. This fact was something all the people of the town knew about. Although there was some type of mysterious power within the town that could temporarily prevent the information from leaking out on the surface, it was still unable to prevent the feeling of anxiousness the people of the town felt about the plague.

In fact, whenever someone caught a fever or cold in this town nowadays, their family members wouldn’t let them out, and they tried any means possible to conceal the illness.

Regardless that the doctors have already died from the first plague outbreak. Even if they were still alive, these people would rather go on a long trek and find some doctors outside of their town to treat the plague. They were still unwilling to let their surrounding neighbor find out about it and leak the truth to others.

This was an infectious plague. No one knows what kind of panic it would cause to their neighbors after the condition of their sickness was leaked out. Also, they didn’t know what kind of treatment they would obtain afterward.

People chose to secretly fall ill, secretly treat the illness, secretly die from it, and secretly get themselves buried. Everyone chose to bury their heads in sand, thus hypnotizing themselves. This was also the reason why on Qin Lun’s first arrival to the town, he was met with such a strange miserable situation. It was also the origin of the plague spreading to the surrounding small towns.

Of course, it was also the reason why someone went to find Wellington, a young man who did not have a medical license to treat them. It was also the cause of Wellington’s own death.

“Out of the way! Out of the way. All of you get out of the way!” It was just when the town’s people were staring blankly and helplessly, someone who broke the town’s fake persona of peace suddenly appeared. A disturbance quickly rose up from the surrounding crowds as a large hunchbacked man waved around his powerful arms, causing the people of the town to be pushed around.

“You blockheads, hurry up and let Young Master Wellington by! The Stein Family’s young doctor will be giving treatment to this small, pitiful bug!”

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