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Volume 2 – Chapter 6: False Show and Real Deal

Hearing Frank’s broken gong-like voice, the townspeople couldn’t help but automatically part and look behind them. What they saw was a young gentleman who was dressed nicely, holding a portable medical case walking out from the crowd. He wore a friendly smile on his handsome, confident face.

The few doctors of Odia Town had already been completely defeated, and no matter who, no one was willing to mention that matter. However, the townspeople were still aware of it. They did not recognize the young man before their eyes, nor did they believe he could cure such a fierce plague that those old doctors were completely helpless against.

However, when people faced bitterness, they would always maintain a naive trace of hope within their hearts. And right now, this trace of hope was entrusted to the young doctor before them. The townsperson who had fainted and didn’t have much of a choice besides death was also like this as he thoroughly smashed the false peace and security painted over the town.

“He’s seriously ill. There’s not enough time to take him home.” Qin Lun crouched by the ill patient’s side and took a look at his eyes and tongue. His face appeared serious as he called back, “Frank, tell some people surrounding us to set up a small tent. I need to immediately operate on him.”

“Yes, Young Master. I’ll get some people to come over!” Frank went into the crowd, and shortly brought a group of young people holding some waterproof cloth back to the public square.

A small waterproof tent was quickly set up on the public square of Odia Town. The tent had three covered sides with one side open. It looked like this young doctor needed some light, while simultaneously, it looked like it was purposely left open facing the public so they could see with their own eyes just how the patient was treated.

Looking at everything developing in the direction he expected, Qin Lun revealed a slight smile. However, when he dipped his head to take a look, his brows wrinkled. The patient was lying by him with his eyes closed; under his eyelids, his eyeballs were shifting around. His forehead was also beaded with cold sweat. It was clear he heard that Qin Lun was going to operate on him.

Qin Lun extended two fingers and lightly pressed the main artery on the patient’s neck. Very soon, the patient’s breathing slowly evened and the shifting eyes finally stopped moving. This time, he really lost consciousness due to not receiving enough oxygen for his brain.

Opening his medical case, Qin Lun took out a small, transparent test tube and drew out some of the liquid inside it with a needle. With that done, he injected it into the patient’s vein until not a single drop remained in the needle. The liquid within this test tube was an anesthetic. it was also obtained through liquid-liquid extraction of some kind of plant from this world.

After doing the anesthetic preparations, Qin Lun put on a mask and leather gloves. He then took out a leather hide from the medical case and unfolded it. Within was an entire set of surgery equipment. This world has not discovered that rubber existed yet, so he could only use animal leather surgery gloves that were tanned beforehand.

In fact, the quantity of anesthetic Qin Lun had injected into his patient wasn’t enough to numb his whole body; it also would not last the entire abdominal cavity surgery. And him starting a surgery where there was plenty of dust flying around in the public square was an even more absurd action.

In regular situations, no matter whether the surgery succeeded, the patient was more likely than not to be infected by harmful bacteria and die from it. Even antibiotics had a hard time prevent this kind of post-surgery infection.

However, at this time, even if there were other doctors in Odia Town, there wouldn’t be anyone who would try to stop Qin Lun. This plague was a deadly and fast infectious disease after all. Even if he didn’t do surgery the patient would still die, and it was better to treat a dead horse like a living one.[1] If not, if Qin Lun decided to make a bogus accusation, he would only cause a lot of trouble for himself.

It was just that if Odia Town really still had official doctors, Qin Lun would most likely not do this. He elected to carry out surgery where there were numerous people so he could become famous. If there were other doctors around, it was hard to avoid being called into question after the matter. That would just be overreaching himself.

In this period of time, Qin Lun had already investigated several medical books and records of Odia Town and obtained an understanding of the human body of the people of this world along with some understanding of the medicine here as a whole. With the clinical medical science he had learned before, it was already enough for him to complete the theory behind it.

As for surgery, although QIn Lun was not officially a surgeon, his hands were much more steady than a majority of brain surgeons. His nickname “The Dissector” wasn’t just for show.

Of course, just relying on those things would not make the operation succeed. Qin Lun was just making an appearance. What he was really confident in was the “World Tree Flower Nectar”.

Qin Lun took a deep breath, his gaze concentrating with the operating knife in his hand drawing down the patient’s chest and navel. The incision was hair-thin as slight beads of blood seeped out. After cutting the vertical line, he once again started from the patient’s collarbone and cut down, forming a Y-shaped incision.

In fact, this kind of cut wasn’t really an orthodox surgery method. it was more like a doctor dissecting a dead body. However, Qin Lun also had no choice. He didn’t have any modern examination machinery, so he could only cut him open. There was no other way for him to see the body cavity of the patient.

After splitting open his flesh, Qin Lun used a bit of force to pull open the patient’s sternum, exposing the bloody thoracic cavity. Due to him not using much anesthetic, the unconscious patient showed some pain. His heartbeat also went up.

Qin Lun knew that he could not drag out the operation time. If he did, this person definitely wouldn’t hold out and would die. Darting his eyes around, he quickly took note of which internal organs of the patient were dotted with green spots. These green spots appeared similar to mold, and though the internal organs hadn’t begun to rot, there was already a strange odor coming out of the thoracic cavity.

Qin Lun did not attempt to remove these green spots. These were considered large areas of infection, spreading out like cancer cells. Any operation was powerless. However, his current operation was just to show off, so he did not need to worry about these green spots.

With the knife in hand, he cut down on where the infection was the most serious, the small intestine. Right after that, he took out Frank’s flat wine bag and poured out half of the diluted “World Tree Flower Nectar” into the patient’s mouth. Then the remaining portion was evenly poured over the cavity.

The “World Tree Flower Nectar” did not disappoint Qin Lun. Those green moldy spots disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if they had seen their natural enemy. Even the face of the patient slowly calmed, looking a bit more relaxed and healthy.

Qin Lun breathed a sigh of relief, then nodded at a woman who came over to help from an inn, indicating to her that he wanted her to wipe away his sweat. After that, he started to use a thread and needle to stitch up the incision.

Half an hour later, Qin Lun finished his “on the spot” operation that was faster than normal.

The family member, who received the news and hurried over, carried the plagued patient out of the tent. When Frank proudly lifted the cloth that held the lump of rotting green small intestine, displaying it to the townspeople, Odia Town broke out into unrestrained cheering after being depressed for so long.

“Hurray! Hurray!


“Morrison, is he really okay now?” Catherine looked worriedly at the youth.

“Of course! As long as his family burns all the items Morrison touched and don’t let him be infected with the plague again, he should slowly recover to full health!:

“That’s good, that’s good!” Catherine was relieved, and immediately stared at the youth’s expression. She was fired up once more. “That youngster’s luck is really good!”

“His luck and my luck are both pretty good!” A meaningful smile floated onto the corners of Qin Lun’s lips.

It wasn’t just Morrison who had good luck; Qin Lun had good luck too. This time’s otherworld mission wouldn’t normally go so smoothly. But right now, he was relying on Mafa’s “World Tree Flower Nectar” to take a shortcut.

Qin Lun’s noontime operation in the public square was the result of him asking for Catherine’s help. Morrison was just a neighbor Catherine knew and had the plague symptoms appearing just for two days. Morrison’s family was just about to send him out of town.

Morrison’s body was rugged so the plague infection wasn’t very strong. Him losing consciousness in the public square was faked, but the operation demonstration afterwards wasn’t. Qin Lun really did save his life.

This time’s operation demonstration was, in fact, already planned by Qin Lun before he had even arrived in Odia Town.

Qin Lun chose Catherine’s inn over that other, livelier inn. One of the reasons was that the livelier inn’s owner was a middle-aged man whereas Catherine was a middle-aged woman. Another reason was that it was harder to use money to bribe the owner of the livelier inn.

Women were naturally gossipy while men were unwilling to dig to the bottom of things. A woman could easily get more thorough and detailed information. Plus, since Catherine’s inn’s business wasn’t too good, she would be more easily enticed with money. Qin Lun planned to use the little wealth he had on his body to bribe Catherine and arrange an operation demonstration in the first place.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the target he chose was more suitable than he expected. Although he had to sacrifice a little bit of his “sex appeal”, Catherine was able to find him Morrison, which was considered a big help. On the flip side, if it was the middle-aged man owner from the other inn, even if he could bribe him with money, he would not have been able to find someone like Morrison, a suitable person who turned a false show into the real deal.

As for Morrison, the communication went smoothly. How would the family who was originally despairing be unwilling to play along with Qin Lun’s trick when they finally had an opportunity to treat the plague? Besides, as long as Morrison could be cured, this false show would turn into the real deal. That green, rotting small intestine he cut off at the scene was something taken out from Morrison’s belly.

With the townspeople as testimony, this operation demonstration had obtained the perfect success. The only thing that Qin Lun needed to think about now was when Baron Albert would send people to invite him over.

For the next few days, Catherine’s inn became the center of the town. Townspeople who had hidden their state of illness all began to appear in the originally secretive town. They were falling over each other to invite Qin Lun to treat their family members. The middle-aged lady was beaming with joy; she hadn’t had such good business for many years. When she served Qin Lun at night, she was even more energetic.

As for the requests from the townspeople to diagnose and treat people, Qin Lun did not refuse, but he also did not accept. He was extremely harsh in choosing his targets for treatment. Two drops of the “World Tree Flower Nectar” he carried had already been used. Within that thumb-sized crystal bottle was at most four drops. He would not waste the rest of them on these townspeople.

However, it wasn’t like all the ill people were infected with the plague. Qin Lun was able to tell that several of them were only infected with common symptoms. Those people were the best target for treatment, so Qin Lun used this world’s antibiotic that was comparable to gold, the “Wisteria Mixture”. The healing efficacy was also incomparably outstanding.

By the time the fifth townsperson left Catherine’s inn completely recovered, the  Sire Baron of Albert Castle finally sent out an envoy to invite Qin Lun to go to the town’s castle as a guest!


[1]TL Note: Idiom, try even if it fails.

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