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Volume 2 – Chapter 4: Catherine

“Thomas Albert! He’s a Baron? ” Qin Lun rubbed his chin, and turned around before asking. “Frank, does this Sire Baron live nearby?”

“Mhm, I know this. Sire Baron’s castle is on the outskirts of Odia Town. It’s about twenty miles from here. Master Stein used to frequently go to Odia Town to shop, and sometimes he would let me go with him to help move things.” Frank recalled this before he seriously replied to the question. Although he wasn’t too smart, his memory was still satisfactory.

“Then let’s go to Odia Town and take a look!” Qin Lun slightly smiled and said.

Odia Town was a town with a pretty good range. Surrounding the town, there were three to four other villages. Altogether in the town, there were more than one thousand people living in it. The main terrain of the town consisted of hillsides and woodlands. The resident’s main source of income was from hunting and cutting down trees. The residents who lived near the mountain were fed through the mountain’s resources. If they lived near a forest, then they were fed through the forest’s resources. Even though they were not rich from it, they were able to get enough food and warm clothes without any problems.

By the time the two arrived at the small town, it was almost noon. Although the sun had not yet settled, there were very few footprints on the road. The scenery was also very bleak to look at.

Qin Lun frowned a bit. Since Odia Town had a Sire Baron, then it should be considered the center of this area. Based on the current gloomy scene, perhaps the town had already gone through a large-scale epidemic outbreak?

“Frank, where’s the inn located here?” Qin Lun turned around and asked.

“I don’t know!” Frank scratched his head in embarrassment as he answered. When he saw the normal looking people walking around the town, an intense feeling of inferiority couldn’t help but float up into his chest. Every time he came in the past, he always kept his head down and obeyed his orders. Whatever Old Master Stein had wanted him to do, he would always do. He never went East when he was supposed to be going South.

Qin Lun felt a burst of helplessness. As a great master in psychology, he was very clear on Frank’s self-esteem being low. The kind of inferiority that Frank felt had been accûmulated over a long period of time. It couldn’t be dispelled away in a short amount of time. Since Frank could not lead the way, then the only thing he could do was follow along the avenue of Odia Town while slowly looking for an inn. If this were a normal situation, then they should be able to find the town’s inn not too far from the town’s avenue.

In reality, the two of them had only walked for about a quarter of an hour when they saw two inns on the roadside sitting side by side. Qin Lun pushed open the door of the first inn, and was greeted by noisy sounds that were immediately transmitted to his ears.

Compared to the miserable sight that was outside the inn where there wasn’t a soul in sight, the inn did not seem to have been impacted much by the lack of people outside. There were many people sitting in the lobby, and very few spots were empty. It looks like the majority of them were residents of the town They all looked like they were just here to have some drinks and loudly discuss things with one another. Inside the party, there was a garnish but beautiful geisha in heavy makeup and a gaudy dress. Within the cheers, laughter, and conversations of the people, the two of them standing at the entrance did not arouse anyone’s attention.

Behind the inn counter was a large middle aged person who had a thick and broad build. He was wiping the counter clean with a cleaning rag when he saw that they had more guests. He frowned a little and decided to dispatch a girl to go receive them.

“You two are…. Eh?” The young girl had just advanced to receive the two men when she saw that the two, with the young gentleman taking the lead, had already turned around to leave before she had even finished asking. The large hunchbacked man who had on a mask was behind the gentleman but did not say a word. He followed behind the other closely with a leather suitcase in his hand.

“Che, amazing!” The girl muttered resentfully as she angrily turned around and headed back to the inn.

After Qin Lun left the inn, he went to another inn. The second inn’s business was clearly worse than the first one. The lobby roughly only had one-third of the customers from the first one. Most of the customers were the more aged residents of the town.

The boss of the inn was a middle-aged woman, so the inn’s decorations were comparably more old-fashioned. As for those girls who drank along with the customers, while there were only a few of them, they were also comparably older than the girls at the other inn. Between these two inns, it was already clear who the victor was and who the loser was.

Although he did not know how the guest rooms looked, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that this inn already looked much worse than the first one. However, Qin Lun showed a satisfied expression and took off his gloves. He casually leaned on top of the counter.

“Young Sir, you look very nice. Are you here to have a drink of wine or to stay in the inn as a guest?” The middle-aged female boss, who was still attractive at her age, gave an enchanting smile and asked. Although she was dressed to the nines and had makeup on, the wrinkles that were near her eyes could not hide her true age.

Qin Lun smiled. The female boss’s question seemed a little bit cautious and solemn. Her inn probably didn’t have someone dressed as well as he had for a long time.

“I am Dr. Stein. I would like a clean guest room for my attendant and myself. In addition, send some food up to the room. My attendant’s stomach is relatively big, so add some more meat dishes.” Qin Lun pulled a silver coin out of his pocket and handed it in.

The female boss’s eyes lit up. On the silver coin, there was the print of the local Duke’s portrait. It was the type of coin that had more silver in it. This type of silver coin was already equivalent to a normal day of business for her. It looks like her luck today was pretty good.

“Respectable Sir, do you need anything else?” The female boss reached out a fair and fleshy palm, pressing down on the silver coin. Her middle finger was touching ambiguously on the back of Qin Lun’s hand, quietly teasing him, “Do you want me to arrange for you a pretty young lady?”

Qin Lun slightly narrowed his eyes. He went closer to the counter and patted the female boss’s well-rounded hand, and using the same quiet tone, he said, “Then I will trouble you to do so! However, I would prefer for you to find one of those mature ones, I don’t need any inexperienced young ones.”

“I will make sure you are satisfied!” The female boss mysteriously laughed and swayed her large fleshy buttocks. She called for the assistant to take Qin Lun and his companion to a guest room on the second floor.

“Young Master, actually…. I can live in the firewood room or the horse’s stable. You don’t need to waste so much money on me.” After the assistant had left, Frank looked at the cleaned guest room and felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“It doesn’t matter. From now on, I will practice medicine in this town. Of course, I would definitely need an attendant to help me. A doctor’s attendant can’t always sleep in the firewood room.” With a smile, Qin Lun patted the thick shoulders of his hunchbacked servant and sent him off. He then turned his head back around to size up the guest room in front of him.

The guest room was very clean besides a little bit of a moldy smell to it. The surroundings of Odia Town were all hillsides and forests, and the town was on a block of leveled land. It would often be misty, so it made sense that there would be a lot of humidity in this town.

Anyway, the guest room at the inn had the smell of mold to it, so that must mean that the inn’s business really wasn’t that great.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!!” That night, there was fog slowly covering Odia Town. Qin Lun who was lying down while dozing heard the sounds of knocking at his door.

Qin Lun got up and slightly smiled before opening the door. When he saw the person who stood in front of the door, he raised an eyebrow. He did not expect that it would be this person. It looked like there were some misunderstandings that arose.

“What’s wrong, respectable Dr. Stein? Aren’t you going to invite me in?” The aging woman, who was still attractive, had charming eyes that looked soft like silk. Her fair well-rounded arm lightly hung onto one of Qin Lun’s shoulders.

She had on a different outfit from the afternoon and was dressed in a pink outfit that revealed her shoulders. There had originally been some wrinkles on her cheeks, but she had clearly covered them up with precision. She didn’t look like she wasn’t elderly in the least. The dress that revealed her shoulders also stirred one’s passion, exposing the deep ravine of her body along with the two soft balls that looked petal white in color.

Compared to the young and pretty bar girls from the first inn he visited, in his opinion, she had not lost her figure, and was very sexy even though she was older than them. With some makeup on, she had quite a bit of charm in her.

“Hehe, I certainly didn’t expect that the boss herself would come over. In that case, come in.” Qin Lun admired the view of her with a downward glance, but he didn’t feel anything for her in his heart.

“Didn’t you want a mature older woman? Don’t tell me that Catherine doesn’t suit your taste?”

Since the door wasn’t slammed in her face, and she wasn’t refused, Catherine immediately felt hidden joy inside her heart. Even though she was using an inquiring tone, she stuck close to Qin Lun by half supporting herself on Qin Lun’s shoulder and pressing his arm tightly onto her erect breasts.

Qin Lun forced a smile. He used his free hand to rub his forehead while his other hand held onto the middle-aged woman that was pretty much all over him. He sat down at the bedside.

After looking at the pair of peach flower-like eyes on her face that was beginning to grow hazy, Qin Lun flipped his hand over, and a gold coin appeared at his fingertips.

“Handsome Dr. Stein, don’t worry and let Catherine serve you first!” The female boss’s eyes turned bright. The appearance of the gold coin caused any type of feeling that was surging up inside of her to clear up.

However, this middle-aged woman had other ideas that were completely out of character, and she did not take the gold coin. Instead, she took Qin Lun’s hand and pressed it onto her snowy white chest, slowly leaning towards the youth.

“No, this gold coin is to ask for some information from this beautiful lady boss!” Qin Lun sighed and confronted the eager boss. He finally stopped talking in riddles and quickly revealed his true intent to her once she was able to think properly again.

“Oh?” The inn’s lady boss, Catherine was slightly surprised by this and sat upright.

“Catherine darling, do you know the family name of Stein?” To prevent the lady boss from flying into a rage out of humiliation, Qin Lun revealed an enchanting smile while holding a gold coin in his left hand. He stuffed the gold coin into Catherine’s heavy cleavage. With his right hand, he hugged the woman’s well-rounded waist.

“Stein…. I think I’ve heard that name before.” Catherine’s distracted face revealed a lovely looking smile. She turned her body slightly, causing her ample breasts to once again press against Qin Lun’s arm.

“My father Stein is someone who frequently came to town as a merchant. However, my grandfather….” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed, as he somewhat tried to help her remember.

“Oh, I remember! Old Mister Stein seemed to be a famous doctor that lived in the Northern Slope Mountain’s wooded area. However, his son renounced learning medicine, then, in that case, are you Old Mister Stein’s grandson?” Catherine finally remembered some of her older memories.

“Yes, I am successful in the medical field, and I want to inherit grandfather’s practice. I heard that there was recently a plague that happened in town, so I wanted to come help the town. I also want to obtain a medical license at the same time.” Qi Lun inwardly heaved a sigh of relief as he continued to smile: “I don’t know whether darling Miss Catherine can help me with this?”

“How would you like for me to help you?” The lady boss heard Qin Lun call her Miss Catherine and felt so happy that she started to tremble. Her erect chest swayed, causing the sight before the youth to be full of the snowy white color.

“Tell me everything about the plague that’s in this town. Also, do you know of someone named Steven Albert?” Qin Lun beamed at her and asked.

“A lot of what I know is just gossip. There seems to be someone blocking the news of the plague from coming out.” Catherine slightly frowned, “As for Steven Albert…. He was Baron Thomas Steven’s oldest son, and he seemed to have passed away more than a year ago. Why are you asking about him?”

“He’s already dead?!”

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