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Volume 2 – Chapter 3: Frankenstein

“Chi!” Qin Lun lit up the oil lamp that was in his hand, illuminating the small basement.

There were some long tables all around the basement with glass equipment spread out on top of them. The equipment on the tables were the last few remaining medical research tools of the Stein family. Most of the equipment included beakers and rubber ducts. Other than a little bit of medicine in Wellington’s medical box, the glass equipment was even more precious than the trampled house.

However, Qin Lun’s line of sight didn’t pay any attention to these type of things. These things did not hold much value for him considering the fact that he didn’t understand how the medical system worked in this world. His line of sight was instead attracted to the operating table that was set up in the basement.

On the operating table, there was a corpse lying on top of it. When he saw the corpse, Qin Lun sighed as he realized why this little house suddenly turned into an environment that people could not live in.

The corpse was already dissected and its slitted belly was not sewn back together. The internal organs have already rotted and fermented into some kind of paste with objects that looked like green jelly flowing out of it. The whole basement was covered in a fishy stench. It looks like Qin Lun found the source of the poisonous gas.

Qin Lun stopped hesitating and quickly walked to the corner of the basement. He picked up Wellington’s medical box and a reagent bottle that was the size of a bucket and had a slender neck to it. He then returned back upstairs.

After he brought out the medical box and reagent bottle from the house, Qin Lun took a deep breath before running back into the small house. He once again brought out a few books on the foundations of medicine as well as a large basin and one small leather suitcase.

There were a couple changes of clothing inside the leather suitcase. The medical books were there for Qin Lun to have some type of understanding into this world’s medical system. As for the reagent bottle, it had medical alcohol inside.

Qin Lun then peeled off his clothes on his body in two or three moves until he was only in his underwear, and he placed them into a large basin along with the other clothes in the suitcase. After that, he drew water from the well in front of the house before diluting some medical alcohol inside the basin.

Frank did not bother to ask about his master’s strange actions. Since he had seen many of Wellington’s research studies, he could only vaguely guess that this was some type of disease prevention measure. He went to the back of the small house and obtained some chopped firewood before making a small fire under the basin. He also used a wooden pole to make a place to hang clothes to dry.

Qin Lun opened the medical box. On one hand, he sterilized some cotton with alcohol to wipe the insides of the box and the items inside. On the other hand, he submerged his consciousness into Wellington’s remaining memories.

Because Wellington was already dead for three days, his memories were badly damaged, and there were only some of his biggest impressions still left behind in his rotting brain. This medical box was one of those things amongst the other things that were hidden in the bedroom.

From his memories, Qin Lun was able to learn that this world was similar to the later period of medieval earth. If he had to date it, it should be roughly from the timeframe of the 15th century till the 18 century since most of the technology and educational level were approaching that stage.

This world already had glass, clocks, the loom, gunpowder and other inventions from the not-very-distant-past, the budding period of the Renaissance and Capitalism. In the medical aspect, antibiotics weren’t formally discovered. However, some brilliant doctors have already discovered something similar to antibiotics from the liquid-liquid extraction of plants.

It’s just that plants, where you could get antibiotics from, were extremely hard to breed, and the liquid-liquid extraction process was also extremely complicated. The value of antibiotic plants was ten times more than gold was. Inside Wellington’s box, there was a tube of an antibiotic whose color was violet.

This medicine was called Wisteria Mixture. There were barely thirty milliliters of it left in the test tube. When he was treating those patients infected with plague before, he did not use this medicine on them. He wasn’t even willing to use the medicine on himself. By the time he had noticed that something wasn’t right, he had already long lost consciousness to the fever. In the end, he lost his final chance at saving his own life.

From Wellington’s point of view, this antibiotic was some kind of omnipotent medicine. However, Qin Lun did not have that kind of superstition with the results of this antibiotic. From the miserable condition of that dead body in the operation room, he did not believe that this tiny bit of antibiotic could resist that dark green jelly-like substance. From his point of view, that substance’s might was simply comparable to a biological weapon, and even as the high-end type of a biological weapon that works in an extremely short time.

What caused Qin Lun to feel strange was that in Wellington’s incomparably normal memories, there were some abnormal memories mixed in them. Wellington was convinced that there were organisms in this world that cannot be explained with science, so he called them “Witch Servers”.

Despite not seeing it with his own eyes before, Wellington was convinced that there were witches that could use black magic, and that they could also control all sorts of interesting magical organisms. They also hid in forests where very few people visit, and they were also high up in the mountains, as well as in marshes.

After he finished examining Wellington’s memories, Qin Lun once again submerged his mind into the mission of the other world. This mission was written in red on the Death Notice. It was hard to miss it.

The mission content was very simple, “Apostle Number 70053, your mission in this otherworld is to save Steven Albert. The mission target is within thirty kilometers of you, and the time granted for the mission is a natural thirty days. The mission base reward is One Shattered Law Crystal. The possibility of an extra reward depends on the progress of the mission. The penalty for the failure of the mission is the thirty point deduction of Soul Vitality.”

It was indeed a very simple mission! Qin Lun shrugged his shoulders a bit and merely felt a bit strange at the fact that a serial killer was needed in order to save someone!

“Change your clothes and use this to clean up your hair and beard!”

Qin Lun changed back into the clothes that had dried before he once again took out a few bigger vests, and handed a knife over to Frank.

Since he had obtained Wellington’s storyline identity, then he might as well exploit it. In this period where the plague is spreading, he was popular considering the fact that he was a doctor, even if he didn’t have a license. In all likelihood, he would end up finding the trail to the mission target very quickly.

“This…. Young Master, I think my current appearance is good. I don’t need to cut off my hair and beard!” Frank’s eyes went all over the place as he said that.

“I told you to do it, so do it!” Qin Lun looked in a strict manner at his hunchbacked servant. After being in close contact with him for a night, he was now more familiar with Frank’s nature. This servant’s nature was a bit self-abased and introverted. Besides the Stein family, there really weren’t many others that accepted him for who he was.

After Wellington died, he guessed that this ugly hunchbacked man would not be able to blend into human society, even if he wasn’t ill with the plague. He can only live in the wilderness his whole life until he dies, or until he dies by the hands of some beast in the wild.

Qin Lun wanted to use Wellington’s identity and ask about information on Steven Albert in the vicinity. He naturally cannot be followed by a wild looking person. Even if he’s a bit ugly, he should at least look more human.

However, after Frank used the knife to cut his hair and shave his beard, Qin Lun’s expression turned a bit strange. Now that he could see it clearer, he understood why Frank did not want to clean up his appearance.

The hunchbacked servant’s face was bumpy, from his cheeks down to his chin. Forget the greenish-black colored beard stubble on his face. There was a pair of triangular-shaped eyes, where one was smaller than the other one. He also had large upturned nostrils. His large mouth had teeth that were skewed awfully, with badly damaged and incomplete sharpened teeth.

To be ugly to the point of shaking one to the core, it can also be considered a marvel. When he thought about Frank’s name then Stein’s name, Qin Lun was filled with even more awkwardness. Isn’t this just the Frankenstein of another world!

No wonder in Wellington’s memory, Frank’s appearance was always messy and dirty, and never revealed his true appearance. With that kind of face, the cleaned up version was even harder to accept than the dirty version.

Frank leaned over, not daring to look at Qin Lun’s amazed expression. Wellington was not only his master, but he was also his brother from his childhood. The peculiar gaze from his family caused the ugly hunchbacked man to be dejected.

“Pa!” Qin Lun used a hand and slapped down on the back of Frank’s head, laughing while scolding him, “You have even more deterrence quality than I thought! You ugly guy, you would definitely scare those people living in the town to death.”

“Hehe!” Frank’s heart immediately warmed up and he lifted his head up, feeling slightly embarrassed as he laughed with his large mouth.

“Put on a mask. We need to find a place to stay before night time.” Qin Lun took out a cotton mask from his medical box and handed it to Frank, having him wear it to cover up his frightening appearance.

“Young Master, we are not staying at home?” Frank asked, baffled by this.

“We can’t live at home anymore. It’s full of the virus from the plague. We’ll die after a short while in there.” Qin Lun shook his head, and he glanced at Frank before turning back around to look at the fire. He picked up a burning piece of firewood and handed it to Frank, “Go burn it!”

“Burn it?” Frank widened his triangular-shaped eyes, in which one eye was larger than the other one. He held the burning stick and hesitated. Even though the ugly hunchbacked man lived in the attic and firewood room for most of his childhood, for him, the small Stein house was still his only home.

Qin Lun once again picked up a burning stick and threw it at the small house. The flame spread through the house quickly. The expression of the master and servant was gloomy and unclear. Frank’s face was full of reluctance as he stared blankly at the burning house.

“Wait till we go to town and earn some money, you’ll get another small house. In the name of the Stein family, I will even find you a woman. I guarantee it!” Qin Lun smiled as he stated this.

“A woman? Besides Young Master and Master, there wouldn’t be a single person interested in being together with a monster!” Frank said disheartened.

“Frank, you are not ugly. There are many people who are even more ugly than you! It’s just that nobody has realized that yet!” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed and he smiled, “It’s not like you can’t change your appearance. Even though my ability isn’t too good in that aspect, I can still make you more pleasant looking.”

“As long as I can still follow Young Master, Frank is content. Afterward, I can also take care of Little Young Master!” Frank grinned and laughed.

“That’s right, Frank. Do you happen to know of someone named Steven Albert?” Qin Lun asked without thinking. He did not have much hope in Frank being able to answer him since the hunchbacked servant never went into town past his childhood. Qin Lun was afraid that Frank wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone but the Stein family and the corpses in the graveyard.

“Frank has never heard of any person named Ste-!” As expected, the hunchbacked man shook his head. However, after that, he frowned for a moment before unexpectedly giving Qin Lun an additional answer.

“However, in the past, Master Stein would frequently mention someone who had the family name of Albert. Baron Thomas Albert!”

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