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Volume 2 – Chapter 2: The Cause of Death

“Achoo! Achoo!” Frank bitterly sneezed on one side while carrying out his master’s order on the other. He rubbed his body over and over again until the skin on his body was all rubbed red. His worn-out clothing had also been washed once before he was permitted to go back ashore.

By the time he reached the shore, excluding his hair and beard, he looked like a tramp. But at least the stench of salted fish that clung to his body had dispersed. His biggest problem was his overly white complexion that made him look somewhat like a corpse. His body was also so weak that he looked like he would faint at any moment.

Qin Lun raised an eyebrow somewhat unexpectedly. Despite it being night right now, it was not cold like it was in winter, and even though he had been in the brook he still didn’t feel cold. Although Frank suffered from a disability, he should be used to heavy labor and his body is unlikely to be too weak.

“Cough cough…” Due to the invasion of the icy cold river water, Frank started to cough harshly. An abnormal captivating red appeared on his face.

Qin Lun looked away. Although Frank placed his hand behind his back immediately, he had already seen that smear of red on his hunchbacked servant’s finger in the moonlight.

Qin Lun suddenly strode forward and grabbed Frank’s right wrist, feeling his pulse. Frank struggled a little, but after he saw his master’s strict eyes, he shrunk in his neck and quieted down.

After he let go of Frank’s wrist, Qin Lun slightly frowned. The hunchbacked servant’s pulse was extremely weak, faintly discernible as if he was dying. But from Wellington’s remaining memories, Frank always gave him the impression of a super strong monster.

Looking at Frank’s miserable appearance, Qin Lun’s heart slightly moved. The old Wellington, even if he usually does not care much about this loyal servant, as a doctor, his servant’s body condition should cause him to take notice. It looks like Frank’s health changes should have happened after Wellington passed away.

Qin Lun closed his eyes and looked for clues within the remnants of Wellington’s memories. After a short while, he reopened his eyes. Within Wellington’s memories, there really wasn’t any clues on the condition of Frank’s body. However, Qin Lun discovered the cause of Wellington’s death.

As a young doctor without any type of government license, Wellington rarely had any patients visit him. However, that later changed. Surrounding Wellington’s home, there were a couple small towns. A severe plague was going on around that time. Many of the poor people in the towns couldn’t afford an actual doctor so they had no choice but to go to the inexperienced Wellington to treat them.

It eventually became clear that with Wellington’s inferior medical knowledge, he could not cure these people. He also contracted the plague and later kicked the bucket. Frank didn’t go near many of those sick people in the first place. His infection may have come from taking care of Wellington who had contracted the disease.

When he thought about the plague, a look of caution appeared on Qin Lun’s face. The death rate of this plague was high and the speed of the plague’s outbreak was extremely quick. A sick person would be feverish on the first day. On the second day, they would start coughing blood without stopping The body would look on the surface, but they would already be rotting inside their body They would then die on the third day

Qin Lun was at the level of a medical professor from all the medical knowledge he obtained from the books he studied. However, those books were all from Earth, and would be of no use in determining the type of plague that infected this strange world.

Inside Wellington’s memories, this wasn’t the first time that this type of plague appeared in the small towns. It also had spread before, making brief appearances and then disappearing quickly again. During those times, the infection rate has not been as strong as it was now.

From the day Wellington died to the present, it had already been three days! For Frank to only show the symptom of coughing blood now, it proves that his constitution was much stronger than a normal healthy person.

As Qin Lun thought about it, a hint of confusion appeared on his face. The reason why Frank’s body had been stronger than the average person was probably the effect of the medical alcohol. The concentration of medical alcohol with water should be at 75% or lower while the taste of it should be at 40% or higher. This concentration acted as a sterilizer and prevented the illness from acting up in Frank’s body.

The reason for why this hunchbacked man was not poisoned to death from the medical alcohol was probably because it either didn’t meet the standards, or Frank’s stomach got used to it and became tougher.

If Qin Lun didn’t save him, then Frank probably wouldn’t last another two days! Qin Lun hesitated for a moment before coming to a decision. No matter what, he still needed an assistant. The best choice currently was the loyal Frank.

Qin Lun turned the wine bag upside down and dumped the contents of the bag out, despite the hunchbacked servant’s bitter look. He took it to a small brook and washed out the bag t before filling it up with some water. After that, he took out the crystal bottle filled with that “World Tree Flower Nectar” and after opening it, he lightly dropped a drop of it inside the bag.

“Drink it! Don’t leave any of it behind! ” Qin Lun handed over the wine bag to the servant and steadfastly ordered him.

“Oh… it smells so nice!” Frank used his large garlic-shaped nose to sniff the mouth of the wine bag a little before quickly gulping down the diluted “World Tree Flower Nectar” that was diluted with river water.

“Do you feel anything yet?” Qin Lun’s gaze remained on the hunchbacked servant since he was very interested in the effects of the “World Tree Flower Nectar”.

“I don’t feel anything… wa~~” Frank smacked his large lips, wishing he could drink more. As he was answering, his complexion underwent huge changes to it. His throat shook and his cheeks puffed as he leaned over and vomited.

“Barf! Barf!” Not only did the ugly hunchbacked man start to vomit endlessly, his stomach also started to have a bad reaction. He immediately held his belly and madly ran for the underbrush. As an adult, even if he did not care about how he appeared to others, he also couldn’t take off his trousers in front of Qin Lun just to relieve himself.

“This reaction seems a bit intense!” Qin Lun said to himself and lowered his head to inspect Frank’s vomit. His eyebrows immediately wrinkled together, “This plague doesn’t look like a parasite….”

In the dirty vomit, there were specks of blood in it. The strangest part was that there was some unknown dark green jelly-like matter in it. They were slightly wiggling and looked like small round slimes.

“Young Master, what did you give me to drink?”

Half a day later, Frank weakly walked out from the forest. Compare to before, his current complexion really looked like the paperwhite ones that dead people often had.

“How do you feel?” Qin Lun once again took Frank’s wrist. The hunchbacked servant’s pulse was still somewhat weak, but compared to before, it was much more steady.

“I don’t have any strength, but my body seems to have lightened up a lot.” Frank answered weakly without any strength, “Young Master, your medicine is super awesome!”

Qin Lun declined to make any comment and nodded. It is reasonable to say that the “World Tree Flower Nectar” was like the life essence of a plant. After being consumed by a human, it can slowly increase the immunity of the person, and it can mend the human body. It was not the type of medicine that would get rid of the body’s impurities and make you powerful.

The result right now was most likely because the “virus” within Frank’s body had a huge conflict with the life essence of the flower nectar, causing the hunchback ugly man to both vomit and get diarrhea. Although the real effect of the “World Tree Flower Nectar” didn’t happen, it still allowed Frank to eliminate most of the “virus”. It can be considered a success by luck.

Qin Lun glanced at the tottering hunchbacked servant and lightly sighed. He opened up the cork of the crystal bottle and once again dropped a drop of it into the wine bag.

When saving someone, you have to help them until the end. When you’re sending Buddha, make sure to send him West. Since he had already invested a drop of the World Tree Flower Nectar, then he cannot allow Frank’s symptoms to relapse. Besides, he still had a lot of tasks for Frank to do later on. How could Frank run errands for him with this disease? Qin Lun didn’t have the time to wait for him to get better in a slow pace.

“Go to the brook and fill it up with water. Your illness isn’t gone yet! If you don’t want to die, then drink a mouthful of the medicine in the wine bag every hour.” Qin Lun once again gave the wine bag to Frank, “We will go back when you can carry on again!”

He couldn’t help but notice, that the foundations of Frank’s body was indeed pretty good. Of course, it could also be that the second drop of World Tree Flower Nectar was finally showing its true effects. The complexion of the hunchback servant quickly became rosy, and his vitality rose in barely half an hour.

“Young Master Wellington, let us return home. Frank feels like all his strength has returned!” The hunchbacked servant sprang up and excitedly kneaded his knuckles, taking the lead to walk ahead.

At this moment, the horizon was beginning to brighten. The light of the dawn dispersed the haze that covered the forest graveyard and hung over the treetop of the grove.

Wellington’s house was approximately five to six miles away from the forest’s graveyard. It was situated on top of a small hillside. The area was particularly tall, and you could survey a small town covered by fog from above.

It was a small two-story house made of wood. From far away, it looked refined and elegant. However, when you came near to the house, you could see that the small house was extremely mottled on the outside, and had moss growing disorderly in the corners of the house. The house looked ruined up close.

“Du~~Warning, the environment here in this world has a different condition for survival. We ask that the apostle leave as soon as possible, otherwise, this law body will continue to be injured.”

The information that came through from the Death Notice caused Qin Lun’s complexion to change. He used one hand to pull the hunchbacked servant in front of him as he narrowed his eyes to once again size up the small house in front of him.

“Give me the wine bag! You wait here!” Qin Lun took out a silk handkerchief from his vest and sprinkled some of the diluted flower nectar on it. He then used it to cover his mouth and nose before pushing open the wooden door to the small house.

The arrangement of the small house was simple and crude. There were a couple portraits hanging on the wall of the corridor. In those portraits, there were the ancestors of Wellington’s family. In the time of Wellington’s grandfather, the Stein family was a famous aristocratic family known for having fine doctors. Wellington’s father had no interest in learning medicine and turned to trading. The result of this was consecutive debt, and he ended up squandering the entire family fortune.

After Wellington’s father died, little Wellington had no choice but to sell off family property to eke out a living, allowing himself to continue learning medicine. In fact, this young man’s medical expertise was not as inferior as Qin Lun imagined. In the area of surgery, he still had the medical talent of the Stein family.

Of course, this had to do with that fact that Frank went out to the graveyard to steal dead bodies from time to time.

It was a pity that Wellington didn’t have the sufficient amount of medical knowledge to treat those people infected with the plague. In the end, before he could finish studying it, he ended up dying, and completely ended his family’s bloodline.

Based on Wellington’s remaining memory, he quickly ran to the bedroom on the second floor and took out a small bag made of cloth from the desk which he placed into his pocket. He then ran back down and opened the door to a small storeroom, following the path of the wooden ladder to enter a small basement.

This was Wellington’s medical research room which was also the place where he had done surgeries and dissections!

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