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Volume 2 – Chapter 1: Master and Servant

Qin Lun’s eyelids trembled slightly and slowly opened, he only felt as if he had a very long dream. Like an ant-like voice that was faintly discernible in his dream, yet also seemed incomparably clear. It was like it was deeply engraved into the depths of his consciousness.

That voice did not belong to any known language, but Qin Lun somehow completely understood all the content. It was like an effect that directly acted on his soul, there is no need for any translation.

“Wuwuwu~~” Just when Qin Lun wanted to study the contents of this voice, a broken gong-like sobbing echoed next to his ear.

Right now, Qin Lun was sure that this was absolutely not the law explanation from Shattered Starry Sky. Because this voice was really too ugly, too ear-piercing, it was like the cry of an owl, so he could not lie down quietly anymore.

“Shut up!” Qin Lun was at the end of his patience and lightly shouted.

“Ah~~” The broken gong-like sobbing abruptly came to a stop and was replaced by a resounding screech.

Qin Lun somewhat indignantly lifted the layer of thin object on his body and sat up straight. His face looked expressionlessly toward the person screaming. What he saw under this moon hanging brightly in the sky was an ugly hunchbacked man dressed in ragged clothing, a terrified expression stretched across his whole face as he retreated in fear.

“Young Master Wellington, I know you are not satisfied with this kind of funeral, but the pitiful Frank really doesn’t have any money to prepare a coffin for you!”

The hunchbacked man seemed disheveled, the beard on his chin was covered in dust while the crude clothing he wore was full of blotches and stains. Perhaps it was because of the long years of labor he had been doing along with being covered in dirt, but his specific age was really not easy to determine. He was only able to give an estimate, this man should not be less than fifty years old.

Funeral?! Qin Lun turned his head around to look at his surroundings, then expressionlessly curled his lips a little. The place he was at was a gloomy and dusky forest graveyard, besides the moonlight which broke through the branches and scattered onto the ground, were ghostly shadows all somberly piled up. Not even the sounds of bugs or rats chewing were to be heard.

The object that Qin Lun lifted was a broken straw mat. Half a meter away from him was a deep rectangular hole, it was clear that this grave was meant for him.

Calming down for a moment, the information within the Death Notice about his storyline identity immediately appeared within Qin Lun’s consciousness. After he left Shattered Starry Sky, the Death Notice lost some of the inhibition on it and was easier to summon than before.

Wellington Stein, human, twenty-four years old. Occupation: Folk Doctor. Practiced medicine for many years, but has not acquired the official qualifications to practice medicine.

A folk doctor that did not have official qualifications to practice medicine! Qin Lun’s face slightly wrinkled, in other words, the original master of this body was a poor useless quack.

Qin Lun looked back at the hunchbacked man and the remnants of Wellington’s memories immediately appeared before his eyes.

Frank+?, human, thirty-two years old. No occupation, vagrant. Wellington Stein’s private servant.

He’s only thirty-two years old? Qin Lun was slightly surprised. From Frank’s ugly appearance full of wrinkles, along with the tangled green veins on the back of his dried up hands, he looked at the minimum, to be fifty years old.

The remnant of Wellington’s memory showed that Frank was originally an abandoned baby that Wellington’s father picked up from the wilderness and raised. He had originally wanted to sell him into the town’s workshop to do child labor. But because Frank was really too ugly, and was even a hunchback with some disability in his legs, he simply could not be sold. So they had no choice but to use him as a servant.

However, Frank was extremely grateful to the Stein father and son for taking care of him and was loyal to the Stein. When he was young, he had helped little Wellington block a lot of bullying from the other children. After he grew up, he was even more hardworking and made many contributions to Wellington’s “medicinal research”.

For example: Helping Wellington go to the cemetery to help him steal some fresh corpses for his anatomy practice…

“Young Master Wellington, you are not completely dead yet?”

At this time, Frank seemed to have come back to his senses and courageously asked in a low voice. He was after all, his master. Plus, because he had been in contact with dead bodies from the cemetery all year round, he could still distinguish between a dead person and a living person.

What not completely dead yet! The slight smile that Qin Lun showed was immediately gone, and the sharp red in his eyes sparkled. He had the urge to directly kill him. However, he was aware that this loyal servant was still very useful for him, so the sharp red in this serial killer’s eyes slowly faded away.

Qin Lun stood up silently, brushed the dust from his body and suddenly found out that he was wearing a pair of old leather gloves. The clothing he wore was a knee-length black velvet windbreaker coat. Inside was a black gentleman vest and laced white shirt. On his lower half was a pair of black pants overlapped by a pair of long riding boots.

This person’s clothing was at least pleasing to the eye, besides the clothing being a bit old-fashioned, the white shirt being somewhat yellow with the cuffs and lining having some obvious damage to it, he could still barely be regarded as a decent-looking person.

“Young Master Wellington, you really did not die!” Frank was eventually overjoyed as he watched Qin Lun stand up. His four limbs crawled over the ground and he hugged his master’s thigh, revealing a mouthful of black and yellow tartar rotten teeth. He started to wail like a ghost and howled like a wolf with tears and mucus immediately covering over his ugly face.

“I…” Seeing his trouser leg being covered with Frank’s tears and mucus, Qin Lun finally no longer held back and used one foot to kick this loyal servant to the ground.

“How many days was I dead… Oh, no, how many days was I unconscious!” Qin Lun covered his face, took a deep breath then calmed the anger that was caused by Frank.

“Young Master, you have been dead for…. Oh, no, you have been unconscious for almost three days!” Frank wiped his face then carefully peeked at Qin Lun. It looked like he was still trying to confirm whether his master was dead or alive.

“Is there any water source nearby, take me there!” Qin Lun expressionlessly ordered him.

“Young Master, are you thirsty? I have water here!” Frank hesitated for a moment then took out a small flat water bag.

“No, I want to clean my body.” Qin Lun wrinkled his brows and took the flat bag. Although the clothes on this body seemed to have been washed once before he was about to be buried, his body was full of a corpse’s stench right now. He couldn’t wear this and go out to meet people.

“Cough cough cough! What is this thing?” Qin Lun place the bag to his mouth and drank a mouthful. His nostrils were assaulted by that spicy flavor causing him to repeatedly cough. His fair face turned the same color as an eggplant.

“This… this is from Young Master’s workshop, the alco… alcohol, however, I didn’t take much. Some water was also added!” Frank twisted around his big rough hands, somewhat embarrassed as he muttered, “It’s pretty cold at night, so drinking can help warm the body.”

Medical alcohol that was blended with water! Qin Lun’s eyes went wide, a scarlet light appeared from within his pupils, he once again had the urge to throttle Frank to death. From being an unhindered serial killer to now, he had never been so tripped up like this by someone before.

He closed his eyes, took several deep breaths, and just barely managed to repress the urge to kill. Qin Lun once more expressionlessly growled, “Lead the way, take me to the water source nearby!”

“Oh!” Frank withdrew his head and responded, however, he did not immediately go. Instead, he crouched on the ground and felt around, then picked up two items and handed them over to Qin Lun.

Qin Lun took these two things and his eyebrows raised. This was a wide-brim western-style hat along with a cane. Using the moonlight, he could see that the brass on top of the cane had already worn off by more than half. It looked very old, it should be an inheritance Wellington gotten from his father.

At the same time he saw it, Qin Lun unconsciously placed his hand into the coat pocket, and his face immediately changed. This is not his habit, rather, it’s a habit of the already dead Young Master Wellington Stein.

“Where’s my pocket watch?” Qin Lun’s face showed a warm smile while his eyes were flashing red once again. From the remnants of Wellington’s memories, he felt that that young man had a brass pocket watch he’d inherited from his father. It should also be his most valuable item.

“Young Master’s pocket watch…” Frank’s face showed a trace of guilt and his gaze flickered as he answered, “I thought that Young Master has already passed away, so the pocket watch was pawned off by me!”

Qin Lun did not speak, the sharp red in his eyes turned more and more magnificent. However, once he noticed the direction Frank would often peek at, he was surprised for a moment. At the end of the grave, a small stone stele was lying in the earth.

Qin Lun’s heart moved and walked forward a few steps. Picking up the stele, he immediately sighed out lightly. This stele has Wellington Stein’s name engraved on it, it was the tombstone for this young man! Frank did not take his pocket watch and stuff it into his own pockets, rather, he chose to use it to give him a tombstone.

Carefully thinking a bit, although Wellington did not have a coffin in his death, his clothes were neat and tidy. Compared to the clothes that didn’t even cover Frank’s body, his was much more decent.

This ugly and disabled servant of his, if he wasn’t loyal to his owner, then he would have long stripped Wellington of his clothes and given himself something warm to wear. As for the cost of the pocket watch, he estimated it was only enough for this tombstone, not enough for the young man to also have a coffin.

Thinking about Frank, who was suffering from disabilities to carry Wellington’s dead body and tombstone, into this gloomy and scary forest in the middle of the night. And using medical alcohol to resist the night’s cold wind to rely on his own shovel to dig a tomb for his master.

Qin Lun’s smile did not diminish, but the sharp red in his eyes slowly went back.

“Let’s go, before the day brightens, let’s go clean up in the river!”

Frank’s left and right foot were somewhat asymmetrical, his walking had a limp and was very slow. At this point, under the moonlight, Qin Lun found that this servant kept his head low and was actually still at his height. His shoulders were broad, and his frame was thick. If he wasn’t a hunchback, then he would most likely have been a tall and study giant.

Qin Lun no longer urged Frank and comfortably followed behind him. From time to time, he would look on with interest at a block of badly damaged tombstone and exposed human remains. He walked calmly as if he was just taking a walk through his own backyard.

Not far from this forest graveyard was a very small stream. Qin Lun stripped himself of his clothes in a few moves, his bare body stood in the stream as he washed his clothes and his body until the rotten smell finally diluted. Only then did he climb back up the banks.

Frank had made a fire by the small brook. Seeing Qin Lun go on shore, he immediately took his clothing and used some branches to stick it near the campfire to dry.

“Young Master Wellington, would you like to drink some wine to warm your body again?” Frank very carelessly offered that water-blended alcohol flat wine bag to Qin Lun.

Qin Lun received it with a smile and expressionlessly kicked the hunchbacked servant into the brook, “You! Go take a bath as well!”

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