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Volume 1 – Chapter 17: Mafa’s Investment

“You have already felt the rejection of the Shattered Starry Sky toward you?” Mafa did not conceal the astonishment on his face at all, his gaze was sparkling as he looked at Qin Lun: “Are you able to verify it?”

“Yes, it corresponds with the rejection phenomenon talked about in the academy.” Qin Lun said with a smile, “Originally, I wanted to just quietly leave, but, since I’ve been receiving your care during this half month, before I leave Moonlight Forest, I thought I ought to notify you first.”

Although preparatory apostles like Qin Lun were considered as members of Moonlight Forest, the drifting city didn’t try to restrict their freedom. That was so that they could dispel the apprehensions the apostles felt regarding their safety after entering another world. In any case, the time flow of Shattered Starry Sky and the other worlds was different. Under normal circûmstances, after apostles went through a world mission, only several hours would have passed in Shattered Starry Sky, and it didn’t affect the route of the drifting city at all.[1]

“You made the right decision.” Mafa’s gaze flickered. There were some hesitation in his expression, but he very speedily clenched his teeth, looking as if he too has made an important choice, “Qin Lun, please wait a moment, I’ll be back very quickly!”

Mafa hurriedly rushed out of the hall, leaving Qin Lun behind inside the internal affair hall’s general headquarters.

Qin Lun let out a knowing smile and turned to look at internal affairs tower that situated at the east of the forest, the hall was arranged simply, the surrounding walls were full of glistening emerald green plant vines crawling over them. Most of the items were wooden, with very few bright and beautiful metal household utensils among them. However, these items, for the most part, were all delicately carved and filled with an artistic aura, it really fitted the elegant style of the Elf Race.

Mafa came back very quickly. When he returned, there was an extra package in his hands. His expression seemed somewhat serious as he handed it over to Qin Lun.

“When it comes to the Moonlight Forest’s assistance toward apostles, we tend to follow an equal exchange principle. This is also an unshakeable law within all of Shattered Starry Sky’s intelligent races. As an official of Moonlight Forest’s internal affairs, I cannot violate the drifting city’s rules and allow for the city to provide any extra assistance for you. However, with my identity as your friend, I will present my possession to you!”

Qin Lun’s eyes flashed, before he straightforwardly took hold of the bundle, a smile showing on his face, “I still require a vehicle.”

“It is already parked outside the forest!” Mafa understood tactfully understood his intentions as he spoke with a smile.

“Elder Mafa, are you really that optimistic about this preparatory apostle’s potential? Even if he already possesses a soul imprint, the probability of him passing his first otherworldly mission still does not exceed 30%.” After Qin Lun stepped out of the door, one of the elf guards approached Mafa Moglia and quietly asked.

“He has only been in Shattered Starry Sky for little more than half a month and has already received an otherworld mission. Do you know what that signifies?” Mafa gaze was tranquil as he answered his own question, “This signifies that as long as he develops smoothly, in just a few short years, he will be able to reach a height that we wouldn’t even be able to imagine. Compared to those apostles that had only received their missions after half a year, his maturation speed is more than 10 times faster…”

Arriving at the forest’s exit, Qin Lun really saw a brand new four-wheeled motorcycle parked at the plant corridor road ahead. This vehicle was black all over, making it very convenient to hide. Although the elves don’t really like using advanced technology in the drifting city, this vehicle was quite high tech, it was even equipped with a topography navigation system that was used in the Scarlet Gobi.

Perhaps in consideration that some preparatory apostles might not necessarily know how to drive a motorcycle, the vehicle also came with an auto-pilot system. Qin Lun threw the package that Mafa gave him into the vehicle and cheerfully sat inside it. He turned on the automatic navigation and following the bottom entrance of the drifting city, entered the Scarlet Gobi in an instant.

After he turned it into autopilot mode, Qin Lun unwrapped the bundle and his eyes immediately brightened. Within the bundle was a tiny crossbow that was greenish-blue and shiny, somewhat resembling the family heirloom that Mafa had. Except, the family heirloom of Mafa’s was a version which used crossbow arrows, whereas this weapon did not carry any with it.

Qin Lun carefully inspected it and discovered that this crossbow used wind arrows. Under the crossbow was a hair trigger, there wasn’t any bowstring with it, a bird-wing like shape made up the circular sector of the bow with a curved crack in the front segment. A small block of law crystal was inserted in the back of the crossbow. When someone held the trigger, the crack in the curves would spout out a crescent moon-shaped wind blade.

The crossbow was very light. Qin Lun shot several numbers of wind blade on a large rock by the roadside and discovered that the power was pretty good. Every wind blade left a deep pit in the rock. The surface of the crossbow would had greenish-blue rays of light flitting across it from time to time, like it had a soul of its own.

Qin Lun slightly lamented, when he’d first touched Mafa’s family heirloom, he’d the feeling that this was a spiritual equipment. Now, looking at the crossbow that had been given to him, he became even more certain of his guess from before.

Beside the crossbow, there was also Mafa’s letter, with three tree seeds the sizes of walnuts as well as a thumb-sized crystal bottle. Inside the crystal bottle was a dark green thick liquid. Opening the bottle, a rich vegetation scent assailed his nostrils and his spirit couldn’t help but rise, his whole body was brimming with a certain type of life energy.

Mafa’s letter had stated the name of the crossbow as “Wind Spirit Crossbow”, and the dark green liquid was “World Tree’s Flower Nectar”. It was an extremely valuable water of life, capable of supplying an organism with rich vitality and greatly increasing one’s immunity and recovery abilities. It has a very good healing effect toward any type of disease or injury.

The other three tree seeds, were actually a type of tree vine seed, so as long as Qin Lun smeared some of his blood on them they would be able to receive his orders.

If he ever met a danger that he couldn’t withstand, he could throw these seeds on the ground and activate them with his thoughts. A three meters tall treant would then come out to help its master stop the enemy. However, this type of treant had roots that reached under the ground and was not mobile. Moreover, the energy inside the tree seeds would only be enough to allow it to move for roughly an hour. And because of that, it could only be considered as a type of inferior cannon fodder.

These three types of items, “Wind Spirit Crossbow” was a type of spiritual equipment, while the “World Tree’s Flower Nectar” and the tree vine seeds were all special treasures that contained World Law. They were all capable of going through space-time teleportation and being brought into another world by the apostles. However, not every world was capable of using the three things, it needs the otherworld to also have a World Law that was in accordance with the treasure.

Even if that’s the case, to Qin Lun, who was presently just a preparatory apostle, the favor that Mafa had given him was extremely heavy. It would indeed be a little difficult for him to repay this in the future.

Driving the vehicle, after Qin Lun had departed from Moonlight Forest for about half an hour, he then began to drive toward one of the cliffs of the Gobi. After moving underneath the rock cliff, he hid the vehicle in the shadow, and once again moved on foot towards the rock cliff standing opposite him.

This kind of vehicle was too conspicuous, although it was hidden well, it was hard to say that someone wouldn’t be able to find it. If someone realizes that this was a location for an apostle who entered another world and who has not returned yet, they might decide to set up an ambush in the surroundings of the vehicle, which would be quite troublesome. Placing it on the hilltop of the opposite cliff would allow him to not be caught unprepared by someone, and he could even occupy the high ground and take a look at the situation surrounding the vehicle.

Reaching the top, Qin Lun sat crossed leg and placed the crossbow and the three seeds into his storage space. He cleared his mind of any stray thoughts and quietly waited for the next space-time rejection of the Shattered Starry Sky.

Under scorching sun of the Scarlet Gobi overheard, and sitting on a steep cliff, a fair-looking youth sat crossed leg with his eyes closed to rest. Beads of sweat the size of a pea were rolling down from his forehead, but he still wore a pleased smile on his face, as if it wasn’t hot at all.

Suddenly, a strand of electric light flashed and without warning a space-time teleportation gate the size of a person appeared in front of the youth. Like an oval-shaped azure iris, it swallowed the youth down. After that, like a zipper, it pulled up on the space-time teleportation gate and disappeared from the cliff without leaving a trace. Faintly conjuring a small whirlwind where he had been, thoroughly obliterating all traces of the youth’s presence.

“The apostle’s first teleportation to another world, Shattered Magic starting…”

“…Shattered Law Number 831, apostle obtains vacant number 70053…”

“Shattered Starry Sky and apostle 70053 has established the following bilateral agreement:

  1. After the apostle completes the contracted mission and when Shattered Starry Sky regards the mission as completed, the apostle shall be paid sufficient rewards and will maintain and mend the soul vitality of the apostle.
  1. If the apostle obtains world’s origin during the course of the mission, according to the mission transfer rating, excess world’s origin can be exchanged with Shattered Starry Sky for equipment, skills, and blood lineage. The exchange list is subject to Laws that Shattered Starry Sky already possess (comprising of all laws the apostle has handed over, as well as the Strength Law from the aboriginal races).
  2. Apostles must not violate the confidential regulations, doing so is regarded as a violation of the contract; this includes all information regarding otherworld missions, otherworld Law Systems, as well as the experiences you have during your mission… You are not permitted to reveal information to the local races from any world through any means, as well as information to apostles that have not been assigned a number (This includes the native races of Shattered Starry Sky).
  3. When the apostle’s power reached a certain level, Shattered Starry Sky will unlock a vocation ‘Advancer Law’.
  4. Every time the apostle completes an otherworld mission, they will obtain contribution points within the Shattered Laws, the contribution points can be used to promote the apostle’s title as well as their official salary.


The specifics of the clauses within the regulation will be explained in detail once the apostle had entered their first otherworld trip and completed their corresponding missions!

Space-time teleportation completed!”

“The apostle’s soul was placed into the deceased body of the storyline, and was changed to serve as a law body! (The transformation for your first mission in another world is free of charge)”

“Synchronizing the law body and World Law, parts that cannot be synchronized will be are retained…”

“The current state of the law body: 93%.”

“Apostle number 70053, this is your first otherworld trip, Shattered Starry Sky will assign you the most basic otherworld mission and will not arrange for any other missions to be given.”

“Reminder: the amount of time you have to complete the mission in this world is thirty natural days, after completing the mission, you can apply at any time to leave the world. Unless you manage to obtain an extra hidden storyline, when the mission time ends, you will be forcefully teleported out of this world. When withdrawing from this world, please take note to comply with confidentiality regulations, otherwise, the consequences will be your own responsibility.”

“Reminder: Shattered Starry Sky detects that a soul imprint exists. Through the soul imprint, the remnant memories of the deceased from the storyline can be brought into the Death Notice and you can use the Death Notice to check the story line’s identity and remnant memory information.

“Reminder: Shattered Law will bestow upon you the common human language of the current world, meaning that you can interact with the humans of this world. After leaving this world, the Shattered Law will delete this additional law from the law body.”


[1]The raws had “So that they can dispel the apostle’s apprehensions about being able to safely enter another world – Which means so that the apostles won’t have any odd ideas that they can safely enter another world… which isn’t it already something they know? So I’m pretty sure it’s a typo…

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