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Volume 1 – Chapter 16: Life Taker

Two weeks passed by in a flash, the twelve celebrity-kind of preparatory apostles were very content these two weeks.

They have fundamentally already finished the otherworld survival course taught by Iveli Light Academy. The content for this part wasn’t much, so Iveli Light Academy was actually a magic and martial skills academy, and like on credit, could allow apostles to learn the Elf Race’s magic and martial skills.

This was also an investment of the drifting city into making preparatory apostles, as long as there were a few that could survive in the entire academy, everything they paid was well worth it.

However, due to the physical disparity, among the hundreds of preparatory apostles in the academy, only a few of them could actually learn magic while the rest had no choice but to learn some martial skills and archery. Within these hundreds of preparatory apostles, there were all sorts of races, there were also many that were not even humanoid creatures. Qin Lun had even seen a round, light elemental lifeform.

Among these preparatory apostles, there was a portion of them who have already traveled on one to three otherworld missions, but none of them have yet formed their own soul imprints. It was unknown if this was because they did not complete the otherworld mission, or because there wasn’t a crystal in the rewards.

If they had not formed their soul imprint, it indicated that their souls had not been able to get soul power crystals to replenish themselves. Especially those who had already traveled to three otherworld missions, if they were to fail for the fourth time, it was estimated that they would die in the otherworld next.

The preparatory apostles did not exchange information with each other about the other worlds, Qin Lun guessed that there might be some kind of restriction that was placed on them. Most of the preparatory apostles would be sent to another world by Shattered Starry Sky within half a month to half a year. The interval was different for each race and constitution, so there could be large differences.

In the final few days of the second week, Qin Lun started to sense a thick sluggish and rough feeling passing through his body, as if his whole body was under water. This feeling was also slowly increasing and the time intervals between it were shortening. In fact, this feeling was only acting on his soul and did not bring about any inconveniences to his actual life.

Qin Lun had a hunch, that if he gave up on resisting this feeling, then his first trip to another world would immediately happen. But if he resisted it to the end, then by the time the time interval between each sluggish feeling disappeared, he would forcefully be taken by Shattered Starry Sky.

Today, Qin Lun did not go to the academy and lied quietly on the wooden bed, concentrating his attention and trying to maintain an ethereal kind of state. Gradually, the tablet’s “Death Notice” emerged from the depths of his consciousness.

A few days ago, after Qin Lun had absorbed the soul power crystals, the “Death Notice” had finally grown to the point of being usable. It’s just that when he summoned the “Death Notice”, he needed to maintain a high degree of concentration. Once he received any outside disturbances the “Death Notice” would directly withdraw itself.

Qin Lun felt that this might have to do with the suppression Shattered Starry Sky had over apostles, however, he discovered that after continuous practice, this kind of summoning would also become more skillful. He believed that soon, even if there were some external interference, he could call the “Death Notice” to appear in his mind at any time or any place he might be.

After the “Death Notice” matured, a subtle connection arose within Qin Lun’s mind and issued a mysterious call, as if it wished for Qin Lun to give it an official name, somewhat reminiscent of a pet that was eager to establish a formal soul contract with its owner.

Qin Lun still named it “Death Notice”, after it received its official name, the Death Notice started to reveal its functions. It was also at this time that Qin Lun noticed that although he could summon the Death Notice through the soul imprint, the soul imprint was not the same thing as the Death Notice.

Qin Lun could vaguely sense that the soul imprint was not as simple as Mafa had said, it should have some other functions to it as well. Perhaps it was because his strength was too low right now so he couldn’t really fully start the soul imprint.

The Death Notice was like an equipment, except it had some soul imprint management functions mixed in which allowed it to help Qin Lun monitor his own law body.

After combing with the law crystal, the Death Notice only had the appearance of a tablet while it lost the function of a tablet. According to Qin Lun’s own understanding, he started to do some installations on the Death Notice.

In Qin Lun’s consciousness, a 3D version of himself appeared on the bright screen of the Death Notice. Focusing his concentration on the little image of himself, a part of the information that he had input, together with information from the World Law on his law body appeared in the Death Notice, showing him a group of statistical results.

Beside the image were also three lines of red, blue and yellow. When he concentrated his consciousness on these bars, the Death Notice told him that it was the body’s soul vitality, blood capacity and magic power.

Soul vitality represents the lifespan of his soul and could only be replenished by various grades of soul power crystals. Under normal circûmstances the total amount of soul vitality would remain constant, so unless Qin Lun obtained some sort of special lineage and strength law he could only lose so much and also could only replenish so much.

Blood capacity represents vitality, sickness and bleeding injuries would all deduct from it. However, the law body will restore itself over time so the speed of recovery would also be affected by constitution and medicaments, in case the blood capacity turned to zero, then the apostle would naturally die.

The concept of magic power was a bit more complex, in fact, Qin Lun still had not opened his magic power channel yet. His magic power channel could only be used after obtaining an apostle martial skill.

Name: Qin Lun

Gender: Male

Physiological Age: Twenty years and three months

Race: Human

Soul Vitality: Custom Set 100

Blood Capacity: Custom Set 100

Magic Power: Not Unlocked

Combat Profession: None

Skill Bar: None

Besides listing the law body’s condition of a person’s image, the Death Notice also unexpectedly have a locker-size subspace. After he found this subspace, Qin Lun was greatly interested in it and incessantly tried to put a variety of items into it.

The conclusion was that besides two things, all the other items of Shattered Starry Sky couldn’t be placed into the storage space. One of the two things was the soul power crystal, while the other object left Qin Lun surprised. That half-scissor like black dagger could also be put into the storage space.

This black dagger was originally made by Lin Feng by obtaining all the weapons Qin Lun had originally used to kill people from the Hebei Police Station and turned it into this scissor blade style he would often use. A block of meteorite iron was also mixed in during the forging.

After the dagger was placed into the storage space, the Death Notice showed the dagger’s data and proceeded to ask Qin Lun to name it.

Crime (Short Dagger)[1]

Alignment Type: Life Taker (Chaotic Evil)

Remnant Soul Quality: 12 (Ten beheaded)

Weight: 215g

Length: 230mm

Equipment Ability: None

Within the dagger’s data, besides the name of Crime, all the other data was provided by the Death Notice. Only when Qin Lun concentrated his consciousness on the data information did he find out that this was the Death Notice’s World Law which could automatically obtain detailed information.

Life Taker is a type of spiritual equipment and is a type with great potential.

The so-called Life Taker type is a weapon that, after killing an intelligent lifeform, is able to take a portion of the soul power and fuse with it. This kind of situation happens very rarely so on average, only when an intelligent lifeform was near death with their body and mind simultaneously suffering the maximum amount of pain, and half of the soul leaves to form an embodiment would it have a very low probability of happening.

When a weapon first absorbs soul power, then it has turned from a dead thing into a Life Taker. When a weapon becomes a Life Taker, it would start to absorb soul power from other victims. Sometimes, even if the victim did not receive that much suffering, a portion of their soul power would still be extracted by the Life Taker.

In fact, the reason why Chekhov had so much of his soul power extracted was not only because his body had not digested the soul power, it was also because his soul imprint had mixed with the Crime Dagger, allowing this small probability to appear.

There are many types of Life Takers, but under the World Law of Shattered Starry Sky, they can also be differentiated by their alignment.

If the first user of the Life Taker has the idea of upholding justice and being good and honest in his heart, then the Life Taker will absorb the positive soul power energy of the victim and can be classified as Lawful Good alignment. If the first owner was a serial killer like Joey Foster, then the Life Taker would take the negative soul energy of the victim and turn into a Chaotic Evil alignment.

Besides these two factions for Life Takers, there was also Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, and Chaotic Neutral. Seven alignments in all.

Besides the very first master, intelligent lifeforms that have complete opposite temperament and philosophies would be unable to obtain the Life Taker’s approval, so naturally, they would be unable to use this Life Taker.

Among all the spiritual equipment, Life Takers had great potentials, under the most ideal situation, they even had the potential to turn into Godly items. Of course, those were subjective circûmstances, in fact, there was also a restriction on the equipment’s material and its soul quality.

Within Crime Dagger’s information, those twelve remnant soul quality represented the twelve portions of soul power it had once absorbed and fused with. As a matter fact, the number of people Qin Lun had murdered was far from just a mere twelve, it’s just that this weapon had been forged from many other murder weapons, so a portion of the soul power was lost in the forging process.

Qin Lun lied on the bed, the Crime Dagger constantly appearing and vanishing from his hand. Suddenly, he very silently got up, a hand under his chin and slightly frowned. He felt a slight sluggish feeling just now.

Qin Lun sighed, he couldn’t drag it out any longer, he needed to go out immediately and like the other formal apostles, find a solitary area to enter the other world. Otherwise, if he was sleeping and was suddenly sent out of Shattered Starry Sky, then it would way too troublesome.

However, before he left, he had to find one other person! A hint of a smile appeared in Qin Lun’s eyes as he went down to call for an elf guard.


[1]Can also mean Evil, Sin

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