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Volume 1 – Chapter 15: Leisure

Along with the darkening of the sky, dots of yellow lights started to brighten up in Moonlight Town, casting the entire town into a haze, as if it was a fantasy from a dream. The Elf Race did not like using energy technology, so these lights were in fact, all a type of luminous insects that were attracted by the coconut-palm fragrant plants.

The elves planted these plants on both sides of the road while also putting them in pots to be arranged at every wooden building, with them attracting the luminous insects to become special lights. If it was time to rest, then you could move the pots out the window and the room would instantly turn dark.

Qin Lun was quietly lying in the wooden bed and reflecting back on the information Mafa had revealed to him that evening.

While they were looking around the inner layer of Moonlight City– on the way to Iveli Light Academy Qin Lun had seen a lot of other races with steady steps, sharp eyes, and carrying a wide range of weapons. He originally thought they were all apostles, however, Mafa told him that these were merely some followers of the senior apostles, just like the little goblin Di Di was.

Senior apostles generally would not appear in the vicinity of the academy, they were the well-off people and would either stay in the middle of Moonlight Town for some entertainment or stay in their room to rest.

Because the place they entered and exited another world were at the same place, they would fundamentally reappear in the same location. Apostles that have just finished a mission would often receive many injuries, so to prevent other apostles from attacking them, they would choose to leave the town and find another secluded place to enter the otherworld before they were sent to another world.

Besides for members of the same team, apostles would often remain solitary. Even if they felt a high degree of approval to the drifting city, they would only consider it an inn, a temporary resting spot if you will.

The Iveli Light Academy Mafa had spoken of was not only the best academy in the Elf Race, but was also a very famous place in the entire Shattered Starry Sky. Of course, this was only true for the aboriginal races of Shattered Starry Sky not for the targeted apostles!

The reason for this was very simple and also very strange! The knowledge taught within the academy was on the level of preparatory apostles, and was good for reducing casualties of preparatory apostles when they left on their first few otherworld missions. But wasn’t useful to formal apostles at all.

In Shattered Starry Sky, there were many intelligent races that had experienced apostles’ endless heaven-defying might, but they were simply unable to comprehend or imagine how an organism that held the same form as themselves, was able to reach the level of power of the Gods and Fiends in but a short period of ten or so years.

Correspondingly, in all of their long history, there had never been any aboriginal residents like the apostles, teaching their own martial skills and ability. But at most, it was just giving out some pointers to their own martial skill.

As for the experienced gained by the apostles in another world, they avoid mentioning it even more. Besides the apostles themselves, even the drifting cities they consider their second home were unable to ask about it. Otherwise, there would be only one final result, the apostle would change the drifting city they were residing in, there was no possibility of a compromise in this.

Even with the knowledge taught by the Iveli Light Academy, a lot of it was just conjecture made by the great sages of the Elf Race through studying the traces and equipment of the apostles. And this was the only knowledge they had, even after relying on the Elf Races’ longevity that was comparable to the topmost races, otherwise, they would never have been able to accûmulate so much information.

These speculations involved a lot of aspects like information about the otherworlds, intel on the apostle’s martial skills, information regarding the otherworld mission and so on. However, since they had never gotten any confirmation from the apostles, these speculations were apparently right but actually wrong. To the preparatory apostles, they had the effect of serving as reminders while they were on a mission from another world, but for the senior apostles, it was of very little help.


A deep darkness appeared beneath him, Qin Lun only felt weak all over as he slowly started sinking down. It was at this moment that a vague shadow appeared above him, stretching out an arm toward him.

“Big brother~~”

“Bang bang bang!” The sound of drums seemed to come from the distance, the darkness and figure instantly disappeared.

“Ah~~” Qin Lun shouted as he woke up, his chest was hurriedly rising and falling. He sat up on the bed and used a hand to cover his face and he found that his head was full of cold sweat.

“I dreamed about it again… Joey, did you see her clearly?” Qin Lun muttered as he got up and pulled opened the window curtains next to the bed. The bright and beautiful sunshine not only caused him to narrow his eyes, but also slowly dispersed the haze that was covering his heart as the sound of birds and the scent of flowers came drifting through the window.

“Bang bang bang!” The drums in his dreams once again sounded out clearly. Qin Lun slightly frowned, only then did he figure out that this was the sound of a knocking on his door downstairs.

“Master, I’ll go open the door!” The knocking sound had clearly also woken up the small goblin Di Di who’d been resting in the attic. After spending a whole day adjusting, the little thing had already adapted from being a youngster of the Lulu Race to being a servant of an apostle.

“It’s you guys?” After doing a simple wash, Qin Lun went down to find that he had a visit from Lin Feng and Xiao Lian.

“Yes! Ha~~~” Xiao Lian did not have the image of a virtuous lady as she yawned, her eyes still somewhat sleepy and a touch of dark circles around her eyes. She had been forcefully dragged along by Lin Feng. The things that have happened these past two days, has had a huge impact on this small nurse’s outlook on life and her worldview, which caused her to become muddle-headed along with a rare case of insomnia.

“Um… Boss Qin Lun, Xiao Lian and I wanted to go downtown to take a look at the Exchange House. Would you like to come along?” Seeing Qin Lun’s questioning eyes, Lin Feng hurriedly smiled and said.

Back when they were at the Lulu Race’s camp, Lin Feng had wanted a magic bullet gun and machete, the old goblin had even added a soul force field watch as a present. However, after coming to Moonlight Forest, besides the machete, everything else proved completely useless.

The magic bullet gun was taken by the elves, only when he left the city would they give it back. As for the soul force field watch, it was completely useless. Moonlight Forest had already given every preparatory apostle a button size soul force field device. Not only was it smaller, its scope was large, and the intonation was more clear sounding, not like an ice-cold machine’s voice at all.

Of course, there were many who felt as they had been pitched by the old fellow. However, they were unable to do anything about it since there were also the ores and specialty products of the Lulu Race that they could have chosen. A few select prisoners had chosen ore and these specialty products had been sold for a high price in the Exchange House.

“Shepherd” Hill was one of these lucky ones, the ore he had chosen was fancied by an apostle and he had managed to obtain some common currency used by the apostles–Soul Power Crystal.

What was fortunate was that although the drifting city had taken away their weapons and motorcycles, they were given some compensation in Shattered Starry Sky currency which meant that everyone could select some other equipment.

The reason why Lin Feng had come to find Qin Lun before he went to the Exchange House was that right now, he was extremely lacking any sense of security. He had seen the head of the elf guards yesterday and Mafa Moglia’s attitude toward Qin Lun, it was clearly better than the way he’d treated the other prisoners. Mafa’s attitude counted as the drifting city’s attitude, so bringing along Qin Lun was also him wishing to get some convenience while at the Exchange House.

Qin Lun lightly smiled and looked at Xiao Lian, who didn’t even know that she was being used as a shield. But he still nodded his head, Mafa had already told him yesterday that there were some real spiritual weapons in the Exchange House. So he decided to go and take a look at them.

However, these weapons, on the whole were the most inferior ones, things like daggers, small knives and so on. Besides the fact that apostles were able to bring them with them to another world, the other aspects were almost the same as common appliances, so not particularly powerful.

Generally, these things would only be bought by preparatory apostles, also it was the only way for them to use Shattered currency (The common currency among Shattered Starry Sky) to purchase some apostle weapons. Formal apostles would not buy these weapons since they’d be better off plundering the otherworld for a firearm.

The Exchange House of Moonlight Town was a double story four-way castle after they passed through the door they saw a transaction window similar to the counter at a bank. At each window, a beautiful young elf woman was sitting.

Lin Feng automatically went to the counter to get a items catalog of the Exchange house with Xiao Lian browsing it. Qin Lun was followed by Di Di, looking at their surroundings in disinterest, while the little thing following him had his eyes whirling around in. He had rested enough yesterday, so right now, he was feeling everything in Moonlight Town looked like an incomparable novelty.

In front of the transaction counter were three rows of exquisite wooden benches with a very eye-catching shape, and showed a great deal of creativity. It, like Moonlight Forest and the other elf appliances, was very pleasing to the eyes.

“Eh! This thing…” Xiao Lian’s eyes suddenly light up, a happy smile blooming on her face.

Qin Lun turned his head to look and looked at the catalog for items, at the top of which was a greenish-yellow bird’s egg. It was clearly marked “Flying Pack Egg” below.”

The catalog explained that this kind of flying load carrier was a type of two-legged dry-land bird species, its wings have degraded, but their two strong and powerful bird legs could run as fast as if they were flying. It could run through many types of terrain and it looked like a mixture between earth’s camel and an ostrich. Flying Pack’s only weak point was that its build was too small, so it could only carry one person.

Qin Lun’s heart moved and he smilingly asked: “Don’t tell me the compensation you got from the Lulu Race was this Flying Pack Egg?”

“Yes, I have two!” Xiao Lian stuck up her nose and complacently stated, “I want to raise them and sign a life form contract with them, I can then bring them with me when I go to another world!”

Qin Lun glanced at the price of the Flying Pack Eggs and immediately laughed, “How long are you planning to wait? I would advise you to sell those Flying Pack eggs to the Exchange House, they should be worth five grains of soul power crystals that is what is truly useful to you at this moment.”

“Really?” Xiao Lian distressed wrinkled her face and looked somewhat hesitant.

Lin Feng by the side slightly clenched his teeth and a great deal of jealousy started seeping into his heart. He obviously knew that Xiao Lian should have received Qin Lun’s guidance when she chose the Flying Pack Eggs, which was a real specialty product.

However, he then immediately felt helpless, he didn’t dare to be like the muddle-headed girl Xiao Lian, and get so close to Qin Lun. Who knew when that serial killer would turn into Joey Foster again, if that moment ever came, he was afraid he would likely become the next sacrificial victim.

“My three esteem guests, I finally found you all!” An elf guard came in from the Exchange House doorway, “The Academy classes are about to start, I would appreciate it if the three esteem guests attend lecture…”

“We’ll go right now.” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed. Iveli Light Academy’s lecture, there was still a lot of knowledge that was needed for the survival of preparatory apostles. So from their point of view, this was the most important matter to attend to at the moment.

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