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Volume 1 – Chapter 14: Apostle Paradise

Qin Lun lightly glanced at the elf, extended his palm and spread it in front of him, showing the little skull design whose eyes were flickering with a serene scarlet fire.

“Please excuse Mafa’s offenses, I have never seen the Soul Imprint of a formal apostle, thank you for satisfying this one’s curiosity!” Mafa’s smile was becoming increasingly kind and immediately bow slightly to show his apology.

Qin Lun also smiled, while Gerd and the elves were still negotiating, Mafa had been looking at him in amazement several times, it was obvious that he had come to seek confirmation this time. This so-called curiosity was just the elf’s excuse, someone that has been dispatched by the drifting city to receive some important figures such as preparatory apostles, how could they not have seen a Soul Imprint before?

When Mafa bowed, Qin Lun’s line of sight crossed over Mafa’s shoulder and fell on the Jadeite Crossbow on his back. This crossbow was fine and exquisite, the whole piece appeared greenish-blue, like a Kingfisher that was spreading its wings.

Compared to the large, rugged bows behind the other elves in the cavalry, this crossbow seemed somewhat offbeat, since the crossbow was very short. He also wasn’t sure about how much power it would have.

Mafa Moglia very quickly sensed Qin Lun’s line of sight and a cultured and refined smile appeared on his handsome face. With his right hand, he took the Jadeite crossbow from his back and handed it over to Qin Lun.

“This is my Moglia Family’s heirloom, if you like this crossbow, when we return to Moonlight Forest, I can get my family to send one over for you as an apology for early!”

The bright green awn on the delicate little crossbow’s surface seemed to flow, as if it had a soul of its own. Qin Lun played around with it a little before he returned it to Mafa then smiling saying: “No need, I don’t know how to use a crossbow. I was just appreciating it!”

The brief journey quickly came to an end, the elf cavalry guarded the twelve preparatory apostles coming to the bottom of Moonlight Forest. Everyone could clearly understand just what kind of huge monster this drifting city was when they could survey it from a close range.

Don’t mind the thin piece of dome-like transparent protection cover, even the steel guard fence in the middle of the tight hoop base was comparable to the tall city walls of ancient times. The bottom of the city wasn’t something made from steel, like they all had believed at first, but rather, several layers of thick and solid pillar-like plant roots that were intertwining with each other, and condensed into a green base.

When they arrived, the base of the plant roots slowly squirmed, and weaved out an expansive green corridor, which was enough for four horses to move through it in parallel, even the Rhino beasts being ridden by Qin Lun and the others could be entered side by side, it was very magical.

After the prisoners had walked out of the long corridor, they discovered came to a gravel path. This path stretched through the vibrant forest with both sides full of large treetops. Some young looking elves were sticking their heads out to explore, their lovely eyes were opened wide and gazed at the group of guests from who had come from another space-time.

It was like a beautiful spring day within this forest, from time to time there would be all sorts of rare birds and strange beasts that scuttled around in front of the group. These things seemed did not seem to be afraid of these unfamiliar guests at all. They would frequently stop unguardedly and cock their head to observe the humans in the group, letting the prisoners have the strange feeling of suddenly having become animals in a zoo.

Among these beasts, there was a stag, one with white all over, along with some pink blossom spots and even looking valiantly and spirited as it barred the group’s way. It unwillingly left in an arrogant march after being driven off by the elf guards to disappeared in the depths of the forest.

As they went deeper into the forest with the group, Qin Lun and the others all finally saw the elves’ houses that had been constructed in the treetops. The tree house’s style was plain and simple, seeking to not destroy the original structure of the tree as much as possible, and making it have a type of natural beauty.

Beautiful moments were always brief, when the sound of rushing water could be heard ahead of the group, they finally noticed that they had already passed through the forest and were at the edge of an azure lake.

Mafa Moglia had been observing the prisoners expression this entire time. Whenever Moonlight Forest welcomes preparatory apostles, they always took them through the forest encampment once. This place held within a profound purpose.

When people from another space-time see these beautiful and peaceful environments, a lot of people would unconsciously reveal some of their inner emotions.

The Elf Race can then used this as an evaluation as to which preparatory apostles like this kind of living environment and which apostles coveted the rare birds and beasts of the forest. Thereby formulating a relatively corresponding policy and increasing the preparatory apostle’s acknowledgment of Moonlight Forest.

“Are we not living in the forest?” Qin Lun asked with some disappointment.

In his entire life, from the moment he could think of himself, he had never really come in contact with nature. Eight years in children welfare agency, he could only look outside at the small yard and at the birds which flew in the sky. When he was twelve, he had entered the mental disorder hospital and soon after, moved into the juvenile and felony prison, and from that moment on, all that he could face was the pale empty jail walls.

Hearing Qin Lun’s question, Mafa’s smile become all the more joyful as he detailedly explained: “We elves love to be close to nature, our life is simple, our diet is simple. And since most of the apostles are on the verge of life and death all year round, they like to enjoy life even more. As such, we have specially constructed an Apostle Paradise at the bottom of Moonlight Lake in Moonlight Forest for our honored guests living quarters.”

In the wake of the two men’s soft chat, Qin Lun quickly saw the right side of the lake very soon, it was ten meters long and five meters high and faced in the direction of the semi-circular colored glass corridor wall. Through the corridor’s colored glass walls, they could all see the various strange looking fishes in the water, as well as the other bright and multicolored underwater plants.

Although the corridor was quite long, they were still able to appreciate such a fantastic world of the lake’s bottom that even the most unreasonable prisoners did not show any impatience. While they were looking back and forth, the two-kilometer long corridor had already come to an end and a small, medieval-like town had appeared in front of them.

On top of the small town was a layer of thick colored glass, that held off the Moonlight Lake, sunlight shined through the pure transparent water and reflected on the small town, leaving behind some meandering thread-like flows on the ground. The entire environment was quiet and serene.

“This is Apostle Paradise?”

The houses of the small town were for the most part relatively short and were basically all wooden structures. Qin Lun reached out a hand to touch one of the wooden house’s wall, and immediately, a cool feeling flowed through his hand. These woods were very hard, and the surface had a simple grain, the entire town appeared interesting and appealing, full of a tranquil, serene, and elegant style.

“Is this different from the paradise[1] of your world?” Mafa revealed a mysterious smile. “You will understand very soon the implications of the so-called Paradise! However, I would like you all to come with me first. After every one of our guests are settled, if you wish, I can act as a guide for you and show you around the town.”

“Please call me Qin Lun!” Qin Lun nodded, very interested in this place.

“As you wish, you can also directly call me by my name!” Mafa’s eyes had a hint of happiness as he gracefully smiled.

For the Moonlight Forest, everything Qin Lun showed were all very much in line with their requirements. A personality that liked the simple life, liked nature, had a refined bearing and was someone with a Soul Imprint of a formal apostle among the twelve other worlders.

Mafa Moglia sometimes would have some kind of misconception that this man in front of him who was always wearing a smile was not a human from another space-time, but actually a member of the Elf Race.

Following everyone, they arrived at the town’s surroundings, the elf guards because to break up into groups and respectively brought each of the twelve preparatory apostles to their individual residence. Qin Lun had Mafa to personally guide him. Of course, the elves still inquired on the opinion of every apostle, allowing the preparatory apostles that wanted to use the same place to stay in the same wooden house.

Outside of the wooden house’s surroundings, there were elf guards patrolling back and forth. Mafa’s explanation was that in the small town, there were some senior formal apostles and the temperament of apostles were varied, everyone was doing things at their own pace. Setting some security so as to reduce some needless friction between the preparatory apostles and senior apostles.

“Qin Lun, the guests behind you, how would you like to arrange them?” Mafa had already figured out that Lin Feng, Xiao Lian and the little goblin were all led by Qin Lun, and so he took this chance to ask.

“Besides this little guy, the other two can do as they like!” Qin Lun glanced at the three and immediately replied with a smile.

Lin Feng heard what he said and it was as if he was pardoned as he immediately went to an elf guard by his side to somewhere far away. The young master was anxious and scared up to now, finally felt like a dragon returning to sea, and could freely do as he pleased. As for Xiao Lian, after hesitating for a moment, she still decided to follow Qin Lun and arranged for a small wooden house near Qin Lun’s house.

Qin Lun’s wooden house was a two-story building, the first floor was the living room which was decorated with wooden seats and bathroom appliances, there was a small fireplace embedded in the wall across from the entrance.

The second floor was where the bedroom was, it was decorated even more simply with the small window by the bedside bounded with delicate and elaborate floral curtains. The bed sheets and bedding felt a bit strange when he touched them, it was not made out of silk or hemp, it was only something made from some woven together plant fibers he had not seen before.

On the steeple of the bedroom was a small attic, it was originally used to pile up junk, but would now probably need to be cleaned up so that the small goblin could have a place to make his home.

Qin Lun only rested in his room for a short time before he heard Mafa’s greeting downstairs. The elf came to fulfill his promise of taking Qin Lun around to go and see the town.

The small goblin Di Di’s constitution was comparably weaker, as he had been rushing about for the whole journey, he was already very tired, so he could only feel wronged as he stayed at the house to rest. Qin Lun went with Mafa alone and entered this unique Apostle Paradise.

As the two walked deeper into town, Qin Lun discovered that the small wooden houses also slowly turned from simple residential buildings, into huge castle-like structures that occupied a lot of space. Of course, due to the limits of the Moonlight Lake, these castles were all relatively short, so the tallest of them was only three or floor layers high.

“This small town is called Moonlight Town, the surroundings are all basically apostle’s residential areas, so the middle is the entertainment area, there is a bar, an exchange house, an auction house, as well as some other entertainment facilities.” Mafa introduced them to Qin Lun with a smile.

“In fact, the most important core area of Moonlight Forest is the internal layer. Although Moonlight Forest is just a small drifting city to us elves, what outsiders do not know is that it is one of two of the Elf Race’s most important educational institutes. The greatest Apostle Educational Institute of the Elf Race—Iveli Light Academy is here in Moonlight Town!”


[1]Paradise (Le Yuan) Is also what we call our amusement parks.

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