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Volume 1 – Chapter 13: Moonlight Forest

A thin, weak and short stature, green skin with prominent ribs which were clearly sticking out. The little goblin Di Di dropped his pointed ears and blindly followed behind Qin Lun, he seemed somewhat dispirited and downcasted.

Despite the fact that following an apostle to go on an adventure has always been his dream in the past, but when he remembered that he would be willing be leaving from his family soon, the little thing still felt an indescribable sadness.

Looking at the small little thing tailing behind him, Qin Lun felt somewhat helpless. That old fellow really was cunning, after being blackmailed by him, he immediately pushed a large burden over to him and he wasn’t even given the chance to refuse it.

However, Qin Lun still found it somewhat hard to understand, even if he has good luck and stepped across from being the moat of a preparatory apostle into a formal apostle. Why was the old fellow so certain that he would be capable of surviving the other world’s missions to begin with? You need to know, that old goblin had kept emphasizing that the first few times a preparatory apostle went on another world’s mission, their survival rate was very low.

In fact, it is not strange for Qin Lun to be doubtful. For apostles like him, who have yet to experience a mission from another world and also already have a Soul Imprint had a much higher survival rate than preparatory apostles did.

If he did lose the bet, then he would only have lost a grandson. However, if he won the bet, then the goblin’s family would perhaps have another opportunity to change their race’s status and finally be able to completely breaking away from their harsh Scavenger lifestyle.

Just as Qin Lun was wandering around lost in deep thought, a delegation motorcade approached from the outside in a straight line, the one in the lead was the eye-catching, car-flying big shot Gerd.

“Hey, have you heard? Yesterday night in that base from the other world, a bloody monster had rushed out. It killed several brothers and even stole a motorcycle from them…”

“Yeah, it looks like the Head Gerd is going to deal with this matter, it looks like they did not catch this monster!”

The discussion the nearby goblin guards were having made Qin Lun stop his steps.

There was actually another living person in Area 91? Qin Lun’s brows raised up as he immediately tossed this piece of news into the back of his mind and slowly walked over to his tent.

“Wa, so cute! Great Demon King Qin Lun, is this the compensation you asked for?” Just when Qin Lun entered the tent, he heard Xiao Lian’s high-pitched screams.

“Huh?” Qin Lun looked behind him and only saw Di Di staring at him with his watery, greenish-blue eyes, as he raised his head and looked with a pitiful gaze towards the three people inside the tent. If he were to add on a tail, he would be just like a pet dog.

At least he’s not stupid! Qin Lun slightly smiled as he rested his head on his left hand, leaned against the corner of the tent, and closed his eyes to rest. But his right hand reached into the small pouch at his waist and pinched one of the rice-grain sized orange-yellow crystal fragments.

According to the goblin elder’s reminder, the Soul Imprint cannot absorb the soul force crystals too quickly, he should only absorb ten or so of them in a day, any more would just be a waste. If he wanted the Soul Imprint to pass through its newborn period, he was afraid that he would need to consume a large majority of the soul force crystals inside his pouch. Only after that would the Soul Imprint show it’s true capability.

Seeing Qin Lun sit down, the little beautiful nurse clutched her weak fist and shook it a few times, but was unable to bear it after a time. She stepped forward by two steps and then took the small goblin into her arms tightly hugged it like she was holding a large doll.

Lin Feng’s expression was somewhat odd as he stole a glance towards Qin Lun then looked at the small goblin, suddenly his eyes popped out. From his angle, he could see that the little thing was enjoying having his face buried into Xiao Lian’s chest and repeatedly rubbed up against that pair of giant elastic balls.

Di Di’s large eyes were whirling around and after his line of sight matched with Lin Feng’s, he went slightly stiff. But he then immediately grinned at him and bared his teeth, giving him a devils and monsters look.

This crafty little imp! Lin Feng only felt a rush of anger rush to his forehead as he hatefully turned around, no longer was looking at it.

“Wu~~~” Qin Lun hasn’t been in his tent very long when the goblin camp suddenly sounded an ear-splitting alarm sound.

“We ask the three guests to follow us, the camp has already gotten in contact with the Elf Race’s drifting city. They agreed to receive all our guests from another space-time, we are leaving for them at once!” Very soon, a goblin guard entered Qin Lun’s three person tent and informed them of the news.


The Scarlet Gobi’s weather was blistering hot beyond compare, that was because it was now the time that the sun was right overhead. All of the vehicles had thick sailcloth hanging over them to avoid the temperature inside the vehicle from becoming too hot. But in this way, the stuffed vehicle has would still have a faint smell of sweat.

The little goblin Di Di was sleeping soundly beside Qin Lun, his translucent saliva was even dangling from the corner of his mouth, the violent shaking of the vehicle seemed to not affect him at all. Thankfully, the Lulu Race was a group of intelligent organisms who paid attention to their sanitation and weren’t really like the real goblin monsters.

Bored in the dark compartment, all the prisoners were somewhat fretful. However, the Scarlet Gobi was merely a small continent, its surface area was only as big as the coastal province of China was. A few hours later, the motorcade came to a stop and the back door of the vehicle opened, and a goblin guard came in to notify them that they had arrived.

The prisoners walked out of the vehicle one by one, raised their heads to look in the direction that the vehicles were facing. All of them were unable to hide the shock on their faces.

In front of them, a few kilometers distance away, an earth-shattering huge monster appeared in everyone’s field of view. The entire body of this monster looked like half of a Landscape from a crystal ball, only that it was several kilometers large, and was ten plus kilometer in diameter, a “Big Landscape in a Pot”.

In this “Landscape in a pot”, there was crescent moon-shaped dry land covered in a dense forest. In front of the dry land was a gleaming and clear lake, it was as if the crescent moon was encircling a piece of sparkling, translucent and pure sapphire.

Within the crescent moon forest land were many pointed upright towers. On the roof of these towers, were black revolving dots, it was as if a group of fairies were fluttering and dancing about.

A semi-circle of crystal protection cover enveloped a dry land and lake within. With the edges of this protection cover linked to a huge steel base. Around the belt-like steel were eight spider-leg like machines that were supporting it on top of the red colored earth, and bearing on top of the steel base was a dry land and lake.

One of the eight spider legs had unexpectedly even stepped on top of the stone mound of the Gobi, it was clear it had the ability to walk on its own. However, the dry land and lake inside “Landscape in a Pot” remained steady and stable, they probably have a good balancing system.

“The Elf Race was accustomed to constructing their cities in forests and lakes, their drifting cities are the most beautiful of all the intelligent races!” it was unknown when Gerd had arrived at everyone’s side, but everyone looked at him in surprise as he softly started explaining things to the prisoners, “This drifting city is called ‘Moonlight Forest’, it is one of the smaller ones among the ten or so Elf Race’s drifting cities.”

This huge monster is still regarded as something small? A thread of surprise passed through the prisoners’ hearts.

“Do we not directly entered the city?” When they came back to their senses, the prisoners one after another all asked Gerd this question, even though the drifting city appeared earth-shattering, but from this distance, they were still a number of kilometers away from it.

“Drifting cities would travel back and forth from many Floating Continents, sometimes they meet hostile races and as such, their defense measures are very strict. This distance has already entered the drifting city’s alert zone, they can observe us and also quickly send people to come over here!”

Gerd glanced at Di Di who was beside Qin Lun and a hint of worry showed on his face. However, he quickly stopped paying attention to him and turned away, he was unable to go against his father’s wish. And Di Di had always been smarter than most of the tribe even when he had still been small, perhaps this was the opportunity that the old goblin had been talking about.

The Lulu Race’s motorcade stayed in place for a short time when they saw a group of people hurriedly coming toward them from underneath the drifting city. When that group neared, the prisoners discovered that this group of people were all dressed in a very ancient fashion.

Compared to the crude helmets that the motorcycle flying Lulu Race wore, this group of people wore leather armor and rode steeds that had long horns on their head. Were these the unicorns from fairy tales?

Although the fairies way of dress was somewhat strange to the eyes of the prisoners, it was undeniable that the fairies of Shattered Starry Sky were just like those from the fairy tales of earth which described them as beautiful creatures. They were all beautiful men and women, outstanding, and elegant.

The leading elf was handsome, he had a pair of cheeks chiseled into a resolute manner, wearing a golden headband and silver-white hair that was hanging over his shoulder. The set of delicate greenish-blue leather armor seemed to possess some sort of vitality as it flickered to a misty green awe. The unicorn he was sitting on was as white as snow, a pretty mane flowing from the side of its neck. One man and one animal who both looked like immortals, under the Scarlet Gobi’s sunlight, it seemed so dazzling that they weren’t able to even look straight at them.

“My name is Mafa Moglia, might I ask who is the Gerd, the head of the Lulu Race!”

Xiao Lian’s eyes were filled with dots of starlight with both of her hands clasped in front of her chest. Just as she was about to blurt out a sigh, she heard a limped sound of praise coming from her side.

“So handsome!”

The baby-faced and large-breasted Xiao Lian was surprised, and just so happened to see Lily like her, holding both his hands clasped together. His eyes had already turned into two flickering and shining stars and his face filling with a starry-eyed infatuation.

Xiao Lian felt a cold chill and hastily released her hands, retreating back two steps to hide herself in the crowd of people as she stuck out her tongue and patted her towering chest.

“I wasn’t that starry-eyed just now, was I?!”


The transaction between the Lulu Race and Elf Race went smoothly, in fact, the Elf Race didn’t give the goblins much reward and instead, received a lot of ore the vehicles had been carrying. It was just that when they returned, the Elf Race took along more than twenty of the Lulu Race’s juveniles, this was the drifting city’s agreement to give the Lulu Race a formal settlement rights quota.

Gazing at the Lulu Race’s motorcade that was so far away, a faint layer of shimmer appeared in the little goblin Di Di’s eyes and his slim fingers tightly grabbed the rhino beast’s fur that was beneath his body.

The Rhino beast sort of similar to a mix breed between the earth’s water buffalo and the rhinoceros. Its temper was mild and had a very strong sense of patience, it was the elves’ faithful helper in the transportation of material.

“My respected apostle, I have heard that you have already obtained your Soul Imprint, might I take a look?” Mafa Moglia came close to Qin Lun’s rhino beast, and without batting an eye, a sweet-sounding youthful voice rang in his mind.

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